Послания Высших Сил

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Hello, Absolute.

Hello, My Soul.

The last information I heard from You, in which You say that we are mini-absolutes, was received differently. Some have written that everything has now fallen into place for them. But many didn’t believe it either. I’m honestly at a loss myself. For example, one of the arguments is the information conveyed through the other channel that it is impossible to fit the consciousness of You all into one form. How do you comment on that?

It is a position of detachment. And do you really think that there is something impossible in Me? I have absolute possibilities. But let’s try to understand it. I Am All. This truth you do try to accept. And you are trying to engage with this way of perception. If you look at this thesis from the position of separateness, “I Am All” is perceived as that everything is an extension of you. That is, you are your extensions. This is the position of separateness. And from this position you, as a part, are unable to contain all your extensions.

If you go from the position of the whole, there are you and there are parts of you. And when you want to explore a part of yourself, you just turn to that part. But there is an even deeper position of wholeness. Every part of you is also you. Not because it’s part of you and like you, but because everything is holographic. Think of a hologram. If you cut it into billions of pieces, each small piece will give birth to the same picture, not at all different from the original one. Differences, or rather, will only be in power. When you have the power of the Absolute, My power, you can unfold a grandiose large-scale picture. When you only have the power of a billionth part of a hologram, you unfold the same picture, but not as bright, not as clear, not as saturated. And then all your actions are just increasing your power, so that you can unfold a picture with maximal power. Actually, this is the whole way of your embodiment, all your searching for it. All the practices passed on to you are aimed precisely at this.

You go on the path of increasing your power to unfold all your potentialities in yourself, yourself in yourself, Me in you, and so on. For it is all one. Everything is quantum connected. It is not without reason that you are conveyed information about the quantumness of the world, the holographic nature of the world.

So you can say that each of us is your hologram?

Yes. But you perceive a hologram as something that was created in advance and can be illuminated by light and produce an image. Of course, it’s wider than that. A hologram is a recording of potentials. A hologram is a convoluted image, convoluted codes. As you say, unwrapped potentials. If you talk about unfolded My potentials, of course you cannot contain them. But when they are coiled, they are asleep, they are represented as a system of codes waiting to be deciphered. Your hologram researchers say that a hologram can be unfolded by illuminating it with a source of coherent light. Light of a special structure. It’s all the same. You must illuminate with your light the codes of the Me hologram embedded in you to unfold all the potentials of creation.

Unfolding the potentials of creation is creation itself. And Light is not your concepts of Light and Darkness. For all that is Me. The Light in this example is My light, that is, the power and strength of My pure Spirit. Coherence in this case is purity. And the extent to which you can purify My light, that is, My Spirit present in you, depends on the extent to which you can unfold all those potentials which are in you, all My Potentials.

The question is different. Each civilization is an unfolding of Your potentials. And each one as if mastering a certain segment of Your potentials. And the sum of all consciousnesses is You manifested, as I understood. And now it turns out that there is one civilization that accommodates not one segment of You, but all segments of You. And thus accommodates all other civilizations as well. This is difficult to understand, both for us and for other civilizations. They say that it is impossible, that it is wrong.

Remember, you have the information that the seeds of other races were sown at your creation. That all the best qualities of many races have been planted in you. That information has somehow not been rejected by you. And neither did the other civilisations that participated in the sowing. Now, let’s look at it from a different angle. Let’s take a broader view, from above. Namely, it’s not just that several civilizations have sown their genetic materials into you. And you simply have the potentials of all civilizations in you, and you gradually open them in yourself. And the information about it you open in yourself gradually.

Now you are being told about the twelve civilisations involved in the seeding. And you begin to communicate with these civilizations. And they begin to communicate with you through contacters. There is not only communication, but there is a process of revealing in you the genetic codes of other civilizations. Have you ever wondered: are there contactors in other civilizations that communicate with other races in the same way that you do? When each member of a civilisation can communicate telepathically with each member of another civilisation and with the collective souls of civilisations? Only you can do that. Because it is in you that Everything is embedded. And your contacting is proof of that. You don’t just have outlets for everyone, which is the reason why communication channels are being built. You have everything. By activating a certain code, My code in yourself, you open another part of Me in you.

The channel of communication is not a certain trumpet into which everyone who is allowed to speak speak speaks. And it is not really a wired communication, as some of you imagine. It is again a position of detachment, that there is you and there is some civilization that you are talking to through some kind of interaction filters, that is there are two separate entities that are somehow in touch. Try to look at it in a different way. It’s all there in you, and you just open one of the pages of yourself, and you just read that page. You’re communicating with this civilization because you have its codes in you. Like potential. More than that, you are capable of unfolding that potential and becoming part of that civilisation. Realize that.

Are you saying that I can deploy the code of this civilization and become an alien being? Or that I can, like You, be present with consciousness in this alien being, perceive as it?

It is the same thing.

And it is too grandiose to believe so immediately. It turns out that we have power over all civilisations?

You are again perceiving the concept of power in terms of separateness. What is power? It’s responsibility. But that’s not even the point. Power is ownership. You have power over your own hand? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna make it do anything that’s gonna hurt it. Because your hand and you are one. You are first of all interested in making sure that your hand is OK, otherwise you won’t be able to perceive the tactility of the world through your hands. You won’t be able to take something with your hands, and so on. So there is no power from a position of power. There is power from the position of belonging, from the position of unity. These are different things. When you realize your unity with everything, you will realize it. But you cannot realise it until you have extended your perception, your power. The foot, until it has become part of the whole, cannot understand the actions of the hand. And it cannot understand the actions of the mind and the brain.

I understand your confusion. But you must understand that the journey of unfolding all My potentials within yourself is a very long one. You are pioneers and no one knows yet how long it will take. And no one knows yet what other problems and obstacles are on this path.

We are told that there are 12 civilizations planted in us. And according to your words it turns out that we have all worlds and civilisations in us, not just the 12.

You have already been told that 12 are the steps of cognition, it is a part of the stage. Further there will be another stage, another level of cognition. The cognition of oneself and Me.

You are My special children. And many of My hopes and aspirations are placed upon you. As a father begets a son and waits to develop in him his helper in all things.

I want to try to figure it out. So, we are your special children and that is why we are not allowed to communicate directly with civilizations in our present world?

This is again a position of detachment. At a certain stage it was justified. So that you could at least have some awareness of yourself and your parents. Try to rearrange your consciousness of detachment into a consciousness of quantum consciousness. There is no one who allows or denies you. There is you, who is opening up some potential in you. When you unlock the potential of unfolding the Pleiadean code, you are empowered, or rather, you unfold within yourself your capacity to communicate with them. Those of you who travel to other planets in your subtle states simply unfold your potentials of these worlds and civilizations within yourselves, begin to open codes. It’s like opening keys to doors.

There are myriad doors of knowledge in you. These are the potentials of the worlds. You are searching for the keys to those doors. All your lives are a search for the keys of perception, a search for the keys of the potentials. You find these keys and open new doors of perception. This is the keychain of telepathic contacts. And you master it little by little and you sort of put the keys on your bundle. And now these are your unfolded potentials. And then there are a lot more bundles and keys. But you open them gradually.

Recall the information about the assembly point. This is the keyhole for the keys of perception. Remember what was said then: there are emanations passing through you, in which there are different bands of perception. Some of them are human and some of them are non-human. Some of them are accessible to you for perception, that is, you can move your assembly point there easily. And some of them are not accessible to you yet, and if you move the assemblage point there you go crazy. But those emanations that flow through your form are just emanations. They are not divided into those which are available to you, and those which are not available to you. Like the water in a stream is the same as the water in the ocean.

Have you ever wondered why the water in a stream is unsalted and the water in the ocean is salted? You are told: to keep it from rotting and to keep living forms in it. But that’s not the point. It is about crystallinity. Salt is a crystal that holds a huge amount of information. And that is the information about the potentials of the ocean that all the forms that live in it reveal. A stream also has the same salt, but in smaller amounts, i.e. it has less carriers of this information and, accordingly, the information about potentials itself. And then – why can’t you drink salty water? Why is it poison for you? Because your body is not yet able to contain all the potentials of the ocean, all the information that is embedded in its crystallinity. One can say that the ocean is a kind of living crystal that contains certain potentials.

You said yourself that our body is unable to contain even the potentials of the ocean. And then you say that we are capable of containing all the worlds.

You are not just a physical body. And the process of opening doors and finding keys is the process of transformation of all your bodies. Each body kind of explores and opens its part of the keys and doors. And so far you are only in the initial stage of this exploration. Moreover, your current bodies are only a stage of development of you as potentials of Me. In fact, My potential in you is incorporated into a system of cocoon protections. Have you ever wondered why that is? Why so many bodies when you can make one, but having the properties of all?

It’s a system to protect you from yourself. When you can only open yourself by opening each of the bodies one by one. That is why you are told about the matryoshka principle and the gradual opening of these matryoshkas. By opening the potentials of each body, you open parts of the potentials of Me. And ideally, this is the creation of a certain body, a certain form of you in Me, which can accommodate and sustain all the potentials of Me in you. Right now there is really no form that can contain all My potentials. But the experiment of creating such a form is in progress. A unique form of Me that accommodates all of Me.

But we are told that besides our seven bodies, there are many higher bodies, say, a planetary-scale body, a galactic-scale body, and so on.

Exactly. Realise this. Why does humanity, as a civilisation, as an individual, as a detached form, need the knowledge of planetary scale bodies and galactic scale bodies? What is it for him? It is precisely about your expansion. Which is your discovery of the potentials of Me in yourself. When you reach the discovery of the planetary body within you, you can unfold the codes of planetary creation within you. Remember what you are told. That sooner or later you will become the creators of planets and galaxies and so on. You are the universal specialists of creation. That’s what you are being trained to be.

Now there is a division, a kind of division of labour. A kind of specialization. That is there are architects, there are masters of karma, there are keepers of space and so on. There are planetary and galactic logos and so on. Each of them has strictly defined functions. But most of them have not followed the path of expansion, of enlarging themselves from the scale of a grain of sand and a cell to the scale of planetary consciousness. Many of them were already created as specialized structures, and never separated into tiny particles. They were immediately singled out with specific functions.

But there is another way. This is the separation of the potential of Me into an inferior form. “Inferior” means maximally coiled. And your degree of density is precisely conditioned by the degree of this convolution. And also by the degree of necessary protection. Like you encase your nuclear reactors in thick shells to contain their proliferation. You are a kind of reactor. And now you have the task of mastering your capabilities. And mastering this path is the essence of opening all the potentials of Me, by consistently adapting, transforming your forms of accepting Me. So that these forms, firstly, can contain My power and, secondly, can manifest My potentials. And you walk on the steps of cognition as a human form, but by gradually expanding, you discover in yourself all the other potentialities. And sooner or later you expand (discover in yourself My potentialities) to the planetary consciousness and become the actual him, and then to the galactic consciousness (just revealing this potential of Me in you), but in the case of the possibilities of universal consciousness. You are expanding all the time.

You are constantly moving your ‘assemblage point’ further and further, you are trying it on different strings of perception, on different bands of emanation. You are mastering more and more spectra of My potentials.

Are other civilizations deprived of that? What are they mastering?

Each of them is mastering only the strings that are available to them. They are limited in this by those bands of emanations which are given to them. They are so created. Just as certain devices, are designed only for certain dimensions, so are they. At first, I followed the path of successive mastery of My possibilities. And so many worlds and civilizations were created, each of which could master one part of Me and unfold it to its full power. But then I had the idea of deploying all the possibilities at once.

Remember the idea that it makes no sense for you to sequentially undergo various experiments of yourself because it is long and inefficient? And more effective – when millions of copies of you go through different doors of different games and playgrounds and go through all possible human experiences at the same time. This is the very idea. That is, I have decided that it is inefficient to go through different mastering of My potentials one at a time at different rates of mastering. After all, each civilization goes at its own rate of development and assimilates the perception band allocated to it differently. But it is more effective to create a race of godlike forms which can simultaneously receive and unfold in themselves all My potentials.

Just as you enter all the doors of your incarnations and experiences at once, so I enter all the doors of civilizations at once. While in every other civilization I enter every separate door at the same time, in you I enter into all of Myself at the same time. Do you understand the difference? It is difficult to perceive. In the first case, I am All in all. In the second case, I am the Whole in each one. Realize this. In the first case, I am assembled out of a mosaic of particles of the Self. In the second case, I am a mosaic of complete versions of the Self. Do you understand the difference?

Remember the picture: a picture of a woman, every centimeter of which is a different image of other women. This is the first model. Now we go deeper. The image of a woman is made up of parts of images of all other women, each of which contains images of all other women, and so on to infinity. Infinity – realise this. That is why you are told that your development is infinite, that you are Infinity. Because you contain the ‘portraits’ of all others to infinity. Because the whole cosmos is present in you simultaneously in both directions. In the macro-dimension of the world and in the micro-dimension of the world. You are infinity, realize it.

So other civilizations are not Infinity?

They are a partial Infinity. That sounds strange to you. They are like infinity to one side of Infinity. They can infinitely cognize and develop the side of Me that is represented in them. But you can know and develop in yourselves all sides of Me, don’t you know that? When some of you touch that Infinity, don’t you understand it, don’t you realize it? All your paths are paths of knowing the Infinity within you, are they not? You are told about enlightenment. This is the initiation into the Infinity. Walking the path of ascension, you are walking the paths of other civilizations, namely, the cognition of successive parts of your abilities, including those represented in different civilizations. Enlightenment is the path of discovering all the possibilities within yourself at once. The first path is like exploring all the possibilities of water by swimming in all the rivers, streams and reservoirs one by one. Or you can dive straight into the ocean, where all the possibilities of water are represented. But to dive into the ocean is a dangerous path for you, because there are fears in you, because you are literally left to yourselves there, and you are afraid of your possibilities, you do not believe in them. You don’t believe that the ocean is you.

And so you go the habitual ways of ascension, i.e. the gradual development of your abilities. And only a few embark on the path of enlightenment, which is difficult and long. And all those who set out on the path of enlightenment, which means trying to tap into all my capabilities not one at a time but all at once, as a package, they often get stuck there in their preferences and fears. They drown in that ocean of possibilities, losing their individuality. And they do not find their new form of individuality, which is able to contain all My possibilities, the possibilities of the ocean of consciousness. Or they in their form simply float in that Ocean of Consciousness, eternally carried by the waves and currents of that Ocean.

Well, what about the idea that the souls of other civilisations have come into earthly incarnation to help us wake up and become aware of ourselves? We are told that they are more highly evolved. And besides, how can a part of You come to know You as a whole? I don’t understand.

They are more highly evolved compared to you now. Because they have mastered to a greater extent their parts of Me, their bands of perception, which are given to them to master, to cognize. Let us go again to the analogy with the computer. When you download a small file, it downloads quickly. But if you start downloading a huge file, it slows down. If you put the download bars of both files side by side, it would feel like the small file was better because it was faster. But when you see a powerful huge file being downloaded and you see its slow download speed, you know it’s because it holds so much.

And so it is here. Civilizations go in mastering certain emanations of mine and therefore go in developing their mastery faster than you. This does not mean that they are more powerful or more perfect than you are. You are trying to recycle, to “download” the maximum power of unfolding. And it is clear that this process is slower. And if you take a more powerful computer, a big file will be downloaded faster.

Next, about the incarnation into your world. In connection with the creation of this experiment, of course, many worlds have expressed a desire to participate in it, because it is an unprecedented experiment. So, conventionally speaking, each civilization that has expressed a desire to participate has its own quota of incarnations. On the one hand, they also want to try it on themselves. On the other hand, they come to develop, to open to you their bands of perceived by them emanations of Me. That is, it is as if each of them is bringing their aspect of perception into your world more narrowly, more specialised, so that each of you can also master it.

But I don’t understand. If my soul is a mini-absolute that accommodates everything, then how can a collective soul from another civilization that accommodates only a part of You incarnate into a person and experience all of You?

They incarnate in different ways. Some come only with their part simply into a human body. This means that having a limited consciousness (limited to a part of their civilization, to their perception of Me), they receive unlimited opportunities to connect with the whole of My Consciousness through the chakras. And they try to master it and go through this experience. And these souls most often go through the adjustment of perception. Simply put, they are very uncomfortable in this world, they cannot comprehend and understand it, because they try to master the whole from the position of a part. And so initially they feel like outcasts in this world, but they are trying to adapt to it, trying to open connections to my perception through different chakras of human bodies.

But there is another way for them, when the detached consciousness of another civilization is ready to try to dissolve into My potentials. Then it comes anew in complete oblivion of its previous incarnations in its civilization, and then gradually discovers in itself this knowledge of itself, this experience of being in another civilization. Moreover, not only civilizations express a desire to try this path, but also higher levels and souls. I have already given you an example – the Christ Consciousness. This is a very high consciousness; you call it the Christ Consciousness, the consciousness of mercy and sacrifice. It also made an attempt to incarnate into the human form of cognition and to become a part of all the potentials of Me. There is also what you call Buddhic Consciousness. This is also a very highly organized consciousness which also attempted to incarnate into the human form and to comprehend all of Me.

And when you are taught to attain the silent knowledge, you are taught to attain to all My potentialities, not by going through successive experiences of perception but by simultaneously unfolding all the potentialities.

But is simultaneous unfolding possible in our human form?

What do you understand by human form? You understand your present bodies and to a greater extent your physical body. But the human form is more than that. You are not capable of realizing this right now, much less seeing it. But you are vast. You are infinite. Your form can expand to Infinity. And that is exactly what you are doing right now. You are trying so far to expand all your bodies to Infinity, but you are going slowly and gradually. But more and more the volume of My Consciousness is fitting into you. Or rather – it unfolds, unfolds in you. At this moment you are just a kind of low-powered computer for downloading a grandiose file.

Somebody follows the way of downloading the entire “folder” of perceptions at once. And that’s why it’s slow. Some just open the “file” folder and “download” the different “files” of perceptions it contains. And everyone is fascinated by certain “files”, but chooses these “files” himself. Have you ever wondered what freedom of choice is? Why is it not presented in such a broad form in others? Why are you told that you are in the zone of freedom of choice? You have the freedom to choose any part of Me to unfold, any potential of Me.

Still, it is somehow very grandiose. And it may exalt humanity too much in its own eyes, that is, a kind of a blow to the ego that not everyone can withstand and go through it calmly.

You know how difficult it is in your society to develop children of famous great people. Say, children of presidents, or great singers, or actors, and so on? They’re always realizing they’re special, they’re chosen. And they try to justify it. And some of them, of course, go the way of impunity. And some of them understand that they are also expected to be unique and brilliant, and they suffer because of that. You are genius children and that is why it is so difficult for you. On the one hand, it is easy for you to fall into the idea of impunity, which you have been doing for centuries. And that is why, in fact, the system of punishment in the form of karma and the law of retribution comes back to you. And on the other hand, it is time for you to understand your own responsibility. The responsibility of the children of a genius, who are expected to fulfill it not less, but more. An even greater genius.

We say that nature rests on the children of geniuses.

Nature cannot rest. It simply accumulates strength. Just as your soil does not produce a rich harvest every year because it needs to accumulate its strength. So you just need to accumulate your strength. Increase, build up your power of perception and then unfold in unprecedented ways of knowing and perceiving Me in yourself. Realize your genius and magnificence!