Послания Высших Сил


Tell me about Lucifer. There’s a lot of conflicting information about him, and it’s mostly negative.

For example:

Lucifer is the Logos of the Antiverse, the Absolute of the Anticosmos. With its energy and mind it embraces all space-time continuums of the Antiverse, controlling all energy-informational processes happening there.

This Monad was once one of the Thrones of the Absolute which it once rejected to rule the Antiverse by changing the polarity of the particles of the plasma body of this Monad.

(In changing the polarity, Lucifer’s 35-dimensionality was reduced to the Infra-13th dimension, i.e. a sort of “Discharge from Heaven”).

How do you comment on this and what is the Antiverse?

It’s a long story. I will try to pick up an analogy for you through one of my creators.

I abide in everything and My manifestations are manifold. And there is no concept of ‘anti’ for Me, as everything is in Me and I am in everything. When I manifested in My magnificence, I manifested in My Originators. These are what you call the Thrones of the Absolute, My Thrones. Each Primordial Creator creates his systems of worlds and his laws of the Universe. That is, each Originator creates his own universe.

You can imagine it as a city in which there are a myriad of buildings. And each building is created by a certain architect. Each “building” has its own laws, its own inhabitants, its own configurations, its own relationships. Some “buildings” have lights on, others don’t, and so on. Each “building” is not a once-and-for-all system, but a growing one. As a tree grows. The “building” is constantly undergoing restructuring, expanding areas, creating new styles, new rooms and habitats. And one of these “buildings” is your Universe. And each “floor” is a galaxy.

A “building” has, conventionally speaking, a “penthouse”, where the “higher” inhabitants live, i.e. those structures that manage the whole “building” and are responsible for the existence and functioning of that “building”. Different floors of the “building” are inhabited by different inhabitants, and communication between the floors goes on “lifts” of a special kind – “lifts of ascension”. And, of course, the inhabitants of the building hear each other, at least nearby “floors”, and can “knock on” and send each other signals in a different form.

But in order to take the “lift” up to the top, to another galaxy, to other inhabitants of the Universe, you need to undergo certain tests and training for “advanced training” in order to be able to use the “lift of ascension” and know what dormitory rules await you on the upper “floors”. So far you are exploring your “floor” with interest, for even it is not yet fully accessible to you.

Each ‘floor’ has its own senior supervisors who oversee order on the ‘floor’, help those who seek an exit or get lost, control disturbances, try to resolve conflicts, a sort of local police or local sheriffs. Each “floor” has everything for the livelihood of all residents and for their development.

Residents on each floor are given the freedom to choose how they want to act within the rules set out on that floor. In their turn, the mentors managing each “floor” also have freedom of choice within the framework of the authority given to them. Each curator or manager of a given “floor” is a hierarch of a higher level than that “floor”, but who came down of his own free will to that “floor” to help the inhabitants of that “floor of the galaxy”. Managers can be replaced by a decision of the higher hierarchs of management of the “building” or of their own volition. Each building has its own lighting and power system, represented by Solar Logos. There are their own time management services, magnetic force management services and so on for all the systems that support a given floor.

This is a general scheme, understood by you. It is identical for all “floors”, all levels in each of the Thrones.

But here in one of the buildings one of the Primordialists had the idea of creating not only “above-ground floors” but also “underground” floors. In the construction of the Universe there is no concept of “under” and “over”. It was about dividing functions into creative and technical, into creative and destructive. But originally it was the thought-form of the Creator that it was possible to create some other universe, some other building with opposite properties. And that thought-form, in accordance with the law of creation, immediately found its incarnation and began to develop. Thus began the action that you call “the experiment”. Now the inhabitants of the building could not only go up, but they could go down as they chose.

Accordingly, a hierarch had to be identified who would be responsible for the “underground” floors of the building. Lucifer was that hierarch. Since the laws of creation were in operation in all the domains of the Universe, the laws of creation were also in operation on these “underground floors”, in the Antiviverse. Thus the Antiverse was created, with its own laws and inhabitants.

Further stratification of the building’s inhabitants took place. Some of them began to descend out of curiosity into the lower layers, into the ‘underground floors of the building’ and often got stuck there. As each new descent downwards, compaction took place. So, in our analogy, in order to build an underground building, you not only have to build it, but first you have to dig out space for it in the ground, i.e. to overcome a certain density.

And Lucifer, in order to descend into the ‘underground floors’, had to compact himself. But if he compacted himself completely, he would become so “heavy” and dense that he would not be able to rise from the lower floors, because his power is great. That is, its light power would have compacted to the same scale. It is as if to create a stone the size of the universe. So he had to fragment himself into pieces and disintegrate into myriad particles which compacted and sunk down into the lower layers, the “underground floors of the building”. And in order to bring these parts together sooner or later, or to return to his Throne, he left a part of himself in the upper layers, in his Throne, with his Primogenitor, as a clue, as a marker, as a beacon, as a hook to which to fasten a rope to climb up the rock. You could say that he is a part of his Primordial.

These fragmented parts of Lucifer lost their connection with the One Consciousness that was present in Lucifer as the Counselor of the Throne. And these fragments began their vitality, their perception, their creations. At the “underground” levels their own hierarchies and control structures, their own laws appeared. And this is what you call the Darkness or the Antiverse.

Your universe has a kind of tunnels or lifts to these “floors” in the form of black holes. There is also what you call Hell, i.e. very dense layers. If we take the analogy of underground floors or caves, then it is harder to breathe there, there is no sunlight, it is cold, wet and so on. These hell floors are described in some of your works with more or less accuracy.

But every Lucifer fragment descended into the “underground floors” contained a particle of I AM Presence which is indivisible and indestructible, which is in everyone on all levels. It is just that the manifestation of this particle on the ‘underground floors’ was difficult due to the high degree of density and fragmentation. And in some of these fragments of Lucifer this particle of the I AM Presence was so strong that some inhabitants of the ‘underground levels’ strove to ascend higher and sought an exit to their Source, to the Absolute Consciousness, to Me. And thus was born a movement between the lower ‘floors’ and the higher.

And the striving to ascend to the Source, to the Sky was so great for some inhabitants of the ‘underground floors’, that they, with the course of their development, began to appear on the first ‘above-ground floors of the building’ and strove to ascend higher. And then there was a struggle between the “above-ground and below-ground floors of the building”. Inhabitants of the “underground floors”, going up to the above-ground light worlds, introduced an element of Chaos and Darkness there, and the management system had to be reconstructed. As if there are destructive elements in the city and it is necessary to strengthen law enforcement and security measures to preserve order.

It could be said that Chaos elements had taken over the first three “above ground floors of the building” and it was decided to isolate the floors above the fourth from penetration from below, a kind of control was introduced. And it was decided by the hierarchs of the building that the inhabitants of the three lower “above-ground floors” must undergo a kind of purification, “disinfection” against viruses and pass a “maturity exam” of creation before they could ascend higher. Hence a kind of quarantine was imposed on these “floors”. And the law of karma was introduced as a punishment for reluctance to rectify oneself and purify oneself. Or rather, the law of responsibility for one’s actions, which exists in the whole Universe, was modified into the law of retribution for one’s actions. And the circle of samsara, as you call it, was closed.

Those who caused harm and suffering to other suttas by their actions were shown the result and example of that impact. That is, they had to experience the same in their next incarnation. Accordingly, on the first three “above-ground floors” there appeared something like a “compartment” where the inhabitants of the “floors” before the incarnation were placed, where the analysis of their mistakes was performed, where training classes were created for studying their mistakes, and so on. Thus the astral and mental plans appeared where the information about the lessons learned was accumulated and the experience of mental and sensual perception was analyzed. Here also the casual plane, i.e. the quintessence of analysis of previous experience and construction of the lines of development of every essence, of every dweller, came into existence. Thus appeared guardian angels, guardians of karma and ascended teachers.

That is why the concept of darkness and karma does not exist on higher levels. That is why your world is so separate from the rest of the Universe. That is why there is so much evil and suffering accumulated in your world and why your punishment systems are rather harsh.

By fragmenting into the lower worlds, the worlds of the Antiverse, Lucifer has fallen into a kind of trap. And now he cannot reassemble his unity and his collective soul into a whole. The degree of separation is very great. But he continues to be part of the Universe and in him, as in all things, there is the I AM Presence of Spirit. And all remember him as the majestic Counselor of the Throne of the Absolute, My Throne, and all believe that he will find a way out, will gather his unity.

So you mean to say that the majority of humanity are precisely the risen fragments of Lucifer?

The majority of people are just the fragments of Lucifer, who escaped from the “underground floors” in their development. But they apply the laws of the “underground floors” in their lives, and so they continue to wreak Chaos. And they cannot get enough of “this floor’s games”. Because if they had already played enough, the Call of Spirit would have called them further up in their development.

But in order to help the inhabitants of this “floor” where mankind lives, from above, from the upper “floors”, came helpers. They came down to this density as humans and you call them workers of light. And they try to shake up the humanity, to awake in it a spark of the I AM Presence, to teach them the laws of the Higher World and to help them in their development. Many of these great entities whose fragments have come down to earth to help people have also fallen partially into the traps of density and Darkness and are awakening as they develop. Or are also caught up in the games of this level. But gradually they remember their missions and begin their work of enlightening humanity. You are a kind of rescue teams who help evacuate people in distress.

In the quote I gave, it says that it was you who rejected Lucifer. And I don’t get it: if Lucifer is an advisor to the Throne, then he is this Primogenitor?

“Rejected” in your perception is understood as “rejected”, “not accepted, kicked out”. This is a human perception. In this context, rejected is precisely the reversal of polarity with the consent of the essence itself. The law of freedom of choice is inviolable for all, including me, and especially for me. Lucifer is not the Originator, but only a part of the Originator. That part of him, which realized his thought-form of creation of the Antiverse. And that part has come to be called Lucifer, as the manifested part of the Creator, which has descended into negation, restructured itself for creation under different conditions, into anti-creation.

The power of the Primordial Creator is such that any thought of his is immediately embodied in a sustained creation. Your thoughts have the same properties, but they are not as powerful. Therefore, when the thought of the Original Creator to create the Antiverse arose, a part of him embodied as an entity called Lucifer. And his name fully corresponds to his mission: he who carries the light. The one who carries the Father’s light into the antimeters, the one who manifests particles of the I AM Presence into the lower layers. And in this is his, a kind of sacrifice, his desire to help the Father with his desire to know the secrets and mysteries of the Universe, and his name is curiosity. The Creator himself continues to reside in his Throne, and he rules over all of your Universe. And Lucifer is a part of him, a lost part, but which seeks to reunite with him.

I would like to discuss the following passage.

The Cherub of our Galaxy (Alkylona – in Galactic sacred language translated into letters, this name can be translated as “The Seventh Spiral”) is the Monad Jehovah. (As a result of incorrectly perceived information by ancient “biblical” contactees, the name Jehovah was declared to be the name of God, i.e. they perceived the Cherubim of the Galaxy as the Absolute).

We also have a lot of conflicting information about the entity called Jehovah. He is our biblical God, and judging from the biblical texts and human history, a very formidable God. The TAO books say that he also possesses his ego and that he has now been recalled from our sector of the Universe, that is, from our “floor” due to the errors he has made. Can this be clarified?

You are again looking at everything from a position of separateness. All separations are conditional. Lucifer is not something in opposition, but only a part of the Originator. Neither is Jehovah. If I may say so, he is all a fragmentation of the Primordial Creator. Just as the Primordial Creator is a fragmentation of Me, My aspects. And so Jehovah is an aspect of the Creator. And Lucifer is an aspect of the Creator.

These two aspects are inextricably linked, like two sides of a coin. In your language, Lucifer is one side and Jehovah is the other side of the same coin. That is, if fragmentation occurs, it affects all levels. Or, to put it another way, when the part of the Primordial Creator which decided to fragment into the Anti-Universe stood out, then at the same time the part of the Primordial Creator which represented copies of those fragments in the Universe stood out. This entity, this part of the Original Creator, which is inextricably linked with Lucifer, is Jehovah. You could put it another way: that part of the Original Creator has split into two poles, one of which is called Jehovah and the other is called Lucifer. That is why you have the echoes of the myths about the war between the angels, about the opposition between God and Lucifer, about the Antichrist.

The existence of opposites is such that they mutually influence each other. That is, that part of the Originator which is called Lucifer certainly affects that part which is called Jehovah, and vice versa, since everything is quantum magically connected. The changes that have taken place in Lucifer have significantly affected its opposite part, Jehovah. If Lucifer is the divided parts of the Creator, then Jehovah is the united same parts. It is difficult for me to find an analogy for you, for human language cannot describe all the processes.

Therefore the entity called Jehovah has felt all the consequences of the separation and creation of the Antiverse. Therefore, in spite of her relative integrity, she was not without contradictions expressed in what you call the ego. In other words, it could not support the synthesis of the two halves, but kept rejecting its flip side. Thus was born the notion of a struggle between good and evil. But as experience has shown, separation and rejection leads to even greater fragmentation and an inability to manifest the I AM Presence and the creative qualities. This rejection has therefore been deemed erroneous and work is under way to “reconcile” the parties, to reunite them. Not a mechanical reunion, but the synthesis of a new experience of a magnificent essence which had become a participant in the experiment.

And later on the peculiarities of development of this essence were reflected in the logos of our planet – Sanat Kumar?

Yes. Because everything is connected, and Everything is in everything. And not only in the Logos of the Planet, but also in the Logos of the Solar System. Everything is one chain of connections, events and consequences.

And how does the feminine, which has been separated from the masculine, fit into all this?

The whole Universe is the cradle of life, and in that sense it is more like the feminine aspect, creation, acceptance, being, perception in its pure form, without logical perception. It is not without reason that you say that there is no female logic. It really does not exist. And the concept of logos is a masculine characteristic. And the mental plane, as it exists in you, exists only in your Universe. And any manifestation of analysis is a compartmentalization, that is a destructive action, that is a manifestation of the masculine aspect of creation.

But it cannot be said that the other universes are passive, as you imagine the feminine. In other universes it all exists in synthesis, in unity, without separation. And since in your Universe the Antiverse has been singled out, everything has conditionally divided into two parts. And so there was a division of energies into male energies: active, directing, dividing, analyzing. And female energies: passive, non-directional, absorbing, synthesizing, leading to fusion.

Therefore in all of the sutas, who became participants of the experiment, these two beginnings manifested themselves. And they became the basis for the formation of the false ego, what in the higher layers is called individuality, in you manifested in the negative notion of egoism, detachment, the acceptance of your goals as the only true and correct rules, in the rejection of other parts of the goals. That is why your world is special. It combines many different qualities and tendencies.

But what pleases Me is that even in anti-worlds there is a longing for unity, which manifests in them not as joy but as longing. Longing for Source, for home, longing for one’s divinity. And this encourages the beings of this world, through tremendous effort and suffering, to strive for their wholeness and reunite with their unity, and recall the qualities of God-born monads.

Does it not grieve you that these fragments suffer on their way to you, that they experience longing and pain? Shall we then cancel this whole experiment and return the fragments to their whole, so that they can rejoice in their return?

That is beyond my power.

You can’t? You are the Absolute. The Absolute Consciousness that is in everything and controls everything.

I am the Absolute. And I cannot break the laws I have created in Me. This is the basic law – the law of freedom of choice. Unless the fragments of being themselves choose to come back to Me and reunite with Me, I cannot bring them back by force. There are no mechanisms for that. Or rather, the mechanisms are set up so that return is possible only through the essence itself, through its inner quantum unity with Me, its connection with Me. If the return comes from outside, through a journey through the various created levels of creation, then such essences cannot return immediately until they have been cured of the viruses that have penetrated their consciousness. This is opposed by other My parts who do not want to be infected by these viruses. Just as you too would object to the presence of infected people in your home. With all your compassion for them you would fear for your children.

That is why I consider everyone’s choices. And this election does not allow you to make decisions for you and return things to the way they were. But I am waiting with everyone, as the experiment is not over yet. Time is not important for Me. It is the result that matters.

What is important for You? You manifest Yourself in a multitude of choices, each one equally important to You.

I also suffer through my separation. I suffer through You. I am like a body that has become disconnected from some of its parts. And it is important for Me to restore those parts to feel my wholeness and return to my unity. For I am also a part of another Absolute Consciousness, My Absolute. For everything is similar.

I AM the Absolute and I have spoken to you through My Creator.


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