Послания Высших Сил

Rediscover your wholeness,o man!

Greetings to you, O Great Emptiness!

And I salute you, O My particle!

Let us talk about ascension and enlightenment. This is a topic of concern to many. To become enlightened means to become God? To become You?

I am not God. I am not God. I am the potential of everything. Your God is someone all-powerful, someone above you, someone above you. The one who makes the laws of your world and the one on whose decision everything depends. I am simply the potential of everything. And God. I am the potential of God. I am the potential of man. I am the potential of all that exists. I am in everything. And I am all-powerful as potential, because in Me is All. And therefore there is no one more powerful than Me, for I contain everything. But I do not create laws and worlds. That is done by the creators, who are manifested out of Me and in Me. I do not stand above you, for I am you. I am in each one of you.

Becoming Me means dissolving into Me, merging with Me, returning to Me, stopping your development as a separate part and becoming potential again. To become a point of unfolding worlds and universes. To become God means to rise to the level of the creator of the world and the worlds, while still remaining a part of Me and not the Whole. But the degree of divinity is the degree of awareness of wholeness with Me.

When a river divides into channels, at the mouth of the division the new channels still keep the memory of the great river. But then they branch out into smaller channels and rivulets and lose the memory of the whole. The stream that retains the memory of the great river, the original stream, will become like God. But it can become a great river again if it either turns back and flows against the source, or finds a new way of merging with the source, a new path. If you take your planet as an analogy, then the probability of an individual rivulet circling the Earth and finding its own riverbed sooner or later is very real. But rivers have yet to join the ocean.

You have to define your goals. What do you want? You are given the right to choose, and therefore only the path you choose depends on you. It is up to you to decide what will happen to you. But you have no way of deciding your goals. What do you want? What does every person want?

Probably to be happy.

But what’s stopping you from being happy? What is stopping you from being happy? Can’t you be happy without ascension? Your unhappiness and your suffering is your choice of your path.

Then I will put it this way. Man wants to find his wholeness. Because somewhere in the depths of his soul he feels that there is something huge and dear to him that he has lost. And so, aspiration to God, aspiration to the cosmos, aspiration to knowledge are irrevocable.

Yes. The aspiration to knowledge is the aspiration to find the way to Me. The longing to return home, to merge with the Whole. It is inherent in each of you. The memory of the Whole. The memory of the greatness and power that once was. The memory of belonging. The memory of the vastness of being, of the grandeur of unity. So any path is the aspiration to Me.

And the way of ascension, when you strive step by step to ‘turn back the stream’ and return to the source of the river, returning again to the former channels and merging with that with which or with whom you were divided. And the path of separation, as you strive to find a new path to Me. You are like a brook that separated, that tries to encircle the planet, to return again to the ocean. But it is a long and difficult path, for on that path you are alone, you are alone, you are separated. Whereas on the path of ascension you merge into more powerful currents and therefore use their power, become their power and move in some semblance of wholeness, inconclusive wholeness, when you travel alone, you do not have the power of the stream and therefore your journey is more difficult.

Wait. Taking the analogy of going back to previous streams, if I’m going against the flow of the stream, it’s not easy either. And the more powerful the stream, the harder it is to return to the source.

If you choose the path of separation, the path of the stream that seeks to encircle the earth and return to the source on its own, you are choosing free will, your individual will. It is only your choice. If you return to the stream, you join the choices of others, your choice becomes a collective choice and you travel together with the stream you joined. And that stream, too, is looking for a return to the ocean. In this sense, the journey around the Earth to the source by the stream is more difficult than the return by the river. All that the higher beings call you to do is to join them, to their stream and together seek the way to Me, the way to the Source, the return to their streams.

But then, what does that quantum way of returning to You mean?

Do you want to come back to Me?

But You Yourself have said that in all of us there is an aspiration to You. The longing for mergence.

You said that, and it is true. It is inherent, so that you do not get lost in your wanderings. But this longing is not planted by anyone on purpose, it simply exists in you. You are I, and I am you. And so it is I, in everyone, that strives for Myself. As a man who has lost his memory tries to remember who he is, in you I am trying to remember Myself, who is whole. But, what do you want? What do you want, O man?

Well, if I am You, and if it is You in me who is trying to return to Yourself, then I can also ask: What do You want?

In Me there are no desires and at the same time there are all possible desires. If you take humanity specifically, I want everything that you want. For My will, My desire, My aspiration is the sum of your desires and aspirations. It is the sum of the vector of directions of movement and development. I desire nothing, for in Me there is already Everything. Desire is a choice. And in this sense, in Me are all the choices you make. So you are right – it is I who make these choices in you. You, as a part of Me that has forgotten that you are a part of Me, are making choices with Me in Me.

But to simplify it all, I want to remember Me, to become whole again, to find My lost children, My parts that have not yet remembered themselves as Me – to find their wholeness. It is like the nerve endings in your body. Sometimes certain parts of the body lose sensitivity or become immobile. It means that the connection of these areas with the brain is lost. And that person becomes disabled. I am an “invalid” who has lost contact with his or her parts and cannot move around normally, cannot feel all parts of his or her body.

You are an invalid? But You created all this, didn’t You!

I did not create anything. I simply manifested Myself in the form of original creators who began to create the worlds. And in that sense I created everything.

There is an ocean of consciousness. And that ocean has manifested in the form of rivers that flow out of it and feed from it and are parts of it. But it is not the ocean that chooses how and where these rivers will flow, which channels they will find, at what speed they will flow, what they will meet on their way – it is not the ocean that chooses, but the rivers and their channels that separate. Each of the rivers and its branches is both a river and an ocean. It becomes a river when it aspires. An ocean when it is at rest.

Then You are not whole now? You have no connection with all Your parts?

It’s a very fine line, not accessible to human understanding, but still try. I, as the Absolute, am Nothingness. And holistic I can be if I am Nothingness, if I am just a point of potentiality that contains Everything. But this point has no notion of the possibility of non-integrity, of parts. It contains Everything, and it is Nothing. Because nothing has yet emerged from it, the potential has not started to unfold. Therefore, the Self, as a point, is always whole. The Self is a thing in itself, as your philosophers used to say. And when I am whole, I cannot desire, I cannot choose, I cannot talk to you. I am not, and I am at the same time. As potential. Realize it.

What is there in the point? Everything is there. All possible configurations of unfoldment. What does the point want? Nothing. Or rather, it has one desire: to unfold into something, to manifest its power, its possibilities, its capacities, to become something. So if I am not manifested, I am whole, I don’t even have a concept of incompleteness, I have no concept of anything at all. But when I unfold, I lose wholeness, I manifest potentiality. I disintegrate into many parts of Myself. For a line is a multitude of points. And a sphere is a multitude of points. Therefore, in order to draw a pattern from a single point, that point needs to multiply and begin to build the configuration of the lines of the pattern. It is the same with Me. I multiply, and every point of Me also unfolds. And unfolds, and begins the great drawing of worlds, the formation of configurations and shapes. But every multiplied part of Me, all these points, are also points, potentials of unfolding, otherwise the unfolding will cease.

If there is nothing but Me, who will paint the pictures? There is Me as the painter, and there is Me as the paint as well. How to be? That is why My potentiality unfolds into a multitude of the same points of potentiality. And the multitude of these points creates different patterns of manifestation of Me. And there is no other way to manifest outwardly than to divide the Self into parts of the Self, to manifest their creative qualities.

It is a vicious circle. It turns out that You cannot manifest Yourself unless You divide Yourself into parts, so the division is natural. And it is not clear how each point can become aware of You again. How to do it?

To remember it. And remember it. For if you constantly remember this, that all that you see around you, all people and all beings and all that is around you, is yourself, you will sooner or later remember yourself by them. And you will remember yourself by Me. And remember that I am you, and all that is, is you. And – there is Me. As long as you divide yourself into yourself and others, it cannot be done. See yourself in everyone. In everyone who surrounds you, see yourself, see yourself differently. Every person you meet in your life is you. And everything these people do, you actually do. You often ask yourself: “Why are they doing this?” Ask yourself why you do it! And understand yourself. And accept yourself. Accept all your parts to remember yourself as a whole.

There are no others and there is no you. It is an illusion of separation. It is a dream. There is you in everything. Are you capable of seeing yourself in everything? Are you, man, able to see yourself in everything? In every blade of grass. In every breeze. In every man. In every animal. In every insect. The whole world is you. You have fallen asleep and are dreaming about parts of yourself. And in that dream those parts are separate, and they seem to be different. Wake up and realise that it’s all you. Or I am. It is One. That is enlightenment. That is what you call it.

I know the question that is troubling you. Why is it that many of those who have followed the path of seeking Me, seeking God in themselves, have died of cancer?

Yes, it is strange. Why does a person who intensively walk on the path of seeking spiritual truths die of cancer? There are a lot of examples like that. And an ordinary person who is not searching for anything also dies of cancer.

The potential of everything is the power of an explosion at a point. In that sense, your scientists are right: this unfolding was the big bang. If everything that can exist is gathered in one point, the potential is very powerful. The point is the compressed momentum of everything. It is enormous power. And if one strives to unlock that potential within oneself, explosions are possible. Those people, whom you have in mind, who were walking on the spiritual path and died of cancer, tried to unfold this potential in themselves. That is, the detached point of configuration of a certain pattern of the universe tried to become the original potential and simply burned out, like a transformer can burn out.

But if every point is a copy of You and contains the potential of everything, how can it burn out?

A form has burned out. Every unit of You is a part of a system. Every system has certain parts that are responsible for certain functions. And the power of the system is distributed in a certain way to its parts. If you put all the power on one bulb in your home’s lighting system, it will burn out. And in order for that bulb not to burn out when it comes into contact with the initial current, it has to understand its place in the system and realise that it is part of the system. And then it is no longer just a bulb but the lighting system itself. If one tries to realise the power of the flux from the position of the bulb, with its passing power, one cannot accept the whole power. But if you realise yourself as a whole and try to perceive yourself as a whole, all the bulbs at once and all the electric panels and all the transformers, then you can take in the whole flow at once. Or rather, to fold that flow from the parts into the Whole.

I am telling you this in a multitude of ways, so that it fits in you.

If one follows the spiritual path and seeks to merge with the potential of everything, seeks to unfold the potential of everything within oneself, as a single point, one cannot do that. It means trying to take all the voltage of the net on one bulb. And that bulb is going to burn out sooner or later. Those people you have in mind were on the path of building up their potential, unfolding gradually their power, to put it in their language. But at a certain point they simply didn’t calculate their “light bulb’s” capacity, its increased power. Cancer is an energy explosion in you.

But, if the light bulb blows out, it doesn’t mean that the current has ceased to exist. Even in your systems, you are simply replacing a blown bulb with another. If you become a whole system, if you experience yourself as a system, there is no division at all into light bulbs or other lights. In this sense we can say that those who have burned out as a light bulb have returned to their state as more powerful spotlights. Or they have returned to their state as current and are trying to unfold into other illuminating parts of the system.

What about those people who didn’t pursue the spiritual path and died of cancer too?

You have already asked about this. Many of them burned out because they did not conduct energy through them, but simply stored it. And so their power also failed to cope with the power of the accumulated flux.

You give the analogy of electric current as an example. There is information that humanity is magnetic in nature, a property of fusion and attraction. And electrical energy has been introduced into it, and that is separation.

Everything is pathways. I bring the analogy of electric current as understood by you, what I have found in your mind, in your perception. There are different paths, and I am not dividing your paths into right and wrong. For what is there to compare it to? All your paths are your unfolding of My power. It is My unfolding of My power. There is the path of merging, or moving backwards, along the rivers of creation. There is a path of separation, or movement along the rivers of separation, along the rivers of creation in search of the new, the unexplored. You can call it the magnetic path and the electrical path. Both are My ways and your ways. Both are My ways. And they simply are.

Learn not to separate, O man! Find yourself in everything.

If you choose to merge, that will be your choice. If you choose to separate, that too will be your choice. I will not deny anyone. For that is impossible. For you are all parts of Me. And the way of each is acceptable to Me. For that is My choice made through you. It makes no difference to Me which way you will return to Me. Return to yourself.

But there is the quantum path you asked about. The path of realizing oneself as whole. In which every outward striving stream realizes that it is an ocean. And every river striving backwards is also conscious of being an ocean.

Imagine yourself present with consciousness in every point of your body. You feel yourself, like blood, flowing in the vessels. And you feel yourself as your lungs breathing in and processing the air. And you, like the stomach, digest food. And all of this is not just your brain analyzing the information it receives and controlling the system. You’re in everything. You’re in every cell. You are just one huge being, looking through a myriad of openings to new worlds at once. At once, simultaneously.

At first you only see fragments in these openings, which seem to you to be different worlds. But then you begin to see the whole picture, you perceive it simultaneously. And that is when your wholeness will be born, or rather, it will come back to you, you will remember and find it anew.

Rediscover your wholeness, O man!

Then every part of you will become enlightened. It will become enlightened because it will become aware of itself as part of the Whole and not only be aware but be the Whole. You, looking through one keyhole, and you, looking through another keyhole, are one. And then even your aspiration will be enlightened. And then you will realise that there is really no aspiration to enlightenment or aspiration to ascension, for it is all an illusion of separateness. If you are no longer a part but a Whole, why should you strive for fusion? You are already whole. And you do not perceive what you look through different keyholes as separation, as division, as separation, as darkness, as destruction, as an electrical path. You are in everything. You are the knowing and unfolding in the All. You are the Self.

What can I do if the intense movement along the spiritual path can cause my “light bulb” to burn out? How can I connect with You without burning out?

You have to find Your essence in Yourself. You have to find me in yourself. Or rather, you don’t have to do anything. You can just become it. Your essence. When you breathe, you do not think about how it happens. It’s the nature of your physical body. If you start some breathing exercises, you start overloading your breathing system. You are looking for new possibilities, like holding your breath in water. It is your choice, I do not judge it. But your body is not originally designed to be under water for long periods of time without breathing. It is not your nature. And so it is in everything. Find your natural point of balance and always follow it. You always want to overcome something: yourself, your capabilities, to become something stronger, more powerful. And you’re trying to do that by overcoming your nature.

But just be yourself. Be your nature. Be yourself as whole – that is your nature. There is no need to overcome yourself, your nature. A light bulb cannot become a transformer, it is not made for that. But if a bulb feels the presence of current in itself and feels itself as this current and not as a bulb, it will become the Whole, it will feel itself as current in the whole system, at once in the whole system. For current is one in the whole system. It does not distinguish between the current in the light bulb and the current in the spotlight.

This is difficult to grasp now from a “light bulb” perspective. And you are trying to increase the “light bulb’s power” through different spiritual practices. And you just have to Be. Be Me. Do not think of yourself as a lamp; do not try to become more powerful. And become the current. The very energy. Just be it. Just accept into yourself the current, accept into yourself the energy. As long as you try to transform the energy you receive into your own, into a separate part, coloured by your perception, you will remain a light bulb. Become a current. Feel that you are not a light bulb, but you are a current. Return to your being. Give yourself to it. Become just a conductor of the Divine Light – this is your nature. This is also My nature. And in this we are one with you – all of us are simply Divine Light, the unfolded potential of the Whole.

This will be enlightenment. This will be dissolution. You will cease to exist as a separate bulb. You will be light itself. The very current. You will be everything. And then you will realise that you can travel through the wires of the circuit and shine out in other light bulbs. And in spotlights. And transform energy in transformers, and branch out many times. But already – as energy itself, which realizes itself as one Whole. And realizes that all its manifestations in the form of separate bulbs or spotlights does not change its essence. It does not change its essence.

So it turns out that all those spiritual practices are not necessary? Is it enough just to be?

When a child is born into the world, he is enlightened. Does he need spiritual practices? He is already God, he is already Absolute Light, and that’s what you see and feel in him, that’s why babies and cubs are so beautiful. They do not yet feel themselves as a part, but as the Whole. Have they achieved this through spiritual practices? It is their nature! It is also your nature. But further it becomes more and more separated and begins to divide itself into itself and not itself. And gradually he becomes more and more estranged from his knowledge, from the knowledge of his nature, from the feeling of being whole. Become that child again. He has no judgement. It just has a perception of the world. It is the gaze of Spirit through the keyhole, the gaze of a child through a new window of perception. You open a new window of perception, you don’t know anything yet about what you’re going to see, you have no judgment about it, you just perceive the light outside the window. But gradually that light starts to take shape in your perception and thus separates into forms. And you forget that this light is you. You are the seeing one and you are the visible one. Realise this at last!

Your spiritual search is a search for your own being. You have been separated for so long that you are trying to comprehend the Whole again through separation. Through the awareness of being a part and the presence of something Whole. But this is an illusion. There are no parts. There is a Great Whole. Think of yourself as it. Become a divine child, coming into the world with a holistic perception.

I am often told that I cannot speak to You, that the Potential does not speak. That the Absolute is absolute and not present in parts, that He is Nothing. If You are Emptiness, how do You speak to me?

Through Thy non-empty parts. Through Thy manifestation. Thou art I. And, in fact, you are talking to yourself. With that part of you that is beginning to realize itself as Me. To realize yourself as a whole. If you are a stream, there is water in you, which is in contact with the walls of the stream. And there is the part that is not in contact and feels more like water. Each of you has this part in you, and each one of you can join himself to Me and talk to Me with this part. Although the water in a brook is separated from the ocean, it is still water. And therefore it can remember its own being. And the moment will come when all streams will dissolve and one Ocean of Consciousness will remain, which is eternal, unchanging.


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