Послания Высших Сил

Choose what you would like manifest yourself in creation.

The more I ask and get answers, the less it makes sense.

That’s because you’re trying to describe the indescribable. Can you tell a blind person what color is and what red is? I cannot be described in words because human speech is poor. Because you don’t have many concepts yet, and because in general – how can you describe potential? Try describing the word “potential” and what it includes. And you will write one word: Everything. For you cannot predict all possible manifestations. For it depends not on you, but on a multitude of others.

Because everything changes when it is manifested. And everything tends to evolve. And everyone manifests himself as he can imagine it. And you, being yet only My part, cannot imagine what everyone can imagine. But if you arise with your consciousness to My level, you will be able to contain it all. But even then you will not be able to describe it in words. Because words are also a manifestation of Me. Because where I am not manifested, there are no words or concepts. The point in which the universe sleeps. The point in which all worlds are contained. Can you describe what a point is? And what worlds it contains? You can only do so by watching it unfold into worlds. But then you will be forever engaged in description. Because new worlds of dreams unfold every second, and it’s impossible to describe everything. But it is possible to perceive them with a single consciousness, to contain them at once.

It’s the same as trying to describe every single drop of the ocean. That would take a long time. But in describing the drops, you’re not describing the ocean either. Because the ocean is the whole and has the qualities of the whole, and the drops are only parts of it. And you cannot see everything that is in the ocean through its parts.

So it turns out that cognition is meaningless?

It’s just the opposite. Cognition is creation. When step by step you manifest from the Void your reveries. You have a blank sheet of paper in front of you on which you can draw everything that you can imagine. This is cognition. You cognize that piece of paper through yourself. You use it to know yourself. The sheet doesn’t know what you can draw on it. And you don’t know beforehand. But as you learn your possibilities as a creator, you manifest yourself in more and more worlds of dreams, you create more and more perfect creations, manifestations of yourself, and you are amazed at your possibilities. For there are no limits. For the magic sheet is quantum infinite and eternal.

So you don’t really know the world around you. Because there is no “around.” There is within you, there is your reflection of you in you. In fact, you cognize only yourself, your possibilities of creation, your manifestation. Your reflection of Me, your reflection of all that is in the Void. Not the other way around. Realize this. There is no world around you. It is in you, and you are manifesting it every second. It exists only when you realize it and manifest it. Therefore it does not exist without you. Without you it exists only as a potentiality.

But as soon as that potential connects with your consciousness, there is a flash that illuminates the reverie, and creates the reverie, and manifests the reverie.

What we call silent knowledge, what is it? Is it You? Or is it some kind of information field created by the manifestation of Your potentials.

It is both. You understand knowledge as the sum of facts and conclusions. But it is something else. Your body knows how to pump blood through your organs. Is it knowledge or is it silent knowledge? Silent, of course, because the body doesn’t tell itself how to pump blood. It knows it from the beginning. It’s part of its manifestation. Does your body need to describe what it already knows? It’s a form of its existence. It’s already present in it when it’s created, when it’s manifested. Does your body need to know more than it knows? Be aware of that.

Many of you are trying to accumulate and systematize knowledge, creating what you call science. But why accumulate anything? Everything is in everything. And at any moment, your body and your brain can extract any knowledge from everything, because everything already includes all knowledge. It’s hard to describe it in words.

You think that there is some library of accumulated facts of the universe from which any information about the worlds can be extracted if you know how. That’s not true.

It exists as a manifestation of you. Think of the bricks. The magnetic particles of creation. You live and you don’t demand knowledge, at least you don’t consider it necessary to refer to this universal library. But here you thought of it, and your thought gave birth to the image of this library, and from your thought, from the impulse of your thought-image, the library began to unfold. It didn’t exist until you thought about it. It exists in potential. Everything always exists only in potential.

It is in potential. Everything is always only in potential. Always. Realize this.

You exist now because the Creator with his thoughts supports the thought of the universe he created. In other words, his thoughts are slower than yours, and he spends your whole life “thinking” about you as part of him. And he himself is, as long as My momentum of creation exists.

Every moment you manifest the world around you with your thought, and without it there is no world. You do all this every moment. And if you have suddenly forgotten some detail of your manifested world, that detail is not in manifestation, it is only in potential. But as soon as you remember it, it manifests, stands out from the potential of everything. If you forget all the details of the world, it curdles into a point of potentiality. Be aware of this.

So, too, is the “library.” What you call the information field, or the Akashi Chronicles. Everything exists only in manifestation. So it all appears when YOU begin to unfold it in your consciousness. It manifests for you only in your unique form and composition. And for the other of you it will manifest in its own way when he mentally turns to that image.

But silent knowledge is precisely knowledge in potential. That which contains Everything. The quantum way of knowing. When you don’t have to describe chains of logic and connections. When you are plugged into potential and contain Everything.

Wait, not so fast. I have a lot of questions again. It turns out that I can only hear what I know and nothing more? How then does new knowledge appear in other people? The ones they get from the channelling?

If you manifest your knowledge through the information exchange fields, through that “library”, you can only manifest what is available to you. But not for you, linear, but for YOU, multiverses. You are plural. For now, in this moment, there are many manifestations of you in various worlds, and they all manifest themselves and thus carry out the knowledge of yourself. And thus manifest your combined field of knowledge in the “library” of the universe. And by combining with them quantum, you can receive this knowledge through yourself, through your manifestations in your multiplicity.

But if you start interacting with other entities, through all your parts, through all manifestations of yourself in the multiplicity of worlds, you receive the knowledge of others and make sense of them. Or rather, you try to integrate them into your energy field, and in this way a new knowledge is born in you. The new knowledge is either the awareness of your manifestations in other worlds, or the awareness of the manifestations of other essences in their worlds, which exchanged with you energy flows in your exchange fields. But it is important to understand that your energy exchanges are manifestations. And that knowledge is transmitted to you through the other selves as their manifestation. And without their manifestation their knowledge also does not exist in a manifested form. In a form that can be transmitted to you or to others.

If I connect to the potential that contains Everything, I will not exist until I am manifested. How will I know if my knowledge is just a manifestation of me, my imagination, how can I know what others know? It turns out that I can only know what I know or can imagine.

You think like a part of it. If you become the All and raise your consciousness to the level of the Originator of your world, you will contain all the knowledge of all the parts and all the manifestations of all the parts. And all the thought dreams of all the parts. And you will possess the knowledge of all the parts. If you ascend with your consciousness even higher, to Me, to Absolute Consciousness, you will contain all the first creators, of whom there are many. And you will contain all their creations, all their thought-images, all their manifestations. And you don’t have to have a library of volumes describing it all. You just have to become Everything. And all that is will unfold in you.

Is it possible? Is it possible to raise my consciousness to the level of the original creators and the level of Absolute Consciousness?

Anything is possible. This is the world of quantum. Quantization is the magic in which everything is possible.

How to do it?

By expanding yourself. By taking everything into yourself. Now, when you are pushing away many parts of God, you are not allowing yourself to accommodate it. The acceptance you are told is an energetic process. When you bring these energies together within you. When you allow them to exist and make them your own. When you allow them into your consciousness and allow them to manifest through you and make them a part of you.

So I have to let different negative energies in and make them my own?

Yes. Recycle them, rethink them. Realize that. Rethinking means to make it in accordance with your thinking. Not just build into your thinking, but build in a transformed way. Embrace, realize, and rethink. Transform. Decompose into building blocks in your consciousness and recreate in a new form. In a new way. But not by rejecting. But by recreating through yourself and accepting into yourself.

Why does everyone say that man is unique, that only in him are Darkness and Light united? That only in him are the possibilities of the creator. Is that so?

Everything is unique, because everything is unique. Man has everything, that’s why he has potential. A new creation. Uncharted lands.

So it’s just a new field for the world to manifest? So the human race is so young that it hasn’t yet chosen to specialize in the universe, so it can be taught everything? So it’s kind of like we’re talking about the whole of humanity choosing a profession right now? And we are inclined to choose the profession of creator and god?

There you have taken the silent knowledge and tried to describe it. Yes, that’s right. Each set of essences chooses according to the law of choice. And each set of essences, like you, has its stages of development and formation. Childhood, youth, maturity, old age. Or the beginning, the beginning of the film, the film itself, and the finale. You can call it whatever you want.

But after old age, the totality of the essence comes death?

Yes, in a sense. There is a return to their pristine state. You can compare it to living life. The totality of essences comes together to know the unique experience of creation and manifestation, and goes through all its stages. Each cognizes a part and cognizes the Whole. And when cognition in this form, in this manifestation ends, and the totality of essences decides that it has already fully explored this experience of manifestation of itself, it either disintegrates into its constituent parts or continues as a totality of essences to explore another experience of manifestation and cognition of itself.

We can compare this to the choice of professions as well. On the level of the universe, it is, for example, the cognition of oneself as keepers of time and creators of time, as keepers of karma and creators of karma, and so on. Every civilization is also a set of essences that learns itself in the manifestation of itself from potential. And each civilization sooner or later chooses its “specialization,” its unique experience of aggregate manifestation and co-creation, creating its aggregate worlds, worlds of common manifestation, common exchange fields.

Each aggregate of essences, at the beginning of its manifestation, has all potentials, but it chooses some certain ones to explore itself. How does one learn a profession? As long as a person is undecided, all professions are open to him. But here he has chosen his specialty and begins to learn it, to improve himself, to continue to accumulate experience in this profession and then to pass on his knowledge to others.

Not all sets of essences develop in the duality zone. And so the duality, Light and Darkness, of course, is inherent in many more sets of essences, but not all. In particular, all civilizations you know also combine Light and Darkness and transform them differently within themselves. And in this way they choose their unique way of developing themselves as a set of essences, their profession, relatively speaking.

Humanity is a very young race. In fact, you are now beginning to pass from childhood to adolescence, and you are about to choose your universal “profession” as a set of essences. And accordingly, you are being offered your experiences, your knowledge, your path by many. But you will make your own unique choice and walk the entire civilization along that path. It will be the choice of the majority.

That is why there is so much activity right now in trying to contact you, to give you information, to tell you about the specifics of different paths. Everyone wants to participate in your choice, pull you to their side, offer you to join their choice. You are now like a blank sheet of paper when you finally begin to realize you are a student and a learner. You might say that right now you have general disciplines going on. And specialization will come later, when you have made up your mind.

But then why are we being told that we are students of the School of the Gods? What is the School of the Gods?

A school that produces conscious creators. Everyone studies in it. When consciousness of a certain level is divided into parts, the parts have the potentials of the Whole, all its knowledge and insights and skills, but they need to remember it all. The Higher Consciousness divides itself into parts in order to know in multiple ways the different manifestations of itself and to be conscious of the multiple worlds of manifestation of itself through the parts. But each individual consciousness, each part, in order to remember everything, must expand to the level of the original consciousness. And at the same time bring its unique experience into the experience of the Higher Consciousness.

In doing so, all parts of the Higher Consciousness are essentially creators and gods. But on a smaller scale. That is, it is like a probe, like a magnifying lens, which brings what is being studied so close that all the smallest details of the terrain are seen, which is not seen from above. Cognizing the details and discovering in the details the whole and the Divine. Finding the whole world in a drop of ocean and unfolding it. As a degree of magnification. Cognition of the Whole from the particulars, from its details. Cognition of oneself as the smallest particle and awareness of oneself as part of the vast Whole.

You could put it another way. The Creator defined the general outlines of the pictures of the universe and left it to his parts to create the details.

Then why do you call to rise above Light and Darkness and manifest the true you? What then is truth? It does not exist if there are all possible ways of development. Which ones are true?

I urge you to realize yourselves as creators and choose the synthetic path. Because it contains more potentials of Me, because then I will be manifested through you more holistically, more fully, more truly.

Truth is Everything. And this is truth is multifaceted. But truth is not finite. The technician knows the details of the construction and creation of the parts, the designer knows how the parts fit together and form the airplane. The pilot knows how to fly that airplane. And the sky “knows” how to guide the plane with its air currents. Truth is always subjective. It is a certain point of manifestation, a certain unfolding of potentiality. Therefore, it is changeable.

So now humanity chooses its specialization in the School of the Gods?

Yes, it does. And your choice is unique. It will affect the development of the entire universe, just as the choices of every set of essences have been affected. And many sets of essences expect a great deal from your choices, hoping to turn the aggregate vector of the development of the universe in the direction they see right, or in their direction. This is why so much attention is drawn to you. As future creators, future conscious creators, for you already possess the creative abilities from the very beginning.

Remember this. Your choice is free. Choose what you would like to manifest in creation.