Послания Высших Сил

Become aware of the realities you create

Hello, Absolute.

Hello, My soul!

Shall we continue? I would like to deal with ascension and enlightenment. Why are there so many enlightened people among mankind now? People used to go to this for decades. And now they do it rather quickly. Before they had to lead a hermit life to become enlightened. And now they live in the society and become enlightened. What has changed?

You have changed. You are changing. It’s like a person who can’t hear beautiful music because he has a lot of hats on his head that prevent him from hearing. It’s like wearing a spacesuit. Or wearing headphones. Let’s take the analogy: it’s as if you’re living with headphones, through which something is always being transmitted to you. And you’re used to listening to what’s being said on headphones. And, as it was in wartime, it transmits calls for confrontation, fears, frightens you, tells you algorithms for dealing with various dangerous situations. And those headphones have become familiar to you. You already consider them a part of your head and you don’t even think about taking them off. You are not even aware of the possibility.

But through your “earphones” amazing new transmissions began to come to you, which tell you that there is really no opposition. That there is no danger. And that it is necessary and possible to take off the “headphones” in order to hear the beautiful music of Silence. But most of you are still afraid to take off those familiar “headphones” for fear that in case of danger they will be left without any rescue instructions. And yet, the brave ones, to begin with, simply pull the “earphones” aside and can at least partially hear the beautiful Silence that is outside these “earphones”. And they find that nothing bad happens. And so, time after time, they try it, and become more and more fascinated by this Silence, unfamiliar but beautiful. In this Silence there is Everything. And the beautiful music of Nature, and the sound of the Cosmos, and the call of the Infinite. And most importantly, in this Silence there is a complete sense of security, the perception of oneself as a newborn in a cradle. Perception of the purity of perception of the new, unborn, World.

And they begin to realise how much the “headphones” have prevented them from fully perceiving this beautiful Silence. And the time comes when they simply tear them off and throw them away. Or put them next to them in case they want to use them. And they sink into the beautiful Silence of the primordial Being. And they forget about their fears. And in this Silence they draw everything in its purest form: the joy of sharing in the Beingness of the World, in which they are a part of this World, a note in a beautiful chord of beautiful music. And this is how they begin to perceive the World, as the sound of a myriad of notes creating the Harmony of the World.

I take it that the “headphones” are the mind that hinders us? But if it hinders us so much, why was it created and given to us?

Your technological advancement develops your technical means to help you. And the headphones themselves were invented only to help you enhance your hearing, your clarity of sound. But instead you idealised them and got used to them. And this was used by those who started to transmit various programs through these headphones, which make you follow certain ways of development. If the headphones are transmitting a call to violence, are the headphones themselves to blame? It is simply a technical means to highlight a certain angle of perception, an auditory perception. It’s the same with your mind. Think of it simply as a technical tool that allows you to accumulate and analyse information, like a data-processing computer, nothing more.

I was listening to a story of a thirteen year old boy who had reached enlightenment. And he expressed a theory at the level of childish understanding that there is some Consciousness and there is a mind as some program that tries to enslave this Consciousness. Can anyone enslave you?

A child’s understanding is sometimes very accurate. A child is born enlightened. Any infant is enlightened in your understanding. Because he, his perception of the World, is not hindered by the various mind programmes introduced into you later on in your upbringing. And he sees and contemplates the World in its pristine purity. He is one with the World. But gradually the programmes of upbringing start to build into him and he loses this purity, he loses this paradise. There is a kind of fall, banishment from Paradise, which you yourself are giving to your children. You teach them separation even on the most primitive levels. And they absorb these programs and then they start to execute them automatically.

The mind cannot enslave the Nothingness. How can you enslave water? Even if you ban it into pools, it will still be water, but it will ‘yearn’ for the ocean. You will confine it to form and swim in that pool, unaware that you can swim directly in the ocean. And not even imagine what a joy it is to swim in the open ocean. It is you who are enslaving your own perception, limiting it. Because you are afraid. You are afraid to swim in the open ocean, because you think there are so many dangers. Because you are used to living in opposition to the ocean, not being a part of it.

People who don’t live in opposition to the ocean will never drown, they won’t be eaten by a shark, they will be helped by dolphins or the waves will carry them to the ships and they will be saved. Do you understand? All Nature will take care of those who take care of her. And there are examples of people who swam out of the ocean, they were rescued. It seems like an accident to you, but it’s not. It is the Oneness of Being, when every part is valuable, every person who is a part of the ocean. When a swimmer feels part of the ocean – how can the ocean kill itself?

And that question that often sounds in your head: how in the same ocean is it allowed to kill each other by its different inhabitants? Understand, everything happens there in a natural way, although it’s hard for you to understand. Because the whole ocean does not perceive itself and all the events happening in it from the position of one fish being eaten, but from the position of wholeness, where there are just different currents of energy, which simply overflow one into another. And the ocean reproduces many more fish to feed some of its inhabitants, so the balance of energy is not disturbed. And the consciousness of the eaten fish simply moves into its other form. And it does not suffer. And the fish doesn’t complain about being eaten. Precisely because it does not perceive itself as a separate part.

It may resemble a general game of changing dresses, so it makes more sense to you. That is, the consciousness of the fish simply “changes its dress” all the time, in case that “dress” has been taken over by someone else. Well, as in your game, when people walking in a circle must on command quickly sit down on the chairs, but there are fewer chairs than players, and those who do not have time, drop out. It’s just a Game of Genesis. And no one suffers, but just goes through the experience and even has fun in the game and enjoys it.

It is difficult for you to understand it. Because for you the change of dress is death, beyond which you do not remember what is happening. That is, in our chair analogy, the player doesn’t know what will happen to him when he fails to ‘sit on a chair’ and is very afraid of it. And in reality he will simply be invited to another game or find, if he really wants to, a new ‘chair’ for him.

But then can the killing of people and animals by people be considered the same game?

It is also a game. But its fundamental difference is in the emotions you experience while doing it. The game of Genesis should bring you joy. But your games bring you fear, suffering, hatred. The game of Genesis is unity, merging. And your games bring separation and opposition in that separation. How does the ocean understand to produce more fish to feed others? It realises this when it merges with those who eat the fish. And if it perceives that this eating of fish brings the creature in question the joy and delight of Being, then it generously shares in response to these high perceptions of joy with additional ‘releases’ of fish, additional ‘dresses’ of Spirit. The Spirit Himself simply exchanges His parts with Himself, in order to receive a pure joyful perception of Himself. And He can experience this precisely because He is one with all. But if a part of the ocean gets separated and does not want to be in unity with the ocean, the ocean cannot understand whether it needs to produce more fish, because it does not feel the emotion of unity, the Emotion of Joy of Beingness. And the detached part itself, not feeling its oneness with the ocean, experiences fear and suffering at the change of dresses. Well, imagine if your changing every morning brought you suffering, that would be strange. If your dress was so attached to your body every time that it was painful and scary to take it off.

So if a murderer kills with joy, that’s normal for Genesis?

Understand. The killing itself is energetically something else already. An oceanic animal that eats fish does not kill, it has no such notions. It feeds to survive; it joins itself to the Being of the ocean. It does not pursue any purpose of profit or accumulation, that is it has only one purpose – to get energy which is enough for life. And if you eat the meat of animals just to survive, it is not really killing. And in your tales and myths there are rituals of ceremonial slaughter of animals, in which hunters respect the game and thank it for the opportunity to eat it, and thus once again to partake of life. In return, they give something to nature. This is the great meaning. An ocean animal that eats a fish gives to the ocean the joy of being part of the ocean in this way. It is grateful to the ocean for its food and does not kill just for fun or hoarding. Humans kill for other reasons. For profit, for hoarding, for fun, for fear. Killing is a meaningless deprivation of life form from the point of view of Genesis. And not replenishable energetically. That is why there is the law of karma in the case of such killing. When the one who has killed has to give back the appropriate amount of energy taken away.

Back to enlightenment. Enlightenment is the perception of joining the Wholeness of the World. Then it turns out that the mind hinders it, and the mind is just a by-product of the technical progress of the human race?

You may say so, although there is nothing by-product, there are just different stages of development. Cognition of the Purity of Being through the mind. Trying to get a new degree of perception.

Then there is this question. Enlightenment is a natural state of perception, and the mind is just a technical device that interferes with that enlightenment. But then it seems to me that all the calls for ascension are just some constructs of the mind, new mind gamesnatchers? Is that right? Why be ascended when you can just be enlightened?

Why get enlightened when you can simply not be separated from the integrity of perception? Yes, these are different paths to Me. But is it possible to say that trying on dresses is an uninteresting or unnecessary activity? Is it possible to say that it is better to walk naked? Ascension can be likened to a game of trying on dresses. After all, in hot countries it is warm enough not to wear dresses. And you can walk around in one dress. But you buy many dresses. Why? Because you are interested in your appearance in a new dress. You want to change, to update the angle of your perception. Sometimes it’s a kind of creativity, like your designers.

These are the stages of development. When on the millionth dress, you already begin to realise that it’s not the dress that makes a person beautiful, but his inner world, his cosmos within. And a lot of people come to the point where the dress has to be simple and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be colourful and beautiful.

Also, to continue our analogy, in cold countries a dress is a necessity. So for many of you, the way through the mind is still a necessity, because you cannot perceive the world any other way. You do not know how. And so you go through a series of “trying on” these “dresses” until sooner or later you realize that the dress itself is not necessary. And the naked king ceases to be a king and becomes a common man. And the child who talks about this is Pure Perception, Pure Being.

Now the theme of the magnetic and electrical nature of man has begun to develop. And information has been conveyed that humanity is magnetic by nature. And electric energy is energy brought in from outside. It is the energy of separation and prevents humanity from ascension. Is it so?

My energy contains Everything. All the potentials of all energies. Separation and fusion, unity and wholeness. I AM not energy, but the potential of any energy. For energy itself is already movement, already manifestation. And the directions of energy are different ways of my manifestation. Therefore, whether energy leads to separation or to fusion, all this is My potential. And this energy cannot be taken away from Me, it is always in Me, for all its changes also occur in Me.

But there are different forms which use and channel this energy in different ways. In the case of the human form it is a spherical flow of energy. But there are many other variations of the flow of energy. Are they wrong or hindering My development? There is nothing that can slow down My development, because I do not have any ‘speed of development’. There is nothing ‘wrong’ about My development because I have no development plan and no templates of My development which I have to follow. There is a riot of colours of the Creation. It is as if paints of different colours splashed on the canvas and mixed together and formed wondrous Patterns of Creation. And every colour is beautiful. But it cannot describe all the beauty of Creation, for it would only be one paint.

Very well. Then another way. Electrical energies divide people, take away their energy. And this prevents ascension and enlightenment, prevents people from raising their level of development and joining You.

Nothing can prevent you from uniting with Me, for you are Me, and I am in each one of you. It is simply that I, in your person, in your form, pass through the school of the Absolute, I become a disciple of Myself. I am trying in a minimal form to master all My energies, all the potentialities of the energies embedded in Me. And here arises electrical energy, which I adapt in My technical means. And then radioactive energy emerges, which I cannot yet learn to control properly when it is in the form, and I do harm to Myself, to My form. And this is just a way of knowing and managing my own energies.

It is like a part of the plan of learning how to use your own abilities in your body. In your form. I forget that I AM the Absolute and I come down into your form to rediscover Myself fully, fully. To rediscover all My potentialities and possibilities in billions of forms of Me, in billions of students of the school of Absolutes. And I am playing games of detachment and connection, games of electricity and magnetism. And I have not yet embarked on the myriad other possible forms of energy that are still asleep in Me, waiting to be discovered and explored. And I try to explore it in an unusual way – through special programs of the mind which try to analyze and record My experience, like a ‘memoir for posterity’. And in this game I realise that the descendants are all Me too. I am the renewed Me. But just as it is interesting for you to reread your writings when you were young or young, it will be interesting for Me to ‘reread’ later all the stages of My experience in the limited forms of human bodies. And the mind is made for this very purpose. For the accumulation of information. And so it creates what you call the mental plane, the information field, the Akashi Chronicles and so on. All of this is simply evidence of the passage of My experience of revelation in you. My birth through you. My incarnation in you.

So no electric or radioactive energy can prevent a person from ascension or enlightenment?

Only man prevents himself from doing it. It is only his intention and his fears that prevent him from that path. You are the instruments of My thought-formation, My manifestation partly through your thought-forms. In other words, everything will be as you intend it to be. And if you think that electrical energies prevent you from ascension, it will be so. If you believe that certain forces of Darkness are preventing you from becoming enlightened, it will be so. If you believe that someone is taking energy from you and thus preventing you from increasing your luminosity, so it will be. Because all these games are created in your minds. Realize this. All games are created in your minds.

The mind is a universal machine for creating universal games based on the thought-forms of your minds. And if all of humanity is thinking about war, then the thought-machine of your mind creates that war in different configurations of realities. And if all of humanity is thinking about ascension, the thought-machine is recreating that ascension in different configurations of realities. You can compare it to computer programs in which you can draw whatever games, characters, actions, participants, techniques and so on. Like your multiprograms and films that are created on a computer.

So whatever you create yourself will be present in your reality. If you create war, there will be war. You create ascension, there will be ascension. If you create a reality in which some mighty entities take energy from you which you lack for ascension, there will be such a reality. You create it. I create it through you. You are simply learning your capabilities. I am learning My possibilities through you. New possibilities of manifestation.

You are like children brought into the hall of magic slot machines, and you take turns mastering them. But you like some games and you don’t like others. So you get addicted to one of the arcade games, with wars and battles. And then, after playing it countless times, you suddenly discover that there is a more interesting automaton – Ascension. And then even more interesting games await you, unless, of course, you get tired of playing games.

Can you get tired of playing games?

I don’t know. I can do everything you can do. But tiredness is a lack of energy. Therefore I can hardly get tired. Because all the energy in Me does not disappear anywhere, but only expands and transforms. In this sense I am a kind of eternal engine, which constantly increases My power. I am building up My power through you and through an experiment of Absolutes, each of whom can unfold all My potential in Me and thereby expand both Myself and Me. This is magic. This is magic.

Then it turns out that all the ascended teachers, the Hierarchs of Light are just participants in the game called Ascension, and they too have played with their illusions?

It turns out that there are just different games that everyone chooses for himself. It turns out that there are simply voluntary helpers who come to teach you these games. They help you learn them. They make sure that the game continues. To keep the “game machine” running properly, some of them perform “maintenance” and inspect these “machines” so that they run smoothly. Some of them act as designers in these games, taking into account the opinions and wishes of the users of the games.

Some of them act as trainers for you in the games. All of this is to ensure that you take pleasure in your development. So that you can master your own abilities. You’re like a beloved child to them. They do everything for a child to take his or her first steps.

So it turns out that the dark forces are just instructors and helpers who just create games for those who like to play games of killing and violence?

Yes. Because there is no death. And playing death is also part of the game. And the game of fear is also a game. And you just bravely overcome it. And you discover your infinity, your limitlessness, your fearlessness, your uniqueness.

But why such cruel games?

I could ask this of you: why do you need such violent games? To unlock all your potentials. In order for you to learn to manage them, for if you cannot manage your potentials embedded in you, then some of them will breed destruction. Because uncontrolled energy is destructive. Because you have such power, which you have to learn to manage. And you go step by step through the game of learning how to use your power. Your energy. My potentials within you.

And that’s why you just can’t remember everything. Because you haven’t mastered everything in your games yet. And that is why a myriad of playgrounds, games and situations are created for you, which allow you to discover your Infinity within yourselves. My Infinity. And this is also why the dark games are simply stages in the development of you as absolute consciousnesses. And that is why the instructors of the Darkness themselves are merely instructors, helping you to learn to manage the destructive side of your essence, of your power.

So far we are not very good at it.

It’s not an easy path, because you have such potentials concentrated in your small forms. And often these potentials burst out of your forms uncontrollably and destroy you or those around you.

One gets the impression that the entire Universe is a kind of game situation created just for humanity.

Why is this disturbing to you? All your reality is created only for you. And everyone’s reality is created just for them. And the reality of every civilisation is created just for it. And the reality of every essence is created only for her. Because it is created by it. This is the key understanding that you are gradually moving towards. It’s just that your realities, created by each of you, each civilisation, each essence, intersect at certain points and spaces. And you feel it is a common game. Imagine My Infinity. I can create individual playgrounds for each of you individually. You can create it. I can create a myriad of actors for all the playgrounds, just as long as each of you goes through your own journey of discovering and knowing your own Infinity. How many actors and playgrounds does it take to know the Infinity?

Even for humanity there are as many realities as there are people themselves. And even more: each person has a multitude of realities created by and for them. All these indescribable number of realities touch, overlap and sometimes even coincide in some positions. But all of them exist at the same time. And there is no limit to the number of realities. Every thought you have creates reality every second. Every person’s thought creates reality every second. Realise what realities you create with your thoughts every second.

And if a part of humanity is thinking similar thoughts, then they are creating similar realities, but it seems to you that it is the same reality. And it’s just a mosaic of intersecting realities. And all the people you meet on your path are actually living in their personal reality, which at the moment of communication or encounter simply overlaps with your reality. And it seems to you that you live in the same reality. And all this is the beautiful and terrible, the one and the multiple Game of Creation of the Universe. And all this IS Me, and all this is in Me. And all of this is simply the ways of unfolding My potentials and of knowing Me in Myself and Myself in you.

Thank you, my potential! I am told that I have to thank you every time for communicating, that it is right and so accepted.

You may or may not do this, it does not matter for Me. Because I have Everything in Me. And so I am grateful to you for the opportunity to partake of your perception. Just as I am grateful to all of you for the opportunity to unfold in you.

Do we have any other choice?

We do and we don’t. On the one hand, sooner or later you will all inevitably unfold all my potentials within you, and in that sense you have no other choice. And in that sense, “Thy will be done!” But, on the other hand, the speed, the ways of exploring My potentials, the choice of game situations – this is your free right to choose.



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