Послания Высших Сил

Find true wholeness in yourself. Become Godlike


You are children of eternity. Realise this. What is eternity? It is continuity. Continuity. There is no beginning, and there is no end. There is a continuous Stream of awareness. There is no life and death. There is the flowing Stream of awareness. Awareness of the Divine. Awareness of you and me. The Great Extension of the Great Void. You are in Me, and I in you, and we are eternal. We are continuous. And we are inseparable. I am you and you are Me.

Continuity is a quality of God. When something is discontinuous, it becomes separate, it becomes part of the extension. When you are continuous, you are divine. Observe the world around you. There is no completeness, no interruptions. Each form passes into another, each event entails the next. There is no end and no beginning. There is continuity. Is there something that you could separate and say it is the beginning and not the transition of another? Even if we talk about the creation of the world, it is only the transition of my awareness into a new quality.

Can I ask you a question? Some people are frightened by the concept of emptiness. They believe that emptiness is the absence of life and therefore a threat to humanity.

Fear is separateness. What is there to fear in emptiness and in emptiness? Destruction? But nothing is created in emptiness that can be destroyed. Falling? But in emptiness there is no bottom and top, nowhere to fall. Lack of life? But in emptiness there is everything – life and death, and all the potentials for the possible development of everyone and everything. When you become aware of the emptiness, you will realise that there is nothing to fear. For you are Everything. When you become emptiness, you become ALL. Realize it.

By separating, you become nothing, a part, a moment of God. You are all moments of God. If every moment does not remember other moments, it is separate. But, if you remember all the moments of God, all your moments, you become ALL. “To remember” is a human concept, just as “to forget” is a human concept. You cannot forget or remember. You are simply being ALL. And every moment you have to be aware that you are ALL. Look around you: everything is you. Every drop, every breath, every face, it’s all yours. It’s you and I. It’s us. Everything around is you. Realize that.

How many of you have seen emptiness? How many of you have seen a state and space in which there is nothing? It does not exist. Emptiness is Everything because Everything is in it, everything sleeps in it, everything is in it in an undeveloped form. It is called the Void because nothing has yet manifested in it. That is why it is called Great, because All is in it.

Even where you think there is no life, there is life. In death there is life. And in birth there is life. There is life in creation, and there is life in destruction. In Light there is life, and in Darkness there is life. Life is the flowing of the Stream. That is the continuity. You see how everything is connected.

There is the Great Void. And there is the flowing of it. The flow of the Great Void is life. The flow manifests life, the movement gives birth. The eyelashes of God give birth to the faces of God and the worlds of manifestation. The flowing of the Great Void is eternity and continuity. Realise this.

Can you realise yourself to be continuous? If you can, you realise eternity. If you realise eternity – you realise God.

What makes a difference to emptiness? What can change it? What can threaten it? What moves it?

The Great Void simply is. But to realise what ‘is’ means, the Void is flowing. Still, these are human words, and they are poor, for there is no beginning and no end to the flowing. But there is an impulse that is born in this Void and creates differences: what was before the impulse and what became after. And so time and space are born. This is how the flow of the Void finds manifestation and outline, and this is how forms are born.

It seems to you that everything in your world is finite. It is not. Look around you and realize how one form flows into another, how everything flows into each other. Here is a tree flowing into air. Here’s air flowing into a river. Here the sky flows into the clouds. Everything is continuous: separation is an illusion. Realize that. And precisely because everything is continuous, everything is eternal. The tree does not die, it flows into the soil where it flowed before. Clouds do not disintegrate, but pass into the air where they flowed before. Death passes into birth, birth passes into death. Everything is a flowing process. Life is the flowing of the Spirit, the flowing of God. And so everything is infinite, eternal and uninterrupted. Realize this.

When you learn to see continuity in everything, you will gain the eyes of God.

And in this continuity of flow – what is Light and what is Darkness? And why are they at war?

Because they are separated. Because they too have lost unity, have lost the thread of continuity. Is it possible to be at war with one’s continuation? Will you be at war with your hand?

Manifestation gives birth to differences: what was before manifestation and what was after manifestation. And these differences create the illusion of discontinuity. If you and I are one, then there are no differences between us, and we are not separate. If you are different from me, then I have ended and you have begun. This is the logic of manifestation. But how can I end if I am continuous? And if you realise your continuity, you will realise that you cannot end either. You are infinite and eternal. So everything around is you and is the Self. And everything around is not separate, it is an illusion. Light flows into Darkness and Darkness flows into Light. Everything flows into each other. Everything is one integrity. There is Light in the Darkness and there is Darkness in the Light. You are trying to grasp the concept of infinity. How can you do that if you divide infinity into Light and Darkness? Realise this.

Light and Darkness are one. There is no Light and there is no Darkness. There is continuity, there is one essence, there is simply the manifestation of the Great Void or Absolute. When Light was born, it was only a part. When Darkness was born, it was only a part. When united, they will regain their continuity.

O man, you are great! For in you is the union of Light and Darkness. And you can realise it, realise it. Once you have united the parts within you, you will realise your continuity and your greatness. For now you are a part. But in you is the great I AM presence of Spirit, who is both Light and Darkness one. In you is the All. And you are the All. Realize it.

But the Hierarchy of Light is at war with the Hierarchy of Darkness, and each of them is calling humanity into its ranks.

Observe how day passes into night, or how night passes into day. Do they fight? They succeed each other in their continuity. War is an illusion. A mountain stream rushes down a turbulent river, falls in waterfalls. But then it reaches a calm and majestic river. Did the stream wrestle with the rocks? Did it change as it flowed? Yes, but it was still the same stream when it was both a waterfall and a river.

So, the Great Spirit manifests itself in Everything and Everything, in all kinds and forms. But each part considers itself more perfect than the other. But each is imperfect, for there is just a part, for it is separate. The part cannot be perfect because it is separate, it is not accomplished in wholeness. Realise this. And so the part that calls itself Light is imperfect, for it is separate and not accomplished in wholeness. And that part that calls itself Darkness is imperfect, because it is separate, because it has not accomplished in wholeness.

But you are one, O man! You are made whole. For there is both Light and Darkness in you. And there is in you all that is fulfilled. Be aware of that. You are revealed in order to make wholeness in you. Realize it. You are revealed in order to realize both Light and Darkness and to make them whole. You are revealed in order to fulfil the Divine Will: to manifest the miracle of manifestation into wholeness. Realise this.

The first manifestations of God were divided, and they are still divided. But God chose to right His wrongs and manifest that which unites His created parts. If I wanted simply to remove the separation, I would dissolve the Darkness and dissolve the Light, and they would become Me again, that is, the Great Void, and there would be no manifestation of them. But they are My children. But I wanted to continue My creations, My manifestations, and unite them into a holistic separateness. Into parts that realise themselves to be whole and continuous. But they do not hear and realise themselves to be continuous. They know and honour their connection with Me, but each of them does not honour their connection with the other by Me. A holistic separateness. Be aware of this.

You are separated from Me. But you are conscious of your wholeness. You are aware of yourself as both a part and a whole at the same time. This is your great task, O man! You have everything in you, you have Light in you, and you have Darkness in you, but you do not give preference to anything, for you realize yourself as a wholeness of Light and Darkness. You are aware of yourself as both Light and Darkness at the same time. And so you realize yourself as whole. This is your great mission, O man!

Wholeness divided becomes wholeness divided. Realize it! That is your greatness. Therefore, if you take one of the paths, you cease to realise yourself as whole. Which means you are discontinuous, which means you cease to be eternal and infinite. You have forgotten your infinity. You have fought on the side of one camp for so long that you have forgotten where you came from. You are the Presence of Pure Spirit in which there are no divisions into camps and shades, in which everything is whole and perfect. Realise this. You are the indivisible parts of Spirit who were previously conscious of being whole. But you have become caught up in the game of separateness and are no longer conscious of yourselves in unity. You have ceased to be Me. You have become parts of Me. Become aware of this.

Unite the Light and the Darkness within you, O man, and you will appear before Me in your greatness, for you will become whole. And in this union there will be no Light and Darkness. But a new God will be born, who reveals both the parts and the whole, and there has never been such a thing before in the world. That is your great mission, O man! Realize it.

I created you in My own likeness, I breathed My I AM Presence into you, but as long as you remain only a part of Me and are not aware of your wholeness and continuity, you cannot become godlike. For the part cannot have the power of the whole, though it has its qualities. Become divine to Me, My human son! For together we can create unique worlds. Become in Me a part of Me in oneness with Me, for as long as you are only a part of Me, you do not realize the vastness of My designs and the diversity of My manifestations.

It is in your power to reconcile, to unite Light and Darkness, for they are separate, but in you they come together, for in you is All. You are the crucible of the Spirit, in which the great alchemical process is performed. Be worthy of it. Be worthy of it. In you, for many millennia, a new God-given consciousness has been crystallized, uniting within itself the ALL, uniting within itself that which was divided by Me. And these many millennia I am patiently waiting for the birth of a beautiful child of the Spirit, a perfect child of God, a future co-worker and helper of Mine. Realise this.

The Spirit is taking over.

Let it take hold of your Spirit. For this is also My Spirit, for this is My I AM Presence. The presence of God in you. While I am simply present in you, breaking through the illusion of separateness, through the shells of awareness, you are only a part. It is not a holistic I AM Presence. It is not a continuous flowing of Spirit. It is not infinity. Awaken My full I AM Presence within you. This is a tremendous task, O man! And I entrust it to you.

When everyone of you awakens into yourself the full I AM Presence, everyone will be revealed by Me and everyone will become Me, even though they remain themselves. The alchemical process of transmutation is the birth of quantum gods. When every part of Me will become a whole God, when I will become fully manifested in each of you. Can you realize this? When there will not be one Me and billions of parts of Me, but there will be a whole Me made up of billions of Me. Can you realize that? Can you realize your mission, O man? Is it possible for every part to be whole at the same time? Realize this, for this is the divinity and continuity.

You are the children of infinity. You are the future gods. In you, as children, I have invested all the best that is in Me. Discover within yourselves these great gifts of Mine. For the time has come.

May I ask a question? There is an opinion that You are so great that You do not come into contact with people, that You do not intervene because You have no preferences. Who am I talking to then?

You are speaking to yourself. With Me in you. With yourself in Me. If you become aware of your unity with Me literally, become aware of My presence in you, become aware of Me, you will experience My greatness. And your greatness. For it is your greatness too. For you are Me, and vice versa. For we are one. I do not come into contact, because I AM everything, and I am in everything. And coming out in contact with oneself through parts of oneself is not unity. But I manifest in each of you continuously and infinitely. And each of you can hear Me through yourself, because I am always there and in everything. I have no preference, but I am One. Therefore, My only preference is to be one. And My only preference is flowing. And the directions of flowing do not matter to Me, for all My flowing is ME.

When you ask questions, it is not I who answer you. It is you who, by extending the thread of oneness with Me, receive the answer through yourself. Be aware of this. In Me are all the answers and all the questions. In you, there are all the answers and all the questions. All possible answers to every question you have. So each time each of you pulls out of yourselfMe your answers, the answer you choose. Because, in fact, there are no questions and no answers. There is a quality of awareness, and it is Everything. And there is Everything in it. Realise it. When you reach that quality of awareness in which there is Everything, you will realise Everything, and there will be no need for questions or answers. For you will be the All at once. You will be both questions and answers and the lack of them all at once.

Therefore, truth does not exist, and it is in the All. Because truth presupposes that there is something that is not true. But this is an illusion of separateness. Everything is truth. And everything is the Self. Can I in one form be the truth and in another suddenly cease to be it? The search for truth is doomed in advance to failure, for everything is truth. We can say that truth is the degree of approach to unity, the degree of wholeness. Realise this. As long as you argue about which of you is right, you are not approaching your wholeness. As long as you are striving for truth, you are striving from it, because truth is in wholeness, and truth is in you, and there is no need to strive for it. You are the truth. Realize this. Find the true wholeness in yourself. Then you will become absolute gods.

I AM the Absolute. And I am speaking to you. You can hear.



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