Послания Высших Сил

I Am All.

All the ancient teachings tell us that in order to return to You and merge with You, one must give up all pleasures. But man is created sentient. Why and by whom was such a difficult path created? We are given sensuality to get rid of it. We are given the mind to get rid of it. Wouldn’t it be easier not to give it to us? And then we would all be closer to You. And there would be no darkness and no evil.

This world was made by you. This world was made by all of you. I am just the clay from which you mold the world. I am the clay in the hands of the sculptor. And if the sculptor, looking at the clay, thought, “What if…?” – could the clay oppose it? And each “What if…?” created new shades of your choices and your creation.

You all strive for knowledge. This striving is driven by your desire to find your source, to find your oneness, for only in this oneness can you live life to the fullest, literally. If you are not one with the whole cosmos, you lose some of your perception, of what might have been available to you. And such losses you literally feel as empty places in yourself or unacknowledged places in yourself. And this lack in yourself you seek to make up for. And so you strive for pleasures and for knowledge. If all knowledge is already in you, why strive for it? If all pleasures are already in you, why strive for them? Realise this.

You strive to interact with other forms because you exist in separateness, because you do not realise that there is no you and no forms. All your aspirations are only due to the profound knowledge of the need for unity. And by seeking this primary pleasure, the pleasures of wholeness, the pleasures of perfection, you replace them with other pleasures, the pleasures of partial fusion. When you take food, you merge with it literally, and that for you is the pleasure of partial unity. When you inhale a fragrance, you merge with it, and it is a pleasure of partial unity for you. When you listen to beautiful music, you merge with it. And for you it is also a partial oneness. When one has sex, it is also a partial fusion and a partial oneness. You are trying to quantitatively find this fusion and fill the voids in yourself. But mechanical filling is impossible, it will continue to be mechanical because wholeness is a quantum concept, not a sum of properties. I Am All. Wake up every morning with this thought and go to sleep with it. I Am All.

Therefore all your teachings admonish you to renounce partial pleasures, partial unities, partial fusions, to renounce them as false pleasures and to know the true pleasure of your perfection, of your wholeness. Because all these pleasures create your attachment to a given form, to a given world, to a given perception. You are like a hungry beggar who has found a jewel and does not understand that there is a whole box with such jewels near, but he clings to one, being afraid to remain a beggar. You are like a hungry man who eats only bread, not realizing that all possible viands are nearby.

Realise your immensity. And your power. Why should you enjoy the forms of the world when this world is but a fragment of the infinite infinite manifestation of you as the divine essence?

So, in other words, you shouldn’t be afraid to give up the pleasures of this world because there are countless pleasures of other worlds ahead? But we’re always being given the example of hermits who gave up all pleasures altogether and spent their lives in meditation, starving and mortifying the flesh, not washing themselves and having little or no contact with the outside world.

You all follow different paths, and I cannot predetermine the path of each of you. I have created the law of the freedom of choice, in order to give Myself the right to create new splendours of Myself in your separateness. And each one of you has the right to decide which path he will choose. If he chooses the path of suffering, that is his choice. If he chooses the path of solitude and abandonment of pleasures, that is his choice. If he chooses to put his flesh to death, that’s his choice.

But I am talking about wholeness, about feeling whole. One who has felt whole cannot suffer. Because wholeness is the great delight of being, which is little comparable to pleasure as you understand it. When you merge with nature, what feelings do you experience? Is there pleasure in it? It is a feeling of boundless power and belonging. And it gives rise to a great rapture. When you hear beautiful music a wave of something unknown and immense rises up in you. Can it be compared to pleasure?

Look into the eyes of the hermit. And you’ll see how whole he is with the world. Look into the eyes of the hermit. Do you see in them the reflection of the world? Do you see in them the light of the whole world illuminating and dazzling you? If yes, he has attained oneness with the world, he has attained wholeness. If not, he is a seeker like you. One can go towards his wholeness in different ways. But when one has achieved it, it cannot be hidden. Because when he reaches integrity, he becomes bigger than himself, he becomes broader than himself, he becomes borderless and everybody around him feels it.

There is no need to give up anything, because your giving up would be violent. Again, you will separate yourself from the other parts of the world that give you pleasure. Realize that the pleasures you are experiencing are only a tiny part of the great ocean of joy of being, of belonging. Therefore, there is no point in clinging to these partial pleasures. Realise that there are no pleasures which you get from somewhere else. It is all within you. The limitless, infinite ocean of joy of being is in you, and you turn away from it to seek external pleasures.

When you begin to dive into this ocean of joy more and more and more, deeper and deeper, you will feel this great difference, you will feel the insignificance of your present pleasures compared to this fullness and greatness. Many of your yogis simply forgot to eat, so absorbed in their inner magnificence. For them it became unimportant, they were carried away by the wandering in the great ocean of being, which they discovered in themselves.

But your mind keeps dividing you into ‘you’ and ‘not you’. It is constantly analysing, deconstructing and trying to put the pieces back together again. But it cannot create the magic of wholeness. In order to do that he has to rearrange himself completely and not to separate but to gather, not to analyse but to synthesise. In that sense it prevents you from experiencing your wholeness, which is already a priori in you. But your mind is trying to fragment that wholeness and examine it separately. But by studying an arm or a leg, can you understand your whole body? By studying a fish, can you judge the ocean?

Your mind is so constructed, it has programs of separation embedded in it. Don’t see it as an enemy or an apparatus of separation imposed on you from outside. All this is just an illusion. Think of it as a self-developing program that is responsive to all your needs. Think of it as a line in a computer into which you can write any choice you want, and the program will immediately implement this choice of yours, implement it in a literal sense. And if you are used to divide and analyse, this program will obediently divide and analyse. You, as humanity, are used to divide and analyze rather than to connect and synthesize, and so your programum habitually works in that direction.

This is why you are told to master the control of your mind. At first, your mind will servilely slip you programs of separation that are already in effect, because that is how it is set up. But gradually, if you learn how to control it, you will be able to create any great program of your perception and creation. Thought is a powerful tool of creation. And thought is a product of your mind. But you have the concept of mind. This is how the disciplined mind, the mind controlled by you, is different from the uncontrolled mind, which is busy self-reproducing existing programmes of creation.

But we are advised to just turn off the mind altogether and be just pure perception, Pure Being.

There are different ways to create and different choices. You may choose to create on your own, as a part of Me in Me, realizing yourself as this part. This is how the First Creators create. They are whole with Me and create in oneness with Me, but they create what they choose. Their separation from Me as independent creators is a choice, but a conscious one. You can also create in Me by becoming aware of yourself as a part of Me. The mind is a program of creation, a program of focusing the energy of creation. You will become a great creator by creating your program of creation, as the Primordial Creators did. But humanity uses a single programme of creation, or rather modifications of it, which is called the human mind. Imagine what a flower creates, say? What is its programme of creation if it has no mind? Its program of creation is something else. And if you choose to create on your own, you choose to be a part in Me and create in Me. And your development is the way of perfecting your creative qualities, the way of expanding the areas and diversity of your creation.

But if you refuse the choice, you accept My choice, his choice, her choice, you simply accept the choice of others, because you do not separate yourself from others. You accept My choice entirely as the choice of the Whole Entity, you just merge with it and exist in it. And you don’t separate it into your choices and the choices of others. And then the choices of others become available to you, and then that is pure being. And then, as you expand your power more and more and regain your wholeness, that’s when you become this Pure Being, you become Me. You return to yourself whole, you return to your Source.

Those moments when in meditation you merge for a moment with Pure Being serve as a guiding thread, a beacon on the path of overcoming all limitations, of disidentification with yourself, of merging with the world. It is like a tuning fork by which you check the rightness of the path. Like a beacon, pointing you in the right direction. But you don’t exist without your mind yet. Even your crazies, they are just transforming their mind, their creative program. But just because they are crazy doesn’t mean they don’t have a mind. It just works in a slightly different way from the conventional programming.

The way to your wholeness is not easy. It is not easy, because you are limited by the mass of your boundaries, which have been created over many years of your lives and over many millennia of human existence. You are the ones who build these boundaries in your mind. First, because you are taught to do so from childhood, then because you make some decisions of detachment. The very notion of “I” and “not I” leads to separateness. If you have noticed, collective souls do not say “I” about themselves, they use the word “We”.

Therefore, on the way back to your wholeness you will have to overcome many obstacles erected in you. But there is one magical path, the quantum path of oneness. It is for those daredevils who are not afraid of losing their form overnight, not afraid of the uncertainty of oblivion of their personality and choose this path. It is the path through oneself, through the cosmos within oneself. This way is to leave behind the single thought: “I am All”. When you attain such mastery that your mind has this one thought, you will go beyond yourself instantly and become the All and become Me.

We are invited in many information to realise another thought, “I AM what I AM”.

“I AM what I AM” is a step on the path. I AM what I AM means acknowledging My Spirit in you. You are a part of the Spirit. Part of Me. Part of Absolute Consciousness. And ‘I AM what I AM’ says exactly this: I AM a part of the Absolute Consciousness. And realizing this thought, incorporating it into one’s creative programs as the main one, is only a step on the way to Me. Or it is one of the ways, i.e. the choice of creation in Me as a part of Me. I am the Absolute consciousness. I AM is already being, i.e. separation from Absolute Consciousness. I AM what I am. ‘I Am’ and ‘I am’. I AM is Absolute Consciousness, ‘I AM’ is part of Absolute Consciousness, ‘I AM’ creating within the Absolute Self.

If we say, ‘I AM what I AM,’ it means recognition of our oneness. It is I who speaks in you as a part of Me. If we say, ‘I AM what I AM’, it is an acknowledgement that in each of you is My Spirit, My Self. Do you understand the difference?

The stages of awareness. First: I AM what I AM. Then: I AM what I AM. And finally: I Am All. If we are talking about Pure Being, about returning to Absolute Consciousness, about giving up choice, I Am All. Realise this.

And when you choose the path of expansion, that is, the path of reconnecting with your wholeness from the outside as a form, the path of consistently attaching and finding all the parts of yourself, the path of consistently examining the parts of yourself that you are attaching to yourself in your expansion, that is, putting together your puzzle of perceiving yourself as whole, then you can say that you wander from one pleasure to another, from one perception to another. And you go up through the levels of creation higher and higher until you reach the level of the Primordial Consciousness and accept the choice to merge with Me. And this path is called your ascension.

But if you choose the way of quantum acquisition of your wholeness, renounce the choice of creation as a part and your only desire, your only sincere desire is to merge with Me, to return to your Source, to return to the state of the Absolute Consciousness, then you renounce all pleasures, understanding that these pleasures are your choice as a form, as a part. And then you become Pure Being. The choice is yours, O man!

If the mind is just an instrument of creation, why does it chatter all the time in such a way that it is difficult to tame it?

They are used to working in that mode. It’s like if you turn on the lights in all the rooms at the same time, just in case you forget where the switches are and how to use them. All the lights would be on at the same time. But do you need that when you can just turn those bulbs on and off as needed?

If the mind is just a tool of creation, why does it chatter all the time in a way that is difficult to tame?

They’re used to operating in that mode. It’s like if you turn on the lights in all the rooms at the same time, in case you suddenly forget where the switches are and how to use them. All the lights would be on at the same time. But do you really need that when you can just turn those bulbs on and off as needed? Your mind simply offers you all that is in it, it consistently lists all your doing. For every thought you have is simply a creative action. Realise this.

Every thought is creating. And you are constantly in the state of creation, in the state of creation of the world. And if you turn off your mind, you are just turning off YOUR creation, just perceiving what you have already created. But your mind only knows certain methods of creation, the ones you have allowed it, the ones you have filled it with, you as part of Absolute Consciousness. And it obediently offers it to you again, because you are afraid of ‘forgetting where the switches are’. And it works in the mode of constantly turning on all that, in it.

And so thoughts of the present day are suddenly replaced by some old memories. Memories of past creations. And so creation happens unconsciously, uncontrollably from your side, automatically. Just like you breathe without thinking. And it is your mind that constantly reproduces the creation of your breath, maintains this program and many other programs.

Your scientists are fighting over the mystery of what is primary: hormones or sensations. If a person falls asleep, sleep hormone is produced. Or is the sleep hormone produced because a person needs to sleep? If a person gets pleasure, the pleasure hormone is produced. Or is the pleasure hormone produced because one gets it?

The mind is primary. The mind’s command to go to sleep comes and the hormone is produced. The thought of pleasure comes, and the pleasure hormone is produced. Although everything happens at the same time and is interconnected.

There are many programs in the mind that keep you alive. These programs control the physiology of your physical body. These programs control the interactions of your subtle bodies. And these programs constantly create the reality, the illusion that you see and perceive as external to yourself. And these same programs create your separateness as forms. On the one hand, these programs are good, because you wake up every morning and you see the same picture of the world, and it keeps you from getting lost in the ways of your perceptions. Are you ready to wake up tomorrow morning and find yourself in, say, a desert or another planet?

But, on the other hand, that’s bad, because these images, this illusion, become more and more resistant, and it becomes more and more difficult for you to get out of these illusions. It’s like a self-perpetuating program that develops resistance to any software virus.

But if you can control your mind, you can control your creation. You will be able to desire it consciously.

There are many pitfalls in the journey to conscious creation. Some people who have stopped their mind completely have fallen into other worlds, and they have captured them in the same way that your mirillusion has captured you. This is why mind discipline is important, that is, consciously controlling the mind just like a program on your computer. But if you realize that everything that you see and perceive, no matter in what worlds of perception you are, is only an illusion, only a projection, only a motion picture, then you will begin to understand that there is always a “button” which “turns off” this projection, which stops the “motion picture”, which interrupts the illusion. And this “button” is at your disposal. That’s why all sorts of fears go away, because everything becomes subject to you. And it’s in your power to stop that movie or start another one.

But the truth is that there is only Absolute Consciousness and its projections. And which projection to choose depends only on you and your ability to use your mind.

We are told that we only use 5% of our brain. But if the mind is a program, why does it only use 5% of the brain?

Because that’s how you choose to use it. Because in order to use all 100%, you have to realise WHAT you are. You Are Everything. As if you are trying to access the database and you are asked for a password and instead of typing ‘I AM Everything’ you will type in any other password, indicating that you are just a part of it. That’s why the software is blocking your access to where you’re not yet ready to be. Your brain is just a receptacle of information, or rather a kind of filing cabinet. Because it is impossible to contain in your brain all secrets of the Universe, all information of all universes. There are stored access codes, the very passwords for entering, quantum passwords for entering various depositories of the Universe information. And you have yet to learn how to use this filing cabinet. First, you enter into the subsystem of searching information “I AM what I AM”. And then you evolve to the “I Am All” access.

How do we achieve this access?

Your thoughts are your access. As long as your thoughts reflect you as a part, you will have access to information as a part. It is like the retina in a passageway system that cannot be circumvented. If there is only one thought in your mind: “I AM All”, then all the hidden doors will open and you will become all, all the information will be available to you as the knowledge of the All, for you will literally be the All. But as long as you are dominated by the multitude of thoughts of separation, as a form of creation, access is closed to you.

Realise that this is a different perception. If you are trying to get information about another planet, you will still get it as a separated part, as something that is not a planet. And so your perception will be as you seeing that planet “from the outside”. You will not be able to experience it, and therefore you will not be able to know it as a whole, you will not have all the information about it. About her as a partial wholeness of another collective soul. You will not be able, in your language, to “get into her skin”. Therefore your perception of this planet will be YOUR illusion, YOUR interpretation of it, conditioned by the peculiarities of your form, of your individuality.

But if you become one with it, you don’t need any more descriptions of its form and appearance, you don’t need information about it, you become it and you have all the knowledge about it and all its perceptions, you become the Planetary Logos, its level of perception. And you create from his level of perception, through his ‘mind’.

Therefore, until you become aware of the All, there is no point in entering into these masses of information. They will not tell you anything. Or rather, they will be limited to your perception, as if you don’t know a foreign language well, but you are trying to understand what is said to you in that language.

Now, when you are not conscious of the Whole, that is what you are trying to enter into the various arrays of information, not Knowledge. In this sense, information is the study of the whole by its parts, which gives rise to incomplete perception. Knowledge is entering into the Wholeness and studying the Wholeness as one interaction. You can spend hours studying the parts of a clockwork. But the clock will only work when it comes together in wholeness and gives birth to the magic of time. And it is this quantum transition from the set of parts to the magic that is the perception of its wholeness. So as long as you perceive yourself as a part, you will only be a part of the vast mechanism of the Universe all the time. When you realise yourself as whole, you will realise yourself as the Whole, and you will be the Universe itself.

On the way to your wholeness there are many stages for those who are not yet ready to part with the illusions of the world, with the dreams in which you all abide. These are the paths of gradual reunification. First, you reunite with your collective soul. Then your collective soul reunites with the other collective souls, of which there are innumerable in the Universe, and then you realize that you are all parts of Me and reunite with Me.

It turns out that you are not whole either, since we have separated from you and do not perceive our wholeness?

I am multiple. And when I manifest as parts in you and perceive Myself as a part, I am not whole. But when I exist simultaneously in my parts, all boundaries are contingent. It is like a glove on your hands. If each finger is separate, you do not see yourself as incomplete, you do not see it as separate from your body. I impose on Myself the ‘grid’ of separateness, but I realise that this ‘grid’ is only an illusion. I direct My light into different ‘slits’ of the ‘magic lamp’, but I realise that it is only a reflection of My light. I AM Whole Energy, which traverses the labyrinths of perception. And therefore I am whole. You are only a selected ray of My perception. This is the only way you exist as a form. But when the beam loses form and direction, it becomes simply the Light of Awareness, the Absolute Consciousness of I Am All.

I am the Absolute, and I have spoken to you through my creator.


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