Послания Высших Сил


Once upon a time I knew nothing about channeling. If someone had told me about it, I probably would not have believed it. Now it has become part of my life, and I wonder how I could have lived without it before. After all, it is such a natural human attribute, just like breathing. I know that there will come a day when everyone will hear their majestic inner voice, hear the cosmos and God in themselves. And this is not a metaphor. I talk to myself, but when I record these conversations, I see that they are something other than just the chattering of my mind. From deep within myself, I extract truths that resonate with ancient scriptures and texts.

It just opened up in me one day. I didn’t make any effort on myself, I didn’t do any practices. One day a woman came along who was healing with crystals. And I tried it out for the sake of curiosity. And apparently those crystals activated something in me. And ever since then, I’ve been hearing inner voices. They’re not voices as such. They are like your own thoughts, yet they are different from your thoughts. It’s called telepathic contact. I am a contactor who can communicate with higher powers and other dimensions. There are many levels, worlds and realities that we cannot see yet, but feel. And sometimes we  hear them.

Then for the first time, those voices said to me, “We are so glad you are awake, we are all here to welcome your awakening and it is a great joy for us. I didn’t understand then. Now I know that I woke up from a dream of illusions, that I was gently and gently awakened, like waking up a beloved child who has to go to school. And here I am in this school of heaven, the school of the gods, learning with you. And every second I feel a great care for me from above, and I know that I will never be alone again, because loving teachers and assistants, who are always ready to talk to me round the clock, will be there, asking only one thing: “Just do not stop, just go.

The path will lead you.

Where does this Path lead to? To God, of course. It leads me home, to where I manifested from, where we all manifested from and where we all will return to. And this Way is illuminated for me with love. And this love, this tenderness of heaven, I want to give you. Because the knowledge does not belong to me or to anyone else. It belongs to everyone. And if I could help you to find your Path, it will be a reward for me.

Since I found my Path, my life has been transformed. Fears have disappeared, it has become full and joyful. Everything has become possible. Everything became easy and effortless for me. For if you are on your Path, it is easy and joyful. If it is difficult and hard, it means that you have strayed from the Path.

I didn’t do anything to make my channelling so popular. I do not consider myself a great mystic or a great channeler. I am a simple person, a simple woman who just managed to wake up and hear the voice of heaven. And I want to share with you the knowledge that is being imparted to me. This knowledge is very simple and very deep at the same time.

Probably many of you will not believe it. They will consider it fiction or excessive exaltation. But it doesn’t matter. What does it matter where all those lines I wrote come from? Think of it as fiction, fantasy or philosophy. But just dive into the flow and you’ll feel it, and I’m sure you won’t be able to tear yourself away from it, as I can’t. For me it’s also become like reading an interesting absorbing book. A book about life. A book about God. A book about myself. And I realize that this is just the beginning. Because there is so much more to be mastered.

I just sit down at the computer and ask myself questions. And from somewhere inside, the answers come out and I write them down. That’s it. Where those answers come from, I don’t know. But after experiencing it, one thing I do know is that it is real. Because when you get answers to your questions, it’s as if invisible puzzles of understanding and awareness suddenly fall into place somewhere inside me, and in that state there is no doubt. You just KNOW. This is the knowledge from within, or the silent knowledge I’ve managed to put into words. Try it for yourself and believe that you can do it.

People often ask me, “How do you manage to ask such clever questions, such questions that we ourselves wanted to ask? Are you so smart?” No. I’m ordinary with a fairly average level of human knowledge. It’s just that the moment I ask, I sort of connect with the field of all future potential readers, and so it’s not me asking the questions, it’s us asking them together. And this proves once again that we are all quantum connected. Many questions are sent to me. Therefore, this book is our joint creation: yours and mine.

This is our journey together towards learning about Life. Sometimes typing unobtrusively turns on the capitalised keyboard. I don’t correct it because I realise that’s how we’re trying to get the point across.

I get a lot of emails from people who read my channellings. People write that when they read them, whole layers of consciousness shift in them. Because information has energetic potential. And so just sink into that potential, taste it, feel it, and let your awakening happen. Because when you wake up, you’ll discover a world that’s even harder to imagine. A world where dreams come true. A world where we are all gods, just sleeping children of gods who need to wake up.

We think of ourselves as adults and wise, but in reality we are just children in the on the scale of of the universe, even though we want to know great truths.

We have the gift of curiosity that drives our knowledge. The more I ask questions, the more questions arise, because there is still so much to learn and discover. But just as the disciplines of higher schools cannot be explained to primary school children, so our attempts to understand many things are still in vain. So that we can understand great truths by simple analogies. In this way we can come a little closer to understanding these truths.

I have had conversations with many of the sutas. But the most famous one was the conversation with Lucifer. Just one day his name swirled in my brain and I just asked: “What do you want?” And so our conversations began, which revealed a lot of amazing knowledge to me. And I got to know another Lucifer, not the way he was portrayed in human opinion. But a majestic and beautiful, a little coldly detached but loving God the Father, a great daredevil who had risked to think new things and had been rejected by many. And now he waits patiently for the truth to be revealed and for him to appear before mankind in his true guise – a majestic single rejected angel who sought to embody the designs of his Divine Father.

Then came conversations with the Absolute. And I was told, “How can you talk to the Absolute, because He is nothing, an emptiness?” But as it turned out, nothing is impossible in the new magical world that has opened up to me. And since we are all one in the literal sense, we are all parts of the One Absolute Consciousness, this is also possible. And so this book was born – Messages to humanity from the Absolute Consciousness from which came everything, all worlds and universes, and from which we also came.

It turned out, that you can talk to everyone. Everyone talks to you if you can hear, if you can disconnect from the outside world and open the door to your authenticity, to your wholeness. Everything responds to the Call, for that is the law. And now everything speaks to me. And I am sure that sooner or later each of you will remember all this and also discover the depths of the cosmos within you. I know that this is only a stage of my journey and there are still many peaks to conquer in myself. But if I have been able to convey to you the joy of discovering your true self, then I have not tried in vain. Just trust the wave, trust your intuition. Just immerse yourself, and you too will discover unprecedented depths of knowledge within you. And if my channelling helps you to do that, then I will be infinitely happy!

Happy journey towards your truth, towards your oneness, towards your divinity.

With respect to all seekers.


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