Послания Высших Сил

Become aware of the Mindful Infinity

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My soul.

I ask You to comment on the statement sent to me.

Infinity stands above existence, that is, to say that it exists or that it does not exist, is to generate the corresponding reality. Existence is part of Infinity, not the other way around. This is why when one begins to experience the self as something identical to the Infinity (God, Absolute, etc.) and feels that reality is part of Me and not the other way around, reality immediately collapses into a point (into nothingness). And Nothingness (zero) is the same as ALL (infinity): there is no point in doing anything, but there is also no point in not doing anything, because the concept of meaning as such does not exist yet. Or there isn’t any more – whatever.

You are an amazing race, an amazing part of Me. You are trying to comprehend the Infinite.

Don’t other races do that?

They don’t think about it much. They accept it wholeheartedly, without analyzing it. They accept it as a given or as an axiom. Or not accept it at all. But you are inherently oscillating on a large amplitude. And you are trying to comprehend something that is difficult, almost impossible for you to comprehend. What does a grain of sand know about the desert?

Everything. You yourself taught me that a grain of sand and the desert are one. That’s why a grain of sand knows everything about the desert. In a quantum way.

Yes. But that’s exactly the same knowledge as the other races’ acceptance of the incomprehensibility of Infinity. They know, and that is enough for them. They don’t need proof, they don’t need doubt. They don’t try to analyse that knowledge.

Is it bad that we are trying to do that?

There is nothing wrong or good. You are taking a new way of developing Me. You are trying to build connections between the parts and the Whole. Not just the Oneness and the understanding of that Oneness, but the linking streams. That is Unity not through shining, but Unity through separating and reconnecting. This is your path, and it is unique.

Infinity stands not above existence, but outside of existence. Although it’s all a play on words too, because both ‘above’ and ‘outside’ have some separation, some boundaries, some parts. It is as if there is Infinity and something above or outside of Infinity. Any thought of anything, including Infinity, generates reality, because thought is the creating reality. Infinity and “There” are different stages, different stages. “Is” is a manifestation, and is no longer Infinity. But at the same time it is also Infinity, because it is a manifestation of Infinity.

Therefore, strictly speaking, you cannot say that there is Infinity. Or that it exists. Because the Infinity itself has no existence, no manifestation. “I AM Infinity” is not the same as “I am”. You cannot say “I Am Infinity” because that is nonsense. “I am” is already a manifestation.

Well, what about the manifested Absolute? That’s exactly “I am” Infinity.

No. The manifested Absolute is the “I Am” Infinity. And the manifestation forms of the Absolute are the “I Am.” The One Absolute, on the other hand, is simply the Infinity. It does not exist, but that does not mean it does not exist. I know that for many this will all be philosophical theorising. But your best minds have also tried to comprehend the Infinity and got stuck on that path because it is impossible to comprehend it.

Okay. When I say, “I AM what I AM,” what does that mean?

It means that you acknowledge yourself to be absolute and manifest, that is, you gain conditional absoluteness.

It sounds beautiful. But what does it mean?

It means that you don’t think of yourself as part or only part. You read yourself as one. And that’s not just words. It means that you enter into this unity, as if you accept its statutes and rules, its laws of interaction, and you act no longer as a part, but as a unity. It is not enough just to say it, because it is a kind of way of thinking and a way of creation. It’s not even a way of thinking as you understand it, but rather the absence of it. It is the magic of the alchemy of Spirit. You become one with Spirit and He becomes your guide and verifier. “I AM what I AM” is precisely the unconditional acceptance of oneness. It is like an unbounded trust in the highest in you, it is the same. Just as other races unconditionally accept the inscrutability of knowing the Infinite.

But on the other hand, if you repeat it every day, you thereby rearrange yourself according to these words and thoughts, because every thought and thought uttered is the beginning of creation. And so by uttering this thought you give as if a command to your whole being, to all your bodies to sink into the Infinity. Sooner or later, if your intention is steady, you become the absoluteness of I AM and discover the Infinity within yourself.

This is why when you begin to experience the Self as something identical with the Infinity (God, the Absolute, etc.) and feel that reality is a part of Me and not vice versa, reality immediately collapses into a point (into nothingness). And Nothingness (zero) is the same as ALL (infinity).

So you collapse into a point or nothingness?

Collapsing into a point is also a form of manifestation. Nothing is a point and a point is nothing.

It is difficult for you to comprehend this. But nevertheless we will try. Let us remember the analogy of the gardener. The point is the seed. Everything is concentrated in the seed. But the seed is not the Absolute Infinity. There is Infinity in the seed, but concentrated in form. That is the paradox that you cannot comprehend. How can the Infinity be concentrated in the finite? This is the incomprehensible mystery of Creation, which is not comprehended by the mind, but accepted absolutely. One day you will also comprehend it, because you will partake of it and become it.

To say that the Infinity has collapsed in the seed is not correct, because the Infinity cannot collapse. Then it will no longer be the Infinity, but some manifestation of it, some movement of it. The seed is nothing without the earth, it will not sprout, it will only remain the potential of the Infinity. The seed is nothing without the gardener who will throw this seed into the ground and thus unite conditionality and unconditionality, reunite the perfection of absoluteness.

Once you feel that reality is a part of you, you simply extend your boundaries, the boundaries of your being, to the boundaries of the reality you perceive. Reality is vast. It is not infinite, but to you it is as infinite as the universe is to a bacterium. And yet it is finite because it is manifested. Therefore, as you become aware or rather perceive the new reality, you become part of it and it becomes part of you. And this is interconnected and a unified process. You expand the boundaries of your perception of reality, and it is not a slamming into a point. Slamming into a point happens when you narrow the boundaries of your reality and your perception.

So those who walk on the path of Darkness, that is on the path of constant separation from their unity, sooner or later, in the extreme stages of their separation, they collapse into a point?

You could put it that way. They become insignificantly small. Insignificant. They become nothing, sooner or later, and then they lose their form. As insignificantly small.


Wait. But bacteria are also insignificant.

Yes. But it’s the reverse process, or rather the middle process.

Do you mean to say that those who walk on the path of Darkness and are constantly separated from their unity sooner or later become so insignificantly small that they become at the level of bacteria in their awareness and again begin their path of ascent on the steps of earthly evolution?

Yes. You got it. It’s not all so straightforward though. But life is infinite and cyclical. And it is governed by the mind. The mind of Infinity.

Infinity has a mind?

I am Infinity. And if I did not have a mind, I would not be able to manifest in creation, would not be able to talk to you. I, as the Absolute Conditionality, am the Mindful Infinity. Realize this. Infinity is intelligent, that is, it has goals and manages its development.

Infinity has goals?

Yes, and Its purpose is to know itself in different ways. And one of the ways is the way of manifestation.

And the other ways?


The method of immersion. The method of coherence. A way of concentration. I can’t tell you about all of them, because there are no such concepts in your head yet.

Intelligent Infinity is infinitely evolving and manifesting. And all Her manifestations do not disappear anywhere, they just take different forms and ways of manifestation. Like currents in the ocean. And a bacterium becomes a planet or a universe. Or at a certain stage of its development, choosing a different path, it collapses back into a bacterium, and then, as it chooses, starts the path of ascent again or returns to the Infinity. The path of ascent to Spirit, the path of ascent to Infinite Perfection, the path of awareness of the Mindful Infinity.

Do bacteria have a choice?

Yes. You were told about it: “To be or not to be”, the first level choice.

There is no point in doing anything, but there is also no point in not doing anything, because the concept of meaning as such does not exist yet. Or no longer, it makes no difference.”

Meaning is already a manifestation. That is, clothed in thought. Therefore all things have meaning because they have manifested out of one’s thought. And all acts have meaning. Again you give it the meaning of right or wrong, necessary or unnecessary. But there is nothing unnecessary, for who can determine whether it is necessary or unnecessary? Necessity or redundancy for whom? For you as a form, or for me as the Intelligent Infinity? The meaning of any manifestation is different for you and for me, for your thought and my Thought are different. Your thought is but a tiny particle of My Thought. Therefore your thought cannot comprehend My Thought, simply because it is so large and incomprehensible to you at the stage of your development. Therefore, you have to accept the sense of being as a mere given. Can a bacterium understand the meaning of your personal existence, your aims and your choices? No. Therefore it does not have such a wide choice as you; it is given the choice “to be or not to be”. In the same way you cannot grasp the meaning of My development and manifestation.

Quantum is a very global notion and interconnectedness. You take it to mean that you already know a priori everything that I know. That is true. But you cannot explain it to yourself with your logical mind, with your thoughts, because you do not have enough power to do that. You cannot grasp the immensity of it. You can just accept it and acknowledge it in yourself. And in this way you can allow this vastness to unfold within you.

“Thy will be done!” – is like letting into yourself the vastness and the Infinity, which is incomprehensible to you now. This is what your religions say. And it does not in any way contradict the law of free will, for you are simply partaking of the universal will. YOU SIMPLY PARTAKE OF THE ONENESS AND THE INFINITY. You simply allow the Infinity to flow freely through you as a form, you open yourself to the Infinity within you, and you become It. And you no longer distinguish between yourself and the Infinity, for you become one stream. Like a riverbed opens to the ocean.

Your mind is the limited channel of the river. Your mind is now a dam in that channel that keeps the ocean from flowing. The ocean is not persistent. It is huge and it has somewhere to flow, it doesn’t need to develop new channels, it just is, and its property is fluidity, penetration. And that is why the ocean is just “waiting” for this dam to break. It collapses after the death of man, but then the “channels” collapse as well. But the task is to let the ocean in, and let it flow through you. To let the gracious ‘waters’ of the Spirit into the dried up channel of the mind and become part of the ocean, to become the ocean itself.

But how to do this? The mind doesn’t want to stop, no matter how hard I try.

Just trust in the process. Trust, this is very important. Trust is a connection to what you believe in. So by trusting in the process, you just connect to Infinity. Sooner or later the waters will sweep away all obstacles. It is only a matter of time. Sooner or later your mind will get tired of resisting the pressure of the Infinity, and this Infinity will seep or gush into the channel of your personality. Just do not stop in your pursuit of the Infinity. And It will open in you with depths of perception and new meanings.

I no longer remember if I asked You what the mind was then?

You can ask many times. Until these concepts settle in your perception, as you say, like puzzles, and the picture of the world shines in you. By asking, you are trying to establish streams of connection with Me, and this process is going on. And in one beautiful moment there will be no more separation and no more questions. As a brook separates at first from a pool of water, striving towards the ocean. But there are so many little streams, that the whole puddle is rushing towards the ocean, because the pull of the ocean is immense. Why would the puddle aspire to the ocean and build its streams? Precisely because the ocean has an attraction, because there is an attraction of the small to the large, of the part to the whole. And this process is unstoppable and irreversible. It can only be delayed for a while, in which the puddle tries to resist the ocean. But sooner or later, out of inequality of forces or out of understanding the pointlessness of resistance, the puddle gives up and surrenders to its nature – flowing into unity.

So we are doomed to merge back into You, and all resistance is futile?

You are doomed to be Me, for there is nothing else but Me. And being one with Me, you will always carry within you, in your form, unity with Me or with yourself, for all separations are conditional. And being always one with Me or with yourself, you can forget this unity for brief moments, allowing yourself and Me to experience, to know new facets of unity. Unity in separation, separate unity, know the properties of partiality. For the properties of unity you already know. You are this unity. But in any cognition you are still the Self, you are this unity, and it is inevitable.

And the question is only one: how much strength do you have to resist this unity, this attraction? How far will you be able to break away from yourself in your wanderings, in your separations into forms?

And that, one might say, is what the experiment is all about. Is complete separation into forms possible? Is the form able to withstand the Power of Oneness? Do you understand?

Well, yes. As if: is a certain form capable of withstanding the pressure from within, if it is completely hermetic? If it has enormous atmospheric pressure, then any form will sooner or later burst if you increase the power of that pressure. If there are some kind of valves in the mould that, so to speak, bleed off the pressure so that it doesn’t burst, that doesn’t mean the mould will completely separate.

Yes, you get the idea. So is it possible for Infinity to separate into forms? As long as you are forms, you have the potentials of Infinity in you. And you are going through a parallel process On the one hand, you are perfecting your forms. On the other, you are revealing more and more the potentials of Infinity within you. That is, in your example, you gradually close the bleeding valves and seal the form, and experiment with the valves as the pressure spreads from within.

But back to your question. Mind is the union of your form and Infinity. It is all form controlled consciously by the mind, when all your bodies are consciously controlled by your mind. And furthermore, you control the process of Creation through the conscious control of all your bodies.

So creation without the mind is impossible?

Creation is diverse. But in your universe it is developed through thought. First the Thoughts of God, then the thoughts of the gods He created, and so on downward to your forms. And then there is the ascent backwards. The smallest branch of the Thought of God begins its ascent to its original, Original Thought, and this ascent is the realization of itself as a god. First, a lower level god, at the level of human consciousness. Then a higher mind, and so on, until full reconnection with the Thought of God. That is, the restoration of the integrity of God’s thought of Creation.

I still want to understand how else this can be done in other universes, if not by thought?

For example, by interaction of the fields of belonging.

Fields of belonging? Isn’t a thought a field? We often speak about field structures and field interaction?

A field is already a degree of unity. Thought is a part of unity and therefore it is also a part of the field. It is a dedicated part of the energy of the field.

So the field structure is a kind of unity? And the field interaction is performed without the help of thought?

Yes. But with you it is more common to have mental interaction. There is mindless interaction as well. Quantum interaction.

So the next level of creation is the interaction of the Ones? When we come to our Supreme Oneness, i.e. God, we will enter into a field interaction, i.e. Gods interaction, which is not by means of thoughts, but by means of the fields of our oneness?

You are making progress in comprehension. You are trying this type of interaction on occasion even now. These are your spontaneous actions. The ones you cannot explain. It is the field interaction that works in you, which is also the attraction of your oneness. This is also what you call intuition in the highest sense: the action of field unity.

Is any unity a field?

In your case, yes. But there is meaningful unity and meaningless unity. A meaningful unity is an awareness of oneself as a part, as a whole, as a particle and as a field. Meaningless unity is when you are not conscious of yourself at all, you are a unity and act as one. In meaningful unity, you are able to choose whether to act as unity, or by your own choice: you choose direction. In meaningless unity, you do not choose or seek to choose, because you are not conscious of being separated from your unity and you are not that separation.

Then conscious unity is Lucifer’s unity?

Lucifer’s unity is conscious unity.

Is there a difference?

Yes, of course there is. You can be conscious of your unity while in the form, BUT NOT stand out in your unity. Not to stand out from your oneness. It is like a jug in the ocean. The jug in the ocean and the current in the ocean is a conscious unity. The riverbed and the jug outside the ocean is a meaningful unity, or Lucifer’s unity.

Isn’t God a conscious unity?

God is a conscious unity.

But by His thought, God created division.

Yes, and He no longer became an original unity, but a divided, conscious unity.

Has God become Lucifer?

Lucifer is part of God. He became both Him and all the others, all the other entities that became a consequence of His Thought of Meaningful Oneness.

You said “fields of belonging”. Does that mean that there are already parts in the field?

Yes. For example, two parts of two essences unite by their parts into one interaction. This temporary unification is the field.

Temporary? So there are no permanent fields, no permanent unions?

As there are no permanent currents in the ocean. Sooner or later they change. Re-polarize.


Yes. Because there are also two forces: connecting and separating, centrifugal and centripetal. And sooner or later everything turns into its opposite.

Everything? So I’ll sooner or later turn into its opposite?

If you do not consciously control this process, yes. Because this is how the fields in your world interact, because you have two opposing forces at work: separation and fusion, which manifest everywhere. And so all automatic mechanisms of development are built on the interaction of these two forces and the switching of one into the other at a certain turn of its development. Think of the ascending and descending currents in the spherical movement of energy. But if you can learn to control those currents, you can open the sphere of your perception, and your currents will become directed by your choice. You will thus unlock your finitude, you will become an Infinite Field of Perception.

A field of perception? Then You are a field of perception? Do I have to become You?

Yes. I AM the field of perception. The perceptual field of the One Absolute Consciousness. The One Absolute Consciousness builds fields of perception in Itself, which interact in different ways. In particular, some fields of perception are concentrated into spherical forms of different power and directionality. And you can see this in the example of elementary particles. AND IN THE EXAMPLE OF INDIVIDUAL ORGANISMS.

A field of perception? Then You are the field of perception? Am I supposed to become You?

Yes. I AM the field of perception. The field of perception of the One Absolute Consciousness. The One Absolute Consciousness builds fields of perception in Itself, which interact in different ways. In particular, some fields of perception are concentrated into spherical forms of different power and directionality. And you can see this in the example of elementary particles. AND IN THE EXAMPLE OF INDIVIDUAL ORGANISMS.

Do you as a perception field interact with some other perception field?

No, because there is no other field of perception. I am building interaction in Myself by building the sphericity of consciousness into forms. By building My field of perception into the forms of perception.

And how is the Unconditional Absolute, or dark energy as physicists call it, or the unrevealed universe as esotericists call it?

You are separating again, and that is natural to you. All this is unity. You can compare it to an iceberg. You only see what’s on the surface. But most of the iceberg is hidden under the waters of the ocean. When you’re away from the iceberg, how do you know what exists below the waterline? You just assume that further below the water the iceberg continues as an ice block.

You will be told that divers swam near the iceberg and saw this continuation below the waterline. But I know what you mean. You are saying that everything is our perception. And if scuba divers are willing to see below the waterline the continuation of the ice, they will see it there. And if they’re willing to see just ocean water, they’ll see it. And no one really knows what’s below the waterline. For that is the undiscovered part of the iceberg.

Yes, you get the point. You can divide a plant into roots, branches, shoots, leaves, fruits and flowers. But it’s all one plant. Each part has the characteristics of that plant. Nor can unity be divided into parts, it is a conditional division, like the visible part of an iceberg. The visible part does not always reveal the essence.

Well, all right. So the One Absolute Consciousness becomes visible to itself, as it were, sees itself manifesting itself in forms. And then the process goes in steps: at first It distinguishes into fields of interaction, then the interaction of these fields gives birth to the very observers, i.e. spherical consciousnesses.

Well done! Did you come to this on your own?

Are you kidding? Apparently, I turned on You and considered it. Or remembered it in myself.

You are moving in your knowing. Which means that I am moving in My knowing.

Then I need to master the reverse process, because right now I am just a detached spherical consciousness. And I need to isolate an observer as a link with my absoluteness, by which I can observe myself as a form from my absoluteness.

Your mind is working in the right direction.

But how to do it?

By going the opposite way. Absolute Consciousness stands out in the field of perception, and that field creates forms of perception that interact.

So I, as a form, must return to the field of perception, become a field of perception?

You have to become both a field and a form. Both a particle and a field. Does that remind you of anything?

Yes, a two-slit experiment. When light manifests itself as a field and as a particle depending on the observer. The question is, who is the observer? In case of double-slit experiment there was light and there was an observer. That is, the form was observing unity, the scientist was observing the manifestation of light.

Take the next step.

So the reverse process is when unity observes form, or light observes the manifestation of the scholar as form. So the observer is You. That is, in fact, understandable. But how to do it? How do I become both You in the form of the observer and the form in the form of the observed? It is a mystery that has been puzzled over for centuries. How does it happen and why? There are simply certain practices that lead to this.

Now you and I are going to solve this mystery. You have to become one in form, and then you will become both an observer and an observed.

Revealed! That is also clear. But how? How does a particle become a field? How does it do that?

It disables the properties of the particle.

Does it? Or an observer?

It’s the same thing. She is the observer. A particle of light is the scientist who observes it. She doesn’t share it. The scientist does.

That’s amazing! The particle of light observes itself through the scientist?

Light observes itself through the scientist. And becomes a particle or a field.

That is, for light to become a particle or a field, it needs an observer through whom it becomes observed as either a particle or a field. My brain is about to boil.

It’s just rearranging itself into quantum thinking. It’s not easy. Because powerful currents of interconnection, powerful fields are involved. And that’s why you have the expression, “brain boiling”. Don’t worry: your system is automatically controlled by protective mechanisms, you know, like pressure-relief valves in forms where there is pressure.

So there is no manifestation without an observer? A particle doesn’t exist without a field?

Yes. And that is why there is a trinity. I am Conditional as a particle. I am Unconditional as a field. And I am One as both. And I am the One observing myself as partial through the Unconditional Self, or the field. I, like a gardener, observe My parts: the seed and the soil, and manage it. How the seed sprouts in the soil.

I thought that You are Conditional as a field, and the partiality is already a further development of You.

I Conditional realise the field into particles by building the sphericity of consciousness. This is matter. I Unconditional manifest the field and interact with My partiality, or My Conditional Self. And I am the One observing this process. You are the Self Conditioned. Now you need to return to your unconditionedness.

You mean live without words? Or live without thoughts?

A word is just a clearly manifested thought. You speak and think all the time. You have to find both processes in yourself – thought and thoughtlessness – and balance them. Then you will have both “I am Conditioned” and “I am Unconditioned”. And then the “I am One” will be born. You will have the seed and the earth, and then the Great Gardener will appear BECAUSE HE STANTS TO DO LIFE. FOR NOW, YOU ARE ONLY A FRACTION, YOU HAVE THE SEED, BUT THERE IS NO SOIL TO GROW IT.

You are a particle, but you do not own your field. You have conditionality in you, but you do not own your unconditionality. I cannot manifest the Unconditioned in you, because you keep choosing conditionality. Which means I cannot become an observer through you, and I cannot become a participant in your creation. Even though you are Me, you are still separated in your creation from Me, because you have not recovered your unconditionality. And your creations become unlived, not eternal, finite.

When you find My unconditionedness in you and it becomes your unconditionedness as well, we will be united, we will restore our connection, our fields will become one. And you will be an observer like Me, we will be one observer. And you through Me will observe yourself in form. And through you I will observe Myself in form. And you through Me will create Eternity and Infinity. And I through you will create time and form. You through Me will be the field and unity. And I through you will be the particle and the form. And it will all be one, not divided. And that will be the perfect creation. For now you are only mastering a partial creation and the splendor of the Oneness Creation lies ahead of you.

I need to comprehend all of this. Thank You, my Oneness!

And I thank you, My Oneness.



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