Послания Высших Сил

Immerse yourself in your splendour, O man!

Let us talk about Love. We call you Father in heaven, the Absolute. In our understanding, the Father is a loving being, the one who gave birth to us and loves us as children. How close to the truth is this analogy?

You are all parts of Me. And, if you view yourself as a part, then surely you are My offspring.

But if you see yourself as a Whole, you are That which begets. You are both the Father and the Mother. You are both Father and Mother and Child at the same time. Not just because you had a father and a mother too. But because you are I AM.

And you are the Father of all the Being, if you are aware of your Wholeness. And you are all the Being if you are aware of your Wholeness. And therefore you are both a parent and a child; you are a parent to yourself, become aware of that.

And Love?

Love is Oneness. It is Companionship. I do not exist apart from you. You are all My parts.

And if you are aware of yourself as a part, you cannot comprehend the great mystery of Love, because Love is Magic. It is the magical Reconnection with the Whole. It is the alchemy of the Touch. It is the alchemy of Belonging.

But all these are not just beautiful words. When you connect to the powerful perception of Oneness, Love is born. It is not a feeling as you understand it, it is Might and Power.

When the quantitative addition of the parts creates the alchemical quality of Oneness, that is Love. When the properties of the Whole exceed the sum of the properties of the parts, it is Love.

When from the fragments, from the parts when they merge, a new consciousness is born, majestic and powerful, it is Love.

In those moments when you merge your consciousness with nature, you feel it in part, you are tapping into an infinite source of perception, wisdom, magnificence, life as such. And this greatness brings forth in you powerful currents of power that were previously unknown to you. And this power is majestic and calm, and this power is immense and has great power, and this power is Love.

All your words are poor to describe it. Because power is already the direction of movement, the vector of movement. But Love is boundless and does not need any movement. It is all-consuming.

As a drop falls into the ocean and dissolves in it, it becomes the ocean. Individually each drop is a drop, but together they give birth to a new quality, the ocean, its power and splendour. And belonging to this ocean is Love, and the ocean itself, its power and splendor is Love.

So You are Love?

I am Absolute Consciousness. But the feeling of belonging to My greatness, to our greatness, is Love.

When you love someone, you do not separate him from yourself. You are one with him, you are one with him. You suffer and rejoice with him. That is what Love is. Awareness of yourself as one with the other part, awareness of your identity and with this part is the way to awareness of your wholeness.

When you begin to separate yourself from the person you love, you switch to a perception of the part instead of the whole. And Love goes away. Gone is the sense of magic within you. Gone is the feeling of belonging to the person you love. Gone is the inseparable bond with him or her. And you begin to separate your goals from his goals. Your desires from his desires. Your boundaries from his boundaries. You become confined to your boundaries and cannot understand him, because Love is wider than boundaries.

How do you expand those boundaries?

Become aware of yourself in everything. Become aware that every person around you is yourself, literally. The bum who drinks and freezes in the street is you. You are the one drinking and freezing in the street from hopelessness, from separation, from feeling lonely, from losing your sense of belonging, from losing Love.

You know how to feel sorry for yourself, but you don’t always know how to feel sorry for others. But he is you, another copy of you, who has lost the knowledge of this, who has lost the link with his Oneness. And the more unhappy you are, the more you have lost the link with your Oneness, with your Wholeness, the less you experience the feeling of Love.

All suffering is the consequence of the separation from your Wholeness. You suffer because you do not feel you belong to the World.

And compassion? It is considered to be a God-pleasing quality, but it is also suffering, isn’t it?

Compassion is a step towards the feeling of Oneness with a human being – when one person accepts the pain of another as his/her own. It is a small step towards Oneness and Wholeness. But in order to realize one’s Oneness one does not have to suffer at all. Oneness is Love.

When you are suffering with someone close to you, your compassion gives birth to a thought form of suffering, that is a thought form of Separatedness. Realize it! And so, strangely enough, compassion does lead to the thought-form of Detachment. For if you are one with your Whole, there can be no cause for suffering.

You are a magnificent powerful Being, capable of creating anything you want, anything you can imagine. Where can suffering come from in you? It is a consequence of your Detachment.

Replace the word “compassion” with the word “belonging”. You are not compassionate to the person, you are in communion with him. Not only his pain is yours, but all his joys and all his thoughts and everything that happens to him and in him. You are One. Then you will not feel pity. You will experience Love.

It is a ruthless state. What kind of humanity will it be without pity for the others?

It will be a humanity with the presence of Love, with the Oneness of the I AM Presence. It will be a humanity full of Love. And it will be a powerful collective consciousness creating the magic of Peace.

I was told that God has no preferences. For Him, any experience, including suffering, is only one of many experiences. So, it turns out that You do not care whether we suffer or rejoice? Can You have preferences?

A preference is a Choice. I don’t need a choice, because I am All. You choose something from something, because You do not have everything in You. You are choosing something that is not in you. Otherwise, why would you choose it? You are looking for what you don’t have. But in Me is Everything. That’s why there is no need to choose for Me. To choose means to separate, to distinguish some qualities, different from the others. Otherwise it is not a Choice.

Therefore I care whether you suffer or rejoice. In Me, there is no Choice. I have no Choice, because I include all your sufferings and all your joys. For as soon as I connect to the Choice, I cease to be the Absolute Consciousness, I become one of the Creators and I make My Choice. This is how it is now: I am making the Choice to speak to you, to you in Myself.

More than that. I do not separate into suffering and joy. For Me, it is inseparable. And in that sense, there is no suffering and joy for Me.

If you just have a beam of light, just a lantern, you do not divide the light of the lantern into particles, into forms. It is just a beam. But, here, the beam of the lantern goes through the slits of the magic lantern, and outlines and pictures are born. And here the beam of the lantern is directed at the film and gives birth to the illusion of life. But even the beam is part of Me, part of the light. Therefore even the direction of the torch is already a separation.

Does the light suffer and rejoice? It is simply IS. And are the images, born by the borders of the passage of the light, suffering and joy?

Imagine that you are just light. And so you bump into obstacles, and your light breaks up into shades of light and gives birth to pictures. And you just contemplate them, marvel at them, admire them. But, you have no reason to be horrified by them, because they are just pictures of perception, and they do not carry the moral meaning that you attribute to them. They are simply obstacles in the way of your light.

So it turns out that all murders are just pictures of perception and do not carry any negative points?

Your conceptual apparatus is very revealing. When you deny something, you are not accepting it, which means you are separating it from yourself. You are not accepting your Wholeness.

There is nothing negative. There is your Choice of manifesting yourself. There is My Choice of manifestation of Self. But when I begin to choose, I cease to be Myself, cease to be Absolute Consciousness, but become a detached part of Myself and perceive the world from the position of this Detachment.

What is murder? It is when one takes the life of another. But who can take something away from whom when everything is You and everything is Me? And everything you take away is also you and everything is Me? Can the right hand take away from the left hand? If the blood in your body flows from one part of your body to another, is someone taking from someone? This is Separation.

Separation is a consequence of the existence of Choice. Choice is Division. Choice implies that there are two or more distinct objects, and you choose between them. Choice already implies Distinction and Multiplicity.

Therefore, the consequence of Freedom of Choice is Separation. But, if you realize yourself Wholistically, you realize that your Choice is just one of the variants of your Manifestation. You just look through different keyholes and observe there the World of Your Perception.

Murder is just a wrong action if the one who kills violates the Choice of the one being killed. But, often, you choose to be killed yourself. You choose the experience yourself.

But if you are conscious of yourself in everyone, you are conscious of yourself in both the murderer and the murdered, you are literally killing yourself.

But if you realise yourself as Whole, you realise yourself as Whole in a part. And you just contemplate how the life force from one part of you passes into another part of you. Like blood in your body.

In your body a lot of cells are born and die every second. And these cells perceive themselves as Whole. They are aware that the death of one cell is simply a transition to the birth of another cell. And there is no “one” and “the other”, there is just your body. And the liver does not resent the blood if it overflows to the heart.

And, only those cells which cease to realise their Oneness become sick and suffer, and separate from the organism, and are excreted from the organism. Those that have failed to realise their Oneness.

Have you realized this?

The food you eat is partly digested and partly excreted from your body. In everything, contemplate a similar process. Some of the food cells have realised themselves as one with your body. And part of it has not realised and therefore is excreted from your body and finds its further Development and Movement. And those human cells which suffer from separateness from their Wholeness grow into diseased cells and into cancer cells.

Your perception makes you separate from the World. You are separated from your cells and do not feel your Oneness. And you are separated from Me and do not feel your Oneness with Me. You are caught up in your illusions, you have limited your perception to various dogmas and thought-forms.

What do we have to do concretely? How do we get out of our confines? What do we do?

Listen. To yourself. To the World.

You only listen to your mind in which various stereotypical Perception Programs are embedded. And it is your mind that dictates your perception of the World. Like an annoying advertiser. Like a constantly running radio. Turn it off and listen to yourself True. Listen to yourself as Form, look within yourself. This allows you to do what you call meditation.

But, listen also to all other Forms, to all that surrounds you. Immerse yourself in yourself and outside yourself.

When you observe the majestic pictures of nature, you become immersed in it, and thoughts evaporate. You feel a kind of belonging. You feel a certain Greatness. That is the Greatness of Oneness.

When you listen to great music, you also dissolve in it and feel a Companionship with it. When you inhale the fragrance of a flower, you also feel a sense of Identity with it and a certain mystery and joy. It’s just that your breath is very brief, and you don’t have time to feel the Greatness of your contact with the flower.

Immerse yourself in this Complicity. Stop to immerse yourself and dissolve your Forms. Every time you observe something or someone, imagine that something is an extension of yourself. Try to feel unity with it. Just your willingness to do this is enough and it will work itself out.

Just be everything. When you feel everything responding to you, it is you yourself who has been able to feel your Oneness with it and you yourself are responding to your call.

I was asked to ask You a question: why is there a moment in life when one does not want to do anything, i.e. to read or meditate?

Reading and meditation are just tools on the way of realizing Your Greatness. On the way of awakening your consciousness, awakening from the dream of illusions and realizing yourself as Whole.

Your mind requires information to process. It is so constructed. In addition, your detachment from your Wholeness blocks the areas of memory in you that contain all the information. It is not even information, but Knowledge.

You can describe in detail what, say, an apple is. It is information. But the perception of an apple as a Whole, at once, without explanation, in which you even know the tastes of many varieties of apples at the same time and their appearance, the essence of what an apple is, is Knowledge.

Knowledge is always holistic, and it is simply in you. Even the very word Finding is a division into you and that which is not in you and that which is not in you.

Knowledge is your property. Just as the property of water is its fluidity and wetness, so your property is the Communion with the Knowledge of the whole Universe. Precisely because you are One with the whole of the Universe, that is why in you there is the holistic Knowledge of everything.

Therefore reading is only a stage where you try to reconstruct scraps of information. And these scraps of information, like puzzles, start to reconstruct in you a whole picture of the apple. And a quantum-magical leap takes place, when not all puzzles are completed, but with your intuition, your inner knowledge you have already guessed the picture of the puzzle, and the other uncompleted puzzles will magically appear and fall into their places in the picture of your Perception.

Each of you follows your Path of Self-Knowledge and Awareness of your Wholeness. And only this process is Ascension and is Cognition.

By studying the details of the World, you try to recreate within yourselves the Knowledge about the whole picture of the Universe. But there is another Way.

Imagine the World – as a huge picture out of puzzles. In which each puzzle of the big picture also disintegrates into small puzzles. Each of you is just putting together his puzzle in the whole picture of the Universe. And the process of receiving information is simply putting together your “puzzle” in the picture of the Universe. That said, when a piece of someone else’s puzzle suddenly comes into your attention, you don’t understand what it is. You don’t accept it because it doesn’t fit into your puzzle. You don’t feel that puzzle, and there is no way a piece of someone else’s puzzle fits together in you.

Assembling your puzzle you gradually become aware that there are a lot of pieces, that do not fit in your puzzle, but they are there. And you start to think about it and come to the conclusion that there are probably other puzzles, other pictures of perception. This is the method of knowing through information. And that is the picture of Man. There is a puzzle of a murderer and there is a puzzle of a saint, and they cannot dock with each other.

But, if you go higher with your Awareness, you will realize that Someone is putting together a picture from different, more or less, whole puzzles: from your puzzle and from other people’s puzzles. And that Someone is also you. You, more whole. And then you start to contemplate another, more whole, picture, in which you do not see separately a puzzle of a killer and a puzzle of a saint, but together, they create just a part of the picture of some other majestic picture. And you already disconnect from the perception of your personal puzzle, and observe the more majestic picture and also try to assemble it into a coherent perception. And you also look for the missing puzzles. And this is the picture of God.

But then you, as God, can go even higher with your Perception, where someone is assembling the picture of the World from the puzzle-perceptions of the gods. And you also realise that there are no loving or threatening gods, but all of them are just shadows on an even greater picture, on the picture of the Creator, who is also assembling his picture of Perception. And so to infinity.

This is the process of Cognition through meditation. When you do not separate, do not single out something for studying, as it happens in the way of information, but unite, expand yourself to a higher level of Perception, collect yourself as a whole, feel yourself as a whole.

It turns out that reading and information are useless, unnecessary. Is meditation enough?

These are different stages of the Path. The Path to wholeness. First, you repair the gaps in your own puzzle of Perception. But having restored it, you start looking for other puzzles and try to understand their purpose. And then you can only come to know more than you are by rising above yourself and feeling more than you have felt before.

But if one suddenly does not want to read or meditate?

You cannot stop meditating. It is your natural state. A state of immersion in yourself, of wholeness. It’s just that you distract yourself from this natural process by seeking information, by socialising, by various human activities. Your mind demands information, and you seek it – and thus you distract yourself from your natural state, the state of Wholeness.

Remember when you wake up in the morning and for a second… your brain is not yet switched on. That is the state of meditation.

Remember when you look at water or fire and your mind turns off. That is the state of meditation. Always when your mind turns off, you go into your natural, primal state. All your natural perception is meditation.

But, you are talking about what you call Action. If you perceive meditation as an Action, that is: sitting down in a certain posture and certain actions with your Consciousness, then it is no longer meditation. This is a prelude to meditation; it is a prelude to switching off the mind and sinking into one’s natural state. And at a certain stage one becomes overloaded with actions, because all actions are unnatural states, there are consequences of detachment, there is illusion. And these actions distract you from your natural state, from contemplation of yourself and the world in and around you. From contemplation of yourself as Whole.

So you have no possibility not to want to meditate, because this is your essence, the way of your Existence and Perception; you cannot have aversion to meditation, just as, say, you cannot suddenly get tired of breathing or not want not to breathe. Because the feeling of Wholeness is majestic and beautiful, the feeling of Oneness of self with the World cannot be wished or not wished.

Can you wish not to be loved? It is impossible. You always wish to be loved precisely because this is the feeling of Oneness with the World, with Wholeness. And meditation is the reconnection of this Wholeness, and therefore also those moments when you are loved and loved, when you are One.

You can do without reading, finding all the knowledge within you. But you cannot do without immersing yourself in your Being. And it is the absence of this immersion that gives birth to your suffering. A man who has immersed himself and realizes his Wholeness with the universe cannot be happy or unhappy. He simply abides in the bliss and joy of Reunion.

Then what should a person who has lost the desire to read and meditate do?

Turn to your nature. Go deep into himself and find himself there. Understand what it is that prevents him from finding the joy of Reconnecting with himself. Just listen to yourself and to the World. Just to be and feel his Oneness with the World. Just to realize oneself as an extension of everything in the World. Just to contemplate everything that happens inside or outside without separating it, understanding that “inside” and “outside” is the Illusion of Separation. Just realizing that no one is forcing you to read or meditate. Everyone is free to choose exactly what he or she is inclined to do. And if one does not want something, perhaps it is a sure sign that one has outgrown one’s Choice, that one does not want to choose, and it is time to simply Be. To be in its Glory. To immerse yourself in it.

You have fears of immersion in your Magnificat.

It is like being in pitch darkness, trying to discern your surroundings by touch and hearing, and suddenly seeing a light in the distance. A very bright blinding light, the sight of which blinds the eyes. And through this light, he begins to see the outlines of objects around him. But it’s not clear yet, because the light is blinding. And man is invited to leave the outlines around, but simply to immerse himself in this Radiant Splendour. And man is frightened of this Magnificat. He walks towards it with cautious slow steps. And the light flickers. And each new flicker lights up new outlines of objects around him, of which he had not previously suspected their existence, so hidden in the darkness. And of course, few people go resolutely towards the unseen source of radiance to boldly step into it and dissolve in it.

You take these steps towards the Light. Some are quicker and bolder. Some more slowly and cautiously. But when the number of the brave ones increases, others will rush after the first ones. And then the Light will burst forth in everyone.

And meanwhile you wonder what kind of Light it is, and what awaits the one who stepped into that Light, because there is no going back. Because, dissolving into its Magnificence, there is no more desire to go back. And those who are left behind also have fears. They think that the Light will swallow them, they are afraid that they will disappear as people, as Forms, not realizing that they are this Light.



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