Послания Высших Сил

Realise yourself as God, O man!

I want to talk about the immensity of the universes. About our multidimensionality. And about Ascension.

Limitlessness. All boundaries are illusions. Have you realized that?

You are a white sheet of paper on which you can draw any outline and any shape. And you can draw any boundaries. And you are an infinite sheet of paper and a multi-dimensional sheet of paper. And you, the present one, are just a particle of this sheet of paper with a certain pattern drawn on it. And everything you see around you and everything you perceive is just a drawing on the infinite “sheet of paper”, just a part of that pattern. You cannot realize the whole picture, its greatness and beauty, its perfection because you are just a part of it.

If you enlarge any picture and take only a part of it, say, the part where the shadows of the images are drawn, and judge from those dark areas the whole picture, what conclusions will you draw? And the shadow is just shading, just outlining the boundaries.

In the same way, you can’t judge the grandeur of the whole picture painted on that ‘piece of paper’.

And you are present – there is the whole leaf, but you are present – separated from yourself and you observe only a part of this leaf with its patterns, as if you illuminate only a part of the picture with a torch and draw conclusions from it.

You have to realise that it is precisely because you are judging the mechanisms of the Universe on a fragment, which is you and your perception, that you are not yet able to understand them. You cannot understand anything by this particle. You are detached from the One Whole and you are in the belief that the world as you perceive it is the real picture. And this is only a tiny fragment of the whole picture of the Universe.

Move forward with your consciousness, thus your perception, beyond yourself, the present one. Try to see the continuation in everything. Try to see yourself in everything. Literally. Expand your perception, and new patterns of the Universe will become available to you. But even that will not be the final picture painted on an endless “sheet of paper”.

And who paints those pictures? You?

I am that piece of paper. So are you. For you are I, and I am you. Get used to that thought.

Thought is not just words in your head. Thought is a creating mechanism, a magic wand for each of you. And so what you think is your perception. And if you think yourself as a part of Me, you will be a part. If you realize yourself as Me, if you think of yourself as the Whole, as Me, you will become Me, you will remember yourself as Me. For we are one.

It is not long before you become proud and think that you are God. We are always being told that we cannot understand You and perceive You.

Can you understand yourself?

I don’t know.

When you look deep inside yourself, you find a vastness there that cannot be explained in any way. That’s who you are, the real you. And that’s who I am. Understanding is an explanation. But there is a deeper understanding, without explanation. Just presence, just I AM; realise it! You are eternity and infinity; realise it! You are the eternal and infinite presence that with your perception creates worlds and forms.

When you go outside of yourself, you create worlds and forms. When you go within yourself, you dissolve into your infinity. This is your choice. Either go outside yourself and create forms. Or go within yourself and become limitless. But “outside” and “inside” are an illusion. For it is all you: you are limitless and you are form-creating. Just – paper and the artist and the pattern on the paper.

I want to ask about levels. We have 13 of them. But if the universe is infinite, does that mean that the number of levels is infinite? So there is also a millionth level? And therefore the ascension is also infinite?

You are again thinking in terms of a part. You have woken up and discovered your boundaries. And you are trying to go beyond those boundaries. And you are projecting your vision onto the rest of the Universe. You are trying to project your pattern, part of the overall pattern of the Universe, onto the whole ‘sheet’.

Are you saying that the division into levels is not everywhere?

Even more broadly. What I’m saying is that the division into levels is projected by yourself. There is a blank sheet of paper on which everyone manifests the patterns that they can manifest, that they are capable of manifesting.

So the division into levels exists only in our consciousness?

Everything exists only in your consciousness. The only immutable and unchanging truth is the I AM presence, that I am in you.

But, what about the creators of the higher levels? Those who created the world in which we reside? Do they not create different levels? Are not the levels the very separation, the separation from You?

I’m talking about diversity. About the infinity of images and forms. If on your part of perception, on your part of the “sheet of paper”, which you feel yourself to be, the pattern is now in the form of horizontal or spherical lines that separate the levels, that does not mean at all that the other part of the pattern is identical with the pattern on your part of the “sheet of paper”. It doesn’t mean that the other part of the “sheet of paper” has levels, has transitions from levels, has boundaries at all. Perhaps there are patterns there that you cannot comprehend. Unimaginable patterns and boundaries. Perhaps there are kinds of creations there that you cannot even imagine. Your world is but a drop in the ocean, a tiny fragment of the patterns of the Universe. So you should not judge it as the whole of the Universe.

But we are told that everything is similar.

Similar. But not identical. And the similarity lies in the fact that you are all parts of my I AM presence, you are all parts of the “sheet of paper” on which Creation unfolds. But imagine that it is not only forms and boundaries that can be created. Creation can be anything. Unfolding and collapsing, boundless and limited, shapeless and formless, changing and unchanging. Creation is My perception. And through you comes perception, bounded by forms, your forms, My forms, our forms.

Does this mean that on our stretch of ‘sheet of paper’ we have created a creation that is limited to forms, and that includes levels of perception, and we are trying to move through them? Does it mean that there are not levels of perception in the whole of the Universe and we do not need to go higher and higher? What should we do in that case?

Realize ourselves wider than our limitations, wider than our forms, wider than our perception. Not long ago you did not know that there were other levels. And now you are already trying to imagine the immensity of the Universe and its diversity. It is your choice. You can be aware of being a part of a “sheet of paper” and move within that part between its patterns and create new patterns. Or you can be aware of yourself as another part of the “sheet of paper” and try to understand that there is a formless creation. Or you can just be in everything and everything at the same time, that is be Me and realize yourself as the Absolute Consciousness, the Whole, the Oneness.

So all our lessons of ascension and work on ourselves in the name of transition and raising the vibrations are only an illusion of our, my consciousness, there is only a game and only a pattern created by all of us?

Yes. We are moving. You are changing. Ascension and transition is simply a journey through the nooks and crannies of consciousness. You travel within the forms that your consciousness has created, the detached part of My consciousness, the creating part. Imagination. It is your imagination. It is our imagination. It is the perception of images, it is the creation of images. Images means forms. You create it all. Together with everyone else. This is the game. Or creation. Or perception.

And what about stories of levels and worlds of different densities, calls from ascended teachers, information from civilizations, stories that they have all come to our aid to wake us up and help us get out of illusions?

Does it turn out that everything is an illusion? All the patterns of the universe are also an illusion?

Yes. An illusion of separateness. That which exists and does not exist at the same time. The perspective of consciousness. The slit of perception into which you look and which limits your vision. The magic lantern of illusion. And all of you are passionately playing at it. It is all present in different dimensions, on different levels, in the form of teachers and angels, in the form of civilizations and guardians. All of this is the universal illusion of your sector of the Universe. Your game. My game.

I have allowed Myself to divide into parts, so that each part can enjoy its splendour, so that each part can unfold its splendour into unseen patterns of Creation. And I, through you, contemplate these unseen creations. And I marvel at My diversity and My magnificence. Everyone plays their part in this game. And each of you can choose any role. You can choose to be an ascended teacher and an angel, if that interests you. You can rise to their level of awareness, actually that’s what they tell you and others. And you sometimes rise up to their level of awareness when you talk to them.

But you can choose another role. Any other role. For example, Lucifer, and realize the vastness of your separateness and be in a state of separateness over all the worlds like scattered shards of a mirror. Or you can rise up to the perception of the planetary spirits, or to the perception of the female and male hypostases of your part of the Universe and connect with them, and with them undergo new experiences of knowledge and creation. And play their games, which are as fascinating as your games. Or you can descend to the perception of your cells and become them. You are limitless. You can advance in each and every one of them. Because you are them, we are all one, all My parts.

Then why all these stories about there being levels and having to go up through them? So it turns out that everyone is recruiting volunteers for their own camps and games?

You can call it that, but you take it humanly. Think like God if you want to realise yourself as a god. There are no ‘their’ and ‘other people’s’ camps and games. There is the one infinite play of imagination of My Absolute Consciousness manifesting itself in the diversity of creation. This is My way of knowing Myself and My way of manifesting and My way of being and My essence.

Not long ago, you had no idea about the different levels. You have to start from somewhere to explain to you the picture of the Universe and to lead you to your God-qualities. And awaken your unity. If you, as a part of Me, create worlds and forms of illusions, realizing yourself as a part and the Oneness at the same time, then you are God. God is the creator who is conscious of His unity with all creators, but who has chosen His games of perception and His illusions as parts of the common illusion. God is the one who, in creating His worlds of form or formlessness, is conscious of Himself as Absolute Consciousness. But you have lost this unity. You have sunk into your illusions and have forgotten your unity, your Godhood. You have forgotten it by means of skillfully created illusions of perception. But the time has come to remember. And they are trying to bring it all to you in a form of perception that will help you realise your oneness.

Realise yourself as God, O man! This will be the beginning of ascension. Awareness of yourself not as a part, but as One Consciousness of the Universe, creating diverse worlds that intersect in co-creation and create amazing patterns of interaction.

Tell me about my dreams. About what I see when I fall asleep. Why does this physical reality seem so real to me and the only one? And all I can still observe is my dreams, which are also connected to my physical reality. I do see in my dreams mostly those who are present in my physical reality. Why can’t I see other dimensions?

If you enter a room, you see the boundaries of the room and perceive the boundaries of the room. And if you enter a stadium, you also see the boundaries of the stadium, but not as clearly. And if you enter a room the size of a planet, can you perceive its boundaries?

But if all boundaries are contingent and there is no concept of “far” and “close”?

You perceive the boundaries of a small room because your consciousness is fixed on those boundaries. Literally is there. When you are in a room, in order to perceive it, to see its boundaries, you expand your gaze, expand your perception, you expand to the size of the room, your consciousness completely fills the room, and only then you can perceive its boundaries. When you enter the stadium, the same thing happens. You expand even more to perceive the boundaries of the stadium.

But at a certain stage of your expansion you get lost. You can’t expand enough to perceive the boundaries of the entire stadium or the boundaries of a world the size of a planet. You are afraid of losing your form. Realize it! You keep returning your attention to your human form. You measure the size of a room or a stadium against the size of your form and you are afraid of the difference. And when, according to your standards, the size of your perception becomes incommensurable with the size of your form, you stop. Because you are afraid of losing your human form. You are afraid not to return your consciousness to your narrow framework of perception, to which you are accustomed. Break away from your form, let go of your fears of losing your human form of perception, and you can become aware of other levels and worlds.

In other words, I see the same things in my dreams as I do in my physical life because I am afraid to break out of the forms of human perception and expand into non-human perception and thus lose my form?

Yes, the fear of losing your form is very strong in you. You call it the instinct of self-preservation. But what are you preserving? You are an infinity of forms. You are part of a “piece of paper” that can take any shape, any outline. Your essence, I AM presence, is formless. But fear of losing human form keeps you in your boundaries of perception.

All right. Let’s go in parts. We are told that we are living many, including physical, realities at the same time. Why do I only remember one of them?

Why do you think you only remember one?

Isn’t this life of mine just one of my living in different temporal or parallel branches and/or other planes of physical reality?

And what is this life of yours?

What I remember.

Your memory is like a computer resource. You, like a computer memory, store and record information about all your perceptions. But that doesn’t mean that many variations of you live different lives on different levels of reality. All of these are you. You alone – at the same time – live in all possible realities for you, in all illusions at the same time. And the information about that is stored in your memory, in your brain. But you only use a tiny fraction of that information, you know that. And your memory is a symbiosis of fragmentary parts of your perception in different versions of living you as a whole. But this symbiosis seems so consistent to you.

I see that you don’t understand. Take a picture, any image. It can be divided into many small particles. You could call it pixels or crosses in embroidery, if that’s what you prefer. You can’t understand the picture as a whole from the individual crosses or pixels. That picture is your perception. It is not even me. It is your picture, the perception of you as a part, of you multidimensional.

You, as multidimensionality, are a set of parts (pixels) which, if you put them together in an orderly way, constitute a certain image, a certain picture. These parts are of different shades. In these parts, there are dark parts and light parts. And shadows, and light, and borders. And formlessness, as in any painting. And these pieces are your parallel or temporal realities that all exist at the same time. And this picture is your choice, your creation as a whole part of Me. That is the part of Me that has again divided into parts to multiply the multiplicity of its perception. In this is the likeness.

And you, as a single entity, as a collective soul, live simultaneously all the ‘crosses’ and all the ‘pixels’ of your perception. Actually, these “crosses” and “pixels” are the diversity of your perception, of your creation and of your existence. Think of a portrait of a woman made up of little squares, each one representing a different woman. It is similar.

And each “cross” or “pixel” is a different life, a different branch in your perception. You perceive them all at the same time. And in each of them different events happen, and you go through different lessons and play different games.

But your current memory is so limited that you are only aware of a tiny number of “pixels”. And your memories are a fragmented mosaic of individual pieces of your perception. It’s like looking at a painting and seeing lots of white spots, but trying to understand what’s depicted in it. That is why your present perception is fragmentary, and it is an attempt to understand what is happening, by the fragments of information about yourself, about the events of your life, that you retrieve from your memory.

And that is why you cannot judge yourself truly and holistically. You cannot recognise the correlation of some events in your life, because you do not remember those correlations. Or, in our example, you can’t remember all the pixels of your life. And so you are told about past lives, trying to explain those interrelationships. And there are no past lives and there are no future lives. There is a huge picture of your multidimensional life, of your perception as part of Me, which you do not realise as one. Patterns that you are only guessing at so far. Why does a given line not flow smoothly into another, and the pattern is interrupted? You cannot realize these interconnections, you cannot realize the integrity of the pattern of your life, of your perception, because whole links are missing in it, the ones you cannot remember. And in those “crossespixels” there are all levels, all densities of you, all lives and creations on different levels.

But as you develop and open your memory and thus open yourself as a whole “picture”, you begin to receive more and more information, open your memory and begin to see the “picture” as a whole. And realise that there are no enemies and opponents. There are just fragments of an image that need to find their completeness. There is no darkness, just the borders of the picture and the shadows.

And gradually you begin to expand your consciousness to your whole self, to your unified “picture” of perception, you begin to remember yourself as a collective soul at all levels of perception. And there is no division for you into different levels of perception, different densities, there you are in all your splendor and diversity. There is a multidimensional you which exists simultaneously in all ‘cross pixels’, in each ‘cross pixel’ it creates a new ‘picture’ pattern. But at the same time all these multifarious ‘crosspixels’ together create a magnificent picture of the realisation of your creativity as a collective soul, a magnificent picture of creation in which there are no enemies, in which there are no ‘ours’ and ‘outsiders’, but all this is you. You are multi-dimensional. Realise this.

And after you have realised the integrity of your perception as a collective soul, you have to take the next step. Understand that all collective souls are also just ‘crosspixels’ in the infinite picture of the Universe, which is Me, which I create through you and perceive through you. And then you will understand that you are a part of the picture and the ascended teachers and you together are a part of the picture of the planetary Logos. And he is part of the picture of the creator of the world, and so to infinity, to unity with Me. You are all part of the picture of creation of Absolute Consciousness.

Sometimes, when I am talking to you, it seems to me that it is no longer the Absolute speaking to me, but someone else. Lucifer, for example. Or St. Germain.

You’re talking to yourself. Each of you can only talk to yourself,  because no one else exists. You are in everything. And I AM in everything. But I am in everything and I am aware of it. And you are in everything and you don’t realise it. And so you divide it into conditional names. Or, in other words, in order to ‘reach’ your perception, I have to go through many forms of perception which you have been able to realize at least partially and thus accept in yourself or open in yourself this channel of perception. Therefore, all names are conditional. Everything is you and everything is Me. Everything is perception. Yours and Mine. Everyone can say so. Lucifer and the ascended master. Each one perceives everything through himself. So don’t fixate on names. It is the illusion of separation. You are talking to yourself. You, as a form, are talking to yourself infinitely.

But they tell me that they see some streams of energy in me, they describe them as masculine streams, as warped streams, they say that it is not like the Absolute.

What is like the Absolute? Everyone can perceive Me in such a way as they can perceive it. That is, by the limited forms of it. But I am infinite. Is it possible to perceive the boundlessness through any boundaries? Is it possible to perceive the boundlessness through a part, through a frame?

What you are told is what the speaker perceives through his limitations. Through its forms. And you perceive Me through your limitations, through your forms. And if you could remove your limitations and your forms, you would realize yourself as Me, and there would be no one to talk to. You wouldn’t be asking, you’d just know everything that I know. In essence, all your conversations with Me, just like all your channelling, are simply limitations of perception, new limitations of infinity, chunks of knowledge. That knowledge that is embedded in each of you originally as parts of Me. You simply access the memory of your ‘computer’ and read new ‘files’ there. But all of them are already there in you. And if it is more convenient for you to perceive these files as a series of questions and answers, nothing prevents it. Because you are in the illusion of separateness.

It seems to you that the one who asks the questions and the one who answers them are different entities. But it’s all you. And everything is Me. You are not talking to the Absolute, but to yourself, more whole. With a part of Me, its memory access files. And by gradually expanding the boundaries of your perception you will be able to return to the perception of the Absolute consciousness which is the Self. And then all your questions will disappear. Because all questions are related to detachment from wholeness, related to loss of memory of everything that IS, of information about every point of the Universe that IS the Self.

I AM the Absolute. And I speak to you through your parts of Me. Through My creators.


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