Послания Высших Сил

The call of the Absolute Oneness

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, my soul.

I have a question.

What is the consciousness of Christ? What is the consciousness of Lucifer? What is the difference and unity of these consciousnesses? How do they interact in the consciousness of separation?

You have a definition: unity as the struggle of opposites. That makes deep sense. There is no struggle in unity. Opposites are tending in different directions all the time. But at the same time they are unity. Unity does not exist without opposites just as opposites do not exist without unity. Realise this.

Doesn’t unity exist without opposites?

Yes. For then there is nothing and no one to unite. There is everything, and it is not disjointed. There is wholeness and there are no parts. There is universality. There is Infinity. What can unite, join together in Infinity? Only its parts. But if there are parts, then there is no Infinity. So there are parts of the Infinity which now eternally and infinitely aspire to its Unity. But the law of the manifestation of forms separates them from the Infinity. And this is the eternal movement of forms along the descending and ascending streams of the Infinity.

So the consciousness of Christ is the consciousness of unity, and the consciousness of Lucifer is the consciousness of separation from unity, the consciousness that forms opposites, and they are inseparable, and one does not exist without the other?

Like two sides of the same coin. Only you again perceive Lucifer consciousness as something bad, you basically present it now as Darkness consciousness, consciousness of total separateness, and so you cannot understand how Christ consciousness can strive into unity with it. The consciousness of separateness is simply a movement, there is an unfolding.

The sprout bursts forth from the seed, using the consciousness of separateness, its impetuous power. But it strives towards the sun, towards its unity. And this eternal movement gives birth to plant life. Without one there is no other. Without the striving towards the sun, the sprout will not manifest itself. And without striving for separation from its unity, from the seed, the sprout will not manifest either. It is a unified process, and you don’t think of it as dark.

It is the same in all realms. The chick hatches from the egg, leaving its unity. It uses the power of destruction to break the shell and rush outward from its unity. The cub leaves its mother’s womb and aspires from its oneness. But they all strive, just like the sprout, for their unity. Do you understand? By breaking away from its unity, everyone strives to attain it. It is an immutable law. It’s just that the wanderings along the path are different. And you are given the right to choose your own wanderings.

A plant cannot choose. It strives from the seed to the sun; it is its journey from its oneness to its unity. Its return to its oneness. The animal has more freedom of striving already. But it still strives for its unity.

How do animals strive for their unity? We strive from within, but what about them? They eat each other, often.

As strange as it may be for you to hear, it is also a form of striving for unity. The simplest and most primitive way to connect, to merge their energies. This is the animal way of joining energies. Understand: the more the form is separated from its unity, the more it longs to reconnect with its unity. And this craving is relentless, this thirst is unquenchable. And when the form does not know, does not understand the ways of merging into its unity, it acts in primitive ways, thinking that in this way it will acquire its unity.

Plants are not yet very separate into forms, their consciousness is a consciousness of unity, it is only an outward separation. The plant is basically in a permanent place of growth, and it is bound to the seed physically always, it is bound to the whole Plant Kingdom, to its species. And so its separateness is conditional separateness. These are the first steps of separateness. It’s like an indecisive baby who wants to separate, but is afraid to let go of its mother’s hand.

Animals are more separated. They are given freedom of movement and are separated from their unity physically. But still their consciousness exists within the common field of consciousness of their species and the Animal Kingdom. And all of this is part of Planetary Consciousness and Planetary Oneness. That is, in the first case only the form is separated, and that partially. In the second case, form is completely separated, but consciousness is partially separated. In the case of man, there is an attempt at complete separation of both form and consciousness. The animal has memory of the past, although the past itself does not exist for him. What you call animal instincts, say, the leader knows where to lead his flock, there are magnetic lines of the earth, though they play a part here too. It is the memory of the unity from which they came. It is always with them. Animals do not separate themselves into separate individuals, their consciousness is fused with the consciousness of their species, and the consciousness of the species is separate from the consciousness of unity, from Planetary Consciousness.

Man, on the other hand, is the crown of separateness, and this is the so-called experiment. When both form and consciousness are separated. When your consciousness at birth forgets the memory of the past and forgets the consciousness of its unity. And begins its journey towards reunification with its unity, the journey towards its sun, as a sprout does. And this eternal movement is inherent in every form from the beginning. And so there is no other way. There is only one path – the path to its unity, to unification. To unity through partial or total separation. And no one can resist it. And everyone, while separating and experiencing the anguish of separation, seeks the joy of reunification. And this is your nature and your quality. And the property of All Being.

Why is it so difficult? I mean, why condemn the forms to suffering because of separation from their oneness? Isn’t it cruel?

If a child is not taken away from its mother’s hand, it will not learn to walk. He has to take his own steps. It must, as a form, still find its wholeness. That is, he must grow and mature. Everything is similar. The child suffers when separated from its mother. Because it is not sure of its own strength. Because he doesn’t know or don’t believe that he himself is the future adult who will have access to everything that was available to his mother, and even more. There is no other way for him to know himself and his possibilities. And by breaking away from his mother, by breaking away from his oneness, he is also going towards his own oneness – that is the wisdom. He takes a step away from his oneness. But that step can only be towards reunification.

And the movement “from” is always a movement “to”, the movement of separation is always a movement towards merger. Because there is nothing else. There is Me, the One and the Absolute. And manifesting through Me and from Me, all forms aspire only to Me, because there is nothing and nobody else. They cannot aspire anywhere except to Me and into Me. Because all these forms are forms of separation of Me. But I am one, and I am whole.

But, on his way of separation from the mother, on his way of separation from his unity, a child hears the call of his unity and he follows this call. It is like the movement of a blind man to the sound. This Call is eternal and indestructible. It is the Call of Eternity. It is the Call of Oneness, it is the Call of Infinity. And at first he thinks, he thinks this Call is coming from outside. And that is why he resembles a blind man going to the Call. But when he discovers that this Call comes from within, all fears disappear. And he becomes sighted.

Because it is impossible to lose the Call that is always inside you. You may not hear it. But you can never lose it. And this Call, as a guiding thread, will lead every man to its unity. And every form to its unity. And at the same time it is a movement outside itself, as the lowest centre of its unity. And at the same time it is a movement within itself, as the highest centre of its unity. And these two movements are inseparable and are one.

And when man separates from the mother and seeks to reunite with his unity, this is the consciousness of Lucifer. That is the consciousness of unity, separated into forms and forgetting its unity, but striving to reunite with its unity. And so Lucifer consciousness is impetuous consciousness, is centrifugal consciousness. But this is the magic of it: that, running away from the centre, this consciousness always strives towards it again.

It is like the movement of energy in sphericity. Running away from the centre and returning to the centre. Or vice versa: striving to the centre and still running away from the centre.

You get the point. Yes, that is the principle by which separation consciousness is built. That is also the principle your consciousness moves on.

Doesn’t our consciousness move in ascending and descending currents?

That’s if you consider a part of the path. But if you consider the whole path, if you consider not a part of the sphere, but the whole sphere of consciousness, it moves from its unity to its unity, and from its unity, and so on.

And is Christ-consciousness the consciousness of its unity?

Even more than that. The uniqueness of the path of the one you call Jesus lies in the fact that he showed the way when everything happens at the same time. Christ-consciousness is a clear consciousness. A clear awareness of one’s detachment and one’s oneness at the same time. It is two processes at the same time in conscious awareness. When every movement you make from oneness is perceived by you as your movement towards oneness. When you never break the connection with your beacon of inner unity. When you exist simultaneously in the consciousness of separateness and in the consciousness of oneness. When these two sides of the coin do not exist for you alternately, but simultaneously, when you do not reject any of these sides, because this is the eternal movement, this is the eternal development, this is the divine plan of reunification. For in order for anything to be reunited, it must first be divided. There is no other bottom.

What about Buddha consciousness?

The way of the Buddha is the way of reunification with his oneness. The way of renunciation of form, of separation, renunciation of separation and return to his unity. The way of Christ is the union of separation and unity in form, the union of the unconnected. And this is the path you have to follow. The Buddha abandoned form, his body. He directed his consciousness to his unity. Christ was resurrected, that is, he transformed his body, his form, in which he was able to be both form and unity, both separate and inseparable.

So Lucifer’s consciousness is the consciousness of separation from his unity?

Yes, it is the urge to separate, as a child is afraid, but nevertheless seeks to detach himself from his mother’s hand, because before him an unseen and unknown world, full of adventure and danger, opens up. But curiosity is the desire for separation, it pushes the child to knowledge, and then in its pursuit of knowledge it forgets about its unity and breaks away from the hand of its mother. And if the movement of the sprout towards the sun is like a programmed movement, the sprout cannot help growing, it cannot help striving for its unity. But the human form, the human consciousness has more freedom. The child must make the decision to separate himself, the decision that he wants to explore the beautiful and mysterious world of forms. And then he must also consciously decide that he wants reunification, that he consciously in the world of forms strives back to his unity. But not back into the bosom of the mother literally. Because the mother’s womb is also a form. But to its true unity. And on the way to this striving he goes through different lessons, he tries to look for his oneness in different ways. And that is his choice.

He seeks his unity in family, in reunion with the opposite, with the opposite sex, and that too is the great point. He simply seeks his unity and often does not find it. And so he suffers. Because the world of forms is separated by its consciousness. And the consciousness of the individual woman and the individual man may not hear of their oneness, that you are all One. And then the man looks for another woman, as you say: his half. But every woman for a man is his oneness. But it still seems to him that he has not achieved it. But this does not depend on the woman. It depends on the man himself: how much he is separated from his unity.

And it is the same with the woman. She is also looking for mergence with the man, she is looking for someone in whom she can dissolve and merge with. But the separateness of her form often prevents her from feeling her unity. And each of you begins to divide into “your own” and “not your own”, into “your half” and “not your half”. But it’s all One, you know? Every, every woman is for a man the way to his oneness. Every, any man for a woman is the way to her unity. It’s just that there is a man or woman with whom or with whom you can reveal your oneness more fully now. But it’s not up to your half, it’s up to you, your willingness to reveal that oneness in everyone, to open that embrace to everyone.

And your falling in love is simply the desire for your unity, the desire to reconnect with your opposite. But love is different. It is a reunion. It is a feeling of its unity, a return into its unity. And when you reach your unity, you say that you love. Because this oneness is your own. It is yours. And then you are truly happy, because you have partially achieved your oneness.

And a child can be conceived only in moments of unity. For no other is possible.

Wait. But because often children are born to people who do not love each other, and – sorry – even conceived in a drunken state.

A new life can only be born in a moment of unity. This is the law. And in a drunken state people often forget their ego, and the briefest moments of oneness enable the birth of a new life. And those who do not love each other actually still seek their unity. And in the briefest moments of unity it becomes possible for new life to be conceived. If there is no fusion, there can be no new life.

But there are spouses who love each other very much but have no children.

The law is one. To love is to be in unity. So if they can give up their separateness for the sake of their unity and for the sake of conceiving a new life, then it will happen. Besides, sometimes they go through their lessons in childlessness.

And through the inner space of connection of a man and a woman you can reach your Perfect Oneness, reunite with your Source. With the paternal home which you left, to “feel” again the hand of the mother from which you did not really break away.

So in our world reunion with your unity is possible only through the opposite? So a woman or a man alone cannot reconnect with their unity?

In your world, anything is possible. The paths to Infinity are innumerable. And in the pursuit of man to woman and woman to man lies your path, so that you are not lost in the Infinity. Everyone alone can reach his unity, because he is not alone but literally one with everyone and the separation exists only in his mind. But the way of joining the feminine and the masculine, the way of balance is still the simplest. The union of woman and man or finding eternity through themselves. From within, through their unity. Because even though each comes from within itself, in the centre of itself they meet. Because their middle centres are connected, and that is the Center of Infinity that you are told of. And this Infinity Centre is one in all of you. It is literally one point. The centre of each person is the centre of unity and the centre of all people at the same time. Therefore it is through this heart centre that the development of Christlikeness is possible, and a return to one’s unity is possible.

And so in principle there is no difference whether you connect your heart centre with the Infinity Center directly or after reconnecting with the Infinity Center in your partner. But the second way is easier and, I would say, more poetic. Although many of you do not succeed in it. It is the same as a sprout striving towards the sun simply as a sprout, or blossoming into a marvellous flower, giving its own fruit. The way of the flower is more beautiful. It is full of the fragrance of love. So too, returning to one’s wholeness, to infinity through the centre of one’s partner is full of the fragrance of love and is like a beautiful flower.

But we are told that there are twin flames, and there are karmic lessons, and the woman and man who meet in your life are your lesson partner in previous lives. And that is why they meet. And You say that it makes no difference with which man or with which woman one finds love, i.e. your unity.

For Me there is no difference. This difference exists for you as a form, because you are discerning. You have freedom of choice and therefore you have preferences. I have no preferences. Therefore, you choose your partners from among those with whom you are trying to reconnect with your oneness. And by establishing this connection you enter into various energetic connections, which need to be worked out. Simply put, you are wandering in a maze of paths to your oneness. You are wandering rather than going directly because you do not hear the voice of your oneness, you do not hear the Call. Because when you hear the Call, you will no longer, simply cannot be distracted by the corridors of the labyrinth, because the thirst to reconnect with your oneness is great. Because you are that thirst. Because you are that oneness.

You have no preference, so you have no freedom of choice?

I have freedom, total and absolute freedom. But I have no choice. I am not divided, so there is nothing to choose from. Not because there is no freedom. It is because there is nothing to choose from. And when I am divided into forms and manifest, I have this freedom of choice in each form, and each time it is different. And it is also absolute freedom, but only in a relative form. And precisely the task is to make the freedom of choice of form absolute, that is, independent of form.

When you are in a certain form, you do not have absolute choice. Your choices are limited by your form. But as you gradually expand your form, you also expand your freedom of choice. You “inflate the balloon” and your freedom gets bigger. You expand the cube in which you move, and your freedom becomes wider. And there comes a moment when your outer freedom and your inner freedom are the same. Like pressure, the same inside and outside. Just like you have deep sea creatures in the ocean who are not afraid of water pressure, because they have the same pressure inside as outside. And likewise you reach a similar state. When your Absolute Power on the inside is identical with My Absolute Power. When you are like a jug in the ocean, whose walls hold all the pressure and power of the water of the ocean both inside and outside. And then you have Absolute Freedom of Choice. Because you have My Absolute Freedom and you have something to choose from. My choice comes into existence. And that is what you aspire to. And this is what I strive for through you. To possess Absolute Freedom while being in form. Possess the qualities of Infinity, being in the finite. Possess the qualities of the infinite, being in the boundary.

And in this way I will be able to multiply. And manifest as a multitude of absolutes in form.

That is, the Relative Absolute, or the Conditional Absolute, as Urantia says. But You are the Conditional Absolute, aren’t You?

I am Everything. Both the Qualified Absolute and the Unqualified Absolute and the Universal Absolute. The separation is given for your understanding, for human understanding. For you have not yet acquired the consciousness of wholeness and simply cannot understand that it all exists at the same time. The whole and the part are one. Relativity and absoluteness are one. Like the two sides of a coin. But if in the case of a coin you have to flip it over to see “heads” or “tails”, in this case you don’t have to flip anything. Imagine that you have cut the coin and you have two pieces, one with an eagle image and the other with a tails image. And you kind of fold them with the images, you turn the coin inside out. Because both “heads” and “tails” are actually one image. But your consciousness interprets it differently and perceives it differently. Or rather, your consciousness manifests itself differently in the case of “heads” and “tails”. But it is all one consciousness. Your consciousness. My consciousness. And we are inseparable.

I am often told that I am communicating with You, like over a cup of tea, in a way that is not very reverent. Perhaps I really should be in awe of You? For We are the Absolute Oneness, and You are great.

And You are great. Each of you communicates with the higher ones as it is easier for him/her. And if it is easier for someone to be in awe, that is their way. I am open to all. For I am you. I am within everyone. And I am on the outside of everyone. I am in everyone, in every form you can find Me and communicate with Me. I am all that surrounds you, and I am all that is within each of you. And all of this is One. For we are One. We are an absolute Oneness.

Thank You, My Oneness!

And I thank You, My oneness!



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