Послания Высших Сил

The accomplishment of quantum entanglement. You are simply the Parts of Infinity

Hello, Absolute!

Greetings, O My Particle!

Surprisingly, people want to know not only about our Universe but also about other universes. Can you answer their questions?

Of course. I am happy about our interaction. And I am glad for your striving for knowledge. For you reveal to Me new facets of Me, new directions of My development. Ask.

  1. Is there interaction between the Universes, between the Originators and the Creators? At what level and how does it happen, an exchange of experience and energies?

Of course. Everything is connected. Everything is a part of something, and everything is someone’s beginning and someone’s end. Boundlessness and Infinity. It’s hard for you to comprehend that. Like currents in the ocean, islets of energy in a vast ocean of energy. In an infinite ocean of energy. Everything is interconnected. Interconnected in a quantum way. You gradually step by step try to incorporate the concept of Infinity. It is difficult to describe it in words, it has to be felt energetically. But so far your forms lack the power to touch it, to merge with it, to realise what it is. Gradually you will expand and accommodate more and more the concept of Infinity.

But if You are also a part of some Absolute, how can You be infinite? After all, a part is always finite?

It is difficult for your consciousness to comprehend this. Does the wind have a beginning? Where is its end? What part of the air does it belong to? There is air. And the wind is simply its state. It is difficult for me to find an analogy for you in your finite thinking. But try to encompass it. Your cell is part of what? Of you? The planet? The universe? The Universe? Me? It’s part of everything. At the same time. She is part of Me, the infinite. And part of you, the finite. And you are part of Me. And your cell is part of My Absolute. And His Absolute. And every part is quantum connected to the All. And everything that happens in each part happens at once in the All, in the entire Universe, in the entire Cosmos, in Me. Everything that happens to each of your cells is a process happening in the Universe. And everything that happens to each of your cells affects the entire Universe. This is very important to understand. You are not just not alone. You are essentially important to the Whole. Each particle is equally important to Me. Because each one affects the Whole in Me. Be aware of this. Every step you take, every thought you think, every movement of your cells is My movement, My development.

Remember your story about the murdered butterfly that changed the future? That’s right, literally. And not just the killing of the butterfly. Every flap of a butterfly’s wings. And every process in your body, in every cell of your body, in the cell of every creature, every form, changes the entire Universe. Be aware of this! As you take every step you take, think, speak and act, realise that every movement you make changes the whole of the Universe literally. This is the responsibility for your creations. This is your responsibility. It is also my responsibility. For you can change Everything.

So there are multiple universes, each of which intersect like currents? Or are they all part of each other? And do they share common boundaries?

The creators of the universes are like the winds in the air. They are aware that all their boundaries are contingent. And it is difficult to realise where one begins and another ends. There is everything: they both overlap and are part of each other. You ask on the basis of linearity and on the basis of temporal sequence. In that paradigm, it’s hard to intersect and be part of each other at the same time. Or sequentially movement gives birth to some kind of intersection.

I am looking for an analogy for you. Like blood in your body? Whose organ is it a part of? It passes through all the organs. What organ does it intersect with? What organ is it a part of? We can conventionally call the whole organism – the organism of the God-born Primordial One. And the organs in it are the universe created by the God-created creators. And blood is what unites them all, it is what they all essentially are. And particles of “blood”, passing through one “organ”, bring information to another “organ”. And these particles of “blood”, passing through a certain “organ”, are that “organ”. And passing through another “organ”, they are particles of another “organ”. But when they get to the next “organ”, they are particles of the next “organ”. This is their unity. And their interaction.

But all of them are aware that they are just parts of the Divine Organism of the God-born Creator. Every universe is such an “organ” in the Divine “body”, and each performs its own functions. As it does for you. Does the heart know about the liver? Of course it knows, for it is constantly in touch with it through the circulatory system. Do the cells of the liver know about the cells of the heart? Do the liver cells resent the fact that decisions are made by the “brain” of the Creator and the cells of the “brain” of the Creator? Are the cells of the “brain” of the Creator more elite and more important than the cells of the heart? Can one exist without the other?

I get it. But it means that there is no kind of communication between you, the way people communicate. But just automatically you are connected and influence each other. There is no one creator talking to another creator and discussing plans for the future as it happens with humans.

Everything is similar, but your discussion is a verbal exchange. All creators just know everything that others ‘think’ about. Because there are no secrets in the universe. Everything is out in the open. Because all parts are connected quantum and telepathically. And besides, every creator’s thought is immediately present in the Universe and detached from it. And exists as a Form of Creation. And evolves. Therefore there is no need to talk and discuss as you do.

Your talks and discussions are the consequence of your separateness. When each of you is trying to convince the other that he is right. But everything exists and has the right to exist. Every creator creates what he chooses. And you can simply join his creation or not join his creation. You can create your own creation and encourage everyone to join in. But everyone will choose for themselves. And if someone doesn’t join your creation, it just means they’ve chosen another one. Or created their own. And all the time there are those who join in. And those who don’t. And there’s no hard feelings in this, or wrongness, for it’s not separation, but multivariance. And the freedom to choose the option of Creation.

  1. Is there a movement of the Essences (Souls) of one Creation, i.e. belonging to one Creator in the Creation, to another Creator and back? If yes, at what level and for what purpose? Is the evolution of Beings possible only within the framework of the mother Universe or not? If no, then it seems that the Essences, that have passed the whole way of development with their Creator, decide to plunge into the World of another Creator, and there possibly everything is different, there are some mechanisms of adaptation, “transitioners”… and so on.

Yes. All that exists. But not as quickly as you imagine. And it all depends on the degree of immersion in Creation. In order to get out of the composition of the Universe you have to get close to its boundaries, conventionally speaking. If to reason in the paradigm of separation and three-dimensionality, then it is possible, while travelling in the Universe, to find its borders and go beyond its limits. But if one understands the quantum of the world, the comparison with matryoshkas is more suitable. The smallest matryoshka, of course, can go beyond the limits of the main matryoshka, but only by successively opening, by successively dissolving the borders of all matryoshkas inside one big one. Therefore, everything depends on the degree of your separation from the Creator, on the scale of your “matryoshka”. If you are the smallest “matryoshka,” then to exit the game you need to consistently unfold all the other “matryoshkas. That is, realize yourself as them, expand to them, erase your boundaries and appear as the “penultimate matryoshka. All this, of course, is conditional. But I am trying to find an understandable analogy for you. But if you are the penultimate matryoshka, your way is much shorter.

But let’s think about something else. Why the smallest “matryoshka” wants to go out of the composition of the Universe, out of the composition of its “matryoshka”? The essence of her movement downwards, from the Big to the Small was the essence of knowing all the details of herself. Having come down to the smallest “matryoshka” and having learnt all its possibilities, a part of the creator begins his ascent back, returning to his original boundaries of the Form, bringing back with him a priceless experience of his descent, of his development. Otherwise – why go down and separate into lower forms? And, rising higher and higher, uniting with itself, acquiring its wholeness as a creator, this little “matryoshka” finally acquires the properties of the largest “matryoshka”, having the entire experience of recognition of itself as a part of it.

And that completes the circle. The cycle ends. And then the largest nesting doll, having incorporated the experiences of all its smaller parts, returns its experience to the ocean of knowledge. Into the ocean of energy. Into Me. And I can only cognize everything at once after bringing you all back. Because it will be holistic cognition. For now I can know myself through you, as parts, larger or smaller, more whole or more detached. But it will not be holistic cognition. Right now it is as if I am travelling from ‘liver’ to ‘heart’ by means of the circulatory system. But I will be able to realize myself as one organism after your return. When the All will become the All at once and at the same time. The memory of the All will return to the All.

So you are not aware of yourself as a whole right now?

Are you conscious of the experience of all your cells? Although you are a whole organism, are you aware of how your heart functions, what your liver chooses? Right now you are just a symbiosis of different parts of yourself, each of which is going through the experience of knowing separately. But when you will be able to realise yourself with each cell, then there will be no boundaries and no distinctions between you. And every cell of your body will carry all the experience and all the information of every organ. Each cell will be at the same time a liver cell, a brain cell, a blood cell. Because it will be whole, because it will contain the Whole, all information about the Whole. And then the quantum will be fulfilled to the fullest extent.

  1. If our Absolute is part of another Absolute Consciousness, its Absolute, is it possible to enter into a dialogue with this level of Consciousness through our Absolute, and what can our Absolute even tell us about its Absolute?

Dialogue as you understand it is a conversation. Can you talk to the ocean? Or to the wind? If you talk to the ocean, which part of the ocean will you talk to? To the water? With the inhabitants of the ocean depths? With the plants of the ocean? The ocean is a symbiosis of different forms. And all together they give birth to such a concept as the ocean. It’s not just water. You can talk to a separate form, like another separate form. But can you talk to the whole ocean at once?

It’s the same if you try to talk to all the people at once. Everyone has their own language, their own concepts. Will you understand each other? But there is that which unites you all. And everything is one and indivisible, inexpressible, that which is one in you. Can you talk to the inexpressible? You can just try to connect with it. But if you join it, it won’t be you. It will be your memorylessness as forms. Because your memory cannot embrace the immensity, it is finite, just as your form is finite. To apply the analogy, can you reach everything with your hand? You can only reach as far as the length of your arm allows you to. And you can only reach with your energy what the volume of your energy allows you to reach. And the more energy you contain, the more you expand, the more inaccessible corners of the Universe become close to you. You can reach them. But how can you reach the Infinity?

But if I am one with my Source, I will have an infinite amount of energy?

Yes, but you will still be a Form that is filled with the energy of Source. But when you dissolve your form, the form that restricts the movement of the Stream, you will simply become the Stream itself, the Source itself, the energy itself. You will become Nothing.

So I cannot ask something of Your Absolute as I ask You?

I am speaking to You through one of the Creators, otherwise You cannot understand it. In other words, you reach out to Me through many ‘hands’ of other forms. You want to convey something to me and a multitude of ‘hands’ from hand to hand convey your gift or question to me. And in the same way the answer is returned. Otherwise, your consciousness will not allow you to contain it all. Both these questions and these answers are questions and answers of form. Both questions and answers. Realize this.

Your questions to Me are questions of your form, your level of detachment. But the answers also come back not as the Infinite One, but as the answers of separateness. Because they also come down to you through other forms. In other words, like reflected light: as it is reflected it loses its brightness and part of its intensity characteristics. Because directly you are not able to perceive it. But this is also good for you, because My True Light will simply dissolve you as a form. It will simply burn you up, so powerful it is. But, transformed through many transformers of form, it comes down to you in a reduced, truncated form, like a particle. Like my glare. And in this form, in this quality, it is available to you. Yet you cannot judge by it, by a single ray, the quality of My Light itself.

And if My Light is capable of dissolving or burning you instantly, can you imagine what the Light of My Absolute is capable of, which is also capable of dissolving and burning me? So vast is He, so powerful and boundless is He. For I am as much a particle of Him as you are of Me.

Are you able to discern Him in Me, if I am also trying to reach Him in my own way, and experience myself as Him, and become Him, and return to Him?

Development and knowledge are infinite. There is no limit.

But all I can tell you about My Absolute is again knowing a part, it is knowing through limitation, it is incomplete knowing, it is not Oneness. Just as the cell of your body cannot tell everything about you, although it knows everything about you, for everything is One. In the same way I cannot tell you holistically about My Absolute, for My story will still be the story of a part. As your finite consciousness cannot contain the infinity of Mine, so My infinite Consciousness cannot contain even more infinite Consciousness but only aspires to it.

If everything is quantum connected, and applying your analogy to the ‘body’ of the God-born Creator, in which each organ is one of the universes, then apparently what happens in our Universe affects all other universes, all other ‘organs’. How then did the duality experiment, the division into Light and Darkness, the creation of the Anti-World affect other universes, other “organs” of the organism of the Primordial Creator, and did it?

Of course it has. Can your organism function without one of the organs? Unless there are duplicate organs, such as the kidneys. Does one organ in your body know about the virus or disease in the other? Of course, it knows through the circulatory system that brings it information. This circulatory system also brings viruses from the diseased organ. And all the other organs start developing defence systems against this virus if they do not want to let it in.

In the same way all the universes are aware of the disease of your Universe. By the word “disease” I mean an unnatural state. Because everything has a place and all being is a part of the Primordial Creator and a part of Me. But the disease of separateness, which duality is, has begun to develop in your sector of the Universe. And this disease at certain times threatened to infect all other ‘organs’ as well. But other universes, other “organs of the body” of the Creator had blocked the access of this virus into their systems. And so this virus began to develop within your Universe.

It is still kind of complicated. Do you remember, I told you that a small part, in order to move to another Universe, has to grow, to expand to the state of the largest ‘matryoshka’ and then to feel the borders of transition to other Universe, to other ‘matryoshkas’? But a virus is a very small and very detached part of the ‘organism organism’ of the Creator. And for this virus to move into other world creation it has to expand to the state of the biggest “matryoshka”.

That is, the dual “matryoshka” in the dual Creator, the separation virus, must become the main one. That is, the whole Creator must become dark in your understanding. All His energy must become negative, centrifugal. And if all His energy becomes centrifugal, then the boundaries of His form will also disintegrate. For there will be no integrity in it. For it will all disintegrate into parts striving away from Oneness, away from the centre of Oneness. Actually, that is what those forces you call the dark ones are striving for. They suppose that if all the parts of the Creator become dark, they will be able to touch and penetrate into other worlds. But it is not possible, because then the Creator itself would also disintegrate into parts which are not capable of embracing the other universes, of entering them. They simply do not have enough power for that.

That’s why the dark powers invented rigid hierarchy of subordination, trying to keep this mechanical unity of their parts. But mechanical addition does not produce the effect of Oneness. A swarm of insects acts as a whole, but is not a coherent, capable of creation consciousness. Because it keeps falling apart and is very vulnerable. The more centrifugal forces develop, the more vulnerable the darkness becomes. Because more and more it falls apart into parts that do not have the power of the Whole. This is what you call a paradox.

That is why dark viruses cannot penetrate other worlds and evolve within your universe.

You said by analogy that if there are duplicate organs, they can be replaced. If our universe is so affected by the viruses of duality and separateness, it means that there is a possibility that our universe will fall apart after all and as if a creator organ will die as an organ. Does it mean that there is or is being prepared a duplicate ‘organ’ in the ‘body’ of the Creator in case of ‘death’ of our universe, i.e. its disintegration into parts?

The organism of the Originator will exist as a form, as the Originator, until it has fulfilled all its tasks, until it has realised all its thought-forms, until it has created all its creations and returned back to Me. Therefore, as you say, there are no irreplaceable ones. There are always duplicate structures. Or those parts of the Creator’s ‘organism’ that are ready to take over the role of the disintegrating ‘organ’. But nothing is created on purpose. How do you imagine it? Another Universe created that is a copy of your Universe and it is waiting for yours to disintegrate? Or is a place created to evacuate parts of your universe?

Creation is multiverse and instantaneous. If your universe disintegrates, a new one will immediately be created. For again, as you say, nature abhors emptiness. And those parts of your universe that used to be your universe are transformed into new parts of the new universe.

Splashing waves. One succeeds the other to infinity, and everything repeats itself. And no wave is more important than another. Though some are more powerful. And others less powerful. But each “wave” sooner or later returns to the ocean to give birth to another “wave”. The ocean evaporates to rise in the air, and returns to the ocean in rain again. Everything is infinite.

And you simply are Parts of Infinity.



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