Послания Высших Сил

Realise yourselves Inexhaustible and infinite!

Hello, Absolute!

Greetings to you, soul. Have you come again with questions?

Does it disturb you?

What can disturb me? It pleases me. It amuses me. It encourages me to evolve.

That’s what I wanted to know about entertainment. I get questions after reading conversations with you. Can you answer them?

Of course, ask.

Why does the Absolute have to know itself through whomever, through whatever, if it is the All? Because the Whole realizes that it is the Whole in the Whole. And if the Whole is trying to cognize itself, then it turns out that it does not realize itself as the Whole. It doesn’t know what it is. But everything that is, develops in strict regularity and expediency. And how can regularity and expediency not realise itself? Why should the Whole be fragmented, divided, stratified, degraded, in order to return to the Whole again, persuading myself and telling myself about my wholeness, improving myself?

Can you imagine the Whole? And what is the Whole? Imagine that everything exists in your physical world. How much space would it take in your world? How big would that world have to be?

Imagine a library with every possible book you could possibly write in it. Would you store them as a library? You would roll up, you would archive information about it all, all those books, because access to each of them is not always necessary, but on demand.

What is Everything? There are primaries. There are many of them. And from them all possible configurations can be assembled. Like in a kaleidoscope. Why keep images of all the patterns in a kaleidoscope when you can turn it at any moment and put together any new pattern? The variations are countless. And the kaleidoscope itself? Do the colored glass pieces of the kaleidoscope themselves know what pattern they would form if someone turned the kaleidoscope and looked through it? Are they bored? They just are, as a potential opportunity to put any pattern together. How can they identify, or prefer, a particular pattern if they have all the possibilities in them? How can they know all their possibilities, if they are just particles? They know their possibilities when someone starts to rotate the kaleidoscope and look into it. Until that moment, they are just coloured glass particles, the stuff of which patterns are made. But they already contain the potential for every possible pattern. And those particles of glass never know what pattern the person who picks up the kaleidoscope and turns it and looks into it will manifest.

I am both the Kaleidoscope and the One who looks into it. But in order to look into it as if from the outside, I must also realise myself, not as the glasses, but as the One who looks into the kaleidoscope. Like glazes, I am eternal and infinite, precisely because in Me there are all possible combinations of these glazes, and until all patterns are exhausted, I have not fully come to know Myself. I have all the potentials in Me, but they are not all unfolded into patterns of creation, and I have not come to know all My potentials, all My patterns. I am infinite while the kaleidoscope is spinning. But who spins it, if there is only Me? So I have to divide myself into the ‘self-windows’ and the ‘Who spins the kaleidoscope’.

Can it be called entertainment? In your understanding, yes. But I can manifest Myself only through these patterns and cognize Myself only through these patterns. That is why I have to separate into parts. If I only separate into two parts: “I am the Glasses” and “I am the One who spins the kaleidoscope”, then the number of patterns will be limited because I alone am not able to come up with all the possible patterns. Or I am able to, but it will take a consistently long time. And if ‘I – the One who spins the kaleidoscope’ becomes multiple, then the number of creation patterns and the speed of their unfolding will increase in parallel, and I will be able to know Myself, My capabilities, all My potentialities more quickly and broadly.

But this is what has happened. I have disintegrated into a myriad of Self-Who-Will-Twist-Kaleidoscope, and all the Self-Who-Will-Twist-Kaleidoscope have begun to form their patterns. These patterns are an illusion, because only the very panes of the Divine Kaleidoscope are primary. Well, for example, if you put together a whole picture of a landscape out of these coloured glass pieces, it will not be real. It would be an appearance, an illusion. Because if you go closer to that picture, you’ll only see colored glass, lots of it. But as you go further and further away from the picture you have created, you notice less and less detail and you get more and more carried away by that picture. Because the picture you’ve created is not only visible to the eye, but it involves all your senses and methods of cognition. And this illusion captures you, you become fascinated by it. And then you start trying other ways of forming this illusion, other combinations of glasses. And at some point you get so caught up in all this that you move further and further away from the first picture. You have more and more of them, and to embrace them you move more and more away from the Original, from the beginning of Creation. And you fall into the illusion of oblivion.

You are the “I – Who is spinning the kaleidoscope”, but you have forgotten this in the process of multiple Creation. You begin to own these pictures of realities and become afraid to part with them, not realising that all you have to do is go back to the beginning of Creation and realise again that next to you, in you is ‘I – the infinite globes of the kaleidoscope’. And there is no need to keep these pictures of illusion all the time. And you can reassemble them, according to the patterns you already have. You know, like you paint pictures by paint numbers or by stencils. Or you can create new ones all the time.

Imagine this illusion, where “I am those who spin the kaleidoscope” are countless, and countless pictures of realities they have created. It is not hard to get lost in them.

And in order to embrace all the pictures with the eye and perception, one has to be in all the creators, in all the “I’s – the Kaleidoscope-twisting” at the same time.

You can, of course, roll up this kaleidoscope. But then I will not know all the possibilities of Myself, all the possible combinations of My ‘glasses’, all the possible patterns of Creation.

How can I the Absolute acquire something new in My own Absolute? Because I already have everything in me. I already have everything and cannot develop, because development is perfection, improvement of qualities, state, content, etc. It is an acquisition of something which is not yet in me. And by acquiring something that has not yet been in me, I become different, not the way I was before. But how can I acquire something that is not in me if I already have everything in me? If development implies simply playing with oneself, as an entertainment of the absolute self, then yes. It’s more or less understandable. I am the Absolute. I am Rest. I am Nothingness, and at once Everything. And I am bored. And then the endless running in a circle begins: To forget – to remember, to forget – to remember. As entertainment, as a game, yes. But it is not like development.

You are detached from Me by your perception and therefore it is difficult for you to realize it. When you are just a little part of Me, one of those who “spin the kaleidoscope”, of course you do not understand Me at all. All My possibilities. So for you, development is a consequent cognition of yourself, of MeAll. You do not know yourself as Me, and you try to cognize those parts of Me which you have not yet realized. And this is the development for you. It is the development of the part which aspires to realize itself as the Whole.

For Me there is no development in this comprehension. I am already the Whole. All possible combinations of the patterns of Creation in potential, which everyone can unfold as they choose. I am not evolving, I am simply becoming aware of all My potentialities. And this is my development. My development is not the enlarging or lengthening of Myself, but simply the knowing of all of Myself, all of My potentials, the unfolding of Myself. In fact, you know this too, but you have just forgotten it. All the possible potentials of your development are within you, because it is the I AM within you. And through this inner point of development you can also unfold all the potentials of the Self in me. Because it is one. And through this inner connection of My I AM presence you can know yourself as the Whole. Recall yourself as the Absolute Consciousness. And then there will not be in your understanding the state of separateness and development as a successive recognition of your new possibilities. Everything is already in you. All of Myvashi’s potentialities. And in order to unfold them all, you simply lack your energy, your power, because you are separated from Me by your consciousness.

Let’s take an analogy for your understanding. You go to the shop and you buy foodstuffs for food and you keep them in the refrigerator. All these foods, their shapes, tastes and looks are your collective creation as humanity. You simply adjust to this creation unconsciously and go along with this way of eating. But everything is just energy. Why would you go to the shop and put it all in the fridge when you can create any quantity of these foods out of energy at any time? Why the fridge then? And even further. Why even create these foods and eat them if you can just absorb energy in the form of energy and thus nourish your bodies, including your physical body? You have simply forgotten how to do it. Your collective illusions and thoughtforms dominate you and you don’t see all your Divine possibilities.

When you are disconnected from your Divine possibilities, you feel like you need to buy more foodstuffs outside of yourself because they might run out. But if you are constantly plugged into your creative possibilities, why would you buy it and store it? At any moment you can create whatever you want.

I hear in your head the question of nourishment. It’s a subject that worries you, and it’s a painful one for you.

Yes, why is the world set up in such a way that everyone feeds on someone? Is that the right thing to do? I wouldn’t feed on anyone if I could live without feeding. But then there are those who feed on me. How just and appropriate is this from a Divine point of view?

I am everything and I am in everything. Therefore you cannot reproach me for injustice. Because in fact I feed on Myself and do not eat anybody else, for I am Everything. When a part of Me separates into the form of ‘the One who spins a kaleidoscope’, at different stages of its development it becomes detached and loses its connection with Me. It does not happen to everyone, but the greater the separation, the weaker the connection. And so this essence begins to feel a lack of energy. And so it has a need to replenish it in order to continue its separate existence. And so it tries to take that energy from the outside. And hence the feeding of some forms by other forms was born.

There are some forms that have a very large reserve of energy, and so feeding them is not very significant for them, for them it’s not a great loss. If you take an individual fruit that you eat, it is part of the Plant Kingdom, which has a great potential for energy. And so when you eat that fruit, you don’t do much damage to nature. And so it quietly shares its fruit with you. Because it’s more aware of its oneness with you than you are.

Of course, also in nature, especially in the animal world, there are many departments of distortion, in which, say, predatory animals are not aware of their integrity. Generally speaking, the animal world is more detached from Source, from Me, and therefore bears the consequences of this separation and predatory eating. Such consequences are borne by all who are substantially separated from Me.

But if you reconnect with Me and understand and realize that you are a part of the great Whole in which the energy reserves are inexhaustible, you need not feed someone else, if you can replenish this energy from the source. So, by analogy, why go to the shop and buy bottles of water when you can always drink directly from the inexhaustible spring?

But not everyone has realised this. And that is exactly what I want to tell you. But many of you and other essences do not hear, so they are separated from Me in their illusion. Why do you feed on each other if you can replenish yourselves from the Source? And you do not need to replenish any of your powers, for you can just be one Power with Me, realise yourselves to be a part of Me, and be inexhaustible and infinite.

It turns out that no one is at fault. You just became divided into parts. And these parts started to feed on each other. But these parts are not at fault either. They separated because of You, did they start their own separation?

You are always concerned with the question of guilt. It is a paradigm imposed on you. Guilt is when you act in a wrong way, wrong. But what is wrong? What is there to compare it to? If in Me there is Everything, all possible combinations, how do you know which are right and which are wrong? There is no wrong in Me, just different things. And a lot of things are not comparable at all. The question of guilt is a question of your morality. With guilt, you’re easier to control.

Yes, I feel guilt when I eat someone, because I understand that it is a living being, with its own choice, with its right to exist and not the right to be eaten. But how can I not eat?

You will come to this. To the fact that eating itself is not absorption, but a proper form of energy exchange. When you’re plugged into an unlimited source of energy, why should you eat? You are like an appliance, plugged in all the time. Then in this mode of existence you are no longer interested in capturing other people’s energy. But you are interested in the diversity of other people’s energy. Or rather, you are aware that it is not alien, because you are aware of your unity. But you wonder what pattern of “kaleidoscope” was drawn, chosen, created by another “you – Who is spinning the kaleidoscope”. And then you simply ask to be given that energy to perceive. And in return, if you wish, you will provide your own, you will ‘show off’ your creation. And in this way, you two creating beings will share your experience of creation and contemplate each other’s Patterns of Creation and marvel at the diversity of each other’s Creation and imagination. This is normal development, normal cognition, normal Creation. Normal in terms of the potential inherent in it.

And the fact that you all feed on each other is a consequence of your detachment from Me. Realize your unity with Me. Realize yourselves inexhaustible and infinite!

Because only the constant thought of it is a kind of a pass into the universal system, like a password of access, like an attempt to switch on, like your choice to do it. You have outlets in your room, where the current is coming from. But until you plug in the appliances yourself, nothing will happen on its own. Plug into Oneness!

You know, a lot of people are afraid of that. There is a fear of losing one’s identity. And so some people perceive these calls as if You just want to take advantage of their energy and deceive them into joining to Yourself. They do not believe in any collective souls and consider themselves to be independent and unique.When people realise their oneness with You and connect to You as an inexhaustible source of energy, do they lose their individuality?

How can one lose one’s individuality by connecting to more?

Like a drop in the ocean loses itself as a drop, because the ocean is huge and it just dissolves in it.

I get it. A drop dissolves into the ocean, but it can always choose to be a drop again and rain on the ocean. And walk the path of separation all over again. It depends what you mean by individuality. You take it as your current identity. But the present personality is just one chapter in your book of the journey through the Universe. Imagine a book of your journeys where you describe everything. And there are countless chapters in it. For example, right now you’re passionately writing a chapter called “How I Was a Channeler”. But there are more chapters about how you were a blacksmith, for example. Or how you were a burglar. How you were a priest. And how you were a beggar. And so on. Right now you only have that chapter available to you due to your resource limitations. Like in a computer, if you don’t have enough power and you don’t have decompression software, you can’t read many files.

But here you are beginning to realise your integrity. You connect to a powerful power source and other “computer files” become available to you. You can read the whole book. And not even read sequentially, but just remember all the chapters of the book, because you are the one who wrote them. The memory of all your incarnations comes back to you, starting from the moment of separation in Me, starting from the Source. And you will even remember yourself as the Original. It will be the very first chapter of the book, of your incarnations, of your manifestations. But you will remember it last.

Is it possible to say that you will lose your identity in this book? On the contrary, you will acquire many other selves, you will remember many other identities and experiences, you will enlarge yourself. In a sense it will be a loss, because you will realize that your present personality is just a drop in the ocean of infinite possibilities and a huge fan of incarnations with different levels of possibilities. This present personality of yours will become insignificant for you, as one of many, and not yet the brightest one.

When you realize yourself as the Primordial Creator and remember how you created entire universes, will the personality which now perceives and writes this text be essential for you? When you had opportunities to look at the world openly without barriers, will it be essential for you to look through a narrow keyhole? When you have had access to the whole film, is one frame essential to you? It won’t give you anything, it will just be static, not moving. You’ll lose that one frame, but you’ll gain the movement that the change of frames in your film gives you.

Generally speaking, your development can be compared to a film. You remember from the frames. And you cannot yet perceive the whole film, in which a static frame is transformed into the magic of development and movement. You see one frame, and you don’t know what’s beyond that frame. And so you don’t know the whole meaning of the film. Its plot and how it all ends. That’s why you judge the whole film on the basis of one frame. And you don’t know where all the figures in that shot and the mise-en-scene of the shot came from, because you don’t remember what preceded it and what the meaning of the whole current mise-en-scene is.

If I am the Absolute when I am both the Nothingness and the All at once, being in the Great Rest being the Void, then who creates that very impulse which triggers the process of Movement and manifestation of the All? How can Impermanence manifest itself?

This is an excellent question. The impulse of Creation is incomprehensible. Even for Me. It just exists. And it comes from nowhere. It is already in Me a priori. It does not come from somewhere outside of Me. It is like My property originally. I am also a part of another Absolute Consciousness, all alike. And I am also evolving and knowing Myself and My capabilities. And I am also not alone. This is difficult for you to comprehend. But when you reach the largest for you ‘matryoshka’, gradually discovering smaller and smaller in that larger one, you will discover that you are actually also the smallest ‘matryoshka’ in an even larger figure.

So it turns out that this impulse of creation does come from somewhere? A candle won’t light unless it has a flame in front of it.

And how is fire born? You strike a match on a sulphur-covered box. Or you strike a spark from a stone. Where does fire come from in sulphur? Where does the spark in the stone come from? They are already there a priori. So in Me, and in you, that Impulse exists.

Yes, but still, someone has to strike a match or knock with stones for fire to occur. Who’s that?

How can I explain it to you? When a multitude of individual qualities accumulate into a quantity, the sum of the qualities exceeds some criticality. And then what you call the transition of quantity into quality takes place. And so it is here. At some point of the accumulation of power at one point, the Impulse of Creation, which is already embedded in everything, manifests itself. This eternal mystery. Because you exist and think in the paradigm of separateness, it seems to you that the stone and the one who chisels the spark out of it, and the spark itself, are all different, all are separate forms. But in fact they are all One. Both the stone and the spark, and the one who chisels out the fire – these are One Consciousness in the form of different configurations of energy.

Fire is one of creation, one form of your manifestation. But momentum is another. You are the Great Void, which has all the potentialities and can unfold into Everything. But what gives impetus to this unfolding? Does it happen spontaneously, when a certain critical mass of Your development accumulates in You? Or there is a bigger one who gives the command to unfold, the Impulse?

Both. Because the bigger one is Me. Until I become aware of Myself as Him, it will seem to Me that the impulse comes from without. But if I have realized Myself as Him, I understand that both I and the impact in Me are One. Infinity. Realise Infinity, though it is difficult. Try to imagine Infinity. Simply as infinite space. And you will try to touch it with your consciousness, gradually unfold it in yourself, and gradually come to know new parts of yourself the Infinite. And reestablish your connections with the Infinity. And become aware of yourself as the All.



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