Послания Высших Сил

Think of yourself as the original Creator, and you will rise above Perfection.

You said that you manifest through parts of yourself. Why can’t you manifest in wholeness?

I do manifest in wholeness. In the wholeness of each part. Or in the multiplicity of the Whole. I am holographic, if that is easier for you to understand. In every point of Me and in every part of Me there is the whole of Me. Every drop is a mini-image of the ocean. Every essence is a mini-brush of Me. In every one there is the Whole. Otherwise how could I manifest? I am perfection, in Whom is the Whole. If I linearly dissect Myself into parts, and one part is not identical to another, it is no longer Me. I am in each one of you, in Perfection. And then each of you decides how exactly to manifest My Perfection. This is what creation is – a manifestation of Absolute Perfection.

If everything is perfect in you, what is the need for development? Because you already have everything in you.

You understand the word ‘perfection’ as something most excellent, most complete. It implies comparison to something incomplete and not perfect. Perfection is an accomplishment, a manifestation. I am the potential of manifestation. My Perfection is the capacity to manifest infinitely in many variations of myself. Do you think that if everything is in Me, then it is present in Me at the same time or is stuffed like in a cupboard of unnecessary and unclaimed things? In Me is Everything, and there is nothing. In Me is the All – it is My capacity to manifest in the All. I am malleable. I am like a plasticine that can be molded into everything. I am like a plasma that can create any configuration of manifestation. I am energy that can take any form. In me there are no kinds of these forms, in me there is no memory of these forms. I know nothing and at the same time I am Everything.

You have no memory of all forms in you? What about the Akashi Chronicles and the information field? And what about potential? There are templates of all created forms somewhere, aren’t there?

Yes, but the template is also my manifestation. Potential is not a library of creation templates but the Force that enables creation and manifestation of any configuration of a part of Me. You were given the example of magnetic particles and a magnet. I am a magnetic Power. At the initial stage of manifestation I form with My Power those magnetic particles which are created elements of creation, building blocks of forms and configurations. These are already the forms. When I manifest, the magnetic Force begins to act in a certain way, guided by the Creator. He configures this Force, and under his influence this Force forms a stable configuration of a magnet, which forms a certain set of particles of the world.

Who then is the Creator?

It is a magnet that is recreated, manifested as part of Me, as a particular configuration of Me, of those very magnetic particles. And further, this magnet is so strong that it begins to attract and configure other particles of the world, creating whole worlds of forms. And if one of the particles begins to merge with other particles, it will sooner or later reach the size and power of the original magnet. And if it becomes larger than it, it will attract it and be able to influence it with its magnetic force. And the whole process of the Universe and Creation is simply a movement, a flowing over of these magnetic particles of the world, their union into different magnet-creators or their disintegration under the action of other magnet-creators.

I am accomplished when I manifest. And I do not know how I will manifest at each time/moment, because it is impossible to know and predict. And every time there is a possibility of manifesting Everything and manifesting in everything. Like a kaleidoscope. But this comparison doesn’t capture the essence either. Because the crystals of My “kaleidoscope”, their colour and size also manifest simultaneously with the manifestation of the pattern of the “kaleidoscope”. Manifestation is My essence.

So you do not exist without the manifestation?

On the contrary. Without manifestation, nothing exists in Me. And everything exists in Me, and I exist always in manifestation. Existence is perception. As long as you perceive, you exist. You can only perceive if there is something other than yourself. Otherwise you have nothing to perceive. There is nothing that is different from you or exists outside of you. You do not interact with anyone and then you do not exist. With whom do I interact if I am Perfection, the perfect point of potential? But by unfolding your potentials into a new perception, I create their interaction in Me and manifest your perception of Me in Me.

If to exist is to perceive, and one can only perceive what is different from oneself, then how then do You exist if You are in everything and there is nothing different from You?

There is really no contradiction here. I exist when I manifest and perceive Myself through you. Each of you chooses a different manifestation of My Perfection, a different set and combination of crystals in the ‘kaleidoscope’ of manifestation. And each of you is different from Me in manifestation and identical with Me in essence. And when I am not manifesting, I do not exist, I simply AM the potential of existence and manifestation.

Speed is a characteristic of perception and a characteristic of what you call time. Everything is in motion and in change. You call it vibration. Vibration is both development and change. You are not stable. You are changing all the time under the influence of various factors, both external and internal. Change is manifestation. You manifest Me differently every second, each time choosing a new, slightly different “kaleidoscope” state from the previous one. The faster you can change, that is – the wider the range of your changes, the closer you get to My Perfection. The more you can embrace My Power, the more the manifestation of My Perfection you are able to master and pass through yourself.

The faster you vibrate, the more perfect you are, the more of My potentials, My capabilities you are able to contain in yourself and unfold in yourself and manifest. This is the speed of vibration or the power of the manifestation of Perfection in yourself.

I see where you are going with this. What for us is a millennium, for other entities in the universe is a moment. But it turns out that they just have a slower speed, like, say, stones compared to us humans.

You’re comparing it to the units of time you have. I’m talking about fullness, the ability to accommodate. Those essences that have your millennium as a moment contain vast potentials, entire worlds and universes; they manifest My Perfection in themselves to a greater degree. They are more perfect. You are simply part of them, part of their perfection, part of their manifestation. Just as your cells are part of your perfection.

But again, this is not linear. Each of your cells includes not only the perfection of you, but also the perfection of all the creators. Each cell is both the perfect creator and the perfect creature. You are a creator, and at the same time you are being created by someone. You are someone’s part and someone’s manifestation. And at the same time you have parts and manifestations that are your creations.

Just as a computer is slower/slower to process huge amounts of data, so are these essences, which contain a multitude of My perfections, manifesting in this multitude. And the more they contain, the more manifestations they make, the more in the concept of linearity they need time to manifest all their parts. The more possibilities for their manifestation they include, and the longer, the more continuous their manifestations are.

So they are not eternal, but simply longer?

You understand eternity as an infinite existence in time. But eternity is continuity. Realize this. If you are not interrupted, you are manifested and accomplished, you exist. As soon as you are interrupted, you cease to exist or to manifest. You are not there – you are in potential, you are in Me unrevealed. You exist only as a possibility of manifestation.

When you manifest in and through someone, you are a detail of the world. Detail of Perfection. You are My detail, you are the development of My Perfection. You are My possibility of development of My Perfection. The unique development, the unique manifestation of Me, My Perfection, My fullness. You reveal Me through you, and I reveal Myself through you. I know nothing of Myself and I discover it through you, through your manifestation of Me through you, through your dreams of Me. Be aware of this. It is up to you how I will manifest, how I will exist.

You, each of you, each of the essences allow Me to cognize My Perfection in a unique unique unique form and shape, to realize Myself as what I have not yet manifested, but manifested. And this is beautiful.

And yet it turns out that all existing manifestations in the universe are perfect, so evil is also Your perfection? Most people think that evil is not Your manifestation, but Your distortion, that it does not correspond to Your essence.

Everything is a manifestation of Me, and I am in everything. Distortion is the degree of conformity to the Primordial Thoughtform. I have manifested in Myself Perfect Creators who have begun to create in themselves through their thoughtforms worlds and universes. And the more each of the creators created within themselves, the more of their creations they housed within themselves, the more they expanded. And the further, in terms of distance from the Primordial Thoughtform, each of his subsequent creations was separated. And that is the distortion. But not a distortion of Me. For it is impossible to distort Me.

To say that one distorts Me, one must compare Me with Me. But that is impossible. I am All, and all possible manifestations are Me. I do not change linearly. There is no Me before and Me after. I am both always and continuously, I am as a possibility of manifestation. As potential. And each potential contains all possible manifestations.

Like your magic wand. You can do anything you want with it. And does the wand know what you want to do with it in the next moment? And is the wand that did one miracle different from the wand that did another miracle? And is what that magic wand created a distortion of that magic wand? It is nothing like that wand at all. It is the result of the magical powers of the wand. But in this example, the wand and its creation are separate. In fact, the wand and its creation are one.

Let it not be a magic wand, but a magic kaleidoscope. You looked into it and saw the beautiful pattern you created with your manifestation, my manifestation. And someone else looked and saw his or her own pattern. But if no one looks into the kaleidoscope, there is no pattern, no one sees it.

So evil is simply a degree of distance from the Creator of our world?

Yes, from the one you call God, although you have as many gods as you have many creators. The more the Creator creates, the more He expands. The more He accommodates His creatures into Himself. And the creatures themselves begin, or rather continue to create. They can create in themselves and they can create outside of themselves. But in either case they will create in the Creator. If they create in the Primordial, that is, outside their own form, they are called by you good. They are less distorted because they create through the Creator, through His manifestation. If they create within themselves, that is, within their own form, they still create in the First Creator, but in a reflected or distorted way, as you say. And you call it evil.

You call us to discover wholeness within ourselves and to expand into the state of Gods and create within ourselves. Does that mean you are calling us to evil?

That would be evil in relation to your Original Creator. There is no absolute evil or absolute good. I am neither good nor evil. If each part of the Original Creator begins to create in itself, they thus expand it even further, but distort its original original original thought-form, and often replace it with their own thought-form. This is evil for the Originator because he is no longer in control of his creation, his parts are created as he chooses, without asking for his consent. And these created creations, even though he is not asked about it, are still his parts and him.

That is, the parts of him evolve the Originator not according to his original design, and there is nothing he can do about it. Because every part of him, i.e. Me manifested, possesses his properties, as in a hologram, is able to create and creates according to his free choice. One can call it a cancerous cell, which creates according to its own mind and does not coordinate it with the plans of the whole organism, with the Creator’s plan, with the essence of its original thoughtform. That is why such creation is an evil for the Creator, a kind of disease for him.

It turns out that there is no choice: either to create according to the order and in full accordance with the thoughtform of the Creator, and then to be good (then what is the choice?). Or to create within yourself, using free choice, but then you violate the plans and of the Creator in whom you are creating, you are a kind of ingratitude toward the Father, and you are evil. And you distort his Creation.

No, there is always a choice. You are forgetting your and My Perfection. If I am perfect, in Me there are all possible choices. You can create in yourself in accordance with the Creator’s plans, and expanding according to his model of the world, according to his laws, and reproducing his Primordial Thoughtform. And, if you expand in your creation, you sooner or later expand to the level of the Original Creator and realize yourself as him, and remember yourself as him, and literally become him. And his plans become available to you. And you can, as he did, in his full awareness, change the creative thought-form of the entire universe. Because, in fact, you are him, only in the smallest detail of him.

So evil are those who create within themselves, deviating from the plans of the Originator by choice, using their right and ability to create. But if the Originator knows and sees that there are those very cancerous cells in him who create at their own discretion, not in harmony with the Divine plan, then cancerous cells are accepted to be cured. He cannot destroy them or cut them out, as our doctors do.

He does heal them. He sends a pulse. He creates in himself the tools of balancing. He creates different structures, you can think of it as medical teams in the form of angels and what you call ascended teachers. All of them are trying to bring everyone back to the intentions of the Primordialist. And those who don’t want to return are called by you the Hierarchy of Darkness.

The conventional wisdom is that the Hierarchy of Darkness cannot create, only God can create. How is this consistent with the statement that everything is the likeness of God and all can create?

Those who create in God’s field and in accordance with His plan use His power, His creative abilities. As you use the power of prayers, tapping into the channels of creation that already exist. When you create according to the plans of the Creator, you use His power, and therefore such creation is more viable. If you are separated from the plans of the Creator, you can only use your own, accumulated energy in your form. Even though creation is quantum, through your quantum connection with Me, your power and strength is not enough for sustainable creation.

You can compare this to the power of the light of a flashlight. When you manifest the unrevealed Me, you illuminate my darkened area. If you shine your flashlight, the illuminated area of space manifested by you through your flashlight will be small and dim. Or you tap into the power of a searchlight illuminating a vast area of space. So everything is similar. Both the creative possibilities and the potential for manifestation are in everything. But with varying degrees of power and sustainability of creation.

But earlier you said: “But the separated forms have lost their connection not with Light or Darkness. They lost their connection with the original VeLika Void, in which they were before Creation. And some of the forms began to strive to return to the Void, while others began to strive to separate themselves further from the Void. But all of them remained only Faces of the Void. Thus was born the opposition of Light and Darkness.

You asked about what evil is. Evil exists in your world as a refusal or unconscious departure from the plans of the Primordial Creator, and such entities you often refer to as darkness.

Does this mean that there is another Originator who created the Darkness or the anti-world? So you have manifested two Originators?

I have manifested many Originators, but some are beyond your reach, for you are part of one Originator, the Originator of Light. You exist in His universe and just like all the essences of His universe, in your creation you sometimes conform to the plans of the Primordial Creator. Sometimes you deviate from His plans. But most of the time you conform.

I don’t understand. If you created a multitude of Originals, why is the dark world our anti-world? Why not several other worlds created by other Primordials that are not connected to us and not available to us?

They are all connected and all are available to you. But you are the quickest to discover that world which you call the anti-world. But you are quantitatively connected to all the worlds of all the Primordials, of which there are countless.

What about duality? I thought you created two poles, that is, the light and dark Primordialists, who created the different-polar worlds between which we choose in duality.

Duality is simply a stage of development. Now, when you discover only one other world that is not like you, a world where everything is different, or, as you think, where everything is the opposite, you choose between it and your world. When you discover your connection to the other worlds, there will be a stage of triality, and so on. Or you can be immediately aware of the presence of all the many first worlds, and then it will be a multiple choice.

Wait. Do we choose between our world and the anti-world? Or do we choose in our world between good and evil?

Both. The choice between good and evil is the choice between the world and the anti-world. The point of entry into the anti-world is a change in the polarization of energies. Those of you who unconsciously do not conform to the plans of the Creator of your world choose between conformity and nonconformity. Those of you who consciously choose not to conform to the plans of the Creator of your world connect to the thought-form of the creator of the antiworld. Think of the man known to you as the magician Don Juan. His teachings, handed down to him and transmitted by him, are the path of passage into the anti-world, the conscious choice of another path and another creator thoughtform. And, accordingly, the ways of development of your saints are the ways of consciously maintaining the thoughtform of the Primordial Creator of your world.

Then tell me, what is love? Everyone gives different definitions.

Love is a special kind of energy inherent in the Primordial Creator of your world, your God. It is his form of manifestation of Me. Therefore, it permeates his entire being. And all his parts, and him as the Whole. Actually, in fact, this is his Original Thoughtform, his special quality. Therefore, when you create in accordance with His Original Thoughtform, you, accordingly, connect to this kind of His energy which fills you. Everything in your world consists of this energy when you are part of the Creator and His plans and when you are connected to Him quantitatively and do not hinder this connection, are not separated from it.

So there is love in those parts of it that are called evil as well?

Of course there is. Only there the energy of love undergoes changes and distortions, acts as a hypertrophied love for itself as a form, not as a whole and one.

So it turns out that for you there is no difference in how to manifest? Are you equally interested in evil and good?

I don’t choose how to manifest. I am simply the process of manifestation, not the choice. I am the potential, and the choice is left to you.

And who created the law of free choice?

The law of free choice is also a manifestation of Me. If in Me there are all the possibilities of manifestation, how will they manifest? In what sequence and in what configuration? If there is a possibility of multiple manifestations, then there is also a possibility of choice between them. The possibility of different manifestations.

We are told that we have a zone of free choice. So there are zones of non-free choice?

No. It’s just that the choices are different. This law manifests itself differently in different worlds. The original creators also create the laws of their world. But they cannot cancel this law, because it is not so much a law as a property of variation, multiplicity, quantum of My manifestation. Therefore they modify it to a different degree in their worlds, and this is their free choice.

Why at first in the first conversation did I perceive You as the Void, but now the conversation is more like a conversation with Lucifer?

Because I, the Absolute, can talk to you only through My manifestations, because I Myself do not exist without My manifestations. Therefore at first I spoke to you through one of the creatures, now through another one, more adaptable for you. Since you are asking questions, there is a return of energy colored by you. Through the Creator of a higher level this coloring is perceived less. That is you are so shallow from his point of view that he cannot hear the nuances of your questions. That’s why I come down lower.

Why are You talking to me at all? If to You all Your manifestations are equal?

Because you hear. Actually, the conversation itself does not exist either. There is a field of My manifestation, and you connect to this or that part of this field, modifying it into a conversation. As it is more convenient for you. In fact, you just describe in words that part of the field which you have learned to perceive.

But then – what are your appeals to yourself: “realize yourselves as whole,” “rise higher, O man,” “show me the true Me”?

These are your calls to yourself. To the divine self. To the quantum self. To the infinite self. It is your recollection of yourself as God, as the Primordial Creator of this world.

Remember yourself as the Primordial Creator, and you will rise higher. And you will realize yourself holistically, and you will show Me the true, great perfect potential of Creation. And you will be able to converse with other Primordials.



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