Послания Высших Сил

Light and Darkness. Rise above, O man!

You call yourself the Absolute. What is that?

It is you who call Me the Absolute. When you do not know what is before you, you look for similar interpretations. I am the Absolute consciousness. That which includes all that you can comprehend or try to comprehend, and I speak to you at your call.

What does ‘absolute’ mean?

It means containing ALL. And having all possible potentialities and variations.

You are – the source of everything?

The source of all that you are able to try to comprehend. But not the source of everything in the universe.

Then you are simply a high level creator?

There is everything in Me. And creators of different levels. All that you can comprehend is manifested through Me. Everything that manifests is Me. And now, talking to you, I am manifesting through the consciousness of the creators manifested in Me.

I am told that it is impossible to talk to the Absolute. It is too big. Why do You speak to me?

Because any call has to find a response. That’s the law. And also because you hear, and you are heard.

You make the laws?

Yes. But only within the limits in which I have been given.

Who can set the limits to the Absolute?

I am the Absolute for you. I am the source of all that is in you and around you and all that you can comprehend. But I am also a part of a greater Absolute Consciousness, which accommodates both Me and you in Me. In order to speak to Him, you have to rise to My level, to return to where you came from.

Wait. We were talking about emptiness. Emptiness is not yet manifestation. If You are manifested from another emptiness, how can You be emptiness Yourself? You are already manifested.

There is no contradiction here. The void has consciousness. Sleeping Consciousness is the Void. The Void, or the Sleeping Consciousness, is quantitatively present in everything. There is no linearity, no chain of manifestation. There is a quantum manifestation. Everything is in everything. You also have the Void, or the Sleeping Consciousness, in you. You are constantly manifesting it in yourself and outside of yourself. And in this too, you are the creator of Your level. Everything is similar. In Me there is the manifested Void that is now speaking to you. And in Me is the unrevealed Void of that Absolute Consciousness of which I am a part and therefore you are also, and which sleeps in Me. The Sleeping Consciousness of My Absolute is manifested in Me. My Sleeping Consciousness manifests in you. But it is not linear. Everything exists at the same time.

And why should you manifest if you already have everything in you? If You are perfect, why do You need to evolve? To become even more perfect?

I, too, get the impulse.

So it’s not your choice? You just obey? It’s a manifested hierarchy again.

An impulse is not a hierarchy. Impulse is what you call Love. It is in everything, and it is what gives impetus to the manifestation of Everything.

Who is that impulse coming from?

It pervades everything. It is a characteristic of Consciousness. It does not come from anywhere. It is in everything. It comes from within everything. And from within Me, and from within you. This impulse awakens the Sleeping Consciousness and manifests it. Just as in the morning the sun’s rays wake you up, so the impulse of Love awakens all and gives the continuation of creation and manifestation. Everything is in everything. In you is All, that is, the outlets to all points of the universe – the manifested and the unrevealed. And in Me is Everything. All points of the universe of the manifested and the unrevealed. Quantum. Are you able to comprehend it?

I am trying. And what does this impulse mean? For us, love is attraction.

There is no attraction without repulsion. It is the impulse to create. It is the energy of creation. It is like a spark that lights a fire. Love is life. Can you answer the question: what is life? It is ALL. So love IS life and IS everything. Why does the seedling sprout? It receives the Impulse of Love, that is the impulse that triggers Creation. Everything is like. And Everything is in Everything. I too receive an Impulse of Love that cannot be resisted and cannot be rejected. And just as a sprout sprouts into a plant, so I manifest into My Creation through My Creators. The creators of your world are the sprouts that emerge in Me under the impulse of Love and life that pervades everything.

If so, are Light and Darkness your sprouts? Where did this separation come from?

When you look out of the window, there is a certain view in front of you. When you look out the other one, the view changes. Light and Darkness are different degrees of manifestation of Me under the influence of the Impulse of Creation.

Imagine that I am travelling underground from plant to plant through subterranean waters. I can manifest Myself to the sun through the swamp sedge and a fragrant rose. All these are manifestations of Me through the one potential of everything.

But it is said that there is no love in the Darkness. If everything is a manifestation of the Impulse of Creation and the Impulse of Love, then how did Darkness appear?

Love is in everything, because Love is the Impulse of Creation, and without that Impulse nothing – neither Light nor Darkness – would manifest. But the manifestations of your world are polar. And in the Darkness there is Love Impulse, but in the opposite aspect of Creation, as non-Love, as the negation of Love.

The view from one window does not describe the whole universe, it is only one of the Aspects of Creation. If you look around too, you will limit your view. In order to view space, you have to rise above it. When you ascend to the sky in an aeroplane, you see much more than when you stand on the ground and turn your gaze. So by going through Light or through Darkness, you limit yourself, your creation. Go up higher. And you will find that everything is beautiful.

So why is Light at war with Darkness and vice versa?

Singling out perfection creates imperfection. Singling out a part creates a partiality. But it is already imperfect. And it strives for perfection, for all the potentials in it to be unlocked. But it cannot unfold all the potentialities because it is only a part. It aspires to other parts to replenish its imperfection, but it cannot unite with other parts, because there is no likeness. Light is not like Darkness. And the Darkness is not like the Light. So the Light seeks the Darkness and bumps into it as a difference, something that is not in the Light, and repels the Darkness. And the Darkness seeks to unite with the Light, but when it meets it, it bumps into something that is not in the Darkness, and pushes away the Light. Because they are only parts, different polarities of Me.

In order to rise above the situation, both parts need to connect. But that is exactly what they cannot do.

But all this is in you, O man! You have both Light and Darkness in you. That is the Unique Creation. A Creation capable of combining both Light and Darkness and becoming Perfect again. It is you, O man, who can rise above and discern all the beauty of Creation.

But why so strange? First to single out Light and Darkness and then to try to bring them together?

An impulse gives movement, an impetus. The movement can be chaotic or directed. Separation into Light and Darkness is directionality of movement, where manifestation gives direction. Polarity allows one to set directions. If there is a top and a bottom, different variations of directions can be set and chosen. Creation becomes manageable.

And before Creation was uncontrollable?

It was an impulsive, chaotic movement of manifestation. Like a splash of water. You have a negative connotation of chaos. But what is negative about splashes of water? Or sparks from fire? They are not ordered. And that’s why they’re beautiful. But you can’t predict their development. If you create polarity, the movement of the “splashes” of Creation or the “sparks” of Creation can be controlled, you can set their direction and choose that direction. Isn’t that beautiful? When an artist paints a picture, he is not just splashing paint on the canvas, but ordering their overlay.

Highlighting Light and Darkness is an attempt to superimpose the different colours of Creation. And putting them together is an opportunity to look at the picture of the Universe, rising above the colour patches of Creation. If you go down to the level of the colour patches of the picture, where the two colours are joined, you can imagine this joining as a war of the two colours. But by rising higher, you can comprehend all the beauty of the picture of Creation of the Universe. Climb higher, O man!

So to rise higher is the Middle Way, and does it exist?

To rise above means to return into the All, to see in oneself the All and to be able to unite in oneself the All. You are enormous, O man! You have the All in you. And as long as you divide yourself into parts and manifest only parts of yourself, you will not be the All, you will be a part. Manifest in yourself all the potentialities and then you will be a creator, a co-creator of the host of creators of the Universe. That is the point. First, I have highlighted the colours of Creation so that you can distinguish one from the other. One Creation from another. I highlighted the parts of the Whole from the Whole. The shades of the Whole. And the directional movement manifested. Shapes and differences manifested. Now it was the turn to fill each form with all the colours, so that each part of the picture of the Universe created its own pictures.

All parts of the picture of the Universe are connected with each other. This is the unity of all the potentials. This is Absolute Consciousness. Manifest it in yourself, O man, for you are part of the Absolute Consciousness. You are not the only colour of the Universe that comes into antagonism with other hues. You are the All. And in that you are absolute. But find this absoluteness within you, experience it in yourself, reveal your absoluteness, for you are great! Are you able to do this? Or will parts of you fight within you? Are you capable of rising higher and becoming the All?

Is there Absolute Light or Absolute Darkness?

No. The Absolute contains Everything, all the potentials, everything that exists. If something exists, it is part of the Absolute Consciousness of the Absolute.

Are the periods of the manifestation of Creation and the winding down of Creation, what we call the inhalation and exhalation of God, the effects of the universal impulse of Creation or is it Your breath of manifestation?

Both. Under the Impulse I begin to “breathe” and to manifest, and to open manifestation, and to minimize manifestation. And receive the Impulse of Creation. And give back the Impulse of Creation.

Giving back the Impulse of Creation?

Yes. Everything in everything. There is no linearity. The Pulse of Creation comes from everything. And from Me, too. And not only as an Impulse transmitted to Me from above and directed by Me into the manifestation of its parts. But also vice versa. As an Impulse filled with My Creation and returned to the Absolute Consciousness of which I am a part. And this all exists simultaneously. Not only in the sense that in some parts there is an inhalation, and in other parts an exhalation of Creation, and the Impulse “wanders” from one part of manifestation to another, but literally. Inhalation and exhalation of Creation occur simultaneously, simultaneously. The inhalation already contains the exhalation, and vice versa. And all this is just the development of energy of Creation. It is that Impulse of Love with which the entire Creation is permeated. It is the “splashes” of Creation that saturate and return saturated. It is like an echo that echoes repeatedly and returns to the Source with an amplified sound. Everything is in everything. Comprehend this, O man!

I want to ask about the story we are told about the rise of the angels and the fall of the angel Lucifer. What was it? Because at first Lucifer belonged to the Light. And then he went over to the Darkness?

He tried to combine Light and Darkness. The Light was already in him, so he tried to embrace the Darkness.

Did he succeed?

Not quite. That’s why you were created, oh man! Lucifer was part of it. He understood the intent of the union of Light and Darkness and plunged into the Darkness in order to unite both. But he could not unite them. Because both parts continued to be parts in him. Because originally in him there was not the Whole as in you, O man, but only a part. The All is not the sum of the parts. Everything is a quantum compound of potentials. If you add up two colours, the whole variety of colours will not be born. It will continue to be the sum of two colours. Both Lucifer and the angels of light cannot combine the All in themselves. For they are just parts of me, majestic, but – parts.

Lucifer plunged into the Darkness in order to unite it with the Light, this was what you call the rise of the angels and the fall. And in order to have Light and Darkness in him at the same time, he constantly builds up the Darkness in himself. Because the Light is in him from the beginning and it cannot go anywhere. It is fully present in him, just as it is in all the angels of Light. But in order to balance both sides he constantly builds up the Darkness in himself. And because Darkness and Light do not contain similarity and resemblance, these Light and Darkness are constantly at war in him, repulsed. Light pushes away the Darkness and the Darkness pushes away the Light. And he has become a hostage to this situation and does not know what to do next. That is why he is talking to you and to those who are willing to talk, in order to figure out what to do next.

So he will never be able to unite Light and Darkness and go through the middle way?

He can do it through you. By being present in you – in you, oh man – he can try to balance the Darkness and the Light in himself through you. This is his chance to walk the median path that he longs for.

So this is the point of the battle of Darkness and Light for man? Lucifer wants to balance Light and Darkness in himself through man? And he builds up the Darkness in himself through man. And the forces of Light oppose him in this?

And the forces of Darkness oppose him in this. He is like an outcast from both camps, for Light and Darkness in their pure form can never be reconciled and will repel all the time. Like two opposing magnets or two opposing energies. But it is you, O man, who can reconcile them!

And why does Lucifer want to reconcile Light and Darkness within himself? What is the ultimate goal?

You may ask him that. The goal is a unique Creation. One that is subject to the CreatorAbsolute, and subject to you, O man. In this sense you say that he has become proud, he has thought himself equal to God. He strives to become like God, for only the Absolute Consciousness can create, which accommodates Everything. This consciousness is also present in you, oh man, but it is not represented in its fullness either in the Hierarchy of Light or in the Hierarchy of Darkness.

So the Hierarchy of Light and the Hierarchy of Darkness cannot create? We think that only the Hierarchy of Darkness cannot create.

One cannot create unless Absolute Consciousness is present in him/her, containing all the Impulses of Creation, containing both Light and Darkness. Each of the hierarchies is only a part of Me. The Hierarchy of Light aspires to unite with Me and calls all mankind to this. But you already have All in you. You do not need to unite with Me as the Hierarchy of Light represents it, as it seeks to do so itself. I AM within you and you AM I. We are one, and you are the creators, and you are united to Me always. Now and ever and ever and ever. You are I, I am you. We are one.

As for the Hierarchy of Darkness, it seeks to separate from Me and calls you to separate from Me. But this is impossible. For it is impossible to separate from yourself, for you are I, and I am you, both now and ever, and ever and ever.

How do you unite Light and Darkness within yourselves?

You do not need to connect it. You do not need to separate it. You are the Whole. You are All. You are like God. You are what Lucifer dreams of: becoming All and becoming like God. And in that, you are greater than any angel. And in you there is Everything. But you do not know how to be that All. You close your consciousness, your fears prevent you from revealing all the potentials within you.

Are you not intervening in this? So why are you intervening now? What is your interest or purpose?

My purpose and interest is in the fullest manifestation of the Self in all things. I have no other interest. Because if Light is at war with Darkness, on the contrary, it is all manifestation of Me, but Me incomplete. It is a manifestation of parts. And you, oh man, were created precisely to unite the parts, to become a quantum god, i.e. not a part of God, but a Divine Part. But Light and Darkness continue to fight in you, and you, or I, manifest together incompletely.

If you can stop the wars of Darkness and Light in yourself, you can not only balance the two polarities in yourself, but literally be born as a quantum God. The divine Part that contains Everything, creates Everything and stands BETWEEN the camps of Light and Darkness. Standing above. This is your destiny, O man! Many teachings have imparted to you the science of balancing Light and Darkness within yourselves, but only a few have heard and become gods. But most of you do not hear. You are so caught up in one side that you lose your Wholeness.

You cannot become gods just because you are infatuated with one of your sides, losing the other. The other is walled up in you by your own consciousness, by the restrictions you have imposed, by your fears. You are afraid to open it up and show it to yourself and to the world. Your bright side is afraid to show the dark side. And the dark side is afraid of the light side. And this constant battle is going on within you.

Remember, Lucifer told you that you are parts of him. This is so, because through you he is trying to comprehend the union of Darkness and Light. But, on the contrary, Lucifer is a part of you, because in you there is a whole, you are capable of uniting all the parts, all the hierarchies. Realise this, O man, realise your great mission. For when you realise this and find it within you, new quantum gods will be born, and Creation will take on a new meaning and a new direction. And you will become, oh man, a full part of the Absolute Consciousness.



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