Послания Высших Сил

Music of the Spheres

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My soul!

I have a question sent to me.

I am listening.

“What role do the Seven Rays, which, according to the teachings of Alice Bailey, are subbeams of the main Ray, LoveWisdom, play in the life of humanity and each individual?” And here: “How can we make the connection between the fact that the ray of LoveMagic Wisdom covers several Universes, as N. Kotelnikova says in her book “Live and Love”, and the point of the teaching that all the Universe breathes with Love and this is clearly more than several Universes?

Everything is symmetrical. Everything is similar. Everything has meaning and purpose. Seven notes. Seven days of the week, seven colours, seven rays. Seven bodies. This is the octave of perception. It’s been explained to you. If you take a piano keyboard, it shows very clearly the stage of your development. The energy of everything in the Universe vibrates. And the consequence of vibration is waves. The whole of Creation sounds, and this sound represents all the subtle nuances. What you hear as music or sounds is only a tiny fraction of all the possible vibrations of energy that exist. Each essence sounds a certain music. And from this music you can understand what it is and what stage of development it is at.

Each note in the seminary scale reflects a certain degree of vibration. There is a reason it is all tied to the colour perceptions of the rainbow glow, because everything is interconnected. The perception of sound vibrations occurs cumulatively. If you translate it into your language, it is sound, colour, smell, tactility, and so on. It is a cumulative perception. It is the totality of perception. That is the perception of vibrations. And much of this perception is not yet available to you.

Just as the scale on the keyboard of the piano changes the sound, so as you develop, so does your sound. You go through a certain octave of sound in every life. And if at the dawn of your incarnations you started off in the lower registers of the octaves of sound, then gradually, as you are evolving, you are raising more and more the level of your vibrations. You have notions of “rough” sounds and “gentle” sounds. But you are all different. Some of you are still at the level of low vibrations, in the lower register of the octaves of sound. Some of you have already risen above the common, most common sound.

By the octaves in which the bulk of your music is written, you can already judge at what stage of development you are as a race. Note that your piano keyboard also has seven octaves. Your musical compositions are mostly written using the fourth-fifth register keyboard. Does that mean anything to you?

Yes. Fourth and fifth races.

That’s right. Because everything makes sense. So, each of you goes through each life lesson in the octaves of sound, starting with the note “C” and ending with the note “B”.

You are learning a particular register in each particular life. To master a register of perception completely in one human life of its present extent is difficult, but it is possible. But in general each of you learns one register of perception in many lives and only after mastering it goes to the next level.

Now it is precisely such a moment.

This is the way the whole Universe develops. Your Universe and your Galaxy, each essence is on a certain perception development register. Because the very “keyboard” of perception is infinite. But at certain moments the sounding of the octaves of the music of the spheres is accumulated and the moment of transition of the whole sounding register of the Galaxy, the Universe, the Universe to a HIGHER OCTAVE of sounding comes. To make it clear to you, it is as if the piano keyboard were suddenly moved to the right and the lower bass registers, which are rarely used in your music, disappeared from it.

And in this case, if, say, previously you played music on the piano as if in the middle of the piano keyboard, now you as mankind are again moving into lower registers. And what is a high sounding for you, for the whole Universe, for the Universe and the Galaxy, is the lower sounding registers, because the main part of the Galaxy already sounds in higher registers.

But for you not to be sad I want to tell you that all sounds are equally important for the Universe. Each sound is unique and inimitable, and each one brings its own colours to the Music of the Spheres. If you play music only in the upper registers, or only on one note, there will not be such diversity of sound.

Wait. Aren’t we called to sound in unison? And what would happen if we all sound on the same note in unison?

You are not called to sound in unison, but to sound in tune, like an orchestra, which obeys a single conductor who knows the whole piece of music. Just as in an orchestra, each of you has notes that you play. Being in a common ensemble of sound, your task is to perform your ‘note’ as cleanly, as accurately as possible. The way the score is intended. But in doing so, each of you knows only your part of the notes of the whole symphony of life. And the violins play their part, the cellos play their part, the double basses play their part. Can a contrabass understand the delicate melody of a violin? But the violin doesn’t know the whole piece, it only knows its own fragment. And only when each of you will play his own melody clear and inspired, he will be able to get more complicated parts. And only when each of you, obeying the conductor’s baton unreservedly, will enter into the sound of the whole orchestra exactly where the composer intended – only then will you all hear the beautiful music played by the whole orchestra and understand how grandiose and beautiful it is, how vast and detailed it is, will you understand the composer’s intention.

But now you resemble musicians in an orchestra who have the notes for their own performance, but do not hear all the others and do not obey the conductor. That is why everyone is trying to master his own notes alone, trying to play them. And so the melody of mankind is like the cacophony of an orchestra which tunes its instruments before a concert. Besides, you still manage to quarrel among yourselves as to whose melody is better and which of you, as a musician, is more experienced. But no musician alone in an orchestra of any degree of skill is able to perform all the piece of music of Universe and it is possible only together. In unity, in a single burst of sounding of all the essences of the Universe.

Vibrations are of great importance and tremendous power. And if you manage to sound in unison then it will become your power, a powerful sound in the octave of the sounding of the Universe and it will become possible to awaken all the sleeping ones and help you to come out of your shell, as a strong sound awakens a sleeping one.

But let us go further. So the seven notes of sound and the seven octaves of sound are your development.

The piano keyboard reflects your development very well. However, for string players, you can take the string register. Because everything is the same. But all your bodies have the same sounding keyboard. If we start studying your chakral bridge, we will find that there are similar seven octaves of sound. And also notice on which octave of sounding is the main part of all humanity.

Mostly on the yellow chakra. Partly on the green, partly on the orange.

As you can see, these are the same registers you use in your notebook and when writing and playing music. But you will be raised to the higher registers of your sound.

So, conventionally speaking, each chakra is also the seven notes of your sound, only in a certain register. And in each chakra, conventionally speaking, there is a note “C” and a note “B”. And you go through all this divine “keyboard” in your development, mastering it gradually.

But gradualness consists not in moving from lower to higher registers, from lower chakra to higher one, like in a scale, but in trying the sounds of all octaves simultaneously in certain combinations. Look: each chakra corresponds, as you have already understood, to a certain body, a certain colour, a certain configuration of energy movement and a certain meaning. The task is the sounding in unison of all your seven bodies, each of which is your degree of manifestation, a certain height of your manifestation, your certain sounding in the harmony of the Music of the Spheres.

That is, your “C-note” of your physical body must sound in unison with the “C-note” of your astral body, the “C-note” of your mental body, and so on. The same with the “note of ‘re'” and all the bodies by analogy. So now, as a student, you are just trying to learn the “note” of light perception, the light “note”. You are trying different sounds of your bodies in different octaves, i.e. different bodies and chakras, and trying to understand how it sounds. You try to control the process, which is why you are told a lot about the chakras, about working with them.

Because it is the subtlest instrument of tuning with the sound of the Music of the Spheres. You are actually learning now to play on the “keyboard” of your Divine perception, on the “keyboard” of the sound of all your bodies, trying different combinations of sound.

In the Universe everyone is heard. The music or cacophony of everyone is also heard in Creation by everyone. And you can hear everyone’s sound, but not with human sounding. You are often left with different impressions of different people. Some people quickly make you feel at ease and you are comfortable with them, and with some people you cannot communicate. You are not comfortable with them. This says about the pitch of the person and how much you are in tune with him or her, his or her sound, his or her octaves.

Accordingly you all master the “music” of Light in different ways. And consequently, all of you are on different levels of octaves of sound. Some of you are still in lower registers, some of you are trying to master higher ones. But very few of you master all your octaves of sounding perfectly and become a full musician of the “orchestra” of the Music of the Spheres.

Each chakra is connected with a particular body of yours, and each chakra is connected with a particular ray of perception. Therefore, if you ‘play’ the red chakra, you kind of turn on the red ray of perception. The rays of perception are a kind of connection between you and all the sutas. But it doesn’t look like everyone is emitting a beam from their own perception beam. It is the opposite. There are many rays of perception in the Universe. We can call them the tuning forts of the sounding of the Music of the Spheres. They are the tuning fork for the tuning of the entire Universe, for which all the entities in the Universe, all the ‘musicians of the orchestra’ of the Universe, from ‘double basses’ to ‘violins’, from ‘drums’ to ‘harps’, tune their instruments of sound, their forms. And so every time you, for example, enter with your attention into the red chakra, you start tuning into the chamberton of the red chakra and check the purity of your sound. And as I have said, when you tune into the red beam, you go through all of its states from ‘do’ to ‘si’. When you enter with your attention into the violet chakra, you are tuning into the chamberton of the sound of the violet ray in all its semerics as well. And the red ray is no worse than the violet ray. They are just different registers of sound and different levels of perception. The purity of each is important. You have to understand that there is nothing superfluous, unnecessary or wrong in your bodies. Everything has its own meaning, its own significance, plays its own role.

You are given to learn unique instruments, a unique “keyboard”, so that you can play on these instruments the beautiful music of the sound of the spheres.

So, seven chakras, seven bodies, seven rays, seven colours and seven sounds. The principle of seminality.

When all the colours of sound are mastered, they can merge into one colour. And you see this in nature. When the transparent crystals break up into a rainbow when they are exposed to the sunlight, then the white ray comes in, which is the universal ray of the union of all seven rays and all seven colours. A ray which contains all seven colours and all seven rays. That is why it is called the wisdom ray. I told you that love is unity. And the white ray is the unity of the seven colours and it can also be called the ray of love.

But still, as you understand, the number of rays in the Universe is infinite. As well as the number of perceptions and the number of colours. Therefore it is better to call the white ray the Ray of Wisdom, because it is a certain degree of wisdom of your development, a certain degree of your ascent to Spirit, a certain stage of your training in the skill of extracting sound from your instruments. Therefore the Ray of Wisdom encompasses your entire Universe. But other universes have their own shades of perception, their own colours, their own sounds, their own beams. And their own rays of wisdom, uniting their sounds into Unity. And as all the Universe is based on Unity, so Love embraces all the universes. Love as Unity. When all “musicians” of the Divine “orchestra” mastered their instruments perfectly and obeyed the “conductor’s baton”.

And, as it happens with you, in a perfect ensemble EVERYONE is ready to obey EVERYONE. And each of the musicians can play a brilliant solo improvisation and lead the orchestra. And the orchestra will harmoniously pick up that solo and play along. As in your orchestras, when a musician has a special state of mind, which YOU CALL INSPIRATION, he starts to create his own melody, his own work. But at the same time his melody is not a dissonance in the general framework of the musical piece played by the whole orchestra. And the competition of the musicians is not to prove that he is the best on his instrument, but to give everybody the music of the soul, which is born in the process of creation, in the process of making and creating.

But let’s go further. Not only are there seven sounds and seven notes in your semeric scale, but there are five more intermediate keys and notes. These keys are used less in your notation and your music. However, they are also used, and in this way you master the transitional states, the semitones. These transitional semitones are intermediate states of perception. That is, the note “C-sharp” and the note “D-flat” are one and the same note. That is, it has a sound from both the ‘C’ note and the ‘D’ note. So you can learn it both from the ‘C’ note and the ‘D’ note. So that makes 12 notes in all. Does that remind you of anything?

Yeah. Sure. 12 months, 12 hours in half a day, 12 levels I was told.

Yes, 12 levels of perception that you move through as an individual form and as all of humanity.

But we perceive these 12 levels sequentially. So from the first level 1D to the 12th level 12D is a huge distance. And the black keys are sort of in between.

Exactly. Because there is no sequence. Everything is quantum connected. And everything has a certain harmony. You have transitional levels of perception, levels where it’s like both notes are affected. In the sounding of the note ‘C-sharp’ (the first black key of the piano keyboard) both the note ‘C’ and the note ‘D’ are involved. This is the transition state from the ‘C’ note to the ‘E’ note.

Therefore, you can say that the second level of development is a transitional state between the first and third.

Yes, but on the piano keyboard between “E” and “F”, between the fifth and sixth keys, there is no black key, no transition. What does that mean?

It means that you’ve just lost that transition. Because there’s a transition state between every two states. That’s the transition key you’re looking for right now. The transition between the fifth and sixth races.

So it’s all connected?

Of course it is. Nothing is random. Note that the “E”, the white key, is the third, and if together with the black, the fifth. Numbers matter. Fifth race, third dimension.

So if “E-sharp” or “F-flat” appears, the keys become 13?

Exactly. Twelve levels of perception, and the 13th level as completing the full octave of the sound of your Universe, as a Ray of Wisdom, absorbing the characteristics of all rays and seven notes.

Does it matter if it is “C-sharp” or “D-flat”? That is, to reveal the note “D” through the note “C” or vice versa?

The ascending and descending scales.

But we are told about different rays. I haven’t come across a red ray among these descriptions, but there are all sorts of rays in between.

In fact, there are 13 rays sounding in your Universe. By analogy with the musical stanza, with the piano keyboard, provided a lost key is added there. And when it comes to the colours of the rays, all kinds of combinations of tones and semitones of different colours give different rays. But there are 12 basic tuning forks, plus a concluding ray of wisdom.

So why our white rays, i.e. transparent crystals, do not break up into 12 colours of the rainbow, but only into seven?

They do disintegrate. You just don’t perceive all the shades. If you look at the rainbow, you will see the halftones. And when different colours are superimposed on others, you get many unique shades of sound.

Then please explain to me, does it matter if the keys on the piano are white and black? Does it refer to Light and Darkness? If not, what does Darkness mean on this keyboard?

Is there white and black on the string registers? You just tend to divide everything into white and black, into Light and Darkness. Everything is shades of sound. And everyone is free to play any register of their instrument, depending on their choice. What you in your world call Darkness, there are simply lower registers of sound.

Yes. But if all the Creation is moving now to the higher registers of sound, so that the available “piano keyboard” is sort of moving to the right, to the higher registers of sound, what will happen to the Dark Ones?

They will remain in the lowest registers for now. After all, in your piano keyboard, no one plays the sub-octave, or the two leftmost keys, right now. It’s a stage that’s already passed and you’re not interested in it, you’re mastering new sounds.

So we are lagging behind the entire Universe that is already in higher octaves of sound?

Yes. Exactly.

And what about the Anti-World? I’m told it’s the opposite.

Yes. It’s the opposite. And what’s low register for you is high register for them. It’s hard to understand. Because it’s a completely different world, the flip side, the backside of your world. You go in the ascending octave and they go in the descending octave. At certain points and spaces you overlap and sometimes interact. BUT IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT THEY HAVE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT OBJECTIVES, DIFFERENT PATHS AND DIFFERENT GOALS. That is why it is difficult for you to find common ground with them, you will never understand and reconcile with each other. As long as there is a division into World and Anti-World, Dark and Light, Light and Darkness.

You have to learn to see it simply as a different path, which is neither worse nor better. It’s just different, but it also has a right to be, just like everything else that exists in the Universe.

So right now our development is mainly in mastering the lower chakras and lower registers, i.e. judging from what has been said, we are all stuck to mastering the “register” of the physical, astral and mental bodies. That is – on the three lower chakras. Is that why we are called to include the heart chakra, to finally move on to mastering the new body?

You all have different positions. Some of you are already trying to master the higher chakras through meditation as well. But basically you have only four bodies activated: physical, emotional, mental, etheric. The other bodies are more in automatic maintenance and waiting mode. Like a beautiful garment, waiting to be “taken off the rack” and put on.

Accordingly, when you can consciously activate these bodies, you will also be able to tune into the seven chamberton rays and develop your higher bodies through them. Correspondingly, when you have mastered your higher bodies and become to exist in the unity of all bodies and tune the harmonious sound of your instrument, and demonstrate a masterly command of your bodies, then you will be able to join the wonderful orchestra of the Music of the Spheres of the Universe.

We always say: “Music of the Spheres”. Why “spheres”?

The whole Universe, as you know – your Universe, your Universe – is built according to the spherical principle of infinity. Therefore the highest perception of everyone is spherical perception. Therefore your forms are represented as spheres. A kind of necklace of the Universe in which you, like beads, are strung on the rays of perception, on the raymertons. And the radiance of this necklace is beautiful.

The spherical principle of infinity is the infinite movement of energy on a sphere. Is there any other principle of infinity?

It’s more like a Möbius ribbon, where one side flows into the other, where “heads” and “tails” are one. There are, of course, other principles of infinity. But it’s too early to talk about that. You won’t be able to understand it yet. There are no such analogies in your language. For example, if I tell you that there is a point principle of infinity, how will you understand it?

Well, as if every point is connected with every other point, with innumerable other points, and thus it is infinity, because the number of points is infinite.

You’re good. But still the words don’t capture the whole point, because in addition to spherical and point infinity, there are infinite variations of the principles of infinity.

I thank You for the lessons.

And I thank You and am happy to develop our unity. By knowing yourself as not yourself, you aspire to Me.



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