Послания Высших Сил

You are the Infinity of Infinity

Hello, Father Absolute!

Hello, my soul. We are together.

Speak to me. Answer the questions that are sent to me.

I am ready. I am listening to you.

“Due to the difference in distance from the centre of creation and other factors, each particle develops at its own pace and according to its own programme. How can all souls (of Earth, for example) merge simultaneously with the Absolute if the path and the centripetal force of each is different? It is impossible for all parts of the divine soul to enter the narrow door at once. Moreover, for the simultaneous union of mankind with the Absolute, those who came to the unity earlier would have to languish waiting for the last passenger of the train, instead of continuing onward, upward. Is there any divine meaning in this? For even on a tree apples do not ripen at the same time”.

The comparison to the apple tree is a good one. But let’s start at the beginning. You are the branches on the beautiful Tree of the Universe. The apple tree is growing and gaining strength. And the time of blossoming comes. And on the apple tree the flowers appear. They do not appear in an instant but grow and blossom for a while, while the apple tree is in flower. They are all different, even though they look alike. And if one flower blooms later than the other, it only prolongs the blossoming period of the apple tree. The more flowers that appear on the tree, the more fruit it will bear later on. The slower the blossoms bloom, the longer the apple tree will blossom.

Look at it as a unity. You are the apple tree, blooming with beautiful flowers. And it doesn’t matter which flower blooms earlier or later. Because the inexorable cycle of apple blossoms will, sooner or later, inexorably move on to the ripening of fruit. And those flowering sprouts that were not able to manifest themselves in this flowering period will manifest themselves in the next flowering period of the apple tree. And those that did blossom will be able to realise their potential in developing the fruit and in creating a new future apple tree. For the fruit contains seed. And that seed can give growth to a new apple tree.

Everything is similar. The beautiful tree of the Universe is blooming and giving its fruit. And that fruit will also one day become the beautiful trees of Creation. Each one of you can become such a fruit and such a tree. Each one of you can grow from an apple blossom sooner or later into an independent apple tree and give life not only to the branches and leaves but also bring forth its fruits to Creation. Fruit from which will sprout new Universe trees with new unique flowers.

There are no narrow doors. There are no doors at all. These doors have been created by your perception of separateness, as well as the age-old stories of the difficulty of the path to God. But only you can discard these doors. Because it is you who created them in your consciousness. Because there is just one pure divine space of the manifestation of the Divine Spirit in which you have created many walls and doors. You also lock your houses and you lock the doors of your houses. Because it seems to you that then you can be alone. But you are never alone. You are together all the time. Because all walls and doors are illusory.

How can you languish waiting when you are waiting for your soul mate? When you, as an adult, watch your baby grow and develop, do you long for the moment when he grows up? On the contrary, you want to prolong those moments because they are beautiful. When your child grows up, do you rush him, do you rush God asking him to become an adult as soon as possible? No. Because you understand that his life is his priceless moments of experience. You just try to help him through the experience painlessly, try to ease his pain if there is any, and rejoice with him if he rejoices.

Because you know that everyone grows up sooner or later. You know that he will go through all the stages of growth, because it is the law. And so you don’t rush him and you don’t rush yourself, because you want him to taste every possible joy on his way.

Try all the time to shift your consciousness from a position of separateness to a position of Oneness. All the parts are you. All the beautiful flowers are you. Both those which have blossomed and those which have not yet had time to blossom. For all this is contained in you – the Tree of the Universe. Those sprouts that have not blossomed are also in you, but only in potential. And nothing is lost. And it is not the fault of the sprouts themselves that they did not blossom. It is you who have lost contact with them, and they do not hear your calls to blossom, the signals for the birth of the new.

You are one with all. And there are no laggards and no leaders. There is one you, and all parts of you are precious and beautiful. And it is you who must remove the veil of separateness. It is you who can do this – revive yourself whole and understand that there are not those who are waiting and those who are expected. There is unity in all its splendour.

For you, the word remains a sort of theoretical concoction. How do you understand Oneness?

As something that exists and acts according to a single plan

But who is devising this plan?

Probably you.

Yes and no. I have no plans. I am Perfection. In Me is Everything. All the plans of accomplishment. Everything is in Me in an already accomplished form. But in order that this accomplished would be manifested and I could enjoy it, there is a Plan of Manifestation of Everything. I am the dormant seed. No one knows what marvelous plant it will grow into until it germinates. Therefore I have no plans. In the sense that I do not know what beautiful plants I can sprout into. I AM the Seed of Everything. But it is only possible to know what this ‘Everything’ is, if I manifest, if the seed germinates.

And so I ‘germinate’ in all of you. And each of you gives a unique variant of the development of My seed, of My potential. And every time I am amazed to see My new potentialities and new flowers of the Universe and new fruits of the Universe sprouting from My seed.

So My plan is to manifest, to sprout from the seed, to know the possibilities of the manifestation of My potential, of My seed.

Are you saying that each ‘sprout’ sprouted from Your ‘seed’ creates its own plan of growth and blossoming?

Exactly so. Let us present an allegorical picture. There is a single seed, a primordial seed, from which many sprouts sprouted in different directions. And each of the sprouts produced a flower of unique beauty. All the flowers are different, and each of the sprouts sprouted into plants and trees of different quality and appearance. And so My potential of the primordial seed, the potential of My manifestation, was manifested. Imagine that this seed is in the centre of the earth, and from it different sprouts rushed in all directions to the surface of the earth, and sprouted different trees, shrubs, grass, flowers and so on. And then each tree gave its own flowers and fruits and began to further develop its own kind, to be fruitful and multiply; and so the plant world inhabited the planet. But the seed of the original growth is one, it directs its sprouts from the centre of the earth to the sky. The seed itself does not know how and when it will grow. It learns this when it becomes a multitude of plants. Who controls the seed?

It is a program inside the seed.

You could say that. But the primordial seed has all the possible programmes. All possible potentials. And so each of the flowering potentials sprouted and rose to the sky through the thickness of the Earth. That is, in terms of programs, each of the programs, which are in the seed, started and began to develop and give their results and fruits. And all programs sooner or later will unfold, but the seed will not be exhausted, because the number of its potentials is infinite.

Each of the flowers of each sprouted plant is at a different distance from the seed. But that is if one perceives it in separation from the seed, only as a flower or only as a fruit. But all plants are connected with the one Seed of Genesis, with the one Programme of Manifestation of All, and therefore there is no need to speak of varying degrees of distance. And if you consider the whole picture, you will see a single plant, which has sprouted in different parts of the Earth, bloomed with different colours and gave different fruits. The unique Plant of Life of the Universe.

This means that everyone will sooner or later “sprout” and give their “fruits”, so it does not matter who could merge with you earlier and who could merge later?

Understand, my dear one, that the very separation from Me is illusory. You have not even left Me. You are dreaming about your wanderings and your separation from Me. And in reality we have not been separated for a moment, not even for a second. You can compare it to a child holding on to his father with one hand and trying to feel and grasp a new toy with the other. And he is so engrossed in this activity that he forgets that his father’s hand, on which he can lean, is with him. You have never left Me, because it is impossible. You are parts of Me and will always abide in Me. But by ceasing to receive signals from Me, you have decided that you are alone, that you are separated. But if you pluck a flower from a plant, it will die, it cannot live, it cannot exist. It will wither and crumble into dust. But that flower which constantly receives nourishment and juices from its plant will bloom and give further its fruit inevitably.

Let us apply the analogy of the body. I am a cell of the Body of God and I cannot detach myself from my Oneness – that is, from the Body of God, but I can travel through my Oneness and feel a connection with my Oneness. I cannot comprehend the programmes and design of Oneness if I feel I am just a cell, but I can only comprehend His designs and participate in His designs if I myself become this whole Oneness.

Everything is like that.

But if you take, for example, my body, my physical body, my cells are in the same situation. But my cells can leave me when they die off in the form of secretions from my body. They do leave their unity and go onward. So, if everything is similar and I can leave someday the Body of God, that is, my Greatest Oneness, and go wandering through other onenesses and find the body of another God further on? Or not?

It’s still early days, but it’s like that. And so you can take a further step towards your awareness. Just as all the secretions of your physical body never leave the one physical body of God, so you never leave NOTHING. And you, as Spirit, as soul, are just a particle of My Divine Spirit, but manifesting in the illusion of separateness. So also I, as a particle of a higher power, My Absolute, manifest in the illusion of separateness. But this is not quite accurate. I always feel unity with My Being. And unity with My Source. I am equal in all directions, although the directions themselves do not exist. I AM a part, an inseparable part of My Oneness. A great Oneness, which is not yet under your control. Not yet subject to your awareness. And so at the same time you are a part of My Oneness, My Absolute.

But since you have set out with My permission on the wanderings of separateness, you do not feel this connection with the Infinity. Realize it: I AM the Infinity of the Infinity. Can you understand this?

That is, you are as if a local infinity of some larger Infinity, if I may say so. You are a part of the Infinity.

Yes, it is difficult to put it into words, but approximately so. And you, as a part of Me, as a part of the local infinity, are also a part of this Global Infinity. And so all separations and separations are an illusion of your perception. To apply an analogy, you are a cell of water in the ocean. And I am the current in the ocean. But the ocean itself is vast and infinite. Are the secretions of your cell only parts of Me? Or are they parts of the whole ocean? I AM the infinity of Infinity. And you are the infinity of Infinity. Realise this.

And then your choice is only whether to be a separate part or still full awareness. Whether to be a local Infinity or a Global Infinity. And there is no other choice. But still you cannot not be Infinity. For you are always and inherently infinity. You are the Infinity of Infinity.

The cells of the ocean evaporate and then rain back into the ocean. Does the ocean languish waiting for them? Does it feel uncomfortable that not all its cells have returned? No. Because there is nothing but it. For both clouds and clouds that form when the ocean’s cells separate are the same ocean. And it did not part with its cells either. It is just the cells themselves that have chosen the awareness of separateness and consider themselves as separate parts of the ocean. It is the ocean itself that recognizes all its possibilities. It is the ocean itself as if it is extending its outgrowth into the sky in the form of a cloud, trying out its experience. But it is all one ocean. Both the water and the sky above it are one ocean.

You mean to say that You don’t care in principle which of us joins with You sooner or later, for…

For you have never left Me, My children! You are always with Me. You are I. We are one. If a stream flows from the ocean into a channel, has it left the ocean? After all, all rivers will sooner or later return to the ocean, because they all flow on one planet and constitute in fact one water system. And if you lower the prism of perception to the stream itself, i.e. shift the focus of perception, as the zoom function of your camera, it will appear that there is a stream. And if you raise the focus of perception above the planet, you will see that there is a single ocean in the surface and underwater currents, and the individual stream is an inseparable part of it. The stream does not exist apart from the ocean, it necessarily starts from the ocean and flows into it.

“Man (Soul), with the appropriate potential, gains a new experience in the knowledge of the aspects of the Absolute and gains new energies, growing almost to the level of the NEW ABSOLUTE. Why does this NEW One need to merge when He has already taken upon Himself practically everything the Absolute has given to form the universe (for one cannot merge before, but only when everyone has grown to the required vibration level), has multiplied the energies and is able to recreate His universe? Or is our existence merely a banal production of energy and giving it away for the existence of the Absolute, a ‘winter hibernation’ and its subsequent unfolding in a new manvantara?

Take the human race for an analogy. Growing up, our children will never become and merge with us, whatever that genus may be. They, leaning on our shoulders, go further than us, higher, towards new goals and objectives. “As below, so above.”

The process of merging and separating also exists only in your mind. Be aware of this. It is all just a game of your consciousness. Your illusions. There is the self-conscious ocean as the potential of everything. Or there is the seed that includes everything. And so this seed sprouts an offshoot and wraps itself around the whole earth. And it grows a beautiful tree. It has become so distant from its seed as it goes on its way that it begins to “think” that the seed does not exist. It then grows fruit from itself and gives new seeds of its own kind. And these new seeds forget the original seed altogether. The primordial seed. And think of themselves as separate. But everything is quantitatively connected, so even if the new tree released a seed separate from itself, the new seed still contains the growth program of its plant. Just as the primordial seed contained all the growth programs of the life of All Being, so in this single seed the growth program of the individual plant species is concentrated.

If there are many computers, isn’t the same program, say an operating system, the same on different computers? You’re not saying it’s multiple programs. It’s just that you, as a user on that computer, use that same program differently, and each user uses it differently. Well, for example, you write this text. And someone is writing a letter, and someone is making a project for the future or reading a story for children. But it is one and the same program.

The path of separation has produced different stages, different levels. First there was the protoplasm of matter, which was aware of itself as a single organism. Then out of that protoplasm separated individual streams and streams separated into individual micro-organisms. Or, one might say, into individual seeds of life. These seeds of life then sprouted into multiple plant flora. But each plant was still part of a unique single system working in unity. You can’t separate one flower. It exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. Because unless the seed of a flower or a plant is put down in the soil, it won’t sprout. Because it only germinates when it replenishes its connection to unity, when it listens to Mother Earth’s commands and acts on some program of reproduction of life.

Next came the separation into the animal kingdom, which was separated into a multitude of different forms. But still they were all also subject to the same programmes, which you call instincts. And while the connection of plants to each other by their roots in the earth is obvious, the connection of animals to each other is no longer so obvious. You don’t see the levels that connect them. That connection is only evident on the spiritual level, on the level of spiritual fusion, as a unity. In the physical world you increasingly see the separation of forms in the physical medium. And then man appeared as a conscious form of separateness, the next stage of separateness from Oneness. When even inwardly it seems that you are unique individuals with your own characters and peculiarities, desires, fantasies.

What distinguishes a human being from an animal? Fantasy. This is a new level of emergence of individual creation. Previously, all parts of Me created as part of their Oneness. The plant creates its age by obeying its programme. The animal grows and develops, also obeying its program. But it already has more choices. And then the human being gets the conscious will and learns to create with his imagination. That is he masters the abilities of a creator, the abilities of an individual conscious creator, who not only submits to different programs of creation of life of all creatures, but also creates his own programs of creation. Your fantasies are the unique programs of creation that you create yourself. In this sense, you are growing as unique creation programmers, creation programs of creation, which perhaps your lower brothers, lower stages of awareness, can then use and already use. For example, your pets join your creation programs. They are thus taught fantasies that they do not have, they are thus taught to be human and to become conscious creators.

But what is the point of all this? Why separate in order to create? Why can’t I create as part of You without separating into the illusion of separateness?

The point is to multiply creation, to unfold all My potentials. I myself do not know all My potentials. In the midst of everything, I am nothing. And I only become ALL by manifesting through you. Through your choices. If I have everything in Me, how can I choose any one thing? Why should I prefer a particular one, if everything is a part of Me and is equally important to Me, equal in Me? But when the consciousness manifests itself into the individual, it can have its own preferences and choices. And it chooses its own, the way of knowing Me. And I, through you, with your help, choose the individual way of knowing Me and come to know Me as a form. And in this way you come to know Me as form. But at the same time you cognize yourself as the form of the Infinity, as the potential of the depth of potentials. You cognize yourself as a deity. And I cognize Myself as a part. I AM the Absolute and know myself as a part. You are a part and know Yourself as Absolute Consciousness. I am guided from the Self to know the Self in form. You are guided within yourself for the knowledge of your infinity. And these are eternal streams of knowing, eternal processes of knowing yourself.

Reminds you of the ascending and descending streams.

If you take away the connotations of the words “ascending” and “descending”, yes. Because you descend from Me into forms and ascend to Me into Spirit. And this process is eternal and irreversible.

But what about the expansion and the production of new energy? There is a theory or information that each lower level of the Universe simply generates energy to feed the higher level of the Universe, filling and expanding it. Or to put it another way: everyone strives to expand at the expense of the lower levels and to rise into higher levels, and thus expands and grows as a god.

If one current of the ocean flows in a certain direction, does the ocean itself change?

Are you saying that there is no expansion but just a flow of energy within Your Absolute Being, from one part of You to another? Then what is the meaning of lower and higher levels? Let all the energies flow in a chaotic order. But they move from bottom to top and from top to bottom. And there are levels of lower awareness and higher awareness. Who feeds whom?

Everything is similar. You are asking the right question. Look. I am nourishing you, so that you stand out in form and live out your experience. And you nourish Me, allowing Me to live your experience with you. You nourish Me by merging with Me and returning to Me My detached experience through you. And I, by nourishing you, am allowing you to merge with Me and to know yourself with Absolute Consciousness.

Who feeds whom: the river feeds the ocean or the ocean feeds the river? Do you understand? You are the river. But you have come from the ocean. And without the ocean you will become dry. So who nourishes who: the ocean nourishes you initially and always. But when you return back to the ocean after your wanderings as a river, do you feel like you are nourishing the ocean? But who feeds the ocean? Nobody. Because both the rivers and the ocean are one. Because the inflow of the river into the ocean is simply the return of the ocean to itself.

You see only one part of the process. You see that there are essences that feed on your energy, and you resent that. But you also feed on other people’s energy and that doesn’t bother you. You feed on the energy of water, the energy of the air, the energy of the earth and the energy of the sun all the time. Without this you could not exist as the present form of Me. Everything is just an exchange. The question of feeding arises only when the giving and the taking are unequal. As soon as one gives more than one receives, one can say that one is being nourished. As soon as one receives more than one gives, one can say one is being nourished. If someone is giving as much as he is receiving, then it’s just an energy exchange, just a flow of energy.

But, for example, all holy people gave more than they received.

That’s not exactly true. First of all, they consciously chose to give back to humanity. That is, they chose to nourish humanity with divine energy. And that cannot be called the word feeding. It would be better called the word “filling”. They tried to fill all mankind and individuals with the Light of God. But it can also be called nourishment. For they were quenching the thirst of those who were suffering. Those who were lost in the Spirit, searching for a connection with their source, their ocean.

But they also received energy from above, from a higher level. For then they would not have been able to live long. And there are holy people who died early because they gave more than they received. And those who LIVED TO EARLY LIVED IN EQUALITY. And they just let the Divine Energy of healing flow through them. You can also call it nourishment.

It all depends on the level of your awareness and your perception. Each of you gives and receives, and it cannot be otherwise. For one cannot only give or only receive. But when the consciousness is at the level of detachment, when it considers itself separate and not connected with all that is, then in its illusion of detachment it feels that there is a lack of energy and needs to feed on something and someone. And then there is a paradigm of feeding in consciousness, in which there are those who feed and those who are nourished.

But if you start thinking in a unity paradigm, all those concepts evaporate. Because there are not those who feed and those who are nourished. There is One Ocean of Consciousness in its different manifestations, and everything is just a flowing of energies and currents in this Ocean. And if you are this Ocean, would you divide your currents into right and wrong? Would you think someone in you is feeding on someone else in you? If all this is you? Then it would appear that you are just feeding on yourself. But the position of feeding implies taking something from someone else. What can you take from yourself? How can you take something away from yourself?

Realise yourself as one. This is difficult from your position of separateness. But by expressing your intention to realise yourself as oneness, you open the access codes to Oneness. You open the door to Infinity. As long as you believe that you are separate, then it all makes no sense, that someone is feeding on you. You close those doors and do not allow the Infinity Stream to replenish you. You reject it. Then your door to Oneness is opened wide, you stop separating yourself and Oneness, you only celebrate with your consciousness the new and varied flows that this ocean of Oneness brings into the door you have opened. You simply let the Oneness into you, allowing it to fill you, to nourish you, to restore you and to reunite you with All That is.

Every father and mother feels their oneness with their child because this oneness is embedded at the level of cellular memory. But children only begin to feel their oneness by going through the experience of their parents on their own. Then they return to unity with All Being through the experience of death, thus going through the whole cycle: separation, growth, realization of their unity through the return into their unity. Parents nurture their children, and children subsequently grow up and nurture their parents. In all senses. Both materially and spiritually. As a child you took care of your child’s material and spiritual nourishment. And in old age, your child will take care of your material food. But you will find the spiritual food on your own, as a part of Me, having gained the experience of separating from the Oneness and coming back into the Oneness.

And further, your child will also become a parent and take care of your child’s material and spiritual food, and gain the experience of oneness with Me in separation from Me. In separation from you. And this is the eternal cycle of knowing one’s oneness. The knowledge of the self as unity. The cognition of Me as Oneness. The eternal cycle of development of Me as Absolute Consciousness and you as Absolute Consciousness. The eternal Divine manifestation of the Ocean of Consciousness. The flowing of Him into the Rivers of Beingness, which then return into Him, enriched with new forms of perception, with new discoveries of its possibilities. Cognition of new facets of ourselves.

So all of us are Rivers of Beingness flowing out of Your Ocean of Consciousness?

Yes. And each of you is an ocean of consciousness, flowing rivers of Beingness, which will return back and complete the cycle of the cognition of oneself as an ocean of consciousness.

Thank You, Father, for the conversation.

And I thank You for the knowledge of self, the knowledge of Me. For we are one.


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