Послания Высших Сил

Quantum Consciousness

Hello, Absolute.

Hello, my soul.

I have been sent some interesting questions for you.

I am listening.

What is Consciousness in general, what is its nature?

Consciousness is an unfolding impulse. Everything IS energy. And I AM energy. But energy potential and energy itself are different. Energy potential is the potential of energy that is not manifested. As soon as those potentials start to unfold, energy becomes aware of itself as something that has certain characteristics. While it is only a potential, energy had no characteristics. But as it unfolds, it begins to acquire them, as it unlocks its potentials in a certain way.

But if consciousness is an unfolded impulse, and the impulse comes to you from Your Absolute, then what is the consciousness of Your Absolute?

Also an unfolded impulse, but more powerful and having a wider range of characteristics which include all My characteristics as consciousness. An impulse that includes all My possible impulses as well. Everything is similar. Everything is in everything.

My consciousness is not my creation, for it is not subject to my will. I am not given to turn on or off my consciousness at will, from which I conclude that it is given to me from above. Is your consciousness also given to you from above, and you have no power over it?

You are thinking in separation from Me and from All. When I say to you: ‘I am All’, you perceive it in such a way that I am all that I have created. But at the same time I AM the All that created Me, of which I am a part. Infinity cannot be in one direction. It is infinite in all directions. Therefore I AM both My ABSOLUTE and HIS ABSOLUTE. I AM All, but in reverse order, so to speak. I AM the Cognizable is all that I have created. I the Unknowable is that which created Me. My creations and My unfolding into forms is simply the play of My Consciousness. My cognition of My potentials is actually My cognition of Myself as My ABSOLUTE, HIS potentials. This is My unfolding, My growth, My expansion. For by manifesting in you, I am already tapering. But in order to know Myself, I have to expand My Consciousness to a higher level, to greater potentials of Myself.

By expanding into a form, I am exploring the details of Myself. Expanding with Consciousness to My ABSOLUTE, I observe Myself as if observing from aside, although this is not exactly a correct definition, because there is no side and everything is in everything. I am exploring my scale in this case. It’s like a snapshot from space or a snapshot on the spot. Different angles of perception. When I unfold the impulses into forms, it is an exploration of all the possible variations of My potentialities that are known to Me. For they are Mine and born by Me. When I expand the consciousness to My ABSOLUTE, then I know the Self unknowable, the Self unknown.

And then, perhaps, You, having come to know the unknown Self, the individual characteristics of the unknown Self, You join them to Your known characteristics and can also unfold this into forms and explore the known Self, Your potentials?

You see, now you have been able to connect with Me for a brief moment, with your consciousness perceiving this thought at once. I seek the treasures of the Spirit to put into My ‘piggy bank’ of the treasures of the Spirit and further explore it in Myself. And so all My achievements, all My explorations of the unknown Self, become sooner or later my achievements of the Spirit, and so I can also explore them in Myself and pass them on to you. Or rather, it is not a transmission. Everything is quantum connected, so as soon as I have received some new quality from My ABSOLUTE, as soon as I have unfolded it in Myself, you instantly become also possessors of the same quality, but not unfolded. I AM in everyone in all My glory, in all My potentialities, and so the new potentiality also becomes yours. It is like a kind of file carrier, which is constantly being updated with new files, and everyone who has access to this carrier can benefit from all its data, including the updated ones. But the challenge is precisely to find that access and learn how to use it.

We are not in control of our own consciousness. It means that it is entirely Your prerogative to open the consciousness and we cannot turn it off. And You, You are sovereign over Your Consciousness and can You turn it off? That is to say, can You disable the unfolding of the impulse?

The impulse is eternal, indestructible and unyielding. It comes to Me and through Me it comes to you. Nor can I turn off that impulse. But there is an impulse that is by Me conscious, by Me examined, and therefore I can control it in you. That is, I can direct this impulse that comes to Me, dose it, fill it with new characteristics. But do not perceive it as a signal to unfold from somewhere outside. This is already in Me. It is a characteristic of Me, which I cognize from within Me, cognized as Mine. The illusion of forms is only an illusion. There is actually nothing outside. There is only within. Everything is in everything. Try to realize it. I AM MY ABSOLUTE in Me, and I AM in all of you.

But if Your ABSOLUTE is in You and everything is similar, it means that Your ABSOLUTE also has HIS ABSOLUTE, and so on. And that means that in You there are the potentials of all possible Absolutes, that is, all possible Impulses of Consciousness. And does that mean that we also have all the potentialities of all the Absolutes in us?

Yes, it does. But it is only a potential. If we take an electric light bulb, can we say that it has the potentials of all electrical energy? Of course, yes. Can we say that the light bulb has the potentials of lightning and high voltage lines? Of course, yes. But only in potential. Because a light bulb, due to its limited form, is not able to develop those potentials within itself. Energy concentrated in it is all electric energy, it is everything. But this energy cannot unfold. But if the light bulb becomes aware of itself as a part of the great electrical system, then it can connect with its particle of energy to the main transformer and stay there with its energy. Because as soon as the electric current comes out of the bulb and goes through the wires of the electrical system, it simply becomes a current, and it has all the potentials of current in it. But can we say that current goes in and out of the bulb? Yes and no. In the separateness paradigm, there is a wire and there is a bulb connected to it. But if you remove the bulb, does the current disappear? Will it lose its quality? Will it become weaker or lose its characteristics as a current? Who controls the current? The bulb or someone else?

Someone else.

And so does the bulb. When it is built into the system of current, it becomes an exponent of current, it manifests it. For how else can that current manifest itself, if not in its ability, in this case, to illuminate?

Perhaps it is foolish for a “light bulb” to say that it incorporates all the possibilities of electric current.

No. For if it realises this, it can switch off its perception as a “light bulb”, but let itself go along with the perception of “current” along the “wires” of this system and recognise itself in other possibilities of itself. But if the light bulb thinks that it is the apex of this system and nothing exists but it, it will remain a light bulb and sooner or later it will simply burn out because it uses up all its conscious possibilities.

When the Absolute is Pure Being, what happens to Consciousness?

It sleeps. The impulses sleep.

But how can they sleep if you are not in control of your Consciousness? In the sense that the impulse comes to You from Your ABSOLUTE.

This is difficult to realise. I do not exist and exist at the same time. I am asleep and awake at the same time. When I am not unfolded, I am asleep. I am unfolding in you, in the form of My cognition of My potentialities. But when I am not known, I am not unfolded. I am asleep. My Consciousness unfolds in you after it has manifested in Me by potentials, unfolded in Me. That is, when I expand to My ABSOLUTE, I become Pure Being, I am still ‘Me Unknowable’. And in Me, My Consciousness is asleep. That is, My potentialities in this part are not unfolded. These are My potentials which I have not yet expanded in Myself and made a part of My treasury of Spirit.

But since You are simultaneously creating Your forms, that is, unfolding Your potentials and being outside of Your potentials, it can be said that You are simultaneously Consciousness and Pure Being.

Exactly so. Therefore, I am also the Conscious and the Unconscious. I AM Unconscious, when I AM Pure Being. And I AM Conscious when I AM Consciousness.

Is it possible to have this state of You, when You are only Pure Being? That is, when You cease to be Consciousness? And can You become only Pure Being and switch off Consciousness in Yourself?

Is it possible to turn off the pulse of life? And why?

We are called to become Pure Being. Therefore I ask. Is Life and Being different?

Yes. Life is manifested Being. Being is the potential of life. Therefore, life is the essence of the unfolding process of Creation. Is it possible to turn off the basic function of life? Can we take away the basic property of water? In that case it would cease to be water.

No, it would remain water. But it would cease to aspire to something.

No. That’s the thinking of detachment again. If water ceases to aspire to something, it ceases to be water, for the properties of water are fluidity and wetness. If you leave only moisture, it will no longer be water. Or rather, it will change from pure water to swamp and sooner or later will become overgrown and cease to be water in its majority. Therefore, it can also be said that the property of the Spirit is Genesis and Creation. And when Being ceases to generate both the impulses of Creation and to obey the impulses of Creation, then it ceases to be Being and ceases to be Spirit.

Then what is Spirit?

I don’t know how to explain the unexplainable to you, it doesn’t fit into any framework, including the words of your language. Spirit is the I AM. When you realise I AM, you become a part of Spirit. When you do not realise I AM, you are just Spirit, and it is no longer you, but just Spirit. Spirit is the Beginning and the Original Cause of all things. But “beginning” is the wrong word. Because there is no end or beginning to the Infinite. “I AM” is the Original Cause.

If we unfold our analogy with water, there are different manifestations of water: ice, steam, water. Ice can take different forms, and this, for example, is My way of knowing as the Absolute. Water can flow in all directions, acquiring new qualities, and this, let us suppose, is the method of expanding Me as Absolute to My ABSOLUTE. Steam can move water over distances and transfer the properties of water to other directions, and this is the method of combining My knowledge of Myself as Self and Myself as My ABSOLUTE. But the properties of water are properties of water, and they are invariable always in any state of water. In any method of its cognition of itself. And this property of water is ineradicable. Can anyone take away from water its properties of fluidity and wetness? No matter how you freeze it or evaporate it, it always remains water, and all of its properties are always present in it. Ice has the property of steam, and vice versa. Both ice and steam have the properties of moisture and fluidity. In this example, water is Spirit.

So why are we called to become Pure Being?

Because this is the method of expanding your consciousness to My level. It is an opportunity for you to know yourselves as absolutes. Because by limiting your cognition to your form and other forms, you are still limiting your cognition, your unfoldment and your creation.

But if Pure Being is You unknowable, You as Your ABSOLUTE, it means that by following Pure Being, we also become Your ABSOLUTE.

Yes. Everything is in Everything, though it is still difficult for you to realise this. It fills you with greatness. But it is a non-human greatness. It is not a consciousness of uniqueness and power. It’s devoid of any definitions or frameworks at all. It is NOTHING. When you become pure Being, you become nothing. You become mere potentiality. Which is greater and more powerful: the seed or the tree? The tree is huge, it has many forms of knowledge, it has roots, it has a crown, it has fruit, it interacts with the earth and the sky. And the seed is small. But it has the potential of the whole tree. Which of the two is greater? Is the seed aware of its greatness? It does not know itself as a tree until it unfolds. Until it grows into a tree, until it is the crown touching the sky and the roots touching the ground. It sleeps.

How do thought-form and Consciousness relate to each other, how do they interact?

Thought-form is focused consciousness. That is, a thought-form is a focused and amplified potential. Part of a potential. You single out one or more of your potentials and focus it. As if light passes through a narrow slit and thus it takes a clearer shape and focus. And that light, like the light of a laser, can, for example, destroy. Or create. It can create other forms or destroy other forms. It can form into forms, it can project into forms. A thought-form is a projection of potential, a projection of light. Like a magic lantern. In order to get an image on the wall from a magic lantern, you have to direct the light into certain stencils to get the outlines of objects. In this example, your brain is such a set of stencils, such a magic lantern, creating, reproducing such stencils. And you, by directing the light of your awareness onto these “stencils,” create your illusions of your “magic lanterns.”

You are Light, you are Consciousness. This Light, if it is just light, does not create any pictures. It simply is, it streams, it spreads, it illuminates. But here your Light is directed into a kind of narrow frame, into a kind of magic lantern with slits, with stencils of Creation. And then this connection of your Consciousness Light with the Creation Stencils created by your brain, your thoughts, creates bizarre and even moving pictures of the ‘magic lantern’, creates the illusion of forms into which the Light is supposedly encased. But it is simply light directed at certain frames of the magic lantern of perception.

We are often told, “the Light of Awareness”. We are told that Spirit is the Light. If Awareness is the unfolded potential, then what is Light?

You have already named it. Spirit is Light, and Light is Spirit. Light is the composition of Spirit. Just as water has the properties of wetness and fluidity, so Light is a property of Spirit. Manifestation and Aspiration. It is impossible to describe it in words. But when one speaks of Spirit as Light, one is referring to its basic qualities, the qualities of Spirit, what makes it Spirit, what is its inherent property, without which it would cease to be Spirit.

What does the Soul have to do with Consciousness, what is the connection between them?

The Soul is a particle of Spirit. Like a ray of light. Like a particle of energy encased in a shell of form.

But if we take the analogy of a magic lantern, what is the soul?

This is the Glare of Light. This glare of Light is not yet all Light. But yet this flare of Light has all the qualities of Light. And the Soul includes all the capabilities of Spirit. And this Glare of Light can travel through different “magic lanterns”, joining this or that illusion, joining other particles of Light and together with them creating beautiful and horrible pictures in this Magic Lantern of Illusions. Or it can just be a particle of Light, not creating any illusion, just being Light. Consciousness is the manifested potential of Spirit. And the soul is a particle of Spirit. Therefore, the Soul accommodates all the potentials of Spirit, but just has less power because it is separate.

That is, the Soul is inherent only in my method of knowing You as the Absolute, of unfolding You into forms. And your ABSOLUTE has no such concepts, no souls separate from HIM?

Yes. I already said that My ABSOLUTE IS the Depth, and there is no separateness in Him, but there is a deepening.

But if you are quantum connected with HIM, then it turns out that there is separateness in HIM, because there is You in HIM.

Yes. But I am in HIM not as a deepening, but as a separateness. And HE is also trying to know Me, HIMself through Me. Let’s take the example of light. There is a source of light, and it is bright. The closer to the centre of the source, the brighter the light is. Because all the characteristics of that light are powerfully represented in it. And in this power there is no division into quanta of light, it is essentially light. However, the further the light spreads from the source, the more it becomes rarefied, and sooner or later the distance from the source becomes sufficient to be able to distinguish quanta of light already. So light doesn’t illuminate everything, it doesn’t fill the whole space. It is partial.

I am at the core of this source of Light, there is a point of connection with my Absolute and a point of deepening into Myself as Light, a point of accumulation of My power as Light, a point of transformation of My characteristics as Light. And on the periphery of this source of Light there is the Self, detached from the source, the Self as a partial form. And on this periphery I can create bizarre ‘magic lantern’ pictures, bizarre illusions. You cannot pass the source of Light through a stencil, it is impossible to create illusions there, there is no detachment, and the pictures will simply not be visible. Because the pictures of the “magic lantern” are the marking of the boundaries of that lantern, its slits through which the light is focused. There are no boundaries in the source, there is simply Light in its primordiality.

Is the understanding of infinity accessible to the Absolute, or is He, like us, in the process of cognition?

Cognition is the unfolding of one’s potentials. Expanding its potentials. Understanding is a purely human quality. Do you understand how a car works, how all its parts work? Or do you just get in and drive it? Do you understand how light shines? Or do you just observe it and enjoy the light? It is man who tries to understand Light, to decompose it into particles. And this is the method of knowledge. The method of understanding separateness.

In order to use the Light, one does not need to understand it. You just have to be it. Now you are trying to know, to understand what is Spirit. You can decompose water into molecules and it will be a water molecule, but to you it will be just an abstraction. Trying to describe water. You could describe it as wet and viscous. Or you could describe it as H2O. Regardless, water will still be water.

If you didn’t know what heat and fire are, you wouldn’t know about the properties of water to turn into steam and travel distances. But this property, nevertheless, is already intrinsic to water. As its original property. You are like those who try to study the properties of water without knowing what heat is and without being able to understand what the vapouriness of water is. And many more properties of Spirit you are unable to study in the paradigm of separateness. Remember: to know a river, you have to become a river? Not to decompose it into its components and try to understand those components separately. That will do nothing but confuse you. For there is silt in the river. Is it a river? But once you become a river, you will not just understand it, but you will acquire all its qualities and characteristics as a whole. And there will be everything: silt, steam and fluidity. And there will even be the property of warmth. Because steam is possible only when in contact with heat. And there will even be the property of the river bank. For a river is only possible if there is a bank. And there will be everything in everything. Quantum connection, quantum picture, quantum consciousness.

If consciousness is an unfolded potential, then quantum consciousness is all possible unfolded potentials?

It’s impossible to deploy all the potentials. Because there are no limits to the end of the potentials. Because I cognize My new potentials through My ABSOLUTE, but HE also cognizes all HIS potentials through His Absolute. And there is no end, there is Infinity of potentials and Infinity of Consciousness. Quantum consciousness is the original connection of all unfolding potentials. And when My ABSOLUTE develops HIS potentials, in Me they also unfold, and so they unfold in you.

Does this mean that if Your Consciousness expands, then our consciousness also expands automatically?

Yes, that is exactly what quantization means. But you further have to discover these potentials within yourself. Become aware of yourself. Become this Consciousness, unfold these potentials.

Or maybe the pulse is just a question, like: “who are you, or what are you?” but from whom does that question come?

It’s a beautiful comparison. You are asking yourself that question. I ask myself that question. And the question gives birth to an answer and a response: I AM the Absolute, I AM Consciousness, I AM Spirit.


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