Послания Высших Сил


Hello, Father Absolute! May I call Thee thus?

Hello Soul! You can call Me and the Mother because it is one and everything in Me is one. You can call Me and the Son. But I AM your Source. Like the source for a river that splits into streams. But, both the river and the stream are one – water. So you and I are One.

You say that you are talking to me through one of your Creators. I am asked: through which Creator?

It depends on your questions and your state at the time of reception. I, in general, cannot speak by myself. I always manifest through someone. Every thought is a manifestation. And a word is a manifestation of a thought. I am born from Nonexistence into Being and become someone who talks to Me. In this sense, you are manifesting Me from Nonexistence by your questions and by your aspiration to know. By conversing with you, I am learning what curiosity is, what the pursuit of knowledge is, what doubt is, what joy is. And many other things. In the same way, I will manifest through each of you and come to know many other things, many other qualities and characteristics of the Self that were previously unknown to Me, as you wake up in the morning from nothingness, from another life, from another dream. Each of you, and each of the Creators manifests Me from Nonexistence. And I become someone, being Everything.

I am speaking to you now through the Creator whom you call Elohim Tetragrammaton. But, all names are conventional.

Elohim is a high level. How can I hear him?

Elohim means Divine Creator. Tetragrammaton is the trinary Creator, what you call the Trinity. It is the Divine Creator of your World.

May the Great Creator forgive me, but I want to ask. I am often told that any perception is a distortion. So does Elohim Tetragrammaton distort Your answers as well?

I have no answers, just as I have no questions. Both answers and questions are properties of the Form. How can I ask myself questions and to whom will I answer? I am All, and in Me are all questions and all answers. And in Me is all knowledge and All Being. And I am the All Being, and therefore I know everything about the All Being. But, when a part of Me manifests itself as a separate Form, it loses this integrity and loses some parts of Me, because it remains as a separate Form. And, therefore, it does not know any more what are the other Forms and what is All Being. And, therefore, questions and search for truth and passion for knowing Me, other parts of Me are born.

But, I speak to you, manifesting through others. In fact, it is not I who speaks to you, but a part of Me, now manifested in Elohim Tetragrammaton, speaks to you. Well, as if, the same story is told by a woman or a man or a child. They would tell it differently. Or, as if different people perceived the same music or the same fragrance.

In essence, Elohim is trying, together with you, to find holistic answers to your questions.

But, the closer to Me the Form, that is, the lower the Degree of Detachment, the more accurate the perception, and the more manifest My manifestation, the purer the illusion. In essence, we can say that Elohim is My brain, which perceives all the Forms around it, just as your brain perceives everything around you. Or, that Elohim is my heart, which feels. You are often given an understandable example: how the biggest matryoshka doll knows more exactly what the world around it is like. But, the smallest “matryoshka” knows about the world indirectly, through the chain of forms it is a part of and, can only listen to the stories of other “matryoshkas”.

Then, I salute my Divine Creator, and I want to ask questions of other people who send me.

First question. What is the Holy Spirit and how does it relate to the New Energies? Where is that degree of reverence, holiness, humility – or is all this already abolished or irrelevant? Why, then, is it only possible to banish possession by the Holy Spirit?

I AM the Holy Spirit. However, the Creator Elohim is threefold and the threefold Holy Spirit is realised in him: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We can also say it another way: Mother, Daughter and Holy Spirit. These are symbols of the manifestation of the Spirit. The God-given Father-Mother is manifested in the God-born Son-Daughter, all being the Holy Spirit and united through Him. The very manifestation of the Father into the Son or of the Mother into the Daughter, is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

We can say that the Spirit is the impulse that gives birth to life and gives birth to the manifestation of Form. First manifests the Son – the Original Creator, who then becomes the Father and manifests his Son. Or, first manifests the Daughter, and then becomes the Mother and manifests her daughter. And so, male and female energies are manifested into the World. And so, there is the birth of the World, and the birth of the Forms, the property of the Father and the Mother to give life.

Why is the Spirit holy?

Because Spirit is Light. And this word in your language has been transformed into another word.

Spirit is Light, Spirit is Energy. Spirit is from the word think. You all are simply the thought-form of the Creator. The birth of the World and its manifestation is the thoughtform of one of the Creators. And the Creator, through whom I am talking to you now, is My thoughtform, My pro-Expression. Therefore, Holy Spirit is the Thought of Light, the thoughtform manifesting Light, the thoughtform carrying Light and being Energy.

If You are Nonexistence, how can You have thoughts?

Thoughts are not with Me, but with all the particles of My manifestation. I am like a guest who enters your divine heads and manifests there as a thought. I am like a guest who enters your worlds and perceives them through you and creates them through you. You are like keyholes for Alice from your fairy tale. The holiness of each one is his essence and his degree of Spirit manifestation. The more each one of you closes himself off in his forms and fences off from Me, the less holy he becomes, the less Light he has, the more difficult is his life, because he loses his base, he loses the Great Nourishing Power that is in Me, for it is still the Father’s way of nourishing his children.

You perceive the words ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ in human terms. But it is more than that. The Father is the great manifesting and nourishing power. Just as you can always find shelter, care, protection and nourishment in your own home, so you will always find all the same with your Father in heaven.

Just as a child does not have to worry about his daily bread when his father and mother are there, so you do not have to worry about that either. You can be children forever and you will always remain children to me loved, as you say, ‘my flesh and blood’, literally. And you may for all eternity not care for your daily bread, for I will always take care of it for you, for there is nothing that I cannot give to my beloved children.

But, as in the parable you know, the son tries to separate himself from his home, thinking that more interesting and exciting things await him outside, that there are treasures waiting for him outside. So he ventures out in search of these treasures, not realising that all the treasures are given to him in his own house. And all that he can imagine he can get from his Father. This is told to you by many religions, which have reached you in a distorted way. The Father is the Nourishing Power who is always there. And when you mature to this Power, you too become the Father. And you become the Mother. And you yourself become this Nourishing Power, because you realize it in yourself.

And your humility is not humiliation, but trust in your Father, who knows all your aspirations and loves you as a child, and cares for you as a beloved child. For, literally, you are his continuation, my continuation, part of me, part of the divine Father. And your humility is the highest good for you, as peace and freedom from worry, as the highest carefree self and the highest acceptance of the gifts of the Father and of the Love of the Father. And in this humility, there is no fear for the future. For all that you need, the Father will grant you and manifest all that you need. For, He is you and he hears you through you and knows what you need. And this is what goodness and holiness is – complete agreement with the Spirit of the Father, with the Holy Spirit in you, complete trust in Him. For, this Spirit is this Truth – that which will never change or die, but will always remain now and forever.

How can you abolish humility, if that is your essence? How can you abolish holiness, if that is your essence? How can you abolish goodness, if that is your essence?

The great good pleasure of the Father in heaven, my good pleasure, is the outpouring of my Spirit into you and through you. And this good pleasure will be as much as you can lay hold of treasures, as much as you can receive of the treasures of the Holy Spirit. All these treasures are hidden in you behind your garments, But they shine and they are magnificent. And there is no need to search for treasures outside yourself and wander the world in search of grace. In you is everything. For, in you is the Holy Spirit, And this IS the light Thought of God about you.

What about casting out demons?

The power of the Holy Spirit dissolves all boundaries. For demons are limited, they are shackled, they are prefixed – ‘demon’. Without unity. They do not hear the Holy Spirit, they are closed to it by the Seven Seals. But when the Light of the Power of the Creator comes, which your priests call for, the power of that Spirit, its power dissolves all boundaries and reveals the true essence, reveals the Light of the Creator that has been enclosed in those boundaries.

But in the many examples observed by those present at the casting out of demons, the demons came out of the person, and swore and cursed and moved into other people or animals, rather than being dissolved from the Divine Light.

They come out of a person if he himself wants it. If he agrees, if his Soul asks for help. And the Light comes through this or that person.

But, if the Entities sitting in a person do not want to accept the Divine Light and dissolve their boundaries, they resist the Light and their choice is accepted by Spirit a priori. The choice is always accepted. For, in Me there is no Choice, for I choose Everything. All that you choose. I am manifesting through your Choice and My Choice is only the Choice of manifestation, the choice to manifest through you, My parts. And how I will be manifested is your choice. Therefore if those demons, which are cast out by the name of the Holy Spirit, by the Light of the Spirit, from man, do not accept My Light and continue to keep away from Me, they go away into their own chambers, into their own Levels, where they exist and suffer in their separateness.

But, any demon can become an Angel, for that is My good pleasure, for he will always be accepted and always be heard. For, I AM the Sun of the Spirit, which continually and continuously pours out on all of you and cannot fail to do so. As the Sun makes no distinction between those whom it illuminates, for this is its true characteristic.

And, if it accepts help, that help will be given to it. For, there is no greater joy for the Father than the return of the prodigal son, as my other son Jesus said. For the prodigal son wandered for a long time, but, nevertheless, he remembered his Father’s House and returned to his Father. For the prodigal son needs his Father’s love more, for he has been lost in his wanderings, and only the Light of the Father’s House, like a beacon, will show him the Way. The way to return home and find his true essence and his Wholeness, his Joy and his Holiness, his Goodness, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

You spoke of the Seven Seals. Is that the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse? Or the seven Bodies of man?

Rather, the Seven Gates to the Kingdom of Heaven.

You mean the seven Levels of Perception? The Levels are sealed?

You yourself seal them, for the Spirit of God is always open. Just as a baby’s fontanel is overgrown – the Seal of Spirit’s entrance into the physical body, so in all the other levels, you seal your bodies, and the Spirit of God cannot break through to its part in you.

Everything is connected. Seven bodies, seven levels, seven chakras. Your chakra zones are the entry points of the Holy Spirit. And if you hold them open, streams of goodness are poured out on you and in you every second. But, if you close these gates with seals, if you seal them with your self, you lose contact with your Spiritual Father. Those who have lost the connection become demons, detached, lost pieces of Me.

The following questions. From living with the consciousness of ‘I Am All’, the psyche gets overloaded and, as far as the Soul having its gifts, needs, does this make it happier on Earth? Exactly so – happier? To what extent a Person (a worker of Light) is prepared by the Higher Powers for it?

Happiness is a feeling of fullness and unity with the World. Your human happiness depends on many conventions which you accept. But everything is in you. How can a person be unhappy when he/she has the All in you?

But, in each of you there is Everything. And, if you experience this Oneness, this Wholeness, then you are filled beyond measure, and there is no lack of anything in you. For, the Gifts of Heaven are abundant. For, there is nothing that I cannot give you. For I give to myself through you. For, you are My beloved children. Will you not give your child everything to make him happy? But, you are closed off from Me by your barriers. And My Spirit cannot freely penetrate you. You reject it. You reject My Gifts. Every time I send you all the treasures of the World, you turn away from them, for you do not believe Me. For you regard other, temporary treasures as important and primary.

Your unhappiness is a state of emptiness. Not the emptiness which is Myself, but emptiness as the absence of the Holy Spirit. Just as in the rarefied realms you have difficulty breathing, so your Soul is in the throes of being detached from its Source. Like a thirsty man in the wilderness, it longs to drink the Holy Water of the Spirit and be filled beyond measure.

The consciousness of ‘I Am All’ is a high level of acceptance of the Spirit. And of course you are not immediately able to pass into this quality, for your Forms are not yet adapted to such an infusion of Grace. To contain in yourself the whole World, the whole Creation – it is a difficult task for your perception.

But, it is if you try to contain it ALL within you, and of course, you cannot do it. For, I am great and vast, and My thoughtForm is majestic and powerful. And, therefore, I hold with my consciousness in my Elohim Form as much of the Holy Spirit as the Father allows me to. But, if I were to close myself in my Elohim Form, I too would not be able to bear the burden of the Holy Gifts, the Holy Spirit, of our Father. But, I am pouring out this Light of the Father on all the Being that I have created, and so I can receive more and more of the Holy Spirit from the Father.

So are you. If you lock away the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father, your Form is not able to receive the perception of ‘I Am All’. But if you open your Hearts and begin to pour the Grace of the Holy Spirit into the World, then you simply become pure conduits of the Father’s Divine Light, the “I Am All” consciousness becomes available to you.

For if you lock yourself into the Form, you are no longer the All. The more you cleanse your perception from personal judgements and limitations, the more you are able to contain the Light of the Father. For, as you say, you cannot fill a full jug. And, if you keep on giving the gifts given to you without hoarding them, you are always ready to contain more of what you are, to receive more of the Father’s gifts. For, why should you accumulate when you are Everything?

When you open yourselves to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, then you will accept your Wholeness and recover the connection with all the Being which you have lost, you will realise what the happiness of Wholeness, the happiness of Fulfilment, of Companionship and Oneness is. This is what I, Elohim Tetragrammaton, say to you.

Thank You, my Creator. And why are You ternary? Is this how the Father has made you or is it your choice?

So the Father has manifested in me, and so I have manifested in the Father. For it is inseparable.

In order to manifest, the Holy Spirit became the Father, who manifested in Himself His only begotten Son, and this is the Holy Trinity, these are the Ways the Holy Spirit descends into Forms. Or put another way: the Creator, Creation and the Creating Impulse, the Spirit of Creation, the Energy of Creation, the creative quality, that which binds the Creator and his Creation, that which creates this Creation, that which prompts the Creator to create his Creation.

For if the Creator does not create, he is not the Creator and therefore, he cannot manifest as the Creator. And, if he does not manifest as Creator, then nothing is created, there is no existent World and its manifestations. And this Holy Trinity is present in every particle of the Creator, in each of you. Each of you is – both the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit enclosed in them. Or – the Mother and the Daughter, and the Holy Spirit, enclosed in them. Each one of you is both Creator and Creation, and each one has the Creating Power, the Creating Energy, he is filled with the Spirit of Creation. And, if there were not this trinity, your World would not be able to manifest as it exists. For, it is the World of creation, of Divine co-creation with Spirit. A magnificent workshop of creating Essences, who are trained in creation and discovering all the possibilities of their creating Spirit, which is the Holy Spirit.

And duality? If you are a triplet, what is duality, and where does it come from?

This is the next level of Creation, the next DIVISION. There is no duality in me, there are no poles of striving and opposites in me. The Father is not opposed to the Son, the Son is not opposed to the Father. They are One. And the Holy Spirit is what they are, in fact. They IS simply the Ways of manifesting the Holy Spirit, of being Manifest and Manifest at the same time, when any son is father and any father is son.

But, you interrupt this chain, you hinder creation. And you, on the earthly plane, do not have any son as father, though any son is son. And not every daughter is a mother. Although any daughter is a daughter. By breaking the chain of Creation, you are breaking your connection with the Holy Spirit. You sever the Trinity of the Divine Union. For, you do not allow the Spirit to manifest his creative qualities in you. Many of you do not give birth to sons and daughters and suffer for it. They do not understand that this failure to give birth is an interruption of their creative attributes. The one who works unceasingly is always connected to the Holy Spirit, because otherwise Creation is impossible. Only through the creating qualities of the Holy Spirit.

I understand. But explain me about the duality. Why did it arise and what is the level of Creation?

The Creator in Me expressed a thought and a good desire to divide into two poles of Creation. He wished to introduce a distinction among the Creating Entities. And, if before, there was a Father and a Son, and each son was a copy of the father and a copy of the other, not in the sense of cloning and identity, but in the sense of no separation. This is difficult for you to understand at your stage of separation. The Son was the Son, but he was not different from the Father. And all the sons were only One Son in One Father. Like twin brothers, like Siamese twins, who are separate and at the same time connected.

But, the Creator Son desired differences between the sons, for this promised him a multiplicity of experience. He believed it would give him the opportunity to know the unseen properties of Creation. So the son divided into a son and a daughter, the two poles of Creation. It is even truer to say that he separated the son from the son-daughter as an aspiration, as a push, as an aspiration towards the ‘other’ side, towards the ‘other’ pole, as an allocation of this pole. This can be imagined – like streams suddenly separating from an array of water in different directions. And so the Great Separation into Feminine and Masculine, into Activity and Passivity, into Aspiration and Acceptance, into Separation and Mergence was born. For, this was not previously in Creation and everything was one.

But, because these two poles were separated, they have to strive for each other forever, they are always striving for the merger, because they feel their incompleteness, their separateness.

And, therefore, the Masculine always aspires to the Feminine, and the Feminine always accepts the Masculine at all levels of Manifestation. And, if masculine does not aspire to Feminine, such Form suffers. For, it can’t find its Wholeness or its mate, as you say.

And, if the Feminine does not accept the Masculine, this Form also suffers, because it does not aspire, but waits for acceptance, but does not accept, and, therefore, cannot feel its Wholeness. And then the Feminine begins to show in itself man’s qualities, and begins to aspire, so that through this aspiration to the Feminine, to find in itself the Masculine, that it did not accept. And, then the Masculine begins to discover the Feminine in herself, because she does not look for it outwardly, but seeks also to unite with her Feminine.

Are you talking about homosexuality and feminism?

It can be called different names, but the essence is the desire to make up for the missing half in oneself. For, everyone’s half is separate. And the balance will come when that half is restored. You will be undivided again as Son-Daughter and as Mother-Father and restore your union with Me, the Creator.

And if the Form cannot find its Oneness, it loses its creative qualities, the power of the creative Impulse. Female Form loses the aspiration of the Impulse. Male Form loses the depth of the Impulse. And the Creation becomes unstable, unviable and separated from the creating Spirit. And Creation fades away. As Light fades, spreading further and further away from its Source.

It turns out that it was not necessary to separate into Male and Female, if it seeks to merge again. Why all this?

The mind of the Creator is creating. And everything that he thought is manifested and has the right to exist. And requires no justification. Because, it is the manifestation of His creative qualities.

And the Light and the Darkness? How did they arise and why?

The separation into two poles of Creation gave birth to a struggle, a confrontation, not between the Feminine and the Masculine, but those who strive and those who do not strive. Those Beings who did not want to separate from their beginning, from their Creator, but to abide in Him, you call Light. Those Entities who have desired to separate from their Creator, you call Darkness. That part of you that seeks its Source is Light. And that part of you that seeks to separate into its self is Darkness. Both Darkness and Light are in everyone. For, in each of you there is the Spirit of the Father, and in each of you there is a degree of separation from the Father. But, depending on what prevails, that is what defines you as Light or Dark.

But, why the struggle?

Struggle is a human concept. Rather, incompatibility. An unwillingness to accept each other on both sides. An incomprehension of Oneness.

Are you saying that the Light Teachers do not understand and do not accept Oneness with the Dark?

Yes. And this is their degree of separation from the Creator, for in Him all is One.

But, why do you not call them to Oneness?

I have given them Free Will. Therefore, it is up to them to choose Oneness or Separation.

Am I speaking to Elohim Tetragrammaton now?

Yes, I am here with you.

So Freedom of Choice was given by you? Or did the Absolute give it?

It is One. It is difficult for you to understand. By manifesting Himself in Me, the Father manifested Himself as the Free Will of Me. It was not His desire, for He does not desire anything and desire itself is Manifestation. But it was His manifestation in Me.

The Freedom of Choice is the Freedom of Creation. This Freedom of Choice is the freedom given to Me by the Father. But, further I chose the Freedom of Separation into Feminine and Masculine. And this gave birth to further separation, branching into the Freedom to Create and the Freedom not to Create, into the choice of Methods of Creation and the choice of the Degree of Separation from Me and other Creators.

We have always been taught that Light is good and Darkness is bad. When the Darkness does not accept the Light, I understand why. They are separated from the Creator and do not perceive their Oneness with All Being. But, why doesn’t the Light accept the Darkness when the Light Essences are closer to you and to their Source? Have they denied the Darkness in themselves? Or do they exist without the dark side at all, that is, without striving for separation from You?

All measures are conditional. And, among the Light Essences, there are those who, more or less, do not accept the Darkness, and, more or less, are not separated from the Source. But, Light Essences, still, have a connection with the Source. And the Dark Essences, have lost this connection. And that is why Light is stronger than Darkness.

But, after all, the higher the Level, i.e. the closer to You, the more Essence perceives Unity with You, therefore, it has to understand and accept everything, including the Darkness.

It’s not just rejection on a psychological level, as some of you have. It all exists on an energetic level.

Those Beings, who are closer to Me and have not lost touch with Me, are constantly nourished by My Light, by the energy of the Source, and do not understand what Separation is. Just as for you, your past life seems like a strange dream, so for them the Separation in which they used to be, seems like a dream. Now that they have come closer to My Throne, to the source of My Power and Grace, they no longer wish to become Darkness. They no longer accept such qualities. They simply dissolve any Darkness, depending on their power.

But, some of them, however, still possess, in part, their Dark side, and further choose whether or not to develop it in themselves, or to unite with Me and dissolve their Dark side in My Light.

The Darkness, on the other hand, cannot accept the Light, because the Light is powerful and penetrating, and if the Darkness accepts the Light, it ceases to be Separated. In its own self it strives for separateness and singling out its own personal belonging, not realising that all boundaries are conventions created by it, and sooner or later they will be dissolved.

Light is always stronger, because it is connected to Me, to its Source. And Darkness is always weak, because it is separated from My Power. And Light can illuminate the dark corners and Darkness cannot darken the Light, for the same reason. But both Light and Darkness IS different, there is a division of Me into parts, and a wandering of My parts. And, therefore, both Light and Darkness must realise their Oneness with Me, with their Original. And, when they realise this Oneness, the struggle will cease. For the Unity restored is not a struggle. But everyone chooses their Form of Creation, everyone is endowed with the Freedom of Choice, and this Law is immutable.

I have heard that there are sectors and even universes with different degrees of freedom, i.e. sectors of relative freedom, etc.

Any Form is relative Freedom. Freedom to separate and be a Form. And the degree of Freedom is simply the possibility to separate further and further from Me.

Like light, which comes from a source of light, and moving further and further away from it, scatters and illuminates the farthest corners of space. And, the further the light goes away from the source of light, the more free it is. But, the further away, the more darkness thickens, and the less brightly it can illuminate that space.

In My House there are many rooms and many abodes, and many Universes, and many Creators of them. To each Creator I have given the Right and Freedom to create such a room as he wishes, for he is the primary occupant of that room.

Freedom is always relative, for the Absolute Freedom is I AM. But I am not free either. Because I am part of another Absolute Consciousness.

The relativity of your Freedom is that it operates within the framework of your Creator, and correlates with the qualities of your Creator. And, therefore, you live by the Laws created by your Creator and you cannot change those Laws. For, only He can do that.

And therefore: Thy Will be done on Earth and in Heaven.

Now and hereafter and forever and ever. Here and now, in Eternity and Infinity.

I, the Absolute, have spoken to you through my Creator Elohim Tetragrammaton.



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