Послания Высших Сил

Help me to enjoy your splendor.

You are children playing gods.
You are gods who have forgotten it.


Do you know of a dream that lasts forever? A dream where everything is so real that you forget it is a dream? Can you realize what Eternity means? Can you remember it? One life succeeds another, one universe passes into the next. Dreams of the gods, yours and mine?

Tell me about your dreams.

These are your dreams too. All that is created is a dream. The flow of thought.

First there is thoughtlessness, emptiness. There is no movement. And everything is perfect, but not manifested. And does not know its perfection. For it sleeps. Sleeps without dreams. It is emptiness and darkness. It is zero. It is the absence of everything. Then an impulse is born and a thought manifests. And that thought gives impetus to the first Creation. And then a chain reaction begins. Fractality of thought creation is born.

One gives birth to many, and each many gives birth to another many. Like handfuls of grapes. Like branches of a tree. Like fireworks, flashes of dreams are born. Every spark singled out

sparks of Creation sprinkle forth. Such is the action of the impulse. And everything awakens and gives birth to reveries. A reverie is a form of manifestation of you. And Me.

You exist when you dream. You stand out in the dream. You manifest as manifested perfection. You are accomplished. When there is no reverie, there is the Self. When the reverie appears, you also appear. As My dream of myself. As My perfection.

You are the perfect form of Me. You are the confirmation of My perfection. For you are Me, the One who is complete, who has revealed Himself, who has recognised Himself. You are the face of God. Through you and through others I manifest My Face. These faces are different. And these faces have instruments of perception. Like your eyes. Through your eyes I look at Myself, at my perfection.

You are movement. I am stillness. Through you I comprehend movement.

Through you I comprehend being. For there is no Me, there is you. For all being is the manifestation of movement. But I am stillness. And so stillness gives birth to movement. And stillness itself dissolves in motion and forgets itself, and dreams of birth and death, of inhalation and exhalation. And it lasts forever.

Can you realise what Eternity is? One reverie succeeds another and there is no beginning and no end. There is a manifestation. There is no beginning because the Void cannot have a beginning, nor can there be an end.

We have spoken to you. Eternity is continuity. If you separate yourself from Me, you interrupt Me and yourself and distance yourself from Eternity. If you separate yesterday from tomorrow, you separate yourself from Eternity. There is only the eternal Now. This moment. And there is nothing else. Continuous perfection, the perfect moment of creation. Be aware of this.

How does Thy thought give birth to a reverie? And what is Thy thought and mine?

It is the impulse of creation. Each is subject to it. And each next one creates in the previous one. I have singled out the Perfect Creator, who created an even more Perfect Creator, who created Perfection itself.

Perfection is that which is accomplished, that which is manifested. For it is different. Different from the previous one, more perfect than the previous perfection. I have accomplished Myself by manifesting in Myself the perfect form of the world, by creating the creating essence called God or the Primordial Creator. This Primordial Creator, which is the Self, began to create in Myself even more perfect worlds, in which new creators were born, who unfolded in themselves entire universes.

Everyone deepened into him/herself and thus manifested Me in him/herself and in Me. This is what is compared to an onion. The bulb grows from within, each new layer of the bulb appears within. This is also how the world works. But just imagine an onion bulb, infinite in all directions. And it is constantly growing, manifesting more and more layers of perception and new worlds.

But you imagine a linear view, that bulb you saw as a plant. Can you imagine the quantum of the world? The sprout, from inside the bulb, is an impulse of creation. That is, this impulse comes from Me, and I am inside the ‘bulb’. I am there unrevealed. And the more the ‘bulb’ grows, the more the original creator, as the first ‘bulbous’ layer of the world, separates from Me. But the closer I am to the very last creation, for I am inside the ‘bulb’ as an impulse. And so the more Creation unfolds, the more the first-creators separate from Me in their reverie. Do you understand? It is not the subsequent creation that separates itself more and more from Me, but the Primordial Creation. Like an onion growing. Everything is similar.

Each layer of the “bulb” is a new world, a new reverie.

And God said: let there be light. And the light said: let there be colour. And colour said: let there be sound. Each new manifestation realises its difference and again manifests itself in a new one. And if at first light was born, by realising itself to be light, it gave birth to different light or colours and gave birth to the extension of waves of light, which gave colour and sound. And so on.

Thought is the directional impulse of Creation.

MIRRORS. You manifest a reflection of yourself as in a mirror. You are reflecting. You create an image of yourself and you look in it like in a mirror. You create an image of the world and you look into it. This is your dream. But the mirror and you are one. The mirror is your reflection. The mirror only exists by reflecting. Everything you see is just your reflection. A reflection of your thoughts. Therefore, it is you.

The world is created as a perfection of reflections or a reflection of perfections. Imagine that the world is simply a mirror in which your thought is reflected. It is a screen on which the images of your imagination appear. It’s like a film. So you and only you create your world, projecting it on the magic screen, reflecting yourself in the magic mirror of the world. And, the world created by you is your dream, your reflection, your creation. And, the world created by you, – is also my dream, and my reflection, and my creation. For you are in Me. And you are Me, only manifested in the sprout of Creation. And through you, and with you, I contemplate your reverie. I contemplate your reflection, which is my reflection. I contemplate your and my perfection.

Like circles on the water. Look at the calm water. Contemplate it. There is nothing in it. But here is a splash, and movement begins, and each circle is different from the previous one. But the circles start from the inside.

What’s the point? What’s the point of it all? Are you just bored and so you create your dreams through us?

You’re a child. There is no meaning. There is a purpose in knowing your perfection. The only meaning is knowing. What are you when you are not there? Is there meaning in you when you are not there? And then is there a you? I perceive that all these thoughts are difficult for you. But that’s okay. It’s hard to go from the finite to the infinite. From mortality to eternity. It’s hard to return from separation to unity. To the Beginning.

I am the beginning of you. Realize it. You are infinite. And there is no contradiction in that. I am where you began your journey into Infinity. From where you became Infinity. I am the point, you are the Infinity, not the other way round. Realise this. I, the potential for development, have unfolded into the Infinity that is you. And we are inseparable. There is no boundary. Your beginning is you. You are Me, and you are My development. And I am your beginning. Realize that. We are one.

So, what is you if there is no you? When you are not there, I am there. But here you are manifesting, and there is no Me. You are the manifestation of Me. My face. I am a multiple-faced deity who is simultaneously looking and manifesting in a myriad of countenances that contemplate themselves in reflected worlds. Do you keep up with the thought?

For me boredom is already a reflection, one of the countenances. For when the Self is not manifested, there is nothing. Including boredom. I do not exist without you, because I am manifested in you. Realize this. You are my reflection. I look at you as in my mirror. But it’s you who commands this mirror. I am your mirror.

Doesn’t the mirror distort?

Distortion is manifestation. Is it possible to distort perfection? All reflections of Me are perfect. There is nothing imperfect in My worlds, for all these are My perfection, My accomplishment, My manifestation. Each new Face is different from the other. With what can it be compared? Can one compare the Face to the Void? Can a picture be compared to a blank canvas? Is a picture a distortion of a canvas? And how is one picture better than another?

Every painting is the completion of the canvas. Its manifestation, revealing its essence. And the canvas does not know what kind of picture will be painted on it. And every painting is him. And a myriad of times more an infinite number of paintings will emerge on the canvas. Can the canvas single out one painting as being more perfect? It is all its manifestations. When the painting is painted, the canvas disappears and there is the painting. The canvas becomes the painting. He is at that time no longer quite a canvas, he is more than a canvas, he is manifested.

Can he consider himself an imperfection? Yes, only if he, as a manifestation, has forgotten his perfection. That he can be manifested in thousands of perfect pictures of the world.

But what about those manifestations of yours that kill their own kind, that hate, lie, betray, torment others? Is this perfection?

I have no choice like you have. I don’t have a choice of how to manifest. I manifest through parts of Myself. And their choice is My choice a priori. You don’t ask a canvas what to paint on it. It is My way of discovering My potentialities of Creation through manifestation.

So it turns out that You do not control anything and there is no plan in You?

What plan can the Void have? Only to manifest. What can be the plan of the canvas? It just gives the possibility of creation.

What about the divine plans we are told about?

These are the plans of the divine creators, who are part of Me.

And you don’t interfere with anything?

How can a canvas affect what is painted on it? How can the Void interfere?

So you are not moved by the suffering of people, by the battles of Light and Darkness?

When you watch a film, it touches you, but you are still aware that you are in a cinema. You don’t believe in the truth of the film. You remain outside of it. You are an observer. A spectator. Once you begin to believe in the truth of the film, you become involved in it. And you don’t realize you are whole.

If I get involved in every reverie, of which there are myriads, I will lose the integrity of Myself. You also dream a multitude of reveries and you get lost in them, being involved in one or the other, because you do not realise that you are whole.

Be a contemplative dreamer. A holistic observer. Realize that they are only dreams, your manifestation, your reflection. Your sample of the canvas. Realize that you can create a myriad more pictures of the world, one more beautiful than the other, and give Me the opportunity to enjoy this splendor, your splendor and My splendor. Your magnificence and my magnificence.

Remember that I dream what you manifest, O man! That your reverie is also My reverie. So help Me to enjoy Your magnificence. Let us dream the magnificent worlds together.

You are children playing gods. You are gods who have forgotten it.



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