Послания Высших Сил

Trust in heaven

Hello, Absolute.

Hello, My Soul.

I wanted to find out more precisely who a person can talk to when in contact. There is an opinion that he cannot communicate directly with the higher selves. Actually, he communicates only with his Higher Self, or else it is called the incarnational cell. And this Higher Self, in order to interest him in development, can present itself as the Absolute or Lucifer, or whomever else you want to believe. Is it so?

You have to realise that everything is one. There are no divisions, for all divisions are an illusion. There is no one but Me in you. And all names are conventions. Just a marking of My energy. Just the functional purpose of My parts. Like the organs in your body. When the parts of a cell talk to their cell, do they talk to you or not? They are very reduced copies of you. Every cell in you has all the information about you. Every cell receives all the information about you in its blood all the time. And not just all the information about you, but information about all your organs. And it does not happen linearly, as in your body, until the blood from one organ travels through the blood vessels to another organ. It happens immediately, instantaneously, quantum, at a subtle level. And if a cell does not recognize some information, it is only because it needs time to try the information on, to listen to it, to perceive it, to merge with it.

It is the same with you and me and with each of you. You are the cells of My Divine Organism that manifested from Me and through Me. And every cell knows everything about Me. And every cell is Me in miniature. And when you talk to Me, you try to embrace all the information that has come into you, that has manifested in you, just as a cell of your body tries to embrace all the blood of the whole body. It’s doing it, of course, through its capacity. Through its power as a cell.

And when you talk to Lucifer, you talk to the other part of my body also through the blood power that comes to you from it. You can also say it in another way. All the blood in your body is constantly circulating between the organs, and every cell is sooner or later washed by the blood of all the organs. And thus brings renewal, brings information, restores the unity of the disparate parts. Also the energy, for example, of Lucifer flows to all people as cells of My organism, as the energy of one of My Divine organs. But not everyone listens to it. Or rather, each of you has a different degree of decoding this information, or even a different degree of perception.

When there are many streams of information, many My ‘blood streams’ bringing information from various My organs before each of you, everyone chooses the one which comes first and which comes last. Yet, sooner or later, he will open in himself all the information, perceive all the streams. For one cannot refuse anything, because all this is the Self. And by giving up something, by not accepting something, you give up some part of Me, and therefore you cannot be whole. And it is not that I am demanding that you accept all of Me. It is just that without some of your parts you cannot experience your oneness. You won’t be able to know yourself as Me, you won’t be able to remember yourself as the Creator. It is like blocked pieces of memory that you reject for some reason.

When a child knows the world, he knows nothing and is open to everything. And he has no inner inhibitions about what he can and cannot know. The world is an open book to him, a vast treasure trove of toys of wondrous properties. But as he grows up, he is told: this is bad, this is good, this is a bad toy, this is a bad book, this is a bad person, and so on. And by this they limit his degree of knowing himself and his parts, and by this they limit his desire for unity with the world. And while in some cases this is understandable and understandable, when you are trying to protect your children from the pain you went through yourself, in most cases your inhibitions come into play. Religions, public opinion, taboos and so on, which have no real basis in reality. And all this separates the child more and more from the World, from Me, from the true self. And that is why he suffers. It is because he is separated from Me that he does not feel his wholeness and therefore he does not feel his security. He does not understand that in fact there is no one to protect himself from, because everything he sees around him, everything he encounters, is himself, the one he has forgotten and from whom he has closed himself. And in fact you have lost your trust in heaven, you do not trust Me as your Father, as your Wholeness. For I will always find many mechanisms to keep my children from pain.

But I often get the argument that you can’t live without pain. Well, for example, can you let a child pinch his finger, knowing that it hurts a lot, even though you know that sooner or later he will have to learn the pain? Won’t You let him pinch that finger, won’t You keep him from it?

I gave you free will because I love you as my children. I have made you free. And therefore it is up to each of you to choose what you intend to do. And in the situation you have described, I will take my child away from his pain twice. And if a parent pulls their child away from the pain, I do that too, you understand? I am the one who guides the child through his parent and pulls him away from the gap that may cause him pain, and I exhort him. But I understand that sooner or later he will have to know this pain, otherwise all My exhortations about this pain will remain just words. He has to know what I am telling him through his parents.

And the child is also Me, we are one. It is I who am in him and who am experiencing this depth of pain, I am always there, in all your aspirations and feelings. And I am more familiar with all your pain, because I feel it through all my parts. But when I am aware of myself as a whole, this pain is not the same as if I am only aware of myself as a part, that is the secret. As a part, as a child who is separated from Me and tries to stick his hand into a crevice, I am aware of a pain of a certain quality. But if that child is still aware of being whole with Me, the quality of that pain will be very different. It will be pain in a smaller part. It will be pain without fear. Because when you are separated, you are afraid to know this pain again. But when you feel whole, you just won’t choose that pain, already knowing what it is. But there will be no fears in that. Because you know that the decision to experience or not to experience this pain is entirely up to you. And so there is no one and nothing to fear. You, as a whole, understand that you control your life and you control your pain, and then your fears go away, all that’s left is the joy of knowing.

But why do you need pain at all?

It’s there as a signal. If you are not aware of yourself as a whole, you don’t know everything that the whole knows. And in particular, what pain is and what can cause it. And that’s why a child tries to stick his fingers into the fire or into the crack. And then pain will be a signal of what not to do. Pain is a signal of destruction. But if you have the knowledge of integrity, you won’t stick your fingers in a crevice or fire, because you already have the initial information about the parts of you that have done it repeatedly. The whole problem is that you don’t get all your knowledge from within, but from outside, as parts. The part of Me, the parent, tells the part of Me, the child, that the given action will bring them pain. And the part of Me, the child, does not believe the part of Me, the parent, and goes its own way of knowing pain. And if the child were not a part of Me, the parent would not have to exhort him, because the knowledge of the source of pain would be inside the child. And he wouldn’t try to go through the experience of pain on his own.

Still, someone made our bodies so that they feel pain on certain occasions of destruction. So how do we get around that? It is not always possible to escape from the source of pain.

Why not? Nothing in your life happens without your participation. That is my law. It’s just that you don’t remember many of your choices in your current incarnation. You choose to go through the experience of pain of a certain quality. There are different ways of knowing yourself and discovering yourself and discovering your possibilities. One can make inhuman efforts and jump to the top of the mountain. And you can take your time and climb it for a long time. Everyone chooses for himself. And pain is a mechanism for such a hopping. In order to jump to the top of the mountain, you have to surpass yourself, you have to make such an effort on yourself that it might cause you pain. And you choose the way of climbing that mountain. In this sense, pain is simply a mechanism for surpassing yourself. But it is not a necessary attribute of your life, for if you choose, you can gradually ascend this mountain of self-knowledge, and your path will not become worse or better for it. For the result is the same. You are on the top.

So you mean to say that those who follow the path of pain climb faster to the ‘top of the Mountain of Self-Knowledge’?

Yes, that is true. It is a difficult path. But it is their choice.

What do we mean by the top of the mountain? I have been told that in the higher dimensions there is already no pain and no duality. So up to what level does “ascension” with pain exist?

To the top of you. When you reach the apex of yourself, you will no longer be the current you. You will actually become that mountain, that peak. So until you have reached that peak of you, you can use pain as a way, as a lever to reach a higher self.

I still don’t understand. You have divided yourself into parts so that some of your parts can come back to you through pain. Why?

I divided into parts, and those parts created their own boundaries and also divided into parts. And the more they separated into parts, the more they drifted away from unity with Me, from that healing power which heals all pain. And at a certain stage the degree of such separation became so high that a protective mechanism was needed to stop this separation further. And the pain mechanism emerged. The greater the pain, the greater the separation from Me. And this pain allows to show the boundaries beyond which separation does not need to happen.

Otherwise, what?

Otherwise, those who separate will simply lose parts of themselves, simply fall into the zone of total oblivion of themselves as parts of Me.

And what happens to those who fall into that zone of total oblivion of themselves as parts of You?

It is what you call the layers of hell. Those are the parts of Me that cannot remember their unity with Me, remember where they came from, and that is why they suffer. And I would like to bring them back to Myself. But they continually choose separation. And this separation brings them agony of pain.

Still I do not understand. First You said that pain is the mechanism of soon ascension to the top of the Self. And now you say that the more one separates from you, the greater the pain, and then there is a point of no return. How do you reconcile this?

There is no contradiction in this, for everything is one, and pain is the flip side of joy. And everything in the zone of duality has its flip side. Like a swing, such an example has already been given to you. When they swing, you are afraid. But at a certain amplitude the degree of detachment from the ground is so high that they fly up into the sky for a moment. And at that point of soaring there is the possibility of getting off the ground completely and flying. You can swing forever on this swing and try every time to get off at the highest point of lift off the ground and fall back down many times, experiencing all the fears of heights. Or you can still come off. Or you can simply stop your “swing”, balance yourself and start your ascent to the highest point of yourself in a different way. From within.

But let’s go back to your first question. Many of you say to yourself, “How can I talk to the Absolute? Am I worthy of it? Is it possible? How can I talk to the Archangel, will he turn his eyes to me? I am unclean and imperfect. My children! We are all always with you, in you yourselves. We have never left you. I always abide in each one of you. It is just that I can speak to you through your own devices, through a kind of retransmitter, which allows you to understand Me and receive My powerful energies by lowering their power. If you did not have such repeaters in you, you could burn in My power and in the power of any Archangel.

But that energy and information which comes to you passes through many filters and thus, of course, gets distorted. Because you are trying to transfer onto the words of your perception, onto your images, your knowledge about the World. But this knowledge does not always translate into your words and images. This knowledge is more vast and inexplicable. And so it is given to you in truncated portions, as analogies. Therefore, everything that you learn from the channelings is only a slice of the truth, there is only a description of the truth, an explanation of the truth, which is inexplicable. The complete knowledge is inside of you, it comes to you quantum. And if you don’t try to describe it in words and your images, it will be more pure. There are many parts of Me in the universe, and many of them have their own languages and their own imagery. Is it possible to translate this truth into all these perceptual languages? Even if you do, in each case a part of the truth will be lost, for there are no such words and images in a given language. Therefore all your cognition – both of those who are just beginning to hear and those who already consider themselves as dons of cognition – is still a blind man’s attempt to feel the outlines of the nearby world.

But the interesting thing about this perception is that everyone who feels the world begins to see the world exactly as they feel it. That is, you see your world exactly as you have imagined it. You are walking in the dark and you grope for a round object, and you immediately have associations of all the round objects known to you, and you simply choose from the data bank of round objects that you know and classify that object and decide that it is, for example, an apple. Then you try to taste it and you go through all the possible apple tastes in the data bank, you choose one of them. And there in front of you is the apple you imagined, the flavour you chose. This is how your knowledge of the world and your perception of the world, its visibility, happens. So both the appearance and the taste of the apple depend on you. It is difficult to perceive it at once. Because you are so sure of the picture of your perception of the world that you believe it exists independently of you, outside of you. And in fact, this picture exists only in you. And in another there is another “picture”. And in another civilisation, there is a “picture” unimaginable to you at all. And yet they cognize the same thing, they cognize Me as Me. The self as Me. They cognize the World which they create themselves.

When you talk to Lucifer, you talk to that energy in yourself which is closer to him. When you talk to Michael, you talk to the energy in yourself that is closest to him. When you talk to Me, you talk to all the energies in you that are Me. And so with every essence. You could call it an incarnational unit. And teachers. And the Higher Being. Well the essence is the same: you talk to yourself as a Divine, and you reveal to yourself the mysteries of the universe. And you also reveal them to Me. Because I cannot know Myself, I am, as you say, the thing-thing, the Unknowable. And thanks to you I will know Myself. And not only I cognize Myself in the senses, but I cognize Myself through the brain, through the mind. Trying to describe Myself through your language and your concepts. And this gives birth to new facets of Me. And new questions. It gives birth to new streams of awareness of Me and Myself. And it gives birth to new aspirations and new combinations of My energies in Me. And for Me, your cognition of Me through you is as exciting as it is for you.

But many of you become tired of cognition, because they do not allow themselves to go beyond the dogmas that were imposed on them by those who knew Me before. And you start to believe that these are the only possibilities to know Me. And having passed these opportunities, you do not know where to go anymore. And you get tired of life. And you call on Death in order to change the way of experiencing Me through yourself again and come to a new incarnation. But there are ones among you, who do not believe in the common dogmas, but search for your own ways of cognition and discover new unseen parts of Me. This intriguing search for yourself may last forever. It is your right to choose between the repetition of knowledge or the exploration of new ways of knowing, for I have given you the freedom of will.

Tell me more about prayer. All our previous prayers have become incomprehensible to us in some parts. And do you need to pray? Or who needs to pray?

Prayer is oneness with the World. You can pray to everything. To every blade of grass, thus uniting with it and thus uniting with Me. To the heavens, thus uniting with them and thus uniting with Me. To the wind. The planet. All parts of Me. But if you pray to someone, you are again dividing Me into parts. You are connecting to the parts of Me. Not to Me as a whole. Prayer is a knowledge, a sense of unity. “Thy will be done” is not slavish submission, but an awareness of one’s unity with the Whole, where there is no “His” and “your” will, but a single will between you and me, our choices that lead to the same goal. There are many inaccuracies in your prayers. Still, they were prayers of yesteryear, when your knowledge of yourselves as deities was minimal. And so these prayers were born as an attempt at unity with Me, as an attempt to feel whole and unified.

Your prayers were prayers of separation. When you were helpless and small. And there was an Almighty God who governed you and decided which of you would live and which would die. But now you are more and more recognising that you are those gods. And in fact, by praying to them, you are praying to your divine selves. And all of you are one. And there is no separation into Me human and Me divine, because everything is united into one Whole and abides there. And so new prayers are born.

“I am one with the All. I abide in the All, and the All is in Me. I am aware of My oneness with every being in the universe and accept them all as parts of the Whole Myself. I rejoice in every moment given to me by the Creator to know myself as a Divine Being. I unite the whole world and the whole Universe within me, for this is my home and it is all in me. I come to know all parts of myself without denial, in order to know all the splendor of my Divine nature. May my will be one with All Being!”