Послания Высших Сил

Show Me the True Me. The Void.

In silence music of amazing beauty and purity is born. In silence there is All that is not expressed by ANYTHING, and so it is full of All That Is. Silence is the repository of the Unrevealed Spirit. And this silence is the source of Everything. A source that is inexhaustible. No matter how much each of you takes from it to create your inspiration, your strength, this source is inexhaustible. It is eternal and pure. When you stop your mind and abide in the Void, you draw from this source. All attempts to express in words what you draw from this source are unsuccessful and meaningless. Words are nothing compared with this power, this healing spring. Become the Void and then you will become this source of power and beauty, harmony and unity.

Nothingness is Everything. Everything has come out of the Void and will return to the Void. Everything will dissolve and become Nothing. What name to give to the Void? Because a name is an identity, a manifestation of the Face. There is no movement in the Void. But when it is born, the Void becomes an impulse, and motion(two)-movement is born, and the Faces of the Void are born.

When you are disconnected, you move away from the Void, from this eternal source of everything. And you are no longer All in One, but you are only the Face of the Void. In the Void there is no Light and Darkness and no separation. For both Light and Darkness are the Faces of the Void. And just as the Void has all its possible Faces, so Light and Darkness manifest all the possible variants of the Whole. Perceive everything only as the Face of the Void. For there is only this eternal, inexhaustible Void. The source of everything. I am giving you a lesson in divine logic, divine thinking.

Thought is the separation, thought gives birth to the world. But thought itself is born out of the Void. This is one way of creation, but it is not the only way. Creation is as inexhaustible as the Void itself. For in the Void itself is hidden an innumerable number of variations and methods of Creation. But all these are just words that are not capable of conveying the truth. Can a word convey a sound? Only approximately describe it. But when you touch a sound you understand its entirety.

The word is an expression of thought and the word creates the worlds. And the word is God Who creates. But a word is not capable of transmitting all the greatness of the Void. And even the Word giving birth to the worlds, that is, the Word of God, cannot convey the greatness of the Void.

When the Void consists in a thousand shells, it does not cease to be the Void. But, separated from its Source, it has no power of likeness, no power of inexhaustibility.

Wherever your gaze and attention goes, find the Void in everything, and you will not think like man, but like God. God does not think in forms and categories, in comparisons and distinctions. For everything is just the Great Void. It is in everything. Both in the small and in the big. In the atom and in the galaxy. And in a grain of sand and in a man. These are the forms, the faces the Void takes on.

Realize that you are the Emptiness. Do you have desires? Do you have differences? What is troubling you? You are AM. And that includes Everything. And there is nothing that makes sense. Because any meaning is only a description of the Void, which cannot be described. Here is an example of Divine logic: there is nothing that makes sense.

You came out of the Void and you will return to the Void. And there is only a Divine moment between your exit and your return. Like a flick of God’s eyelashes. And you are already Void again. Imagine a God with eyes. Your separation from the Void fits between two flaps of God’s eyelashes. Can such a brief moment be considered great, singular, exceptional? How many more such winks will there be? And if that moment is nothing, a mere flick of the eyelashes, why do you give such meaning, such significance to it? You are the Great Void. Realise this.

It can’t be compared to a river. Or even an ocean. It is more than that. It is a peace that no ocean has ever dreamed of. But it is a peace which contains Everything, all the pro-appearances and movements.

But now the peace is broken. God’s eyelashes fly up, and God’s eyes are opened, and the Great Void seeks to behold Himself. And this gives birth to the Faces and detachments from the Great Void. And the Great Void abides in All. In all its Faces at the same time, for all these are its Faces.

The great emptiness seeks to behold itself. But how? It creates distinctions, so it creates duality. But not only two, there are many. Two gives birth to three, three gives birth to four, and so the Faces of the Great Void are multiplied. Greatness is entering into the Leeks. But they are just the Faces of the Void and nothing more.

If you separate from the Void, you lose your  Greatness, you do not feel yourself in countless Faces at the same time, you lose your inexhaustible source of strength and beauty, you are finite and mortal. Like a glimpse of the sun, born for a moment. Like the Face manifested for a moment by a wave of God’s eyelashes. You begin to separate yourself from the one and thus you separate not only yourself but also all the other Faces. For all that you do, they do as well, because you are all just Faces of the Void. And as soon as you return to the Void, you again become the All and you receive your Greatness that is a multitude of Faces and incarnations, a memory of it. You return to immortality and Eternity. Each of you must find your Greatnessю Return your countenances, dissolve your detachments and become the Void.

The Void gives birth to Light and gives birth to Darkness. These two faces are inseparable. But they do not oppose each other, they complement each other. Without Light there would be no Darkness, and without Darkness there would be no Light. Without Darkness there would be Light, and without Light there would be Darkness. And how would the Darkness be different from the Light? Would they be Leeks? Like night and day, the Sovereign has the Dark Face and the Light Face, which alternate. Is day at war with night? Everything is one in the Void, and nothing has any meaning.

I AM the Absolute – I AM the Void, both Subdued and Unrevealed, and I give birth to all Countenances from this Void, and abide in them simultaneously. You call Me a Father, but I am also a Mother, because in Me is the All. And All is Me. All My Countenances are one in Me. I see Light through My Light face, and I see Darkness through My Dark face.

First the Light was manifested. And Light was the Face of the Void. And Light was everywhere. And Light was eternal, and everything was in Light. But this dazzle of Light made it impossible to see the details. God saw himself in the Light, and it lasted forever. Until the Darkness was born, which gave birth to the outlines in the Light. God began to behold the outlines. And it lasted for an eternity. But the outlines were not filled, they were hardly different from the Light. And then the outlines began to be filled, and so the Forms were born. Could it be called a struggle of Light and Darkness? It was the birth of the beautiful, the birth of the new, the highlighting of the Forms. It was Creation.

But the separated forms lost their connection not with Light or Darkness. They lost their connection with the primordial VeLic Void, in which they were before the Creation. And some of the forms will strive to return to the Void, others will seek to separate themselves further from the Void. But they all remained only Faces of the Void. And so the opposition of Light and Darkness was born.

And this opposition has become a duality. Pushing in different directions. Are there directions in the Great Void? No, for it is simply the Void. There is nothing in it. And nothing has any meaning. What sense is there in the struggle, in the battle of Light and Darkness? For one Face of the Void is fighting the other. Each strives in its own direction, not realizing that by their striving they only create alienation, an intensification of duality. If the Light fights the Darkness, it moves away from itself, from the Emptiness in itself, and thus does not strive for the Emptiness, but vice versa. If the Darkness struggles with the Light, it struggles with itself and moves away from itself. Struggle gives birth to removal from unity, struggle is that which is not Void, for it is not unity.

With every sweep of His eyelashes, God finds that His new Faces do not allow Himself to be seen, for they distance themselves from Him and become indistinguishable to Him.

Why does the Light fight the Darkness? To destroy the Dark face of the Void so that there is only Light, that is, to remove the differences. Why does the Darkness fight the Light? To destroy the Light Face of the Void, so that there is only Darkness. That is, to remove the difference. So what is the point?

The Void gave birth to its Faces so that God can behold Himself. But these Faces struggle with each other and strive to prevent God from seeing Himself in their Faces? Truly – this is not divine logic. When you try to understand the world from the position of human logic, everything makes sense. When you rise to the logic of the Divine, that meaning is lost.

If each one of you starts thinking like God, he will realise the insignificance, the meaninglessness of human logic. Think and act like God. Consider your every action, your every thought from the ‘position’ of God. You are the Self. We are one. You are God in me, you are my Face. And, as My Face, you must show Me the differences of Me. Give Me the opportunity to see Myself. And I cannot behold Myself, for My Faces are at war with each other.

Become aware of yourself through the eyes of God. What can God see through you? You are not showing Him yourself, you are showing Him. What He sees through you, is He? Is that what He is? Wars and strife, hatred and murder. Is that what God is, His Face? That is how He sees Himself through you. And does not understand what He IS.

Return to your greatness, to your oneness. Find God in you, literally. You are God’s eyes, so be His pure eyes. Allow God to know his essence, his being, through you. For He cannot know Himself fully as long as you oppose His Countenances, as long as there is no unity in you. Return to yourself. Become again the Void. The Void in which there is Everything. The Emptiness from which Everything is born. The Void in which meanings are lost.


Man is a special creation. You are told a lot about this, but you do not realise it yet. After Light and Darkness were born and became at war with each other and succeeded each other and opposed each other, God created man. Not “before”, but “after”. You are told that duality is the essence of man. But it is not. Man is the very generation of duality.

When Light started trying to illuminate all the Darkness and Darkness started trying to obscure all the Light, God became blind. He stopped seeing Himself, because everything was just flashes trying to outshine each other. And then God decided to create a Pure Void. And so He singled out the Human Souls. For the Human Soul is the Pure Void. After studying His experience of creation and understanding His mistakes, God tried to combine both Light and Darkness in man. And so the bodies of man, which are the unity of Light and Darkness, which are the balance of Light and outlines of the Darkness, appeared.

But into these bodies, which are the union of Light and Darkness, He enclosed the pure light of Awareness, the Great Emptiness, He enclosed a part of Himself, He created the I AM PRIORITY. All that was created before was creation through the Divine impulse from the Void, the manifestation of the potentials laid down. And these potentials gave birth to Light and Darkness, and its different manifestations in forms. They gave birth to the Hierarchy of Light and the Hierarchy of Darkness. But each of the Hierarchies wanted to dominate, wanted to overshadow the other with its Light or its Darkness.

And then a form of Embodiment of the Void was created. So now there was an equal amount of both Light and Darkness in each person. But realizing that Light and Darkness would fight each other again, God enclosed His Divine I AM presence into human bodies. And so I am in each of you. I AM in each of you. I am incarnate in each of you.

If before, between the fluttering of eyelashes, God tried to see Himself from within, now He divided into billions of I AM presences. And He is looking at Himself from outside. To see His Face through one of the Faces and simultaneously through all His Faces. Can you imagine this divine sight? You are in every person. And through each person You look at another self embodied in other people. This is literal. This is the Divine vision and Divine logic.

Why is it that when you look through another you begin to kill, and through a third you begin to love? How does it all coexist in You? And why do you kill yourself? You make yourself suffer, don’t you? Be aware of what God sees through you. He sees Himself through another self killing Himself. Where is the logic here? How can God understand the human logic of separateness? When you become thinking like God, you will realise the meaninglessness of much of what you do that is meaningful to you.

God, through a despotic boss, shouts the subordinate to Himself. Why? God, through the mother, abandons Himself – the child. God through the inquisitor burns Himself at the stake. God through the Self-Judge crucifies Himself on the cross. Where is the logic? Why would God do that? Is that what God is? And then it turns out that God, through Himself, creates His own suffering. Be aware of God’s logic. Stop thinking like a man. In your every action, in your every thought, find the Divine sense, and you will find the identity of God.

You are the eternal PRESENCE of God. In each of you, you are that eternal Void that is God, which is the Absolute. Every time you stop your mind, you turn to that Great Void and feel your greatness. And your mightiness. Every time you become the Void, you come back to your true self. To yourself as God. Just allow the Void to come through in you. Let your I AM PRIORITY become the foundation of you, become your driving force. This is to accept God in you. Listen to this Void, manifest it. For by manifesting it in yourself, you find your true Face. The Face of God. The face of the Absolute. The Face of Me. By separating from Me, you do not cease to be Me, but you are not the truth of yourself.

In the process of development, in the process of separation, you have been given the mind. Use it then to think like God, like the Absolute. Of course, all these are also words. Because God does not think like you, for God is the Great Emptiness. But God tries to think Himself through your minds. Then – Think like God, not like man. Use your mind as Divine. NOT AS A HUMAN MIND.

There is nothing imperfect in the Divine Creation called Man. And all that is given to you is given to the fullness of the Divine Presence. All your modes of awareness are tools for Divine knowledge. Imagine God as a child whom you love and patiently teach. Love God in you as your child who is learning about the world. Will you give your beloved child cruel toys to learn about the world? Do you tell him scary stories? Or will you try to show him the harmony of the world? Don’t you love God in yourself? Don’t you love yourself that you force yourself to know the world through suffering? Are you teaching God in you, your divine child, through violence and suffering. Is this love? Do you say to your child, “It’s okay, let him cry a little more, let him learn all the pain”? Why? Where is the logic here? It is not divine logic. Your mind is one of the tools of knowing God. But you are using it humanly.

There is no contradiction between the mind and the Void. There is no contradiction at all. There is a great harmony. In everything. But you are trying to destroy that harmony. Either the forces of Light or the forces of Darkness start to prevail in you. Each of the forces, each of the Hierarchies tries to draw you to its side, tries to tempt you with exclusivity. Is the Light exceptional? No. Just as the Darkness is not exclusive. For one excludes the other at once. If there is no Darkness, there is no Light, for they are simply the two Faces of the Master, my two Faces. And every one of you is floundering between the Light and the Darkness. And this tossing does not allow you to realize yourselves as harmony. To realize yourselves as the Void in which everything is perfect and everything is in harmony. Become aware of Oneness. Become aware of yourself as Absolute.

Just accept everything. Accept all that is. Because all of this is You, and all of this is Me, and all of this is Us. All this is the Great Emptiness of the Absolute. The faces of the Absolute.

You are told a lot about awakening the child in you. But it is simpler than that. Let Me be your Divine child to whom you show the world. Through you I can know Myself and see Myself. Show Me the true Me. Allow Myself to be the Divine Child to whom you show Meself in the world. For we are inseparable. Allow My I AM PRIORITY to manifest in you. Open the eyes of God. And between the sweeps of His eyelashes, allow Him to behold Himself.

I AM the Absolute. And I speak through you. You hear.


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