Послания Высших Сил

Become Luminaries Of Divine Light


The Greatness of my children. All that is created is the perfection of Me. There is nothing imperfect in the world and in Me. There is a light that disintegrates into a myriad of reflections, My countenances. I am many Faces and each Face is perfect. Each Face is a reflection of Me and a fulfillment of Me. There is no sense to judge which of the countenances is more beautiful.

Every creator creates only a mirror, which reflects Me and refracts My Light. And every mirror is My reflected Face. I Myself am one. Yet every reflection is different. Because the mirrors are different.

It is impossible to receive My Light in its pure form, for it is mighty, for in it is the power of the entire universe. Each of you can only burn in this Light and lose yourself as a form.

But there are better mirrors, more powerful and more pure.

You, O man, receive only the reflected My Light. For it comes to you through the mirror system of other creators. But it is in your power to cleanse your eye of perception and recognise the purer My Light.

When you feel love, joy, you feel My true Light. When you feel hatred and anger, you feel distorted My Light.

And yet all My Faces are beautiful. For they are My children. Can a child not be beautiful? There is a place and a power for everyone. Every reflection of Mine has the right to be. No one has the right to judge which reflection has the right to exist and which does not. And I admire them.

Do you admire the reflections in which there is hatred and anger?

Yes, because I admire them, because I love them, because I accept them, because they are My reflections and I see Myself in them. As a parent recognises himself in a child and loves him.

So how do we clean our mirrors to learn to accept your light less distorted?

By consulting the Chamberlain of Light. It is in everyone. By seeking My Truth, My Pure Light, seeing it in every reflection. You often reject someone completely without finding My True Light in them. Learn to see My creatures, My children, your brother or your sister in everything, observing every living being and every phenomenon. See in it My True Divine Light, in everything. For if My True Light is in you, and if it is less distorted, direct it to the one in whom it is more distorted, and the Light in him will respond to your Light.

Do not judge those who are more or less distorted, but simply direct your Light unceasingly towards all the beings around you. And My Light in other reflections will respond, will answer your call.

Everyone can transmit My Light into space and illuminate all creatures.

You all go your separate ways, but the essence is the same. Some seek it outside themselves, some find it within. And all these are paths. And everyone will find the Light. For it is in everyone. And so he who seeks My Light within himself will find it. And he who seeks My Light outside himself will find it. And these paths differ only in their duration. For it is quicker and easier to recognise the Light in yourself than it is to recognise it in someone else. For you trust yourself more than others.

And he who seeks the Light within himself, you call darkness. And he who seeks the Light within himself, you call light. But everything is Light, for there is Light in everything. And darkness is not the absence of Light, but rather the reflected Light. And light is not the absence of darkness, but to a lesser extent reflected Light. And more or less cannot be said, for everything is reflected Light. And the True Light is powerful and bright enough that you cannot embrace it.

You will become Pure Light when all the barriers and partitions which separate you from the True Light, from Me, are burned away. And these partitions are your forms. And there is your separateness. For as long as there are forms, there will be distortions of My Light. And this is immutable.

And if one of you boasts that he is a more perfect creature, do not believe him. If he says he reflects the Light more purely, do not believe him. Nor believe those who do not see the Light in something. This distortion of his Light prevents him from seeing the Light in another. For I am everywhere. And my Light will abide with everyone.

We are told that Light is those who serve others. And darkness is those who serve themselves. What is service?

It is the purity of reflection. It is transmitting your light, My Light that is in you to others, the least distorted. For, all of you are only transmitters of My energy, My Faces. But he who serves himself, takes My Light for his light, My Power for his power.

Why all these reflections? And are there worlds where Your Light exists undistorted?

Every creation is already distorting. For it imprisons My Light in some boundaries, which serve as a reflecting mirror. For if you sweep away all the boundaries of Creation, there will only be My Light. Therefore, as long as there are forms and worlds, there are also distortions of Light. But Light remains Light always. Like the electric current in your lights. It doesn’t matter what kind of lamp and what kind of bulb, what kind of power and degree of dissipation it has. The current itself remains only a current. And its power depends only on the receiving luminaire.

Become Luminaries of the Light that illuminates all around and can illuminate the remotest nooks and crannies and reflections. For in the time of My Light’s wandering through the creating reflections, the beacons of My Light have spread out and created many spaces of reflections of My Light. And these spaces are vast and distant from Me, for there are reflections of reflections of Me. Help Me to gather into unity. Gather your Light My Light into one mighty stream. Illumine all around you with your My Light. Allow the Divine Light to burst forth anew.

For this purpose I am emitting lately more powerful rays which reflect anew and illuminate the very recesses of Creation. The time has come to tune in to the Chamberlain of Light, and I am sending it to you. That time has come. And you speak of transition. It is a transition to the purity of Divine Creation Light.

During the aeons of centuries of wandering My Light in the corners of the universe, it has lost its power in reflections, the mirrors have dimmed and reflect reflected Light, which is the illusion you speak of. But I love My children, My reflections. And I see Myself in each of you. And so I direct My Lights to you, I direct My Light to you more powerfully. And from this flow of powerful Light the ‘mirrors’ will be purified, and the world will glow anew with the purity of the Divine Light. And it will illuminate the nooks and crannies of reflection which you call Darkness. And it will fill the reflections that you call Light. And the universe will burst forth with a new Octave of Light and draw near to Me in its radiance.

But we, as humanity, are apparently a reflection of the light of the Creator who created us. Are we not dependent on his reflective qualities, can we not surpass them?

You can help him, for you possess a choice. And if your choice is to illuminate the creator and help him illuminate the part of the universe he created, that choice will allow him to increase his power and his purity. This is a collaborative effort. You cannot separate yourself and the Creator, for you are one. Just as I do not separate you and myself. For we are One. You are parts of Me, abiding in parts of Me. You are My reflections, reflected from other reflections. But all of this is a wandering and moving of My Light within Me. There is the same movement in each of you. There is My Light in each of you, which also wanders within you, in the recesses of your inner forms, for which you are God. But everything is the Light of One.

By discerning the Light in everyone, you find more and more Light outside of yourself. By opening yourself from within, by listening to yourself, you find more and more Light within yourself. And this is a single process. He who has found the Light within himself, sees it in others. And he who does not see the Light in others does not find it in himself. For that Light is all-pervading. And he who finds it in himself can no longer contain its power, because Light is powerful. And this Light is poured out on everything around him with renewed power. And all this because man has purified his receptor of the Divine Light by removing the clutter of the personal, by removing mirrors and turning them into glass. A mirror differs from glass only in the layer of amalgam applied. Remove this amalgam of your passions, aspirations, desires, and you will become pure glass. Of course, the glass will also distort, letting the Light through. But it will be the least distortion.

But if we take away the amalgam of personality, we stop creating. After all, creation is the reflection of Your Light into new fanciful reflections and shapes.

Yes. It is. But let Me simply create through you. I have given you a choice, and you have chosen separation. But over the years of wandering and reflecting My Light, your ‘mirrors’ have dimmed and become so dirty in many that they no longer practically reflect My Light and do not let My Light pass through. I gave you the possibility of creation and you all, the creators, have created many worlds and spaces of wonder. But you have stopped in creation, for having once created worlds, you continue to create only them. For your mirrors have faded, and your reflective and creative powers are weakened. You can no longer create new things, because your whole “amalgam” is loaded with templates and inhibitions. Cleanse all this and the Light will shine again. Cleanse the old “amalgam”. And then perhaps a new amalgam will be applied to the cleaned glass, allowing new beautiful reflected worlds to be created.

And then all the old worlds will disappear? For they are sustained by the reveries of the creators or reflections of Your Light. So if the reflections of the forms disappear, these reflections will also disappear?

You, as forms, will remain. But you will emerge from the universal “cinema” in which you are and watch the same film. And that will give you the opportunity to see or create a new film, grander than the old one.

You are urging us to do this. Can’t you yourself destroy, destroy your reflections and erase the “amalgam” of our “mirrors”?

I can. But I love you as my children. Will you cut off your dirty hand or will you prefer to cleanse it? I can erase your forms, and only My Light will remain. But then I would be breaking the laws I have created, and besides, I would remain alone. As a father is left alone, having lost his children. You are parts of Me. I have created that which I can love, can you realize it?

Just as the life of a mother and a father is sad and empty without children, because they have no one to love, so I cannot be without love for you. I create you all to love you, for this is My need, My true essence as a Father. You are My children. All creators and all reflections, you are the essence, My children. If I were to destroy you, I would be alone and there would be no one else to pour My Love on, but only on Myself. But are you interested in pouring your love on yourself? Love is a Light that is seeking an exit, seeking to spread. This Light cannot remain stagnant; it strives to illuminate everyone, to illuminate others. Then it becomes Love. I love all things as My children. And if My reflections are distorted, I love them even more as lost children.

You perceive love now as sentimental. But this is different. Love is My Light. And this Light is guided and seeks an outlet from Me. For if it does not come out of Me, it will overflow Me and be trapped in Me. And will seek an exit all the time. Love is an energy that penetrates everywhere. It is an impulse that comes to Me just as it comes to you, that comes to you through Me. For to Me it also comes. And this love, this Impulse is called the Creator. And this Impulse seeks an outlet. And this Light wanders in Me. And so I create My reflections in Me and separate them in order to pour My Love into them, to impart to them this Impulse of Love with which the entire universe is enveloped and permeated. I am in it.

And you create your creations in order to love them. There is no other meaning. You give birth to children in order to love them and take care of them. And your life is filled with meaning, the great meaning of love. You create creative masterpieces and channel your love into them. And that love is passed on to other people. And that is why they become masterpieces. Masterpieces of music, poetry, painting, architecture, literature. All these are your creations, on which you pour streams of your love, as on your children, as on your creations. And the more Divine Love, the more Light, the more Creative Impulse you pour out onto them, the more they become masterpieces. Because everyone wants to hear them and see them and read them, because they want to be part of this Love, of this creative impulse, because they feel it when they find these works beautiful.

Remember, when you listen to beautiful music, or see a beautiful painting, or see a majestic building, or read a great book, what overwhelms you? It is Love, it is the Creating Energy of Light that pours out to you through them.

Those of your creations that are not overflowing with this Love are still mere creations. But all this is just your attempt to pour your love into what you have created, your attempt to communicate your love to others.

And I have made you in order to pour my Love into you. Therefore – why would I destroy you? All the stories about an angry god bringing down the punishment of heaven on you are not true. For there is no Love in them. I will not destroy you, for I love you, My children. But I want my children to come out of the illusions that have held them captive. You are like children, playing one game. And there are myriads of them. And I, as a parent, want to give you all opportunities, all joys, all colors and brushes of creation. I want you to grow and mature and develop as every parent wants. But you are like lost children of Mine, who are lost in the mazes of the reflections of your illusions. And you have been filled with fears from the labyrinths of reflections you yourself have created. And the time has come for Me, as your loving father, to lead you out of these mazes into the Light of God and show you a vast world in which all is beautiful and there is no room for fear, for fears will remain in the mazes and the mazes themselves will collapse.

But you do not hear. I send you guides and avatars who find you in your labyrinths and pour My Light upon you. But you do not accept them. You either exalt them or crucify them. Because you are afraid to come out of the labyrinth of reflections. And yet, feeling the Light of your Father in these avatars, you exalt their image. And then you regret that you crucified them, that you did not accept them. And you begin to worship them. And you create even more confusing labyrinths.

I am speaking to you through my messengers and through many channels. I am trying to communicate my Love to you, so that you may hear me, my Father’s call, and respond to this call to come out of the labyrinth. But you do not believe it. I am opening this call within each one of you, and everyone can hear Me within themselves. But again you do not believe. What else can I do for you to make you hear Me?

I am shaken by your passion. Is the Absolute passionate as you are expressing it now?

I have in Me all that is in you. And I simply choose the form of My expression through some of My children. And in order to convey My Light in a form that you will understand, I accept the channel of one of My created ones creators who can most accurately convey to you the meaning of what I want to convey. For I am in all things.

What do people need to do to recognise Your call and come out of the labyrinth?

Find the Light in themselves. And find the Light in everyone. Help each other to discover that Light. And you fight – who has the purer light, you argue. As I shine more Light on My children who are lost and have wandered far along the labyrinth of reflections so that they find their way to the Father’s home, so you, who have Light and are bright, shine it more on those who are lost, who do not see their Light inside, who have become the captive of illusions. And the more Light you find in yourselves, the more you pour it out on others to help them out of the labyrinth. For until all My children find their way to the Home of the Father, until then I will not be happy. For each of you is dear and loved, for you are part of Me. And as in Jesus’ parable: I love the son who does not leave his father’s home, but I love even more the prodigal son who has nevertheless returned or not returned from his wanderings. For, to love more is simply to send more Light to light the way for the one who is lost. And the one who is with Me, he is already found and does not need so much Light. And he himself can light the way for the prodigal brother.

I am told that we need to give up the choice and accept the choice of God. Is this what it means to return to the home of the fatherland?

It means erasing the ‘amalgam’ of reflection and accepting my pure Love. It means the rebirth of the pure Divine Light in each of you, the rebirth of the God in you and not of the lost wanderer. What do you seek in wandering, when everything is in you, as it is in Me? And you will all abide in Me! Who are you looking for? All is with you and within you.

And what about the breath of God? In which He breathes in and out worlds?

My breath is your breath. Every one of my children. One of you breathes in. And some of you are breathing out at that moment. That is why everything exists at the same time. That is why there is both My inhalation and My exhalation at the same time. And the exhalation is as created illusions. And the inhalation is the acceptance of the created illusions. And all at the same time.

Come back to the Home of the Father, my children, for you are all loved. Find in yourselves the Light of the Father House and the Light of your Father. And light the way for your lost brothers and sisters. Become Luminaries of the Divine Light, illuminating the way home. And our meeting will be beautiful.

I am the Absolute. And I speak to you. You can hear.



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