Послания Высших Сил

Be aware of God’s choice

I abide in all things. And everywhere. But by abiding in everything, I am initially gathered in a point of potential. The point is also a conditional concept, it, as a certain state of contraction, of unfolding, can give you an idea of it. There is a point that contains all the pictures of the world, all the possible potentials of development, all kinds of forms, all directions of movement. Because that point is perfect. Because it is holistic. This point includes all the perfection of the parts and the perfection of the whole. It has a myriad of options for development. But it is undeveloped. Because someone has to choose one of the options. And then this variant is manifested and accomplished. But the point itself can’t choose, because it has everything, and it is everything. It cannot have a preference, just as a canvas and paints cannot have a preference, with which any painting can be painted.

But, when You manifested the original creatures, You also made a choice, didn’t You?

I simply directed the impulse of choice formation. I set the impulse of movement, the impulse of unfolding potential. The unfolding of potential is Creation. So I simply set the Impulse of Creation. And if there is Creation, then there is a Creator, or creators. If there is the unfolding of potential, then there is the one who unfolds it. Everything is connected. Not a thought in the paradigm of separateness. Everything exists at the same time: the Impulse, the Creation, the rest and the unfolding. I didn’t choose to unfold the Impulse. I just let the eternal Impulse that manifests itself in all things and in all things that carry.

You talk about choosing the variations of everything that is. So we do not create, we just draw from somewhere those variants which are already there? From a certain space of options?

You’re thinking linearly. You should try to think quantum. There is no certain space in which all variants exist. Because the existence of options is already one’s choice. Who can think of all the options? It’s like imagining that somewhere there is an infinite gallery of paintings from which you choose the one you want to paint on canvas. But at the same time it exists. But not as an enfilade of endless rooms, or a huge file of paintings, but as a point of potential from which any painting can unfold.

If you take a black sheet of paper, you can imagine this sheet as a huge number of black dots, consecutively drawn on a white sheet of paper. And that’s the potential of any picture. If you start choosing a certain sequence of those dots without choosing others, an image will appear on the sheet. That’s a choice.

Or put another way. If you superimpose all the slides of all the possible pictures on top of each other, you again get a black screen that contains all the potentials. But the second example is less successful, because linear thinking implies that someone has already created these pictures and they have just been put together. In fact, there is simply the possibility of creating everything out of nothing. Everything exists at the same time. There are all possible options at the same time, but at the point of unfolding. Like a potential.

In addition, at that point of potential there are also all the possible patterns of Creation. And there are also all the options that have already been created, that is, chosen before. And you can really attract, i.e. unwrap an already selected variant, like a file on your computer, like a search in the search engine of your computer. But you can also draw, reveal a certain picture of the universe by yourself, with the help of universal paints – your thoughts.

You create the outlines of the forms of the future picture with some energies, energies of will, and you paint these pictures with other energies, energies of feeling. You feed these pictures with all your energies, and this manifested picture becomes viable if you put all your energies, energies of all qualities into it. It will manifest in the dense world if you put your life force energy corresponding to the first chakra into it as well. And so on. Depending on which chakra energy you put into it, it will be able to manifest on those planes whose energy you put into it.

I do not understand. After all, creation is identical. There are those who shaped our planet. Our planet exists on the dense plane. But these creators do not have the energies of the dense plane.

There is, of course, otherwise they would not have been able to form a dense object, a dense form. The body of the planet, its physical body, is their dense plane energy.

What I mean by that is that man, creating thought-images, himself has a physical body and therefore fuels those thought-images with his physical energy. And the Gods who create planets are on higher planes and have no physical form.

It’s an illusion. The illusion of separation. The gods who create the planets abide in you. And you abide in them. They abide in the planet itself, in the minerals, in the waters, in the air of the planet. These are all parts of them. It is all of them, or it is all in them. It is all one. Separation is only appearance. Your body is part of the body of humanity. The body of humanity is part of the body of civilizations. The body of civilizations is part of the manifestation body of God, which also includes the combined body of planets and luminaries, and so on. Everything is quantum connected.

Who created the illusion of separateness and why?

No one created it. It is a choice, including yours. If you choose a configuration on a black sheet of paper, you don’t choose all the dots on the sheet, but some of them. If you choose all the dots on the sheet, that is, you don’t choose, you will have a black sheet of paper in front of you. There won’t be images on it that you can examine, study, try and so on. But it will contain at the same time all the images that are possible. Having all of them, you won’t be able to study or examine any of them in detail. It’s like you know about them at the same time, but you don’t know them because you haven’t unfolded them.

As soon as you unfold one of the images, one of the combinations of dots on the screen, you lose the Whole. You lose all the other potentials. You don’t choose them in favour of the chosen ones. And then there is a configuration of form, which is part of the whole potential, and there is a separation of form from potential, a separation of part from Whole.

Or an example with an array of letters. You have in front of you on the sheet all possible letters of all possible alphabets of the Earth. And you are not able to understand anything from this sheet, but it contains all possible words and all possible phrases in every language. But as soon as you put another sheet of paper with slits on it in a certain order, you can read whole texts. But then you’ve only chosen a part of the text, separated from other all kinds of texts and from other languages. And it seems to you in this illusion of separateness that everything else does not exist, but only your choice. If you change the slotted sheet of paper for another, you will see another text, but again you will remove the other texts and languages from your perception, and it will seem to you that they do not exist.

So the choice itself already creates the illusion of separateness.

You direct the impulse that passes through You, and this impulse gives birth to the choice that creates the illusion of separateness. So someone else, not You, by directing the impulse of movement, creates the illusion of separateness in our world? Who is it, Your God?

I, too, have a God and a Creator, and there is an Absolute Consciousness to which I can expand. From there comes the impulse that gives birth to movement. Or rather, it comes from within Me. Because I am as much a part of the Higher Absolute Consciousness, I AM the Presence of which I AM in Me.

But, if everything is similar, then does this Absolute Consciousness to which You can reach direct to You the impulse of the choice, and You also choose?

You are presenting it in a linear way again. I am the conduit of another Absolute Consciousness. And that Absolute Consciousness, which directs the impulse to Me, is the conductor of another, higher Absolute Consciousness. But it is not linear, like electric current wires. Everything is in everything. Everything is in point. The self, as a point of potential, is at the same time a point of potential of a higher Absolute Consciousness, which also enters a point of potential of an even higher Absolute Consciousness. And at this point there is a momentum that unfolds these as if combined points into different configurations of Creation and election of Creation.

One could compare it to power, though it would be more correct to speak of fullness. My power allows me to illuminate a certain area of Creation. The power of a higher Absolute Consciousness allows me to illuminate my entire area of Creation and an even greater area of Creation. The power of an even higher Absolute Consciousness can illuminate My power, the power of a higher Absolute Consciousness and even more power, and so on to infinity.

Wait. Then it is possible to connect with a higher Absolute Consciousness and an even higher Absolute Consciousness through You – that is, through You as the point of potentials that contain Everything?

You can, but you cannot contain all the potentials of that Consciousness, not even I can. So in such attempts you will simply ‘burn out’, like a light bulb that cannot withstand the high voltage. But you are thinking right. By expanding to Me, you master the new powers of Creation and opening of the potential. By expanding to Me, you will become Me – or rather, remember yourself as Me – and then you can expand further to a higher level of Creation. Expanding yourself, you master all the potentials present in Me. You accumulate the experience of being in all possible forms of separation, in all illusions of separation.

That is, in the example of the black sheet, you simultaneously or consecutively go through all possible trajectories of dots on the sheet of paper and all possible images. If you take a blank sheet of paper and start filling it with different images, sooner or later there will be no white dots left on it, and you will know all possible images, and you will thus choose all possible images. And you will come to know all the possible potentialities of this dark sheet. And you will realise that you lack the magnitude of this leaf to cognise and choose further. And the leaf will magically expand. That is, it will enlarge, as under a magnifying glass, and you will see that in fact not all points are selected, that there are still white spots that you didn’t see when you zoomed in, but when you enlarge the image they become visible. And you will start to fill in these points as well, forming more and more images. And so on to infinity.

I was told to give up my choices and return to Oneness. And from your pictures it seems that it is impossible to refuse choosing. Because every manifestation is a choice.

Giving up the choice, you stop being a part, you stop being a form, you stop being individuality. Because it is individuality that can choose in a way that no other can choose. The mere fact that you open your eyes in the morning is a choice, because you may not open them and see the world that is created, this illusion of the world. To give up the choice you have to stop receiving the signals of other forms on all planes with all bodies. And then you have to go blind, deaf, stop feeling on all planes. Then you, as an individuality, will disappear and you will return to Absolute Consciousness, you will become Me again, but without remembering yourself separately.

But… you are told of something else. About how you are fixated on forms of choice. You keep choosing the same things without mastering other areas of Creation. That is, you keep “drawing” certain points on the screen of choice and leaving the same emptiness. Because you are not aware of this process, because you do it automatically or under the influence of someone else’s choices. And in this sense you have to give up these choices and stand again before a blank “sheet of paper” or before a black “sheet of paper” and begin to manifest on it the conscious pictures of Creation, to choose consciously as a God-giving, God-like being.

Why godlike? Are we equal to God?

You have everything that God has in you. You have in you the Divine I AM Presence, which is the point of potentialities that is contained in Me, which is the Self. I am connected to each of you through this conditional point. Conditional because the word ‘point’ doesn’t really fit, but there is no other word similar in your language. In each of you there is a point of potential of the Whole. And that point is also the potential point of a higher Absolute Consciousness, and an even higher Absolute Consciousness. But the Gods differ from you only in the degree of unfoldment, as it were. That is, they have already been able to unfold this point of potential into a certain power of Creation and therefore encompass and contain a greater number of illusions or worlds and planes of being.

It is easier for you to imagine it in a spherical image. You are a sphere of light. This light illuminates the spaces and illusions that you recreate within yourself. But as you fill new mastered spaces of illusion, you expand and begin to contain more and more light that can illuminate those illusions, like a beacon beam that shines in all directions. This beam

picks up the outlines out of the darkness and thus recreates them. But the outlines it picks up increase its power, and it begins to illuminate more and more space, and so on to infinity.

But these are all illusions. So what is reality, and does it exist?

Reality is the presence of the potential of everything. Reality is a dark sheet of paper that contains all the images. Reality is an array of letters, accommodating all possible letters and languages. Reality is the dot containing all energies, it is the inexhaustible source of all the energies of Creation and manifestation.

What would happen if I gave up my choice? Is it possible? We are told that we must trust God and accept his will.

If you refuse to choose, will you accept God’s choice?

Is there a choice of God?

Of course there is. God’s choice is the sum of the choices of his parts, the sum of the vector of choice. God’s choice is the manifestation of this world as God, the One who created your world, has chosen it. If you accept the perfection of God’s choice, you can simply be his instrument, his eyes, his ears, his senses. Then you have access to his choice, to the magnitude of his choice.

That’s the point of not choosing. When you have a black sheet of paper in front of you, and you choose, then you don’t see all the other choices. When you refuse to choose, you begin to accept all the choices of others, and your perception expands to the level of perception of God. To the enormity of his choices compared to your choices. This is the acceptance you are told of.

You accept God’s choices, not evaluating them, but simply accepting them as a kind of choice, and in this way you expand your perception. You receive new choices and you accommodate them in your field. Because choice is an energetic process of joining, connecting, infusing, merging. You are merging into the choice of God. You merge with Him and do not separate your choice from the choice of God. And thus you know God’s choice, observe it, consider it, meditate on it, study it and accept it in yourself, and thus make it your choice as well. And thus you expand to the choice of God and to God and remember yourself by Him. For in this way you get access to all His choices, to all lives lived or incarnations in all forms of consciousness.

We are told that there is a world of illusions, which is separate from God. And there is a world of realities, which is close to God, near God, not separated from God. And that we are all in the world of illusion.

The Creator creates the reverie by His fantasy-mindform. And this reverie is an illusion to Him, but the reality is Himself. In his reverie He creates another creator, who also creates his own reverie with his thoughtforms. For this other creator his reverie is an illusion, but he himself and the original reverie in which he resides is reality. Like you, when you live in the world and fantasise. The world visible to you is reality to you, but your fantasy is a reverie. Everything is the same.

So for each one there is a different reality and a different reverie. It depends on what kind of divine creator we are talking about. The more one creates the reveries, the more one distorts the Primordial Reality which is the Creator.

Does it turn out that everybody is dreaming?

You perceive it as a helpless state, separated from reality, interrupting reality, interrupting Creation. But this is the process of creation of the world, the process of manifestation of every part, the process of being. Life is a dream of God. The only question is which God’s dream you are dreaming.

Do we have a choice? It turns out that we dream the dreams of God who created us as his illusion.

Yes. But you have a choice, and it is extensive. You can create the dreamillusions yourself and thus choose other manifestations and reveries. You can surrender to the choice of God and dream his Dream and study it and join it and become aware of yourself as that God.

You can become aware of yourself as the God who created you and begin to join the choice of his Creator. But it will already be God’s choice. You will become divine and you will be able to understand the choice of God, the dream he created. You will be able to embrace it and perceive it in its entirety, holistically. And then the harmony of his world, his illusion, his choices will be available to you. And you will understand the perfection of the created world. For by seeing parts of the world as imperfect, you see only parts, but you cannot see the whole picture, you cannot feel and realize the harmony of this picture of the world. You will cease to be amazed or indignant at the injustice of the world, for it will not be, because you will see its wholeness, you will know all the motives and mechanisms that guide it and direct all the forms that exist in it. You will realise the design of God. And the choice of God.