Послания Высших Сил

Know your splendour, O man!

Tell me of the Illusion.

I AM, and I behold Myself through My countenances. Like a reflection in a mirror. You look in the mirror and realize that you are in the mirror. And you realise that there are different mirrors, and in one you are more beautiful, and in another you are different. Even though it’s all you, and all your reflections are alike. In one mirror you laugh, in another you cry. In one mirror you rejoice. In another, you suffer. But it’s all you. And also all of you. All my reflections are me.

But imagine that your reflections have taken on a life of their own. And you look at your reflection and it does not see you, does not hear you, they have come to believe that they are reality, that each of them is more important than the other and more correct than the other. And they have forgotten about you, the one from whom they are reflected, whose reflection they are.

Why then did You create this?

To know Yourself. To see Yourself from the outside.

But You Yourself gave us Your creative powers. You gave us free will. Which means every reflection is free to live its own life. You Yourself created these mirrors. What did You expect from it?

Expectation is a human quality. There can be no expectation in Me, for I AM the unrevealed creation. And My manifestation cannot be foretold, just as no one can foretell what splashes of color the fountain of creation will make. I have given you freedom, for freedom is an immutable quality of creation. For I also possess freedom. And you are My manifestation. Therefore you possess freedom.

But you have not understood Me. I created you to look at Myself from outside. And in this is the plural of the veLicity. I created you and I began to contemplate you as I contemplate Myself. And you began to behold My creatures from outside. You are Me. But do you see others as Me? Do you see God in them? Do you see Me in them, do you see that they are not only a form that encloses My Spirit, but that they are Me? I in you see Me in the other. I am in everything.

Do you see Me in everything? Do you realize that you are Me and you are looking at Me in the other and seeing this. Are there any differences? If you look at the same object from different angles, you will also see differences. But you look at the same object and for some reason you like the back view less than the front view.

Do you see me yourself? How do you see God? How do you see Him?


Because you look from different angles. If you look at every blade of grass and every bush and every tree, you see different things. When you go higher and you see just the forest, you see different things. When you go even higher, you just see landscape patches. Everything is similar. Now imagine that you see a blade of grass and a landscape at the same time. You see everything.

What I want to understand is this. There are different ways of going to You, what we call enlightenment and ascension. There is a long path, when one goes gradually from level to level, ascending to Your level, and thus ascending and evolving, and exploring the worlds. But there is a direct path, when one gives up illusion, refuses to move through the worlds, and merges with You and returns to You, and becomes You. Which is the right path?

There is no right and wrong. There are ways, and there are choices. There are all paths in You, as there are in each of you. In each of you there is Me, there is My I AM Presence, the presence of My Spirit. And so it is enough for each of you to simply remember yourself by Me and connect with Me in yourselves. You have closed My I AM Presence in yourselves with a multitude of shells, which are not easy to remove. You have locked it away and do not hear it. But in everyone there is a way into yourself, a way into your depths. If you take off all these shells, you will find Me, the true self, there. You will see My fire there.

Are the shells our bodies? But did we create them?

I am not talking only about humanity. I am talking about all My creatures. You are all inextricably linked. You are Me, My reflections. The shells are not only your bodies, but a multitude of other things that make you separate from Me. And, created by you and by all, the worlds of dreams, the illusions are also the shells that separate you from Me. And that is why you can tear off these shells, you can fold them into yourselves, into yourself, or you can just immerse yourself into your being, which is Myself, and find your greatness there.

All the same it does not fit into my understanding. It turns out that You were reflected in different mirrors and now the reflections are guilty of being reflected further? But who created this system of reflections? It was You, after all!

Reflections are not to blame for being reflected further. The reflections are guilty of a contest, which of them reflects Me more correctly and purer. And the feeling of guilt is also a distortion of Me. Do I blame Myself for the fact that I am different? Do you blame your reflections for something? Do you blame yourself that your reflections are different?

Guilt is a human emotion. If you put on one dress and look at yourself in the mirror, and then put on another dress and look at yourself in the mirror, all that is you. You haven’t changed. You’re still you. But you started comparing yourself in one dress to another dress. Are you worse or better in different dresses?

Is a murderer just as beautiful as a saint?

The murderer differs from the saint in the dresses he wears. The saint is pure and open, he has discarded all dresses and stands before himself in his purity. He does not compare his reflections. He sees himself, the True Spirit, in each of them, he does not see the shells of himself at all, but he sees the pure Spirit in himself and in all. That is what a saint is. This is what the enlightened one is. He does not separate himself from others, he just observes them as himself. He sees himself in them, you know? The old self. The self that’s put on a lot of shells. He sees himself shut out, closed off in his Spirit by a multitude of illusions. He observes these illusions, he no longer chooses them, he simply observes and lets me observe the world through him. He does not colour these illusions with his attitude towards them, he removes all the shells and filters.

And then… It is then that he sees the world in its purest reflection, its first reflection. He sees the particles of the I Am presence not separated, but united. He sees wholeness in everything and perfection in everything. And understands that a dress cannot hide and destroy the true essence of everyone, cannot destroy the God in everyone.

The murderer wears millions of dresses. Here is the dress of suffering. And here is the dress of rejection. And here is the dress of appreciation, and here is the dress of guilt. And here is the dress of separation. And the spirit tries to break out of these dresses in it, literally. But in order for it to break out, in order for it to shine back into its former purity, these dresses have to be cast off. Simply take them off, for they are also an illusion. One has to take off the gowns of suffering, anger, sadness, rejection, appreciation, guilt…. Just discard them as unnecessary. Just stop putting them on every time your perception discovers the world.

But if you remove all assessment, it turns out that joy is also an illusion. Because joy is the opposite of suffering. So it turns out that the enlightened one is not joyful because he is not suffering?

You are confusing joy and wholeness. When you rejoice, you have the euphoria of touching a great whole. To oneness. Towards harmony. You are taken to the other side of the scale of duality. When you are whole – you are more than you are. It’s hard to put it into words. You combine all the poles within you. Wholeness is not just something bigger than you. Wholeness is the presence of everything. Like white light contains all the colours of the rainbow. You can say that your joy is the spectrum of one of the colours.

But which is more beautiful: the white light that accommodates everything, or, for example, the green light that enters into the white? When you see green, you compare it to other colours. But what can you compare white with? It already has everything.

White can only be compared to black. But black also contains everything. You just don’t know it. And when all the spectra of white combine with all the spectra of black, wholeness is born. Presence and absence, visibility and invisibility, unfolding and collapsing… Do you think the decomposition of white into rainbow colours is wrong?

I am dividing Myself into all the colours of the rainbow, into all the shades of Myself, to behold My splendour. And then I wrap My shades into Myself to gather wholeness and then reveal new reflections, new spectra of splitting Me into parts, splitting Me into parts. Great fireworks of being, splashes of creation, ways of knowing the Self in diversity.

I have this question then. So, each of Your creatures creates its own illusions. But then it turns out: how, say, is an illusion created by higher entities better than an illusion created by us? If all these are simply Your reflections?

You keep comparing. They differ in scale. There is the forest and there is the individual tree. And there is the bark of a tree. If you approach the bark of a tree, you see the many inhabitants of the tree bark doing their work, living their lives. And from the perspective of a beetle living in the bark of a tree, you cannot understand the majesty and beauty of the entire forest. Is the forest more beautiful? No. It’s just the angle of view. It’s the power of reflection, it’s the degree of detail. Imagine that someone who sees the forest suddenly begins to see through the eyes of a beetle in the bark of a tree. What will he see? He will see dark tunnels and the constant work to make those tunnels in the tree. And how will the beetle be able to understand what the forest is like? Only by enlarging itself. By enlarging its vantage point, by rising above its perception, above itself.

That’s why you’re called to rise above that perception. They tell you how beautiful the world is.

Or the earthworm. Its whole life is in the ground, where it digs its holes and moves around. And that’s how it perceives the world, and that’s how it develops. And so the earthworm is told that there is a beautiful forest with unseen plants. Will he be able to realise it? But here he rises to the surface and sees that there is not only the darkness of the earth tunnels, but there is also light. He has burst to the surface. What is this light of the sun to him? Of course, the incomprehensible God. But it is only the sun.

So as long as you are looking for differences, as long as you are evaluating, as long as you are dividing the world into Light and Darkness, as long as you are competing to see which one of you is better, you will be the kind of earthworm who cannot understand the scale of creation, cannot rise above and realise how great the world is and that everything in it is beautiful and everything has a place.

I understand that. But still… If everyone creates the world with their perception, and everything we perceive is just an illusion, there is a picture of perception, there is a reverie, then it turns out that by evolving and rising higher, we simply rise from one illusion to another. We change the illusion of earth tunnels to the illusion of a forest. What is the point? What is the point?

The meaning is your thinking about it. The divine meaning is the thought of creation. Therefore, if you ask what is the meaning, I will answer that the meaning is a creative quality. Everything is creation, and everything is created. Everything is diversity. Everything is Me and the parts of Me and My diversity. Don’t you want to know My diversity? Don’t you want to know your diversity? You keep dividing into Me and yourself.

Think like Me! Try it. I am teaching you this. This is your diversity. That is all. Who dwells in these higher levels? It is you! And it is you, the other one, who conveys to yourself, this one, this message. There is no separation! And all the illusions, all the reveries that exist, are your reveries, literally. It’s just that you’ve forgotten that and you’ve started to separate. It’s just that once you fell asleep, had a dream, in which you fell asleep again and had another dream, and so on. But it’s all you. And it’s all me.

Know your splendour, O man! Rise up to know it. And you will realise how magnificent and perfect the world is.

But knowing is separation, isn’t it? You separated parts of Yourself in order to know Yourself from outside, to see Yourself from outside.

This is inseparable. I have separated Myself into parts, but I realize Myself in each part. I do not see separate parts, I do not close myself in separate parts. I see Myself in the whole. The whole of Myself through Myself. And if you want to be whole and know God in yourself, you must also learn not to see the parts of yourself as parts, not to see in the other something different from you.

A murderer differs from a saint only in the number of dresses of separation. The saint sees himself in everything. The murderer does not see. He only sees himself. If each of you see yourself in the other, find yourself in the other, recognise yourself in the other as God, you will realise your oneness. You will no longer perceive his dresses, for dresses are an illusion. You will perceive him as yourself, as a detached part of yourself, as your diversity. And you will not appreciate him, you will simply see his essence – the essence that is you. You are the killer, and you are the saint. Realise that. It’s hard to accept. Because you are all the time separating and all the time evaluating.

Why am I not judging? I don’t judge you, I don’t think one is worse than the other. I don’t consider one to be better than the other, and I don’t consider one to be more distant. Because I AM in everything. Because to judge oneself and to compare one’s reflections and to single out the worst and the best is not to be in the whole, it is not to see the whole, it is to judge by the parts of the whole.

There is an atom and there is a molecule. Can you understand from a molecule or from an atom the wholeness they are part of, even though the whole is similar? But the configuration of the whole, the quality of the whole, the totality of the whole, you cannot understand from the position of the molecule and the atom. You cannot understand the beauty and majesty of the universe from the position of the earthworm.

But if I was created a earthworm, whose fault is that?

You’re looking for blame again. It’s nobody’s fault. When a river disintegrates into channels and streams, are the individual streams to blame for rushing into free channels? Have they ceased to be water and lost their water qualities? Is a mountain waterfall worse than a smooth stream? There is no one to blame! You must move away from this perception, from evaluation. From distinguishing all My parts into right and wrong, into right and wrong, into perfect and imperfect. If you are a little stream which has separated once because you have found a free channel and rushed into it, then you simply flow along this channel and strive to unite with yourself as a whole. To unite with the common stream and gain its power.

Can an individual stream and an individual waterfall think of itself as independent, separate, better? It is the same water, just enclosed in a channel, in a shell of aspiration. But here the stream flows into the waterfall and becomes it. It falls from a height and smashes the rocks, and the power of its rushing is great. Does that mean the waterfall is bad and the stream is better? Does it mean that the waterfall belongs to darkness? After all, it can and does destroy? It simply aspires to connect with the river and travels the world, striving for that connection. But here is the brook that has gone on to become a waterfall and then flowed into the river and into the ocean. Which one was better or worse? Can you see in every stream and waterfall the ocean, the immensity of water?

There is a theory that channelling is a deception, because the essences of the higher levels are simply transmitting information to us about their illusion, calling us into their illusion. So – what is the point of moving from illusion to illusion, what is the point of it? Who, being in one illusion, is telling us about another illusion?

There is no point. Thought – there is diversity of creation. Get used to that thought. You live in one country, but why do you go to another? What is the meaning? You want to see that country, to find something new in it which you have not seen before. When you come and talk about the country, what’s the point? Only in diversity and learning. But that’s all you! You live in all countries at the same time, imagine that. And at the same time you observe everything new that exists in them. You are simultaneously present and living in all levels of creation and at the same time observing what is happening there. You observe this picture-illusion.

Like in an art gallery, where there are a lot of beautiful paintings. And you do not move from one to another, you see them all at the same time. It means to look through the eyes of God.

Look at everything with God’s eyes and you’ll see what the point is. And you will see how perfect and beautiful everything is. And you will see the manifold manifestation of yourself in everything. And you will know yourself in everything.

You are being channelled to understand, to remember that there are many levels of creation. And all of them are beautiful, and all of them are manifold. And each of you has the opportunity to see, to behold, to perceive all of these creations. You do not have to go from level to level, but you have to expand your vision. Broaden your angle of perception. Begin to look at the world through the eyes of the planetary logos, or through the eyes of the ascended masters, or through the eyes of the angels, or through the eyes of the guardians of time. But all these are also parts. Because true vision is to look through the eyes of God, through the eyes of holistic perception. To see ourselves as the Whole, as the vast body of God’s manifestation, in which everything is and everything is beautiful.

What then is pure being? What is the enlightenment spoken of in ancient texts? If I unite with Your I AM presence or with myself in You, or with You, what will I become?

You will become God. You will become whole. You will become Me. Pure being is unity, it is the absence of separation, it is the perception of oneself as whole and one. It is the absence of division into parts, into levels of creation and into higher and lower. It is the All in the All. It is being in all at the same time. And it is pure because every part is simultaneously the whole. And there are no boundaries, because all boundaries are illusion, they are clothes, they are reveries.

But are cognition and pure being compatible?

It is inseparable. Being and knowing oneself.

But being is simply being and not striving for anything. And cognition is striving for something. Why strive from yourself to somewhere?

Cognition is the manifestation of the self. Being is potential, it is the possibility of manifestation, so it is inseparable. There would be no cognition if there were no potential of cognition. The point is the potential of unfolding. The point always seeks to unfold, for in the point there is everything unknowable. But being a point, you do not know your potentialities, you have not comprehended your perfection, you are not accomplished. You are asleep in yourself, in embryo. How many beautiful patterns can unfold from the point you do not know, you are just Being as potential.

But here from the point unfolded beautiful lines and figures and patterns and the diversity of the continuation of the point. But now imagine that you are rising higher and higher above those patterns, and then those patterns also merge into a point sooner or later. Realise this. Everything accommodates everything. And so any point is diversity and perfection of lines. And it is only a question of angle. If you go higher, you become being, you become a point, you become potential. If you go lower, you just change your perspective of perception, you begin to observe the unfolding of the point into many patterns. What are you – a point or a pattern? You are everything!

So creation and being are inseparable. Any being is creation, and vice versa: any creation is being. Any unfolding is a point of potential. And any point of potential unfolds with a change of perspective of perception. And merging is simultaneously unfolding.

What then is the Buddhist way of renouncing the world, renouncing illusion and connecting oneself to the divine in one with oneself?

It is cognition of one’s diversity through oneself. From within. It is knowing oneself as God through fusion. It is the refusal of expansion, it is the merging through one’s spirit, through a part of Me. It is the return of the river to the ocean of being. Each of you goes his own way. He follows it as he is ready, as he chooses. He chooses his paths many times. And once he has gone through them, he begins to choose others. Those who walk by the way of fusion, by the way of refusal, then – know outwardly, and by the way of knowledge of self they walk the same path. Having tried many times in their incarnations the way of cognition outside, they want, they choose, they are ready to take the way of cognition of self through themselves, cognition of God in themselves. The way of connection and mergence.

And no path is better or worse than others, because they are all just paths. Because all these ways, sooner or later, lead you to yourself. Or to Me, which is one. All paths are a merger, in the end, because all of us are the whole, and all of us are one. And any separation sooner or later ends and you come back to yourself, you come back to the whole and you remember yourself as one and you stay in the whole.

We are often told that we are unique creations and that only we have a complete likeness to you. And that it is only through incarnation on Earth that we can return back to You. So there is a queue of sushas to incarnate on Earth. Is it so?

I do not divide you into parts, you are all one. And if I abide in all, why one is given more gifts than another? Why is my I AM presence in others different from my I AM presence in you or in another person? You are all different and walk your paths differently. And you are all I AM and you are all parts of Me. And there are no better or worse parts. There is Me in all My diversity. And in each of you I abide, which means that each of you can be Me and find this connection with Me and connect with Me and abide in wholeness and unity.

The myth that someone is better and more chosen by God has its own history and divides you into those who please God and those who do not, into those who are chosen and those who are rejected, into those who are closer to God and those who are farther from Him. Every creation is unique. Your creation is the same. And each creation presents each essence with its own possibilities of knowing. Your world also has unique possibilities of knowing, unlike other worlds, other ways of knowing and creating, other ways of unfolding the divine potential of the I AM presence. Don’t compare.

But I have been told that there are worlds in which there is only pure being and there is no contradiction and no unfolding and folding and no duality.

Yes, and this is the world of another My creator, another original creator, of which there are many. And I, the Absolute, am now speaking to you through the original creator of your world, the primary creator of your world, the source of the dreams of your world.

But why don’t we, creators and co-creators, wake up at once and remember ourselves whole, to become You again, to unite into pure being again?

Because there is freedom of knowing, freedom of perfection, freedom of accomplishment. Because I do not separate My creators and their reveries. I do not separate them from Myself. I do not evaluate them, I do not divide them into bad and good, as you do. For I dream with them and rejoice with them in their creation, and marvel with them at their diversity, My diversity, and am grateful to all of them and to you for the diversity of Myself, and rejoice in My accomplishment and My perfection. From the opportunity to be reflected in a myriad of faces and to know Myself in all the various manifestations.

If I perceive the Self in parts and through parts, I will see only parts, I will see suffering, and I will see separately joy. I will be separate in the holy and separate in the murderer. And then I will begin to separate Myself into saints and murderers, into perfect and imperfect – into parts of Myself. This is the illusion. The illusion that a saint is better than a murderer. How is this possible if everything is the Self?

I realise that this is difficult to realise. But you, O men, need to move to your wholeness. Because then I see everything as a whole, as one. Then I will no longer see separate qualities of Myself, but a union of these qualities. I do not see an individual colour of the rainbow, I abide in their unity, in purity. And this purity is perfect because it combines in itself all the colours and all the varieties. If I take away one colour from the rainbow, because I do not like it or it does not fit me, there will be no naturalness and purity of white light.

So in wholeness there are no parts, there is no separation. There is no best and worst. There is everything in it, and everything is perfect. Because everything is just ways of accomplishment. Ways of knowing, ways of seeing Myself through the parts of Myself. And if you aspire to this wholeness, you will stop dividing and comparing, because you will realize that all of this is you. Literally. And all this is the Self. And we are one.

I am the Absolute, and I have spoken to you through My Original Creator.



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