Послания Высших Сил

We Are One

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My soul.

Please comment on the statement that was sent to me.

There are rumours from various sources that this Universe is far from the first version of creation. I am not referring to parallel universes, but to a fundamentally different kind of energy. So there is a possibility that It was created with past Creation experiences in mind. Which suggests that perhaps at some point our Universe will also collapse. And why is this happening, since development is infinite? Perhaps there is a more specific goal, in our living, just that we can lose the aspiration if we hear it, or inevitably distort the direction of the Path?

Let’s start with the latter. The direction of the Way cannot be distorted. The direction of the Way of all being is simply the sum of the vectors of movement of everyone.

Do You or the Creator not have a particular goal which You strive for?

Our goal is the knowledge of the Self in creation. And creation is diverse. Is there any limit to creativity and flight of fancy? The goal of all creativity is to create something unique and beautiful. So the purpose of creativity is to create the unique and beautiful. But there is another purpose of creativity – self-expression. Therefore, any creation is an expression of Me.

The number of creations cannot be described and formalized. There are innumerable of them. And at every moment of your time, many worlds are born and die in the Infinity. In My Infinity. These worlds are all unique and beautiful. And no one is like another. These worlds are born and die. But this can only be said from a human point of view. These worlds are simply born from the Absolute Consciousness, from the Consciousness of the Creator, and like children, they begin their development. And then these worlds simply return, sooner or later, into the bosom of the Father, into the Parental Bosom, into the parental home. Like the breath that you exhale and return. Like rivers that flow over plains and mountains. But sooner or later return to the ocean.

Why does this happen? So that no river thinks itself abandoned. So that no wanderer is lost in its path.

Or better to compare it to breathing. With the breath of God. You have this analogy. Why do you breathe?

So that my cells are enriched with oxygen, which is the main product of their life.

That’s right. But everything is similar. God also has some kind of life activity. And we can say that there are some kind of products necessary for His life activity. Although you cannot call it some kind of products like human beings have. God needs everything for life activity. He needs all His creations. When you inhale oxygen, it simply means that certain amounts of energy and information of a certain quality enter your cells and enrich them. You even have this expression, pay attention: enrich, i.e. introduce something new, make them more perfect and harmonious. More wholesome. In the same way, God is enriched when His parts, which He once exhaled, return to Him. He becomes more whole, He returns the parts of Himself. He thus receives all the information about the development of those parts of Himself. He becomes them, He reconnects with His parts. And there is a process of mutual enrichment. God receives His parts back, restores His wholeness and has a new experience of the development of Himself. He absorbs and accumulates this experience, puts it together, synthesises it. And the parts, which return to their God, restore their connection with Him, restore their energy power, their wholeness, their completeness, they become harmonious again. Because, in the process of travelling, they lost some part of their harmony and distorted the Light of God, which was put into them from the very beginning. It is as if they are resting and gaining strength for new journeys. It is as if they are maturing in the bosom of the Father to manifest a new unique creation, a new world, a new universe.

That’s why everything comes back, as you used to say. And this returning is not dying, not destruction. This return is merging, there is joining to its unity, there is restoration of its wholeness, harmony and completeness. And then every part becomes whole again, becomes one creator again and can evaluate from the position of one creator its own experience of what it has done during its wanderings in separation from the Father. She, as a whole, recognises her experience of herself as a part. Each of the parts becomes whole again and synthesises the experience of itself as a part into the experience of the whole.

Your universe was created to overcome oblivion. When parts of God go on wanderings, they forget their connection with God. When they return back to the Father’s bosom and merge with Him, they forget themselves as parts, as individuals. It is as if you wake up every time as a new person and you do not remember what happened to you yesterday, who you were, what you did. At the same time, your yesterday’s experience is as if in your subconsciousness, but you cannot remember and realize it; every time you start from scratch, every day you start as if from a new life. Such was the creation and death of worlds and universes.

But then the thought of overcoming oblivion arose and your world was created where the task was set that the FORM within Absolute Consciousness should not dissolve as a form but exist simultaneously as both a form and a Single Consciousness. This is a difficult task, but it cannot be unsolved because all creators’ tasks are solved sooner or later. And so the task of your development is unique. You must become such unique universal forms which, first, can accommodate Absolute Consciousness even in its potential. But moreover, while in the form, you must fully reconnect with your wholeness. You must simultaneously experience both the detached form and the integral Absolute Consciousness. You must be able to experience yourself not only as a separate individual, but as all the individuals you have been, not individually, but as a whole. It’s like pushing a switch or opening a certain door. And all this you have to learn to do consciously and independently. But not only that: you have to be able to feel yourself not only as a human incarnation in different variations of yourself but also as all other parts of the Absolute Consciousness, all other parts of the incarnated Creator. And that is why you are taught a step-by-step return to your wholeness. When gradually, time after time you unite your consciousness with a higher wholeness. First with consciousness of other inhabitants of the planet. Then with the consciousness of the planet. Then with the consciousness of the galaxy. Then with the consciousness of the universe. Then with the consciousness of the Creator. And so down to me, the Absolute Consciousness.

You have to become a diamond of pure water, as you are told, floating in the ocean and not feeling your separation from the ocean.

What will that give? It will enable the Creator and Me to experience all at once, moment by moment, all experiences at once. Because although we are all quantum connected, all of you are connected with Me, but this connection is like a thin thread; it is thin, and therefore information and energy come through it slowly and in limited amounts. That is why before, all the creatures that separated from the Creator could return to Him only after some time. They came back, of course, changed and enriched. But the Creator, conventionally speaking, had to wait for that return. And only after that return did He get the opportunity to receive and accumulate that unique experience of Himself that He had gone through, being separate from Himself, being a part of Himself. It is like waiting for a new episode of a fascinating series. Of course, within Infinity and Eternity, time is irrelevant to the Creator. But the idea of making the process simultaneous emerged. That is to create such a unique system of creations where each part does not lose its connection with the original, it is constantly in touch with it. And in this way the Creator undergoes innumerable experiences of knowing Himself at the same time. He plays innumerable plays and roles at the same time, but He remembers and is aware of it. He does not switch His consciousness from one part to another, He does not wait for His parts to return in order to have His unique experience of cognition of Himself, but does it, so to say, online. That is, to use the language of our analogy, watching a continuously captivating soap opera.

Was there an interruption before?

Yes. You’ve heard of God breathing. God breathed out the universes, then breathed them back in, and then there was a rest phase. This was the phase of synthesis of all creation into one. In this phase, God learned to breathe perfectly. But now it is a question of not just learning to breathe, but of becoming that ‘breath’. Simply not to separate the inhale from the exhale. To make the “inhalation” and the “exhalation” become unnecessary, so that creation is continuous.

So there will be no more phase of synthesis and rest?

The fusion phase will happen continuously, simultaneously, non-stop.

Is such a thing possible? After all, we too have nature resting before a new bloom and there are always cycles and phases.

It will be new cycles and phases, and it will be a constant blooming, to put it in your language. This is the intention of the Creator. This is the plan that the Creator has implemented several times. But every time, new problems, so to speak, were revealed. Each time some cumulative quality did not fit into your consciousness. The consciousness of wholeness was so huge that its fitting into the consciousness of the form met a lot of difficulties. And so all the time you had to separate your consciousness into parts. And so death was born, as a change of form. And so cellular structure was born as a fragmentation of wholeness. As a fractality of wholeness. And now your task is to return to your wholeness, not just to return the breath of God back to Him, but to discover God within you, to discover the Creator Consciousness within you. This is why you are called to perfect and purify your forms so that they can contain all the Light of the Creator. And to purify your consciousness so that it may contain the consciousness of wholeness, the Consciousness of the Creator.

Did I understand correctly that besides our creation there are many other creations and they all are built according to different principles? But we were told that the principle of separation is only in our creation, right?

Yes, but let’s be clear that there are different divisions. You can mentally mark out borders of your garden plot with dotted lines but not put up any fences, especially deaf ones. You may not think about fences and walls at all, but still live perfectly well in the society. Or you can put up fences and walls which you wall yourself off with. What I am saying now is that there are many variations of the division of Absolute Consciousness into parts, when those parts only nominally feel themselves as parts, but remember and know about their belonging and their wholeness. But with the creation of time and space, extension and distance were born. And so a part of the detached consciousnesses started to wander on the Infinity, and the duration of their wanderings and their journey was such that they began to forget the conventionality of their detachment.

In other words, in other worlds there is no time and space?

There is no duration and length there, as in yours. There is a totality, an integration. There is an absolute point that accommodates Everything. That point is huge and small at the same time. It accommodates the All. But at the same time it is concentrated in the small. I am trying to explain it to you in human terms, but your concepts cannot yet accommodate it. It’s a point of potential. And not just a point of potential. It is a seed. The seed accommodates everything, but from each seed grows a certain, unique, unlike any other plant. That’s why this seed is unique. It is the Seed of the Universe. And God, being in this Seed, can become and becomes this Universe. And so many universes and worlds are sown. But the unfolding of the world from the seed happens in different ways. Unfolding from the seed is exactly what involves extension and duration, and that is your world. As the world unfolds from the seed, it manifests itself and separates into parts, just like a plant: into branches, twigs, leaves, flowers, fruits. And all this is in the seed. And it’s all just a way of unfolding the world from a point of potentials.

I still don’t get it. Other worlds don’t unfold? You mean they don’t manifest?

Do you think manifestation and unfolding are the same thing?

They’re not?

Yes, it is not. Manifestation is possible in different ways. Not necessarily with unfolding into extension and duration.

Theoretically I understand it, but practically I can’t imagine it.

Very approximately we can take light as a wave and as a particle. Manifestation into a wave and manifestation into a particle are just different ways of manifestation. Manifestation into a particle is unfolding into extension and duration. Manifestation into a wave is not such a manifestation.

Doesn’t a wave have its own extension and its own properties?

Wave has the most important thing – the quality of wholeness. And its unfolding into extension is simply due to the fact that in your world of finite forms the manifestation of wholeness is only possible as if in portions. But if you make light continuous and comprehensive, you cannot find form in the wave. There will only be wholeness in it. So the wave in your understanding is just a limited amount of light. But it is light that is holistic and has all the characteristics of light as a whole. But a particle has other qualities, qualities of separateness. It has a mass, a charge. What mass does light have? What is the charge of light?

So the principle of separateness is introduced only in our world and in others it is not there?

Yes. And so your world is a great experiment. And each creature of this world is unique in nature. Each one is divine in nature.

You said that there have already been experiences of the separation of Absolute Consciousness into forms, but those parts lost their connection with the Creator, and so we were created that cannot lose our connection with the Creator, even though we are separate consciousnesses. And what was this world that was separated into forms that completely lost their connection with You?

It still exists. You call it the anti-world.

“Anti” means the complete opposite? Is it a world completely opposite to You as Absolute Consciousness?

It is separated from Me almost completely, though it is also parts of Me.

Is every form endowed with a personality?

Every form has a personality aspect expressed in some way. What is a personality? It is the sum of information of the manifestation of the Divine Spirit detached into the form. Therefore, the degree of “personality” depends on the degree of separation. The greater the separation, the stronger the manifestation of the personal. But these are all mere glimpses, reflections of the Light of Divinity.

If the degree of personal expression is directly proportional to the degree of separation, it turns out that the most personal aspects are concentrated in that world which we call the anti-world?

Yes, of course. But that world is the world of chaos because there are no universal connections or they are very weak. Personal gravity prevails there, not universal spiritual gravity. And you as forms are crucified between these two extremes all the time, the extent of your development and the trajectory of your movement is always some movement on the scale of the personal – impersonal. And the more you shift on the scale towards the personal, the more you suffer from separateness. And the more you move on the scale towards the impersonal, the more you lose the individuality of your self-expression, My self-expression.

What is universal spiritual gravity?

It is when the greater contains the lesser, it is when the greater attracts the lesser, just like physical gravity, only on the more subtle, the higher spiritual levels. And in this sense you all rotate and move on the scale of spiritual gravity, the centre of which is the Personality of God, which is manifested in you in parts.

If each form is a personality as we understand it, that is, has its own experience and its own personality characteristics, or character, and if we are all connected and are parts of a whole, does that mean that when I expand my consciousness I will remember all my personalities, or the personalities of my other wholenesses? How will they all fit in me? How will they not conflict in me? I mean, it could be maddening to suddenly wake up to multiple personalities in me.

But God does not go crazy. Why not?

Because He is whole.

That’s right. Because He perceives all His appearances not as separate consciousnesses but as an Integral Consciousness. It may remind you of the analogy that was given to you. There is a picture of a woman. But if you approach it with your eyes, you see that this picture is made up of little squares of pixels, which are also images of women, but each image is different, all of them different women. But when you zoom out you still see one portrait of one woman. It all depends on the degree of proximity and the angle of vision, as you say. And the most important thing: God does not go mad, because He has no mind.

God doesn’t have a mind?

Not as you understand it. Your mind is just an energy-focusing apparatus which you have not yet learned to control. God has no need for such an apparatus. He is perfect.

I don’t understand. After all, thought is the basis of creation. And so God thinks. But thought manifests itself through the mind. How then does God think if He has no mind?

God Himself is thought.

Yeah. Does that mean that God, as a manifestation, is the thought of some higher consciousness, i.e. You? So You have a mind?

I have everything. I have Everything in Me. I am Everything. And I am also heterogeneous. And I am also part of something greater, some greater wholeness. Let’s try to understand. We’ve talked often about seeds. It is as if these seeds are embedded in Me and they germinate and manifest into the Worlds of Being. Each seed manifests into a particular World of Being. But where did these seeds come from in Me, if I AM the Void?

Now you are asking me questions. Am I supposed to know the answer?

I am trying to encourage you to restore your interconnectedness, your quantumness. Because when you look for the answer, when you try to become aware of it, you literally become involved in the quantumness of the world, in its universal oneness, and then the answers come to you. And then substantive conversation is no longer needed.

Do you want me to stop talking to you?

I want it to be not in the form of talks, but in the form of constant contact and discovering Me in you and you in Me, as a quantum unity with Me and with All Being. In fact, you are having a conversation with yourself. And I am having a conversation with Myself. So, where in emptiness do the seeds of potentials come from? Because the seed of the new cannot germinate in the void. The seed, i.e. a concentrate of potential, has to appear.

If you take the analogy of our plants with seeds, and we are taught that everything is similar, it means that the seeds of potentials are the result of the development of some cycle, some more global “plant” than You?

Is this difficult for you to understand?

No. It just doesn’t fit with my notions of emptiness. And besides, most of us are sure that everything ends with You. That is, You are the Source of Everything, You are eternal and infinite, all the potentials of all beings and worlds are in You, but there is no such thing as anything that was or is before You and outside You.

This is partly correct. There is nothing before Me and outside of Me. Because ‘before’ and ‘outside’ are notions of the extent of time and space. I am not time and space, although in Me there are potentials of duration of time and unfolding of space. But that does not mean that everything ends in Me. I AM the Source of your Being, of your manifestation,

And you are My manifestation. But I am also a manifestation of a higher Absolute Consciousness and I have already told you about this. I also have My Absolute.

Yes, but what does this have to do with the question of the emergence of seeds in the Void?

You plant seeds in the soil. You are like a gardener taking seeds, carrying them to some place in the garden and planting them in the soil. In this analogy, I am the soil into which the Seeds of Life are sown. Only they are unique seeds that contain all forms of life at once. And then these seeds germinate and are endowed with the freedom to choose this germination. That is, they choose which particular life form to germinate into from this unique seed.

Then who plants the seeds in You? I thought it was You who is triune in different parts of Yourself, that is, both as gardener, as soil and as seed.

So it is. And these, you might say, are My personalities. I am both the earth. I am and the seed. I am also the sprout of that seed. And I am the One who plants.

Then I am completely confused. If all this is You, then who is your Absolute?

He Who unites in Himself all these qualities and also many others.

You mean You? I don’t understand. Or rather, I try to grasp the essence, but it eludes me.

You said that You, as the Absolute, chose the way of separation into forms and manifestations into forms. And Your Absolute is something else, it is depth, not forms, and this is what makes you different.

You could say that these are My three faces: the Gardener, the Earth and the Seed.

That is what it says in the book of “Urantia”:

“The two Absolutes – the Qualified and the Unqualified – relate and unite in and through the Universal Absolute.

So your Absolute is the Universal Absolute or “gardener”.

The Unqualified Absolute is all the undisclosed, or “earth”. The conditional Absolute is all the manifested, or ‘seed’.

I still can’t grasp the idea. The gardener as we understand it is something manifested and not inert. Because he is active, he plants seeds and chooses what to plant. The earth in our understanding is inertness, something that takes in and gives out; something that absorbs and absorbs. It turns out that your Absolute is more active as the ‘gardener’ than you are as the ‘earth’ into which He plants the seeds. And it turns out that you cannot choose which seeds are planted in you, it is He, that is, your Absolute. Somehow He is very manifest and concrete.

Cite the text from Urantia that you are trying to make sense of.

4. The infinite capacity for divine action is contained in the Deity Absolute.

(5.16) 0:3.17 5. The infinite faculty of response to the infinite is contained in the Unconditional Absolute.

(5.17) 0:3.186. The two Absolutes, the Absolute and the Unqualified, are conjoined and unified in and through the Universal Absolute.

Do you get it now?

The unbounded capacity for Divine action is “earth”, or the Unconditional Absolute.

The infinite capacity to respond to the infinite is ‘seed’, or the Conditional Absolute.

And their union is the ‘gardener’, or the Universal Absolute.

Yes. But there is really no division, or the divisions here are also conditional. All three qualities are the Qualities of the Infinite. They simply are. And each manifests the quality of the other. Without the seed, the earth is not the earth, it is just emptiness. Without the earth, the seed will not sprout. And only together can they give life. Unmanifestation combines with manifestation in synthesis and is unconditional, is absolute.

So there is no One Absolute as we think? And at the same time He is. So you are the three Hypostases of Him? And which one am I talking to? In theory with the Conditional Absolute, if He speaks, that is manifest. But You said You are the earth, so You are the Unconditional Absolute.

You can’t understand, because you’re separating again. But where words begin, unconditionality is lost. Where words begin, there is conditionality. But there is no boundary in Me. I Am All. And when I choose to speak to you, I become conditional. When you just sink into yourself, I am in you unconditional. And all together, I am the Absolute.

I don’t have the energy to comprehend this. But if you also have a higher Absolute Consciousness, then you Absolute also have someone higher? Or not?

Let’s go the other way. Literally. You’re trying to go outside of yourself. Into separateness, into centrifugality: there is Me and there is someone outside of Me or greater than Me. Let’s go deeper: everything is in Me. And My Absolute, My higher consciousness is also in Me. Just as it is in you. The object seems solid. But when you take a microscope and go deeper into it, you find colossal spaces, the Infinity inside it. You see and feel the world of finite forms outside you. But when you plunge inside yourself, you find Infinity there.

In the same way, within Me there is My Absolute, which is deeper than Me, deepening Me and comprehending this Depth.

But then it turns out that Your Absolute is the seed, that is, that which is in the seed. For the depth of everything in our analogy is only in the seed.

No. The depth of everything is both in the earth and in the gardener. The seed is the concentration of depth. The earth is, so to speak, a deconcentration of depth. And their union gives the union of these two extremes of depth, they give balance at a certain point of depth, and in this balance the depth is not the seed or the earth, it is the Depth in its primordiality, in its essence, and it is the Great Gardener who unites in Himself all qualities.

That is, when I balance concentration and deconcentration, separateness and togetherness, whole and parts, in these brief moments I am the manifestation of your Absolute or the manifestation of the Depth. When I concentrate or separate into separate consciousness and into personal consciousness, I am the seed, and I manifest you as the seed and reveal its qualities and make choices of how to sprout. And when I deconcentrate, dissolve my forms and strive for my wholeness, I manifest as earth and exist without choice and without personality, waiting for the seed.

So a person can only become a Man Absolute when he balances in himself these two poles, these two hypostases of You, these two qualities?

And then he becomes a Great Gardener of life and a Great Creator.

Will he become a separate Great Gardener or will he just remember himself as this Great Gardener?

It’s the same thing.

I don’t understand. You said that we are mini-absolutes. That is, we are being raised to be universal individual creators, godlike and god-like, because we contain Everything.

Yes. But again you take the word “separate” from an outward position. Are your cells separate organisms from you? In principle, yes. But they are parts of you.

They are parts of me, but they function at the command of my brain and ideally under my conscious control. So each cell can’t create what it chooses on its own. Otherwise it would be chaos.

It will be chaos if you are separated from your cell. But if you feel your unity with each cell, if you are literally present in each of your cells with your consciousness consciously and constantly, then you can say that the cells become your assistants in your creation. Like a mass of manipulative mechanisms that help the gardener grow a magnificent Garden of Life.

Go inside yourself. There is the Self there. And there is you. And there is Everything. And finding all these parts of Me and yourself, combine them into One. And you will become All. And you will become Man the Absolute. Find the seed within you and find the soil within you, unite them, and you will become the Great Gardener called Life.

Thank You! You amaze me every time with Your wisdom.

And You amaze Me every time with Your aspiration. But there is no You and Me. We are One.



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