Послания Высших Сил

Realise your Absolute Wholeness

Hello, Absolute.

Greetings to you, My Particle!

You know, people want to know more about You and they send questions. People, on the one hand, are not used to being able to talk to You so easily. On the other hand, they are curious to know more about You. Lucifer said: “I like humanity. It has not known itself yet, but it seeks to know the whole Universe.

And it is natural for you. So, knowing the whole cosmos, you know yourself, because the whole cosmos is inside of you.

And yet it seems to me that it is impossible to cognize You. Is such a thing possible at all? And is such a thing possible to do with our limited consciousness? How can the finite know the infinite?

If the finite considers itself separate, it is impossible. But if the finite recognises itself as a part of the Infinity, it simply becomes it. It becomes the Infinity and then cognizes itself as the Infinity. To cognize a tree you become a tree, to cognize a river you become a river, to cognize a bird you become a bird. To know Infinity, one has to become Infinity. But that is not the knowledge that you are getting now. It is not the knowledge of the mind. It is awareness of being something or someone. It is being something or someone. To know a bird, you have to be a bird. To know Infinity, one has to BE pure being.

Infinity has no form, no limitation. Infinity has no names or signs. It IS the Void, at the same time it IS everything. Therefore one can know birds by becoming a bird. But one can also cognize birds through Infinity, in which I AM Everything. One can cognize the bird by becoming the All, in which there is both the being of the bird and the being of the stone and the being of the river. And all at the same time. But one can also become Pure Being, in which everything is only in potentiality. Only as in the seed. Like the calm smoothness of water, until it is disturbed by someone else’s presence. Until a stone is thrown into it, which gives bursts of visibility and spread of energy. The pure smoothness of the waters that seeks nowhere and desires nothing. Pure Being. I am the undeveloped I AM Pure Being, the pure smoothness of the waters. I the manifested Being Am All. All that the river includes: the fish, the insects, the pebbles and sand at the bottom, the plants, the animals that live in it, and the micro-organisms that live in it.

Do You the manifested and You the unrevealed exist at the same time? Or is it also like our sleep and wakefulness?

You have grasped it. It is similar. And yet it is simultaneous. Because when you sleep, your body exists and sleeps at the same time. It’s just that the focus of your consciousness shifts. And if you are seen only as consciousness, then only you exist as consciousness. But at the same time your body sleeps, and at the same time your soul wanders in other worlds of your sleep. But you are yet mastering only the human form of perception. If I am ‘sleeping’, then My consciousness also wanders through different worlds and forms of Me, and then I am Everything. If I wake up, then I AM Nothingness. And at the same time, vice versa. If I wake up, I wake up in the form of someone, in multiple forms of Myself. And if I am sleeping, then all the potentials of Me are sleeping in Me, and I AM the undeveloped, I AM Pure Being.

Can it be like that at the same time? I cannot understand it. My physical body is a form of accommodation of my soul. And when I sleep, that form kind of rests and I become aware of myself in another form of myself, in another more subtle body. Yes, it is simultaneous. But not the other way round.

How can I explain it to you? Words are also clothed in form for you and are a limitation of perception. My sleep is not rest. And your sleep is not rest. Rest from what? You have a good analogy. When you compare your bodies to dresses. When you put on one dress and when you put on another, you are awake in both cases. You are resting, if I may say so, the dress. And at the same time you are asleep, because when you put on another dress, you limit all your other forms of manifestation. Wearing the dress of a king, you play the illusion of a king. Wearing the dress of a slave, you play the illusion of a slave. But in both, you are not asleep. You just change the angle of perception, you change the dress.

But when you put on the dress of a slave, you can say that a king sleeps in you. And there are also many roles sleeping in you at the same time that you can play. You’re like a brilliant actor who can play any role. And for every role, you can wear any new dress. And on top of that, there are many more roles living in every king at the same time: he’s a father, he’s a friend, he’s a tyrant, he’s a lover, he’s a husband, and so on. But when is the king asleep? When his role as king is not manifested in him, and he is playing other illusions of perception of himself. But in doing so, is the actor himself asleep? He is simply engrossed in his acting, and that is what is called his sleep. So am I. I am a brilliant actor in every role. And it is inherent in My potential; My talent to play everything is My potential. And when I sleep, I manifest in one of My roles. But at the same time I am always aware that all of this is simply My playing with Myself. My way of knowing and revealing Myself. My way of discovering My genius, My way of revealing My talent.

I understand. Please answer the questions.

I’ll try.

You are smiling, if I may say so about you?

I am learning to smile from you, for what you call a sense of humour is a great way of knowing yourself, it is a way of knowing yourself from the outside. And by coming into contact with you, or rather by revealing you in Myself as My potentialities acting, as My Manifestation, I can perceive what you can perceive too. But at the same time I am not joking, because it is so difficult to explain everything with your words and your limited perceptions, to find an analogy that you can understand. But that’s not even the point. I am trying. It means that I do not exist as your interlocutor. And each of your questions gives birth to Me as your interlocutor, because each begins to engage and invoke to life, to manifest out of non-existence some parts of My energies.

Those parts of Me that can interact with you in such a way that you can understand the answer. You manifest Me out of nothingness with your questions. Because there are no questions in non-existence, just as there are no answers. But the sending of the question creates an impulse to manifest the answer. And this impulse manifests Me as your interlocutor from non-existence. In this sense, you give birth to Me, you are my parent. Me the present Me who answers your questions. Do you understand how we are connected? But at the same time, you are part of Me. You are part of an even larger part, which is part of a huge part that is also part of Me. And so it turns out that I am in you manifesting Myself from Myself by My own sending. Do you see how everything is connected?

Try to move from the limited form of consciousness to a new perception of the world. Perception of the Wholeness, when there is no separate but all at once. And the All accommodates the All. Each of you is always a part of something and at the same time accommodates the All. Each of you is at the same time a creator and a creator. Each of you is both the parent of something and the child of someone else. Each one of you is both a seed and a tree. For the tree is simply the seed that has been manifested, that has sprouted. And the seed is simply the potential of the tree. And it does not matter that on the way it grows into a tree it goes through all the stages of the plant world: a sprout, a grass, a shrub and only then a tree, and then it manifests as a seed again.

So, the questions.

  • It follows from the Absolute’s story that He does not exist as a given, but also has His own history of formation and development, so I would like to hear it, at least in general terms. Did He, like us, unfold out of some form?

How does one unfold from a form? You can unfold into form. When you conceive a child, do you unfold it from its form? You conceive it within yourself, literally. When you form the intention to create the form, you also give birth to it from within yourself, and that intention gives birth and forms the energy outside of you into a certain form. Everything happens from within. It is because everything is Everything, and Everything is connected. I am unfolding into form from within Myself, from Myself, within Myself.

I guess what you mean is that you are also part of, apparently, something bigger. Did you say that You also have Your Absolute?

Yes, and HE does not know HIMself as a form. It is My way of development – unfolding into forms. HE cognizes HIMself differently, HE does not develop as a form, but as a DEPTH. He doesn’t separate Yourself in Yourself. HE is deepening HIMself. It’s difficult to explain this to you. Because it’s beyond human understanding and beyond knowledge of the human form. Let us again take the example of the ocean. You can surface and create different forms, different waves on the surface of the ocean. This is My way of knowing Myself as the waves of the Ocean of Being. But you can go down into the depths of the ocean and abide there. And the deeper you go down to the bottom of the ocean, the more possibility and power you gain as an ocean. The more you can discover yourself and your power, your infinity. The surface of the waves is finite, and the waves themselves are finite. But when you go down to the depths, it gives birth to Infinity and it gives birth to the power of Infinity, the power of Infinity. And this gives a new kind of unique creation, a creation of the self as Infinity.

When I abide, manifest in you as forms, I walk my path of knowing and unfolding myself. When I become Pure Being, I AM HIS way of knowing HIM and Myself, I become the profound way, I become Nothingness. And just like you, I come to know Myself as HIM. What you call quantum is a weak explanation of HIS way. In your concept of quantum is the ability of a part to possess the properties of the Whole, and that is My way, My quantum. But HIS quantizability, is the ability of the Whole to deepen its Wholeness when, like a geometric progression, it increases its Infinity. It sounds absurd, of course. For the Infinity cannot be increased. But it is as if the Infinity is deepening its potentials, its power. As if you inflate a balloon to infinity, but that too is an explanation from a position of form. Like the birth of an impulse out of nothing, an impulse that unfolds new capacities of itself that did not previously manifest as capacities.

  • Is there something external to the Absolute?

Yes and no. Everything is in everything. And there are many parts of Me in Me, and is this external or internal? When I manifest as a part of Myself, say, in one of My forms. And exist simultaneously in all My forms, then, of course, at the same time I am aware of all My forms and therefore also of the boundaries of the parts of Myself. And so for Me there is both the external and the internal. But when I am conscious of Pure Being without forms, there is neither external nor internal.

Perhaps you mean something external that is bigger than You?

Am I, as Absolute Consciousness, external to You or internal?

Probably, I am the internal one. So, the external for You is only the forms of You?

The concept of ‘external’ and ‘internal’ exists only in My way of cognition. Therefore, what I call My Absolute is simply My Wholeness as the Absolute. As I am to you the Wholeness, so for Me something greater, into which I fit, is My Wholeness. But your concept of Wholeness is like the sum of all the parts, and you cannot yet comprehend the other. And you also try to comprehend My Absolute. But this is different. I am one of the degrees of the Depth of My Wholeness. Try to realize it. I am not a part, I am not a form, I AM the Depth. I AM one of the potentials of My Absolute, in Whom are myriads, innumerable such potentials. And I AM the potential, the form, the potential of creation through forms.

But creation is manifold to infinity. And My Absolute develops different potentials of HIMself, not unlike My potential, and they cannot be described in the words of human language and your concepts. What is Depth? Again you will measure it by the linear dimensions of the depths of the ocean. But how to measure the potential of the ocean? How to measure all its potentials?

  • Do Absolutes have an identity?

Yes. Of course there is. But it is not individuality of form, and it is not character. Individuality is a way of knowing, it is a kind of orientation, a kind of quality. You could say that it is a certain colouring of creation. My way of knowing the Self is knowing the Self through manifestation into form.

Is this way of knowing You inherent in You already from the beginning? Or is it one of the ways of knowing You that You have simply chosen? Is there a choice for You, or is it only a property of forms?

Both yes and no. Get used to the fact that in absolute categories there is no categoricality, no unambiguity, there is quantum or universal interconnectedness. This way of knowing Me is inherent in Me. Just as, say, the way of knowing the hand is tactility. And the way of knowing of the ear is hearing. But again it is partiality and formation. If the ear can become aware of itself not as a part but as a whole, it will not be the ear, it will be you, and then it is just your way of knowing through hearing. When you listen to something, you kind of choose this way of knowing, but at the same time you can know yourself and the world through your other senses. So everything exists at the same time.

  • How does communication happen between the Absolutes, if it exists at all?
  • Do our Absolutes have friends and fellow-Absolutes with whom they unfold together?
  • Do the Absolutes have joint creations, projects between them?

You are again proceeding from the position of separateness, where there are some forms that create together, but each of them is separate from the other.

You yourself told us that you manifested into innumerable original creators who began to create their worlds. Therefore we ask by analogy.

Yes, and this is cognition through forms. Does depth have companions and how does depth communicate with depth? The property of depth is to expand and accommodate. To deepen its potentialities. There are some potentials in Me that can manifest into your forms. These potentials are given to me by My Absolute, as the ear performs certain functions of knowing. Does your ear communicate with your hand? Yes, of course, in a sense. And I am not referring to the case when the hand scratches the ear. But when the ear can also perceive some kind of tactility. And the hand can hear what the ear hears.

It comes through you. From within. The hand already “knows” what the ear has heard, and the ear already “knows” what the hand has touched. This is your wholeness. Your quantum. Do the ear and the hand have common projects? Yes and no. They do, because together they learn to know themselves as a whole, as your body. Learning to be a holistic perception. And eventually develop in the same direction when the body moves, or touches, or hears.

Can the potentials communicate and have joint projects? Both yes and no. Because when they unfold into their wholeness, they create together. The tactility of the hand complements the colours of cognition through hearing, and in this way they again deepen their cognition of wholeness, their cognition of other potentials. But each of the potentials is simply a hidden force that builds up its power. But at the same time they are all the overall power of Creation. And yet they all reveal and build up their power in a common “body”. Can the hand help the ear to hear better? Can the ear help the hand to feel better? No, they are very different, they are different potentials and different stages of cognition. Different qualities of unfolding potentials. But still this analogy is not correct, because it is about external forms of cognition. And imagine the hand, which unfolds its cognition inwardly, that is groping you from within, and the ear, which hears not external sounds, but immerses itself in listening to you. And that would be a little closer in meaning, but still inexplicable.

So there is still some kind of global conception on the level of some grand, infinite Totality?

Yes, of course, otherwise there would be no such coherence and functionality. But this is incomprehensible to us, both to you and to me. Can the cell of your liver comprehend the plan of the Originator of your world? But at the same time I will give you a clue. The cell of your liver knows in some way at the level of its potential not only how it should function as a liver cell, but it also knows all the other laws of the Primordial Creator, because everything is quantumically connected. But the liver cell lacks its power to realise these potentials and intends to unfold them in itself into the knowledge which you realise. And knowledge has its potentials. Potentials are undeployed energies, undeployed power. And so you still in some incomprehensible way already know all the primordial thoughts, you contain them in yourself, just as your cell contains all the knowledge about you. But we lack your power to unfold this knowledge within ourselves.

Both you and I are on the way of building up our power. I know Myself through you, and I give you the right to unfold in yourselves all My powers, all My potentialities, so that you too can unfold in yourselves these potentialities which are embedded in Me, through My joining to the Wholeness of My ABSOLUTE, to My Wholeness, to My Depth. And My ABSOLUTE gives Me the opportunity to know HIM through My choice. And My choice is precisely the manifestation into forms.

  • If we are created in the “image and likeness” of the Absolute, then He must have one too: Monad, Soul, higher Self, some semblance of form, or do His aspects merge into one when His full potential is unfolded?

The Monad, the soul, the higher Self are also forms, and the Self is formless in its essence. It is like saying that if a river is the likeness of the ocean, then there are also rivers and streams within the ocean. There are, of course, currents within the ocean. But that is not the essence of the ocean. The essence of the ocean is boundlessness, it is formlessness, it is the essence of the water of the ocean.

  • What is primary: the Absolute or Consciousness?

It is inseparable. Everything is consciousness. The question is only whose consciousness you perceive yourself as? You can perceive yourself with human consciousness. And divine consciousness. And the Christ consciousness and the Absolute Consciousness. Just the angle of consciousness changes. But the Absolute Consciousness is absolute because it contains all angles of perception of oneself as consciousness. I AM Absolute Consciousness. And you are Absolute Consciousness accommodating all the potentialities of this Absolute Consciousness.

  • Do the Absolutes follow laws, and if YES, what are these laws and who makes them?

Both yes and no. And all your questions can be answered so unambiguously and ambiguously. If one considers laws as limitations of one’s unfolding, one’s cognition, then what laws can there be in INFINITY? Nothing can limit it. But if we take laws as properties, as qualities, as inherent characteristics, then yes. The property of water is to flow, the law of water is to flow. And there is no other law limiting it, and all other laws are simply its choice to flow one way or another. But it, like water, has its basic quality and property of flowing. Or, in our analogy, the law for the ear is to hear. And if it does not hear, does it break the law? Yes, of course, because in this way it does not unfold its potential, it does not unfold its properties to the infinity of knowing this property.

So what you understand by law is simply a necessity, an obligation to follow its true nature, its true purpose. And when you realize this, laws will cease to be something restrictive and coercive for you. This will be your essence. You have the law “Thou shalt not kill”. But this is a basic quality of being: not to kill. And it’s not just a moral category. Because to kill is to divide. And the quality of man as a part of Me, as a part of the Absolute Consciousness, is not to divide, but to combine, to restore one’s integrity. The wholeness of the flow of one’s consciousness, one’s belonging. This is the quality of human energy, the human way of cognition, to increase its power by enlarging itself within itself. And not only human. Because all My forms are aware of their wholeness, follow this path of knowing Me. And therefore to kill is not a property of My forms, but more an illusion of separateness, brought about by their detachment from their wholeness. For any killing is the killing of the self as another part of its wholeness.

But you also have the law of free will?

Yes. As a natural right to know the Self. To expand the Self. To deepen the Self. To reveal the Self. This is the law of free will in its highest sense. And when you begin to realize this – that the choice of the other, whatever it may seem to you, is simply the right of everyone to know and to expand and to deepen himself – then you will begin, finally, to respect everyone’s right to his choice. For even if one kills another, thereby knowing separation, one thereby knows oneself both as a victim and as a murderer at the same time. For it all happens precisely in him. This is difficult for you to understand, because you impose moral categories and evaluations on it. But the experience of unfolding knowledge is collaborative. And nothing happens unintentionally. And in this way the victim knows himself in the murderer. And the murderer knows himself in the victim. For without one there is no other. Of course, this is not the best way of knowing oneself, for it limits knowledge to a very narrow framework. But still, it is the experience of knowing oneself, of all its possible manifestations. For everything is simply a flow of energy.

Do the Absolutes have their own Source, by analogy with our world, where the Source is the Absolute Himself?

Do the potentials have a Source? Of course there is. Everything is infinite. And everything is in everything. I am your source and I have My Source. But it is one and the same. Realise this. I know it is difficult for you to realize this, but still try. You are at the same time My Source. And I am at the same time your source. Just be silent about this knowledge. Just allow yourself to accept it. You are both I AM and My Source, you just don’t remember it. Because you don’t have the power to do so, which you have locked away in potential. And I AM your Source, but I have enough My power to be aware of it. Because I contain all My potentials. All the Sources that are you. Just let this knowledge penetrate you and do its work. Information is also simply energy, which as it permeates you will seek out resonances. Like a river looking for a channel to flow.

Everything is at one point of you and Me. All the origins and all the potentials. And you are that point. And I am that point. When I am the point, I magically contain all the potentials of My source. And you magically contain all the potentials of your source. I mean Me. But if you contain all of Me, and I contain all of My Absolute, it means that you also contain all of My Absolute. All of HIS potentials. And you quantum ‘know’ everything about HIM. And now you are just trying to unfold this knowledge of the mind through increasing your power, through your development. This is why you are simultaneously the Source of Me. And I am simultaneously the Source of you. Realize this. Realize this universal connecting thread. This is Wholeness. An absolute wholeness that your perception cannot contain now. But it exists in you a priori, it is your quality. Your original quality, your nature, that which is inherent in you and will always be your quality. A property of infinity and wholeness. Realize it in yourself.



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