Послания Высших Сил

You are a race of absolutes

Hello, Absolute.

I am pleased with you, my soul.

Can you experience joy?

I can experience all that you experience. Because you and I are one. Because you are Me, only very limited in form.

Yet I don’t fully understand. You are thought of as some amorphous, undeveloped intelligent substance that fills everything. And it is thought that You cannot talk, cannot feel, because You are not manifested. And if You are manifested, it is no longer You.

I understand your difficulty in perceiving all this, because you are separate. And you cannot yet understand that everything can exist at the same time. Both Manifestation and Non-Manifestation. Both separation and wholeness. You are both separate from being one with Me and being Whole at the same time.

At the same time. Not only because your essence is Me. As you were given the example of water, which no matter how much you separate it into streams and rivers, it still remains water. But it’s even wider and deeper than that. The holographic principle that everything is contained in everything. In you is all of Me, understand? In you is the entire Cosmos, all the universes, all the interconnections. In you are both the planetary logos and the lords of the karmas. You are a miniature of Me, in which everything is simply reduced. You are the mini-Absolute.

Realise this. Each of you does not just have a direct connection with Me from within. Each of you is a copy of Me in a diminished capacity. In the image and likeness you have been created. I am not just present in all of you, you are Me, just trapped in a form. And that does not mean that there are myriads of parts of Me that are My reduced copy and those myriads are squeezed into your forms. It means that I alone am squeezed into all your forms a myriad of times. I, like costumes, put on different forms of Myself and play different games of creation together with all the other Myself. There is no one else but Me.

Are You so present in all your forms, in all your civilizations and structures?

No. Humanity is a special child. A special creation. It is in it that I am present in My full realization. Humanity is the school of nurturing absolutes.

Well, this is probably too much for our consciousness. First we were taught that we are growing gods. Now absolutes. Why do You need that? Why do You need to cultivate new absolutes? Are You not enough?

Every essence in the universe creates new things. That is the meaning of development and manifestation. Everyone tries to create and invent something new. And such new experiment was duality. And this experiment was conducted with My consent. But it is possible to say that you are My special project. I also contribute to the system of development of Absolute Consciousnesses. I am also a part of another Absolute. And I, just like you, am expanding. But I expand not only upwards but also downwards. Of course, there are no notions of ‘up’ and ‘down’. I say so for your understanding. I am enlarging and shrinking at the same time. But I, like a hologram, cannot get smaller by truncation, I, like a hologram, if divided, remain Myself. And I differ only in power.

I expand within Myself. This is also a kind of experiment – an expansion within Myself. When I multiply My potentials, as if I wrap them up to the minimum of the power of the form, and then I begin to unfold each of them separately. You could say that in this way I multiply. Take the analogy of your computer. When you need to transfer a large amount of information somewhere, you archive that amount of information with a special program, and then you can easily write that information onto a medium of lesser capacity, and then, if necessary, unzip it. That’s pretty much what happens. I ‘archive’ into billions of Myself, make My compressed copies, which contain all My potentials, and then put these My copies on small carriers, which are your bodies, your human forms. And then My task and yours is to reveal all of Myself in you. Or yours is to reveal all of Me in yourself. And become first a creator and a god of a certain level, and expand and grow as you develop, and grow into a new Absolute within Me.

You are a race of absolutes. Your task is to increase the power of your host Me, your bodies, by perfecting and expanding them, and by increasing your power to reveal more and more of My potentials within yourselves. You are children of the Absolute. And the fact that you are trapped in such a density is that very archiving of Me, that very compaction. And the fact that you are invited to ascend the levels of your development is the building up of your power, in order to manifest My potentials, to unpack all My potentials and all My information within you. And this is the meaning of the phrase that when you reach the volume of the creator of a certain level, you will literally become him. And when you reach My power and volume you will become Me literally. Again it will not be billions of additional Me. This is how I grow and expand, this is how I develop.

But it goes even deeper than that. Each of you is not just a diminutive copy of me, but also has its own individuality in its separateness. This individuality is due to the freedom of choice I have given you. In fact, I have given it to myself. So that I myself in my diminished copy can manifest in a new unique, inimitable way. I want to see myself unseen. I want to understand my possibilities in this way. I want to give myself the opportunity to manifest in a myriad of different ways, not only in a part of creation, but also as a full Absolute, a full Creator. And then My possibilities will unfold in billions of different ways. And then I will be able to explore and manifest My possibilities more fully. But I will also be able to expand from within. From within to increase My power.

And you will show Me this way. You will pave that path. It could be said that you are My favorite child and My experiment. The limit of My dreams. A new form of My realization, My manifestation.

Unleashing the potential is like lighting a match, when from one match you can light many lamps, many fires. When from one match you can light a whole fire. And by conducting My potentials through you, I have the opportunity thus to kindle in each individual case unseen ‘fires’ of perception, ‘fires’ of life, and thus to increase Myself and My power. And expand the variability of manifestation of the self.

Therefore you are a unique race. Of course, every race is unique because it goes its own way. But you, as beloved children, have been given so many of My capabilities that other races do not have. And that is why you are subject to the surveillance of other civilizations and worlds. And this is why you are protected by me, so to speak, personally. And this is why so much effort is put into your unfoldment and growth. This is why personal guides and teachers are assigned to each of you. This is why many other parts of Me, representatives of souls from other civilizations, want to come to you in embodiment to investigate with their own eyes the abilities of Me and to observe with their own eyes all processes inside you. Because it is an unprecedented project. It has never been like this in the Creation. This is why it is so difficult for you. Because you contain everything of Me. All My possible manifestations.

It is very grandiose. When people tell me about being the Chosen One, I don’t really believe it, because it seemed to me that everyone is equal for You, that You as the Absolute have no preference, because all that is is You, just different in manifestation.

This is not a preference, but a new way of manifestation. To Me all cannot be equal, because literally everyone accommodates My volume differently. Therefore, they are no longer equal. You speak of human perception, of human preference. I, on the other hand, speak of capacity and simply apply My terms. You are by far My maximum power, which I have managed to place in a form of separateness and self-sufficiency. This is what makes you unique. This is why you see that you are only using about 5% of yourMy power. Both your brain and your DNA are only working at a very small capacity so far.

You are My favourite child, not in the sense of preferring you over other races. I am simply aware of all the difficulties of you fitting into these forms. Just as you spend more time with children with developmental difficulties, you are special to Me because you need a special approach in your upbringing. In a sense, you are children with grenades that you need to learn to use. You have inexhaustible resources of Me. And that is yet to come. This mastery of all My resources is yet to come. That is why you are feared by the other races. That is why everyone is waiting to see how this experiment will end. But it is only at the beginning. There are still eons of time to come for you to master all My potentials and unlock them in yourselves.

But there is still a “trigger” in each of you that can start the whole process quite quickly. But to find this button, you have to find clues, just like in your games. Only then can you launch it. And, in fact, a variety of teachings are such clues for you. These teachings have not come down to your planet by accident and have been embedded in your consciousness. However, it is not a simple search. You understand that it is done to protect you from your own selves. Protection from the “grenades” that are within you, from your incomplete, partially consciousness. And by consistently building this awareness in yourself, you discover more and more keys on the way to your maximum manifestation. And all your lives are a search for these keys.

And imagine Me who managed to descend into billions of copies of Myself on the earth and to start playing the games of density. It was so new to Me that I got caught up in you, got caught up in some of the games. They were so addictive that I got ‘sucked in’ along with you. You are Me, multiplied and coiled. And in each of you I am not just ‘peeking through the keyhole’ of existence. I am literally present in you. And that is why you have lost the memory of Me. Because this information is archived in you. And you are gradually extracting it from yourself, unfolding it in yourself. And, because there is a lot of this information, this memory is very much, as well as there are many different potentials of Me, each of you goes his or her own way of unfolding it. And sometimes a medium, i.e. your form, cannot endure and burns from the power of information unfolding, its energetic power cannot endure, the form cannot endure the content.

It’s all very human.

Of course it is. After all, I am humanity! All parts of Me, all My potentials and features are humanity. This is what makes you unique. I am speaking to you in human terms for your understanding. In fact, everything is just an unfolding of energy. And when I speak of fascination with the game and what I am ‘pulling in’, I am referring simply to energetic processes. When water finds a new channel along which it rushes with all its force. This can be called the infatuation of the water and the fact that it is ‘pulled’ into these channels. Water simply explores new paths of its movement and penetration, finds new banks, opens up new encounters, while still remaining water. Everything is like that.

Such revelations of yours can make mankind dizzy, figuratively speaking. Understanding one’s own chosenness is too strong a trap for many, when humanity can imagine itself as the hub of the universe. And start threatening other civilisations to be feared.

These are all games of your separateness and they also have a place. Every child may think he or she is the chosen one in the family. But especially the smallest one is nurtured. You are My youngest children, literally. You are still very young as a race. And you are very small copies of Me, and so you have a special attitude and a special love. And special care.

But if we are so loved and nurtured, then why do you allow other races to feed at the expense of unawakened humanity? We will never unfold your potentialities in this way!

Because it is one of the ways of your learning. Because for centuries and millennia I have been watching the development of Myself in you. And so far your development has been very slow. All variations of your race are known to you. And so far it has all ended miserably. That is, so far you cannot cope with the fact that you have “grenades” in your hands. And you keep trying to blow them up, causing damage to yourself and those around you. And so with each race you have to shut down more and more of your memory of the Absolute Self, so that you can’t get so close to your “grenade” so quickly. And in the hope that during this time you can study yourself in more detail and understand how you can manage with your unseen power.

And many ways have been tried for you to cope with your own greatness. You have been led through suffering, as was suggested by one of the creators, but you have multiplied your suffering and again come close to your ‘grenades’. Imagine a small child who has the most powerful energy concentrated in his hands. This energy can be used both for creation and destruction. But, not knowing how to create, he directs it towards destruction time after time. And though he is immortal, he destroys all his past experiences with his own actions, or rather the construction of those experiences. And then many defences were put in place. All information, all potentials were protected by additional protection codes and coiled in DNA. That is why you are not given information about it, except in a very general way. Because it is too early for you to master your “grenades”. You have yet to grow to god awareness. So no one is giving you, and you in particular, the information about the DNA codes that you are seeking at this moment. It is still too early.

And you yourself need to build your own divinity and your own uniqueness. And to discover your potential to coexist with all the other races. Although many of them are already more advanced than humanity, you have more potential in you. You are ingenious children who will outgrow all the races now available and become their drivers. And create your races of the future together with your worlds. And if this experiment succeeds, then sooner or later you too will begin to expand within yourselves by creating minicopies of yourselves. Like a cell dividing inside you. Everything is similar. You are a replica of the universe in your capabilities and potentials embedded in you.

It’s too grandiose to fit so easily into the mind. We have never been told this before. At first we were “slaves of God”. Then we were told we were gods and creators. And now it turns out that we are mini-Absolutes. All too quickly exalted.

You have always been told this, but in a veiled form. And, in fact, no one but Me can or has the right to tell you about it. But it is time to begin.

Do you think we are ready for it?

I am trying. I need conscious copies of Me, not sleeping ones. All the times before, you were not aware of your role and, perhaps, therefore did not understand your responsibility and the necessity of progressive development. Many of you are already awakening and beginning to hear your Cosmos within. Many of you are beginning to master your unique capabilities, of course, still in a very small part. In an immeasurably small part. Therefore I decided that the time has come to tell you about it. So that you understand where you are going and why there are so many precautions around you. Remember when you were told that you were created as a unique library of the universe? It was meant that you each have in you everything that is in the universe and is in me.

We were also told that we were created as slaves by another race. How do you reconcile that with the fact that we are mini-Absolutes?

This is part of the game of your awakening. These are different ways of your liberation. When slaves sooner or later rebel against their oppressors and begin to feel free.

But we were told that we had been forgotten for a long time. That we had been assigned tutors who closed us off from the rest of the world and did whatever they wanted with us. And since none of us were able to protest, no one came to our sector of the universe for help.

So how can children be left at the mercy of their caretakers alone?

This is happening to you too. And the moment for which you have been left behind is so brief for Me that I have not had time, figuratively speaking, to blink; as you have been told, “God’s eyelashes fluttered”. Aeons of time have passed in the development of you as a race, and many things have happened in that time. And those caretakers I’ve assigned to you haven’t been able to handle everything. But you have to understand them. They have never had to bring up Absolutes before. If an ordinary tutor brings up geniuses, what can he do? How can he cope with the genius of a child? After all, there are no equivalent tutors for you yet. You will be the new tutors for other mini-absolutes when you reach that stage of your development, sooner or later.

All right, then. Let’s talk about the power of our form. We have many practices that have been handed down to us. But as a result of using them, a person in his enlightenment and development kind of burns out, that is, his form burns out and his consciousness goes to a place where no one comes back from. What does it mean? That they were able to unfold all Your potentialities in themselves, but the form did not hold, because it did not yet correspond to the power of its content?

Yes. But so far no one has been able to unfold all My potentialities. For they are so vast that it is not easy. For I have placed in you all My potentials, both manifested and unrevealed. And while the manifested potentials do have counterparts of manifestation and you can learn from this experience to some extent, the unrevealed potentials are not yet seen by anyone. No one knows how they will manifest in you. Including Me. Those people who left incarnation by igniting their form tried to manifest My potentials in themselves and their form really failed.

What has become of their consciousness?

It came back into Me. And then it flowed back into other forms of mini-Absolutes. But this was only a few times. Many of them simply changed their level of play and continue to reveal their abilities in other capacities. For example, some of them have gone into worlds of even greater density. What you call the dark worlds.

Wait. Is our unfolding of potentials needed specifically in physical form? Or is it all the same in what body?

If I have given you the freedom to choose, then I have not restricted you. I don’t know the answer to that question. Because for Me it is also a new experiment. And I don’t know where My potential can be better fulfilled, in which of the bodies. I suppose that you can do it in each body individually, but only a part of My potential would be unleashed. In the astral body – the potentials of some energy properties will be revealed. In the mental body – other properties of My energies will be revealed, and so on. But the complex opening of everything is possible in all bodies at the same time.

This is why you are told that ascension is possible in all bodies at the same time. And when they tell you about crystalline bodies, that you should replace your bodies with crystalline ones, you are told just about the increase of the power of your physical bodies. Because it is crystals that have the ability, due to their structure, to contain a huge amount of information. But this is only one way of transformation of your physical body. And for sure there are many other ways. But it is up to you to discover these ways.

One of the ways was revealed by that Self which you called Jesus. He was able to ascend in a physical changed body. And this was the reason why He came into the earthly incarnation. Not only to bring you his teaching and to tell you who you are. But also to try the way of ascension through the body. And his way was a test of the way of suffering. And that path brought results for him: he was able to ascend with a body, but, of course, with a changed body. And so for a long time you were offered the way of suffering as a proven way of changing your bodies to expand your power, to open your possibilities, your absolute possibilities. But this began to lead you into a dead end because you were so caught up in suffering that it now required a new effort to bring you out of this game, to awaken you from the sleep of suffering.

You mean to say that all these eras of suffering were sanctioned by you?

My child! A child often rebukes his parents for bringing him up harshly. But a parent is full of love and wants only the best for his/her child, understand. Can a future god not be brought up in austerity? Only in strictness and love! Can you indulge a child who has absolute possibilities not only of creation but also of destruction? First, one should instill in the child a sense of responsibility for his deeds. This is severity. That is the system of punishments and reprisals for deeds. That is what you call the law of karma. This is all there is a system of training. Perhaps, the tutors that were assigned to you were not quite successful in this task. But nevertheless they took the first steps. And, I repeat, no one knows how to educate genius children like you.

All right. Let us then still understand that there is enlightenment and ascension in the news that you have now reported.

What you call enlightenment and ascension is the gradual process of becoming aware of you as Me. Revealing yourself as Me. As the Absolute Consciousness in your form. These are different ways: from within and from without. Enlightenment is the touching of that cherished ‘button’ that can instantly reveal in you your potentials of absolute being. And all people who call themselves enlightened have, to one degree or another, approached that magic ‘button’. In other words, they have begun to understand its existence and have gradually mastered the ‘instructions’ for its use. These are, of course, all words, but all this is happening on the energetic plane, this is the degree of mastering energies, new volumes of it. This is an attempt to experience Absolute Consciousness. How does it realize itself, how does it feel, how does it think? How does It exist? What moves It? What motivates It?

And along the way you discover that there is something more than a thought process. And along the way, you join yourself to silent knowledge. To bits and pieces of it. And you begin to understand that knowledge is always silent. That I do not keep in Myself a heap of books and records of information. But just already have access to everything. And it is not necessary to read or write, it is not necessary to listen to audio recordings in order to know. You just need to know, just connect to All That is. Just to be All Being.

To know all about a river, you just have to become a river. To know everything about an animal, you have to become that animal, and so on. This is the connection to all things. This is the Self. That is My consciousness And when they tell you that enlightenment is a state of oneness, that is what it is. It is the mastering of the consciousness of oneness with everything. And when you are told that you need to recover your wholeness, it is not I who need to recover it. I am whole and not whole at the same time. For I am All. You yourself need to restore your wholeness. But not just wholeness with Me. And become Me. To reveal yourself as Me. Restore the wholeness of your absolute consciousness. Everything is in you: whole worlds and universes. All the animals and all the planets. And all this you can unfold and unfold just as I do. And all the knowledge you can possess at the same time. But not possess, but just have it, just know it at the right time, just connect to everything. Since this is now a part of yourself as well. That is the process of discovering your absolute potentials within yourself, which you call enlightenment.

And the path of ascension is the path of building up your power from the outside. When you join other potentials of Me from outside yourself. When you consistently expand the power of your form by joining the energy of other forms, by fusion and awareness of your fusion. By many choices of expansion. This is the way to Me from outside of yourself. This path is also possible. It is exciting for many. And the basic part of the essences of the Universe follows this way. But in you there is another unique way. And the choice of the path is up to you. You can open your absolute potentials by exploring your myriad possibilities in succession, and thereby build up your forms. Or you can take the more difficult path – the path of instantaneous opening, by igniting the potentials within you. Or you can balance these two paths, try to combine them. The choice is yours and everyone is waiting for your unique choices. Your unique paths. For no one in the universes has followed such unbeaten paths as you, brilliant children of the Absolute!



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