Послания Высших Сил

Realise yourself as whole, realise yourself as ALL DEVELOP

Why do you need to evolve? You are absolute, after all. Why develop at all?

I am absolute in relation to you and relative in relation to another level of Absolute Consciousness. I contain ALL, but I am also a part of ALL. Become aware of this thought. Stop for a moment. I am at the same time I contain ALL and at the same time I am part of ALL. You are now seeing a linear chain, in which something higher to you is just a part of something even higher. This is linearity. Deeper than that. I am ALL. And I am both the ALL and part of the Self. Each point of potential contains all potential. Each point can unfold into any potential. And each part unfolds into ALL. ALL is made up of parts or points of potential. And at the same time each point is the Whole and the ALL. Realize this.

You are a point of potential. My potential. But you are the Whole. I am in you completely. You are not just connected to me as part of me. You are literally Me. You are not just a portal of connection to Me. You are the unfolding point of the potential of ALL. Each of you. You are the point and at the same time you are ALL. As a point, you are coiled; your consciousness of ALL, Absolute Consciousness, is sleeping in you as potential. The sleeping God. But as soon as you begin to unfold yourself in development, in the manifestation of potential, you acquire the qualities of ALL, you become ALL. You wake up not as a human being, but as an Absolute. You awaken as I, and We are One. Development for you is waking up, manifesting the qualities of Absolute Consciousness, the qualities of Infinity and Eternity, of Absolute Knowledge, of the accommodation of ALL in yourself. The more you wake up, the more you remember yourself as Me.

But why was it necessary to forget it?

This is the stage of development. You are the creator of new potentialities. Realize this. I am the Absolute, and in Me there are all possible potentials, and all of them can be unfolded and manifested in Me. And you are part of Me, you are the point of potential unfoldment. For the potential to be unfolded, you need a point of reference. You are the point of reference for my development, for our unfolding; you are the line with “START” written on it; you are the beginning of the unfolding of creation. But at the same time you are the creator of new potential.

To create from a blank slate, you have to forget all previous creations, all previous potentials and all possibilities. When every thought you create, every memory will draw your creation to the potentials available. But if you create within the available potentials, then you are static, and the Self is static. There is no movement, there is no expansion. Because you and I create within a certain domain. It is not an area that has boundaries, as you see it. It is an area of unfolding possibilities, it is the maximum of possibilities. It is rather power, if you look for a similar analogy in your language.

But it is possible to go beyond power and create what has never been created. And thus create a new capacity. Just as your designers prescribe the details and mechanisms of a new device, so you can create a projection of a new potential. You are the designer of the universe. Realise this. Each one of you is the creator and constructor of the universe.

But we are told that we are too small, that there are higher entities in the universe that create worlds: the Chief Determinator, the Chief Architect and so on.

This is separation. Begin to realise yourself as whole. You are both the Chief Architect, the Chief Determiner and the Absolute. In one bottle, as you are used to saying. You are the point of development of the potential of ALL. ALL accommodates both the Chief Architect and the Chief Determiner. The separation is in your minds.

By unfolding one of the potentials of ALL in yourself, you manifest as the Chief Architect; by unfolding the other potential in yourself, you manifest as the Chief Determiner. All of you. All those who have remembered themselves as the Principal Architect, manifest it in the Universe. All those who have remembered the Chief Determiner in themselves, manifest it in the Universe. All manifest ALL. EVERYTHING does not exist without manifestation. And manifestation happens through parts, through points of potentials. Do you keep up with the thought? Everything is enabled by your thought. Your thought is like a starter. Like the magic wand of creation. You want to know how to activate the rest of your DNA. You asked about that. Everything happens through thought. You can do it within yourself.

Realize yourself as whole, realize yourself as ALL.

How do I turn on the 12 layers of DNA with a thought?

It’s like removing barriers, like opening a gate. If you rise above the object of study, you see the perspective. And you see those very gates restricting you. There is nothing forbidden or difficult for you. Each of you can do it playfully. When you DARE to connect the 12 layers of DNA, the mechanism is triggered by this, by this one thought of yours. Like in your films – the start button is pressed and the work is started, and all the parts of the mechanism are tested.

A THOUGHT. It can both limit and open. Now, when you try to comprehend what I’ve said, these mechanisms are already engaged in you. Like deja vu. The pilot had forgotten that he could fly the spaceship; but when he sits down at the console, his memory wakes up and his hands know what to do. Like a musician sits down at the piano and without learning

and suddenly realizes that his hands are running on the keys. Your bodies are the keepers of an amazing memory, they have everything in them. If it were not for the control of your mind, you would have already manifested as God-man.

You contain ALL. You contain the memory of EVERYTHING. And now that memory is slowly opening up. It cannot even be called memory, because memory is the essence of information about what has been. But there is no time, it is difficult for you to realize it yet. That is why whole worlds are unfolding in you and through you now. But the information about them is closed in you. It is as if you are in an isolated room, in which there is only one window, and you see the world only through it. But behind the walls of the room, there is the whole Creation, and if you take away all the walls, EVERYTHING will be available to you, you will become a part of EVERYTHING.

What is the difference between a human being and other higher beings? For example, from an angel?

Angel is one direction of Absolute Consciousness. You are ALL. You are all angels put together. You are everything that is in Me. You are absolute. Each one of you is absolute.

Does that make me superior to an angel? That is strange.

You’re not superior. It’s all a convention. You are BIGGER than an angel, you accommodate an angel too. Each and every one of you. That’s why you talk to angels and to Me. Because you accommodate it within you. Get away from the separation. You contain within you both Lucifer and Michael and all those with whom you have spoken, and all others with whom you have not yet spoken.

This is why the division into names is conditional. Because ALL is you. AND I AM. I contain everyone. You contain everyone. You are not alone. All people contain all worlds. That is why you hear them from within, even though in your mind it all exists outside. That is why you are told that you are one, that there is no separation. Everything is in everything. Everything is a projection of your Divine Consciousness. Everything is the manifestation of your creative capacity.

There are no worlds without you. Just as they do not exist without Me. Do you remember the question of your scientists: what is primary, matter or consciousness? That question is wrong. What is primary: potential or point of potential? What is primary: the potential of manifestation or manifestation itself? Which emanates from which? Do you, as a point of potential, manifest ALL, or does ALL manifest the point of potential? The chicken and the egg.

Everything is in everything at the same time. Everything is in everything. You are like an egg that has all the potential of manifestation in it. And until you hatch out of your shell, nothing manifests. And I cannot manifest until you unfold our potential with you in some direction. This is how I manifest through points of potential. In order to manifest, I determine the points of reference. This is the division into parts. There are billions of points of unfolding potentials in every volume of space. No, not linearly. From a point, Infinity can unfold and unfold. A point is not a finite entity, as it exists in yours. It is a condensation of power, if I may say so.

I see a struggle going on in your consciousness. Don’t fight it and just try to absorb those thoughts. I know you have been inculcated with thoughts of your dependence and limitation for many millennia. It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later the volcanoes wake up. Points of potential always manifest. It is the property of a point of potential to be manifested. You manifest. Gradually. Each of you. I am not in a hurry. There is no time. Each one of you manifests in Me and realizes our oneness. There is no stopping the process. It’s like trying to hold back a mighty rush of water. Sooner or later it will break through all the barriers.

If for me, development is about unlocking potential, what is development for you?

The same thing.

I’m sorry, but again I don’t understand. Why do you need to manifest? You are Absolute consciousness and you are perfect. Why do you need manifestation and development? Why change perfection?

To develop even greater perfection. You have a good saying: everything is learned by comparison. Different is different from something. I am perfection, but how do I realize that I am perfection? One must then compare with imperfection. Words are conditional. There is nothing imperfect. For everything is accomplished, and therefore perfect. We started with that. Do you remember?

But to reveal what perfection is, you have to explore it, you have to manifest it as perfection, you have to accomplish it. If you do not manifest Me and yourself, you cannot manifest and realize your perfection, because you do not accomplish it. You can say that you are asleep and are not aware of your perfection. A very conventional example: a woman on a desert island cannot realise her beauty. She, conventionally speaking, does not see it. She has nothing to compare it with. She will see her perfection and beauty only in the eyes of others, only through them, through their attitude towards her. As to perfection and beauty. Or not a woman. Examples are all conventional.

I manifest my perfection by committing it. Only by manifesting My perfection do I realize Myself as this perfection. But by manifesting, each time I want to manifest more and more perfectly. To reveal Myself as much as possible. To unfold all My possibilities. In other words, without manifestation I do not know Myself, I do not know – how absolute and perfect I am.

You said that I am the creator of new potentials. Aren’t all potentials already contained in You?

They are contained. But in an undeveloped form. Like the zero point of the scale. Like a blank sheet of paper on which You can draw what I never dreamed, literally. I see the dreams you create. And all of you. And all the creator entities in the universe.

Do the creators of the other levels also include ALL, or is it the uniqueness of humanity that we are told?

You are separating again. You are all creators. They are all in you. You and I are one. The only difference is that you don’t realise it. And whenever you divide into parts, whenever you look outside, whenever you think that there is you and there are angels and creators of different levels separately, you do not realize yourself as one. Awareness of this is not just a thought. It serves as an inclusion in this Oneness. You are both the Spirit of the earth and the Spirit of the planet. You are both every human being and every creator. You are both the creator of karma and its participant. You are much more than you realize yourself. Realize yourself as whole.

It has already been explained to you. The light that comes through the orifice of the balloon is flowing through the holes in the balloon, but every beam that is emitted through the hole in the balloon is the same light. And it illuminates in the same way as light. It creates the same way as light. It’s just that it, each beam, is directed at a certain area and illuminates a certain area. And that beam seems to be the only area that exists. But when it realises that it is a light that can illuminate everything it ‘sees’, and can illuminate the whole picture of the world, it will manifest it out of the darkness. And, if you are walking on the beam, you only see one illuminated area. But if you are inside the ball, you see simultaneously through all the openings of the lamp and realize that all your rays are you, and all the illuminated pictures of space are your manifestation, are your vision of yourself, are your reveries and projections.

So there is no unique humanity, just different manifestations of You?

Yes. But you need to stop separating Me from yourself. And yourself from Me. Separation is the essence of your identity, sure of what it is. But she is only one of My wandering rays of consciousness. She is one of your wandering rays of consciousness. And now you are just reclaiming your lost stray ray of consciousness. He wandered for eons of ages and created entire worlds by his reflection; he was afraid, because he was separate and did not understand that everything around him is him. He perceived what he was illuminating as that which is outside him.

But now he has begun to return. This return is again non-linear. There is no need to go back through all the trajectories of the wandering beam in order to return to the “ball of light”. Everything is in everything. The beam itself already has everything in it, and it itself is the “ball of light” of the Universe. This is what you call quantization. The universal connection of EVERYTHING with everything and everything with EVERYTHING.

But, if everything is infinite and I am a point of potential, then you are also a point of potential?

You are moving. Yes, I am. I am Infinity and the point of potential of Infinity. And you are Infinity and the point of potential Infinity. You are in Me and I am in you. I am in ALL and I am part of ALL. And you are in ALL and part of ALL. This is hard to grasp. Just accept this knowledge, and it will unfold in you, give its sprouts and set in you the necessary mechanisms for the manifestation of ALL. Just ACCEPT it.

You have EVERYTHING in you. And that’s why you can talk to everyone. You have ALL in you. And therefore you can see ALL. But talking and seeing are just forms of manifesting ALL. This is how you choose to manifest ALL. Freedom of choice is the freedom to manifest ALL as you choose. To manifest a part of ALL through the Whole ALL within yourself.

As long as you divide the world into dark and light, into reptilian, grey, into secret governments that control you, into gods that control you, you are limiting your potentials to manifest the WHOLE within yourself. You only manifest parts of yourself. Everything that exists around you actually exists in you. Only you allow it to manifest. Without you, nothing manifests. Without each and every one of you. There is just a blank sheet of paper on which you draw your realities and your manifestations every second. Your encounters. You are all that you know of the world, all that you manifest with your thoughts of the world. This is about each of you.

By manifesting the world with your thoughts, you create collective reveries. And each of you sees only a part of the collective reverie. The one you are thinking. But if you go back to the centre of the ball, you can see all the reveries at the same time. Like a myriad of film projectors mounted in the beam exit holes of the ‘balloon’. But being inside the balloon, being inside yourself, you can see them all together and understand that all this is just a projection of your Divine Consciousness, My Consciousness, you and me.

You can approach one of the openings of the projectors and walk along the beam, be carried away by the image, believe in the reality of the reverie. But this is only a tiny fraction of your manifestations and your reveries. And in each you and I, carried away by the reverie, suffer and rejoice, capture and release, die and be born, command and obey. You are just looking out different windows of reality, looking from different positions at the vast world. And not just looking. There is nothing behind the window. You manifest what you see with your thoughts.

Then it turns out that if I am talking to Lucifer, I am trying to communicate from one ray to the other ray – Lucifer?

Yes, you are beginning to understand. And that’s actually all you are. This is the Yates. There is no separation. You can say that it is a different view of the world: through the eyes of Lucifer and through the eyes of you. And Lucifer explains to your eyes how his eyes see. That is the distortion. Because it is impossible to explain it. You can look through his eyes, through your eyes. And all this will be a new manifestation of youMe.

What, then, is the very transition that they tell us so much about?

It is the gathering into unity. It is the realisation of being whole. For a long time only a few of you have sought to realise yourselves as whole. But now you are waking up as a race, as my sleeping part.

Why now? Why was it not so before? We are told of a certain Divine favour that has now appeared and so more energies are descending on the Earth and awakening people.

It’s a separation again. Ask yourself this. Why have you decided to wake up now? Because you are the Self and vice versa. You decided to wake up, so I decided to wake up. Then everyone has also decided to wake up. There is no one who tells and no one who does. For all is one. There is no one who wakes up and no one who wakes up. For all is one. There is no one who sends God’s good pleasure and no one who receives. The good will of youMe is to wake up. You have decided with Me. Or I have decided together with you. For we are one.

See yourself in every one. In every tree. In every man, in every animal. In everything you manifest, for it is you and only you. Or rather, we are. We are all one. Realize this, O human being.



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