Послания Высших Сил

Are you ready to become an ALL?

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My soul!

I want to ask you a question about the fate of humanity. We have information that the Council of the Planet has proposed a cleansing of humanity, i.e. freeing the planet from souls that do not belong to it. Are you aware of this?

I penetrate everything and am present in everything.

The new Cosmic Hierarchy says that everyone is waiting for Your decision and Your approval. Are you ready to approve such a decision?

It is premature. You see, there is a perception that I am the one who approves or disapproves everything. That is not really the case. It’s up to you. You have to approve or disapprove of the decision.

Who among humanity can approve of such a decision?

The one who is in a hurry to go with the planet into a new dimension.

But they are few in number.

It does not matter. What matters is their power.

Are you saying that you do not decide the fate of mankind? Are you not in charge here?

Does the ocean decide where it flows?

I don’t know. I think it does.

No. He is the ocean, and if it manifests itself as a wave or a river, it has already changed form. He has manifested in the idea of part of himself. And though it is essentially the same ocean, it is separate in form. And the solutions of the ocean are not the solutions of the river. Where can the ocean flow? Wherever new channels of movement are formed. But the formation of channels, the movement is not a property of the ocean. It is calm and boundless. It is calm and motionless. And when motion appears in it, it becomes not an ocean, but a wave or a river.

Then I don’t understand. Who else but You prepares these channels? Who manifests the movement itself in You? Who is above You?

The Impulse of Creation. This incomprehensible Impulse begins to manifest Me from nothingness and unfold into various forms.

I thought the Impulse comes from You?

The Impulse is in Me. I already told you about it. It is My basic attribute. Just as it is your basic property, as it is the property of any essence and of all things. You could say it is the property of water – its fluidity. Who manifests the property of the fluidity of water? Is there anyone who manifests this property of water? Is there any water that does not have the property of fluidity? You do not know. Because the property of fluidity is manifested only when there is a place to flow. That is, when there is a direction. Remember that. First the direction, i.e. the vector of movement is created, and then the movement itself is manifested. And then the property of flowing waters and the property of creation of the Spirit is manifested.

But who gives the direction?

You set it. All things give the direction of movement.

I don’t understand. You’re in charge and we give direction?

I’m not in charge. I am One. I include everything. And that is why you perceive Me to be in charge. Because to some extent I am indeed in charge, for I contain all that is and all the potentials of that which has not yet materialized. But there is no part that is less important than Me. For it is all I am. Is your left hand more important than your right hand?

No, but perhaps my brain is more important than my hand. Or my heart. People live without an arm. But they can’t without a heart and a brain.

Yeah. But that doesn’t mean the heart and brain are more important than the hands.

It doesn’t?

Yes, because it’s incomparable. Can you compare the hand to the brain or the heart? They have different functions. And each organ is important because it has a specific function. And if you lose one of them, you cease to be whole, you lose a part of yourself and a part of the way of self-development.

So the body is equally important as the spirit? That is not right. The body is perishable. But the Spirit is eternal.

The body is just the garment of the Spirit. Now we are talking about analogies and therefore I am trying to make you understand that a part of Spirit contained in you is not less important than the whole Spirit, I AM, I AM the Absolute Consciousness. A small drop of the ocean is not insignificant compared to the ocean and has all the properties of a wave in the ocean. A small drop of the ocean is as important as the whole ocean. There is nothing that is pejoratively small and unimportant that can be sacrificed for any purpose. Because if I lose even one part, even one ‘drop’, I will not be whole.

You are infinite. What’s a drop to you?

If one little nerve in you dies and doesn’t regenerate, you will lose a certain degree of your sensitivity. You might not even feel the difference, but it will still be a loss to you. And you will not become whole perception again until that nerve is restored in you. So am I. You and I are One in the literal sense. You are all parts of Me, just as All the Being is. And I cannot lose any of My drops. Because then I will not be whole. Then I will not be absolute. That is why the whole system of manifestation is built in such a way that not a single drop can be lost. Not a single drop of the ocean is lost in your nature, it goes back to the ocean in one way or another. Similarly, each of you cannot get lost in the Universe and sooner or later will return to the Ocean of My Consciousness. It is just sometimes this way is very long.

Ok. So, are you saying that since both You and we are equally important as parts of You as a whole, the decision-making does not take place as we intended? So You don’t give veto or approval to any decisions of the various councils of the Universe?

It’s like a secret or explicit vote. If the cup is overflowing, the decision manifests itself. And all this is also My decision, because you are Me, and every essence is Me.

So, if the majority of souls in the Universe vote for humanity to be purged from the planet, it will manifest and be accepted by you as a priori the decision of the majority of your parts?

You’re putting an evaluative sense into it. But that’s not how it works. If water overflows a vessel, is there a wrong decision? It is an inevitability. If the vessel is overflowing, the water has to flow somewhere. It is a property of its manifestation, its fluidity. Therefore, if most of the forces of the Universe fill the jug of your planet with their choice, the property will manifest itself. It does not need approvals or prohibitions. How will you forbid water to overflow the walls of the jug?

It turns out that you will not protect and preserve us, but will give the water the right to “overflow”?

You must understand that your decision is also taken into account. And if your decision is not there, how can I forbid others to make their decisions? Why is your “water” not in the “jug” of decision making? Why are you not manifesting your choice? The way you want it to be? As long as you don’t manifest your choices consciously, others will do it for you. And what is the point then of complaining that the water has gone over the jug if you yourself are inert?

We are told that we are Your favourite project. And so it is as if You are cultivating us like a unique flower. But if the flower is destroyed by the decision of others, what kind of love is that?

You understand love as affection for someone else, as chosen affection. You are all loved by Me, because you are Me. And I cannot give preference to anyone. Do you love your left hand more than your right? You are not even aware of this question, since both hands are equally important to you. You are one with them, and that is love. You’re not attached to them and you’re attached to them at the same time. Because they are an extension of you. Your form, in which My Spirit exists.

How can I love someone more than another, if all this is Me? How can I love myself in one case and not in another? I have no moral judgments. I am observing the manifestations of Myself. When you watch one film that you like and then another film that you do not like, do you love yourself more in the first case than in the second, you know? It’s all you, it’s just that your perception is different in different films. You didn’t make yourself worse by watching the second film. You were just watching it. And when you leave the cinema, you can simply assess how useful the film was to you, whether it brought you emotions or qualities, whether it added something to your perception, whether it gave you something new?

But you get carried away with your viewings, and you begin to identify with the films of life, forgetting that when the film is over, you simply walk out of the theatre of illusion.

I still don’t get it. Comment on the subject of our sweep. Is it possible or not?

I don’t know. It will depend largely on you. If you don’t choose it, how can I violate My own will? Understand. I manifest through you and I can only make decisions through you as well. Through your decisions. Globally, I do not make any decisions, for the decision itself is manifestation, while I am serene and undeveloped in My essence. It is only when I manifest that I become parts of Myself and become forms of Myself. And it is these forms of Me, these parts of Me that make My decisions. Our decisions. They are universal decisions. Therefore it cannot be said that this decision was made by the Council of the Planet. That decision was made by a part of Me. And a part of you. But if the other parts of Me and you do not make such decisions, they will not be implemented.

The Universe is a single organism, in which everything is interconnected. And the decision of each level is interconnected with all the other decisions.

So if all or most of humanity does not support the idea of cleansing the planet of humans, it will not happen? What about the other forces of the Universe? After all, humanity is a small part of the universe. And therefore will always be in the minority.

You are again thinking in separateness. You are part of the Whole. You are the All. Your decision is the decision of the Whole. Start thinking like a god. If your decision is the decision of the Whole, that means you also accept the responsibility for the decision of the Whole. If you are not ready to take that responsibility, your decision is the decision of a small part of the Whole.

If you are ready to become the All and accept the responsibility and the power of decision of the Whole, you become this All, and your decision becomes the decision of the Whole. And thus it doesn’t matter for you how many essences are present in the Universe. You become them. You make the decision not on their behalf, but on behalf of the Wholeness. You make a decision for humanity as well. Because you feel unity with it and with the whole Universe, because you are one with it. So you can’t just call it a piggy bank of voting balls. Everything is quantum connected. Remember this. If you are in Oneness, your decision becomes the decision of Oneness. And vice versa: the decision of Oneness becomes your decision.

And it’s not just a mental choice. If you experience Oneness with the All, then your thought becomes a Oneness thought and begins to work as a realization of the Oneness decision and receives the power of the Oneness thought, not the power of your thought. This is the quantum process of manifestation of solutions being realised in the Universe. This is the process of manifestation of the World, where your thought is not a separate thought of a separate essence, but the unison of the Unity thought orchestra. And so it fills it with its Power and thus kind of confirms it and gives it life and approval. This is the Song of Oneness.

So it turns out that this decision will not be approved until all parts of Oneness confirm it? Otherwise there will be no Oneness. But that means that no decision can be made, because everyone has his or her own choice after all. Humanity, for example. Or the reptiloids. They probably often make decisions that contradict the decisions of the whole Oneness.

You are talking about the choices and decisions of forms, the choices of individuals. I, on the other hand, am talking about the decisions of souls, the choices of Oneness. On the way to global Oneness there are many intermediate stations that you pass through in the process of your Oneness and gaining your wholeness. You reach one wholeness, you walk towards it like a lighthouse. When you reach the promised land you realize that this is not the end of the journey, that there is a new unity ahead of you and you strive for it again. And so it is until you regain your whole integrity and return home to the Ocean of Spirit, that is, to Me. That is why every decision is made first in the frame of your oneness.

Right now you have to reach oneness with the planet. This is the closest point of your journey, of your reunion with yourself. So now the voting is as it were on the level of the souls that inhabit the planet. The other unities are waiting for sort of your decision together and infusing your decision into the higher levels of unity. Because everyone’s decision affects everyone’s decision, and vice versa: everyone’s decision affects everyone’s decision. Everything is cantally connected.

By and large, the fate of each individual, however unfortunate you may hear it, is of little concern to the universe. And yet it does. Because to the universe, one human being is less than a moment, less than an atom. Do you care about the fate of atoms of iron? You don’t see them as atoms, but as a piece of iron or a product of iron that you use. But if all the iron disappears in your world, it may significantly affect your world. It is the same in the Universe. Since death is simply the transition from one level of consciousness to another, it means that what you call the “sweep” of humanity is simply the process of the disappearance of “iron atoms” in the Universe. The fate of each atom is not important, because it is simply transformed into other compounds that are important to the universe. But the absence of exactly “iron” will somehow affect the whole Universe, destroying some of its bonds. And so the disappearance of iron is undesirable.

We are told that we, as humanity, are loved very much, that we are helped in every possible way, that we are protected and nurtured as loving children. And now You say that the destiny of each person is not important at all for Creation, that it is just one of the elements of Creation, which is as important as everything else. Where is the love here?

Love is in Oneness. Are you ready to become the All? And take over everything from the All? The responsibility of the All. The pain of All. Joy of All. The fear of everything. All the manifestations of everything. Are you ready to feel it all and see it as yours? Are you ready to realize that the anger of individuals is also your anger?

Is the cruelty of individuals also your cruelty in the literal sense? And responsibility for the cruelty of others is also your responsibility? Do you see love only in a positive way, as a rush of tenderness or gratitude. Are you ready to thank your abuser for his actions because it is also you? Are you ready to become One and accept All that is now in your oneness, in the oneness of humanity?

If you are not ready, it is not love. Then you are not experiencing love. You are experiencing the rapture of your being as part of humanity, you are experiencing the tenderness of heaven towards you as part of humanity. But you do not experience love itself, the Love of All. Because love is unity. You are repeated this phrase many times. But for you it remains a theory. You perceive unity as universal harmony. But unity is co-consummation. You are complicit in everything that is happening in your world, in all of humanity. And the bombs that are being dropped on people now are your act and involvement, your area of responsibility. And you cannot walk away from that. You can temporarily wait it out in the way of your unity. But sooner or later each of you has to feel the All and take responsibility for the All. And if the terrorist who kills people and the rapist who tortures children do not join your oneness, YOU ALL will not achieve oneness. Do you understand?

This is hard to comprehend even with the mind, and it is up to you to accommodate it energetically. All those acts committed in your world voluntarily or involuntarily are your common acts in the literal sense. Because both you and the murderer are One in essence. You are parts of One unity. And so his wandering in the darkness of his negativity is his loss of unity, your incoherence. And so you are responsible for him. You are responsible for everything he does. You are not whole until you find the harmony of your oneness and become One in Spirit. As long as a part of you, as a part of Spirit, is tormented in the prison of three-dimensionality and limitation of your world, you will not be able to reconnect with your oneness. And so you will have to do everything, sooner or later, to make it return to your oneness and find your wholeness as well.

But then the chances of finding your oneness are very slim. Firstly, I myself am not very ready for what you are talking about and secondly, 80% of humanity doesn’t even think and know about their unity and the necessity of its unification.

That is why a part of the forces of Universe are making different decisions about your destiny. Because you are detached from your unity and do not hear it. That is why they suggest radical measures. But those of you who are beginning to feel a connection to your oneness can begin the process of awakening your oneness, of gathering your oneness, of remembering your wholeness. But even you are not united.

How sad it all is. We all think we are just a little bit away from ascension. When in fact we are not even close to it.

It’s a different process. You can experience your oneness from other dimensions as well, if you are ready to ascend into them. Then you either have to wait for the parts of you to be able to ascend as well, or help your parts to ascend. The whole planet is moving to a new level now. And parts of the consciousness of the planet are also on different levels. And the task of all is to gather into one being and appear together on the same level. And now you resemble a man who has one foot in the forest and another foot on the road home, and his eyes are closed.

You are joking. I can imagine how long I have to walk and how long the whole mankind has to walk.

You have an expression: The road is for those who walk. You are given directions on where to go. But it is only you who will have to step on the road home. Because it will be only your decision: do you want to return to your unity?

What will happen to the parts of oneness that do not want to go back or cannot go back for one reason or another?

Sooner or later they will come back. Because it is inevitable. Because there is only one road – the road to oneness. It connects the parts to the oneness. And it is possible to travel along it for centuries, moving and returning, exploring its branches. But all the same, progression will sooner or later take its course. Because, having explored all the ramifications and returns, sooner or later you will set out on the road of return. Therefore, there is no place for sadness. There is room for expectation. Expectations of the return of your wholeness. And a fascinating journey towards your wholeness. And what that path will be is entirely up to you. Because it is inevitable, and it will be beautiful. Because there is nothing better than a home where you are welcomed. Where everyone is welcome.

Thank You for your response.

It is natural for Me, because we are one with you. And I am waiting for your return.



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