Послания Высших Сил

Become perfect co-monitors Divine Light. Become the source of Divine Love


This is the great meaning. Mirror. Reflections of the worlds. You are like mirrors reflecting My light and My splendor. Contemplation means correlation. A clean mirror reflects My purest Light. And directs it further so that everyone can receive My Light and contemplate it. Contemplate My Light, for no other is given to you. The mirror of your soul must be the cleanest to receive My Light. You are the Divine mirrors, through which I observe the world, through which I look and see My Faces of greatness. And these Faces are different. And I see how each mirror is distorted. Your apparatus of perception is the thinnest mirror of acceptance of My Divine Waves. But from birth you contaminate them with your beliefs and thought-forms. The mirror ceases to be true, ceases to reflect purely Divine Revelations. And there comes a moment when some mirrors stop reflecting at all and become a barrier to My Light.

We are told that the mirror world is an illusory world. That it is not reality, but only a reflection. Why then do You call us to be mirrors?

My Light is so great that not everyone can receive it in its pure form, not reflected. This Light is My Power. And if one of you rises higher in his perception, in his awareness, he will be able to receive a purer My Light, otherwise he will burn in its rays. Like the rays of the Sun that reach you through the atmosphere. It is all designed as a reflection. The atmosphere partially reflects the Sun’s light and transmits it to you as you can perceive it. So is everything else. The pure power of My Light can only be experienced by the Primordials whom I have created. Therefore further My Light is guided through the reflections of other forms and reaches you sooner or later. And it reaches even lower levels of spreading My Light. And at each level is a different degree of acceptance and reflection of My Light.

You said that we have to wipe off our amalgams from our mirrors and become clean glasses to conduct Your Divine Light.

Yes, and that is the essence of contemplation. When you and I contemplate together. Contemplation. Contemplation. When My reflection is also your reflection. When the Flow is one and uninterrupted. When you trust me in my contemplation and I trust you in your contemplation, and this process is inseparable, just as there is one Flow of my Light, directed to you.

When you contemplate something, you remove the amalgam of your passions and desires. This is the contemplation of pure Peace. This is the contemplation of pure Divine Light, as pure as your form allows you to receive the Divine Light. Become contemplative. Your whole life must become contemplation, must become trust and acceptance of My Light. When you reflect My Light from your amalgam of passions and desires, you are not accepting it in its pure form, you are rejecting it from yourself. But by accepting it, you begin to contemplate My Light, to do it together with Me. Do it together. For Light is inseparable and always seeks to merge.

At one time your world was contemplative. But then you began to separate in your striving to do something better, you began to compare the light of different reflections. Not realizing that all this is My Light, and in each one it is one and the same. And the difference is your biases and choices. And then you lost My Light. Many of you. They started to look for it outside themselves. Because they could not accept their inner light because they polluted their mirrors.

The mirror has no biases. It just reflects. If it is smooth and clean, then the image is not distorted, it is transmitted as it is.

In order that you may transmit My Light to the far corners of My Creations, created you reflective, created you mirrors of Divine Light. When everyone, as from the flame of a candle, could light a light to another and illuminate the world through himself.

But you left this way. And your mirrors have faded. And you began not to contemplate, but to try to reflect My Light in your own way. And I gave you this right. And I did not take it away from you. But the reflections of My Light became more and more distorted, and many of you forgot what the Light of the Father means, what the Love of the Father means. And they began to look for love in other parts of Me.

Those who are close to Me do not look for Love in others. This Love is poured out to them constantly. Just as you do not seek the sunlight if it is continually there, but even try to hide from it sometimes when it gets hot. In the same way my Love is constantly poured out on my children. But, because your mirrors are polluted, you cannot pour out My Light and My Love into the universe, and you cannot receive My Pure Light. That is why you look for love outside of yourselves, in other reflections of Me. In other people. And sometimes you find fragments reflected. And you rejoice like children. And you fall in love with the shards of my reflections.

But then, when you make couples, things happen differently. Some, erasing their amalgams of desire, listen to their partner and try to find in him or her still reflected Sparks of My Light. And feel the love of the other. And those who increasingly pollute their amalgams of mirrors of their reflections of My Light, cannot see My Light in their partner and say that they have fallen out of love.

And the person who finds the Sparkles of My Light in everyone and in everything that surrounds him is always in love. For to fall in love is to catch the Sparks of My Light in another, outside of oneself. And sometimes these Sparks are so pure and shining that you call being in love love, but it is not so.

My love is My Light which is constantly directed to you. And I cannot do otherwise, just as the sun cannot fail to shine. For My Light is omnipresent and open to all My creatures.

And when you discover My Love in yourself and in others, you will stop looking for it elsewhere. For it will be with you constantly, and you will not need to seek it, as you have been seeking love all your life, without even knowing what it is.

And when you return to Me, unite with Me, this Pure Love of My Light will be with you completely, unreflected. Then you will be able to know what Divine Love is.

Its reflections are often seen in your world, when a mother loves and cherishes a child. Each of you, almost everyone has experienced what a mother’s love is. How much warmth and purity is in it! This is My Light that comes through the mother, for at the time of motherhood a woman opens herself to My Light and pours it out on the world and on the child. This is why motherhood is so beautiful, for this is My Love for you, My children!

And when each of you felt the warmth of the heart and the joy of being, it was also the light of My pure Love that was poured through you. Look into the eyes of the newborn, and you will see My Pure Light, which is not yet obscured by the amalgam of passions. This is why you love the little ones so much. You fall in love with My Light, which in babies is not obscured and comes to you pure. And observe how gradually this Light fades as one grows older. And it remains shining only in a few, in a few individuals. And such people you call charming, in one way or another.

Or look into the eyes of holy people. From them also emanates My pure Light, comes Love, unclouded by passions. And you feel a strange peacefulness, like when you look into the eyes of a child. And you want to put your arms around that holy person and take a piece of that Light into yourself. And you are also fascinated by it.

Enchantment with the Divine Light is in everyone.

Learn to be enchanted by everyone. And be enchanted. Become luminaries of the Divine Light. BECOME A SOURCE OF DIVINE LOVE, WHICH WILL FLOW THROUGH YOU INTO THE WORLD.

And immediately your life will change. For it will be filled with Love. A universal love, in which there will be no divisions. It will be filled with Love for everything. For the Light of My Love is everywhere and there are no barriers. You think this is a beautiful metaphor, but it is literal. If you become a perfect beholder of My Light, of My Love, the power of this Flux will be available to you and you will be able to channel it into the world, to become a mere conduit of Divine Love, as some of you have become. This Light is so powerful that it dissolves everything superfluous, everything that is not Light, everything that meets on the way and creates barriers to it literally.

And if most of you can purify yourselves so as to become conductors of Divine Love, your whole world will be changed. And the Love and Light of God will abide in it.

Oh, you are afraid of losing something by giving up your passions and desires. But you have no idea how much you will gain by giving them up!

It’s like clearing your window and seeing the world outside. And you won’t want to stay in the dark dwelling where you used to be and live as a prisoner of your desires. You want to get out of that “room” where you have imprisoned yourself. To go out into the beautiful world, to what you see outside the window, after you have cleared the windows. When you lose the little, you will gain the whole World, you will gain all the Light, you will gain all the Love of God.

So the illusion we are told is the reflected Light of Yours, but the “not illusion” and reality is the pure Light of Yours?

Illusion is My Light reflected from the polluted mirrors of your passions. All the teachings that have been given through men have told you this. That all that is around you is an illusion of Light. Like a reflected beam in a mirror gives a multicolored spectrum of the rainbow as it refracts. And that refraction creates colorful reflections of the worlds around you. Like the reflection of shadows on a sunny day, whose outlines are sometimes bizarre. But all of this is secondary. It’s all a reflected effect. It is impossible for you to grasp reality. My light is so powerful that you can only observe and receive it so far in my reflections. But if you become pure and can rise to My level, you will know My real Light.

If You are a point of potential, an undeveloped potential, then how do You send us Light?

Everything is in the point. The point is the Light. Focused, gathered into unity. And that is why it is so powerful. When it is dispersed into worlds and reflections, it weakens.

When you contemplate the world, you look at the world and see Love in it. And what does the world see in you? Does it see my Love? Be aware of this, O man! You must not only see my Love and my Light in everything, but you must also give my Love and my Light to everything and to the world. So that every part of the world and every person may see My Light and My Love in you. And then you will become a contemplative person, a pure mirror of the reflection of Divine Light and Divine Love. But when you come into the world to ask for something, you are not a contemplative person. My Love is asleep in you, you do not let it pass through you and you do not pass it on to others.

When everyone outside you sees My Love in you, everyone will be in love with you, for he will be in love with My Light. And everyone will be in love with you. And you will be in love with the whole World, if you see My Light, My Love, in everyone.

Realize this, O man! That there is no creature in which there is not My Light and therefore My Love. And this means not only that all of you are loved by Me, but also that there is not a single person, not a single essence, not a single creature in which Divine Love is not present. Give it an outlet. Help the other person to manifest this Love if he is entangled in his reflections. See My Love in him, your Father, hear My Love directed to you through him. Even if it takes on a distorted, unrecognizable, reflected form, it is still My Love. Help it to reach you, to illuminate you and the World. Receive it in your heart and reflect it into the World, so that everyone may find and feel it, so that everyone’s life may be illuminated.

So your Light and Love comes from the heart, from the heart chakra?

My Light is omnipresent and comes from everywhere. And in each of your energy centers it takes a certain coloring. Can’t the other chakras love? There is Love embedded in each one as that level of energy is. – Love for life. Love for creativity. Love for the world. Love for the cosmos. – My Light pours from everywhere, refracting and finding a response in you. And every chakra is just a spectrum of reflection of My Light. And Love is present in every chakra. It is just different in each chakra. And My Light is one. And My Love is one, no matter what colors it decomposes into in your reflections.

Become contemplators of My Light. Become pure mirrors of the reflections of My Love.

You were created to be loved and to love. You were created to let the Light of Divine Love pass through you and contemplate it with God.



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