Послания Высших Сил

Love ignited

Hello, Father!

Hello, my daughter.

Help us to become aware of You. For by becoming aware of You, we become aware of ourselves.

That’s not quite right. First you must become aware of yourself. And that will help you to become aware of Me. How can a limited consciousness realize the Boundlessness? But a drop of the ocean can cognize the ocean first through itself, by first becoming aware of itself as a part of the ocean and finding all the qualities of the ocean in itself, only on the micro-level. You cannot cognize My Boundless Consciousness with your limited consciousness. But by the method of analogies you can cognize yourself as Me, as a part of Me. And since you have all My potentialities in you, you can begin to unfold yourMy inherent potentialities and unfold, thus, into the Infinity and into the Boundlessness.

But how to do this? I am trying to comprehend Your answers. But how do I understand what Infinity is and what Eternity is?

By applying some other concepts that describe Infinity and Eternity. Those concepts that you are familiar with and you can comprehend. Infinity is continuity. You are familiar with the concept of continuity. And Eternity is continuity. Infinite eternity is the concept of continuity. That which exists always and never ends. That which has no boundaries or forms. And you who have boundaries, you who are enclosed in form, you try to unfold your continuity, or rather restore it. You simply remove the stencils of discontinuity, for these are nothing but stencils superimposed on Infinity. All forms are simply Stencils of Creation.

Imagine a blank sheet of paper. But here you put a stencil with slits on it, on which the figures are depicted. And now you see a picture. You put a stencil with letters cut into it. And there you read the words and phrases. But it’s all just a stencil. All you have to do is take it off and you find there’s NOTHING underneath. A blank sheet of paper that could be shapes and letters. Or it could just be a blank piece of paper. And in this blank sheet of paper there are all kinds of stencils concentrated. That is the genius of this blank sheet of paper lies in its purity. Because it is this purity that enables it to be and become everything at the same time. This purity allows it to impose and remove any stencils. It is the pure spaciousness of Creation.

So, in order to know You, one has to remove one’s stencils of perception, one’s limitations?

Yes. Can you imagine yourself as a blank sheet of paper? Just pure space, pure Being? There are many stencils imposed on your perception that limit your perception of yourself as a “blank piece of paper”. From the form of birth, which has physical boundaries of itself and perceives everything beyond the boundaries of you as separate, as other. And ending with different stencils of perception that are imposed on you by your environment, your upbringing, your world in which there are certain rules and laws, certain stereotypes of relationships. And you carry this huge burden of stencils, considering them obligatory for your existence. But in reality the only stencil you cannot overcome yet, that you cannot remove yet as a burden of limitations, is the stencil of your physical form, it is your bodies that contain that Emptiness of the “blank slate”. But all the other limitations you are capable of overcoming just as each of you are capable of overcoming, because they are imposed stereotypes of perception. Make a list of these limitations and just throw them all away. Throw that list away. Either gradually overcome each item on the list of restrictions and cross it off the list.

For example?

Anything that is named to you as the sins of your mind. For example, resentment. What makes you resent others? Your perception of yourself as helpless and separate. Realise your power. Then there will be no reason or opportunity to resent anyone. In doing so, when you feel resentment, you further tighten your contour, your boundaries literally. And they become a vicious circle for many. Who can offend you when you are a powerful, magnificent being, limited in form but with limitless possibilities? If you consider all your resentments, you’ll realise that it’s all instilled in you by your upbringing. Throw away those boundaries and all resentments! Throwing them away, you will find that there is no one to hate, for hatred comes from resentment, limitation and helplessness.

Believe in yourself as magnificent, powerful beings. And you will cast off your fears, for there is nothing that is not sooner or later beyond your control. There are still many stencils of upbringing that society imposes on you. For example, you have the attitude that if one of you doesn’t find a partner, he or she is defective. If one of you doesn’t make a lot of money, he or she is flawed. Think about all the restrictions you put on yourself voluntarily. They are the ones that prevent you from realizing your Limitlessness, for they impose on you the boundaries and conventions in which you exist.

What you are talking about is what one of the teachings calls a magician’s inventory list. That is, a magician makes a list of things that it doesn’t make sense to spend energy on and stops spending energy on those things in order to accumulate energy for magical actions.

This is also a position of limitation. There is no need to save up anything, everything is in you. Simply directing the energy to form boundaries makes them even stronger and strengthens your boundedness. And by strengthening your boundedness you are thus moving further and further away from your boundless selves. You limit yourself every day, every second.

It is the way of the hermits. They distance themselves from the world and simply give up all the boundaries imposed by the society in which they live. And in this way they become enlightened. And in this way they discover the Emptiness within themselves. And thus become Pure Being. And further some of them dissolve their physical form by its combustion as well. But is it possible to know all this while living in the society?

Why not? If everyone does it, the society will become different, it will become a society of the enlightened. A society of people who realise their connection with the Infinity, who realise their power and splendour. Into a society of creators who understand the power of their thought and are aware of their actions. A society of Infinity Points. You are the intelligent Points of Infinity. You have Everything in you.

Let’s move from the ocean analogy to the fire analogy. Where does fire come from when it ignites? And where does it go when everything burns up and only ashes are left? Is there fire in its purest form, without being churned out? Where does the spark come from? And how can a spark become a raging wall of fire, consuming everything in its path? Fire is a point of potential, a Point of Infinity. And when fire is carved out of stone, it is the point itself. It is the spark that can ignite into a great flame and become powerful. The spark is already powerful. Why does the fire ignite? Because on its way it meets some other forms that can be ignited. And the more of these forms that can ignite, the more powerful the fire. Or rather, the more it unfolds from a spark. Because in every spark there is already all the power of fire. Do you understand?

Hardly. So, if fire is the power of the Absolute Spirit, that is Your power, then we are just sparks from Your Absolute Consciousness. But in us, as sparks, we have all Your possibilities, all Your power, but as yet dormant, as yet imperceptible, as yet limited to the form of a spark. But if we come into contact with other forms we can unfold our power. And the more forms we come into contact with, the more of our power as Absolute Spirit we will unfold within ourselves? It is not clear.

Is there fire in the Void? Yes and no. Because in the Void is present all at once, but as unrevealed. And there is also, of course, the potential of fire that sleeps in it. And this potential of fire can be unfolded if the fire itself is manifested as sparks. Therefore I manifest Myself in the form of sparks of My Sacred Flame. And these sparks begin to interact with each other and ignite each other or from each other, and this gives birth to a new power of My flame of perception.

You speak of love.

Exactly. But not only. I am talking about any form of inflammation. I am saying that you can only know My properties of flame through form. Through your form and through contact with other forms. Can you love or hate someone if there is no one around you? Are you on a desert island? What kind of fire can ignite in you?

Do you need it to ignite?

How do you understand your potential then? Fire is about potential, about unfolding potential. And if you start unfolding that potential in yourself, you start trying to control it in yourself. Trying to manage Limitlessness in a limited way. And it is a very difficult task. Because it requires an enormous amount of stamina and calmness. Imagine that you are carrying in the palm of your hand a drop of fire, which, if you drop it, can destroy the whole world. How precise and calm must your movements be, how poised and fearless must you be?

I’m trying to understand. Are you saying that it is only possible to know Your power in form, that is, to concentrate as much as possible in a point the power of the whole Infinity?

Good girl.

But You said that Your Absolute knows Yourself in another way. So this is not the only way of cognizing the Absolute Consciousness?

Of course. There are an infinite number of ways. But this is My way of cognition. Unfolding My Infinity and My Power from the Potential, from the Point of Potential. Concentrating in a point all My potentialities and unfolding them in countless points of My Infinity.

You go on to say that any form can unfold, as a fire can be kindled from a spark, but only if there is material for burning, that is, that form itself or other forms. How is this to be understood?

You can ignite your form and the form itself will remain as ashes and your potential will coagulate. It will return to Me. The fire will coagulate to a spark and further coagulate into the potential of fire, which is not manifested. That is one way. You can also begin to absorb other forms with your fire and your power. And this is the path that you go through. You absorb each other all the time by absorbing each other’s energy. And so those who take energy from others take away their opportunity to ignite, to ignite their form and return to Me. And this gives birth to your confrontation which has lasted for thousands of years. It is like a fire raging, which first quiets down, then flares up again. You put it out, but it flares up again, one place or another. This is the way of hatred. The way you call the dark way.

But there is a third way. Unification. When you do not take energy from anyone, but you just merge it voluntarily with another energy. This is the way of love. And in this way you unfold the potential of the flame.

If the fire is ignited, it burns other forms in its path, which may not want to be burned.

Yes. And that is the dark path. But if those forms want to lose their boundaries, they do not resist the fire. And that is the light path. The path of fusion.

But wait. Let’s take a planet. If all the forms on it ignite, what happens to it?

It becomes a star. It will unleash the potential of fire within itself and take its power to the next level. That’s the path all planets take.

Yes, but then it turns out that if people just set the whole planet on fire, it will become a star?

Not so literally. Star fire is a greater flame than the flames of a fire, it is a qualitative transformation. And therefore, if all the people on the planet ignite and burn their forms, and are able by their love to ignite all the other forms on the planet, then the planet will ignite to a star. Now take the next step in your quest for truth. The planet and its animal and plant worlds are one entity. It goes through its stages of transformation. And the next step of the planet is to ignite into a star. It can do this only when all its inhabitants, i.e. all animals and plant worlds, ignite with it voluntarily, united. And this great potential of love, this potential of union will give impetus to the transformation, will become the alchemical act of transforming the body of the planet into the body of a star.

And humanity?

And humanity is precisely to become the force that will be able to unite it all, that will be able to manage this potential of fire. Do you understand?

I’m trying.

Only humans have the power of thought on this planet. Animals have no thoughts. Plants have no thoughts. The elements have no thoughts. Thought is the concentrated potential of creation. Thought is the spark that can start a fire. And that power is in you! And if it becomes a thought of hatred, it will go through the destruction on the planet and will infect it with hatred.

And if it is the power of love, it will unite all the beings on the planet and inflame all the beings with love, thus inflaming them. Ignition by Love. Stellar ignition.

So you are saying that those planets that are not inhabited by intelligent life do not have the ability to ignite?

Yes, all planets go through these stages. It’s like preparing a fire. In order for a fire to ignite, you have to gather branches and wood. And then you have to bring a spark and then fan the fire and guide it. And keep it going. It is the same with the planet. First, forms of different kinds are collected on it, as “brushwood” for the forces of fire, as forms for its ignition. And then intelligent life is brought to it, which can concentrate that kindling, which can manifest the spark of ignition, which can manifest its love. But it is not just love as unity. For originally all forms love each other. Plants and animals, originally they are created as parts of unity, as parts of Love. It is only afterwards that they, separating, begin their opposition. But man has a concentrated love. He possesses an enormous power which as a force can both destroy him and the planet if it is out of control. But it can also ignite all its parts at the same time, and it will be a flaming fire of love. So a new star will be born.

But then what will happen to humanity itself?

It will merge its consciousness into the consciousness of a star. It will merge with its power. It will expand its perception as forms and become a star in the universe. And it will continue its journey.

This is something completely new to me. So we are all here to ignite a new star, a new sun?

You are here to unfold your Infinity potentials. You are here to merge your consciousness into a more powerful form. You are here to expand, to take the first step towards your power and your expansion.

But I still don’t understand why a star needs my human experience? After all, we are told that all our experiences are priceless, they all give you the opportunity to know yourself.

Of course. They give Me the experience of knowing Myself as parts. As very limited parts. I will try to give you an analogy, with absolutely no intention of offending you. Especially since resentment is the concept of limitedness, which prevents your consciousness and all your consciousness from uniting. There are many microorganisms living in your body. You can cognize yourself through these microorganisms, but realizing yourself as a man, having human capabilities. Will you aspire to know yourself only as a microorganism? After all, you already possess the knowledge of your power as a human being. But of course, the experience of the micro-organism is also your experience. It gives you additional information about your parts. But your task as a human being is different. And that task is not subordinate to the tasks of the microorganisms of your body. Or the bacteria living in your body.

Does this mean that if we don’t combine our powers through love, the planet will not burst into a star?

For the most part, yes. But there are also other forces, another way of development, which says that not only the force of love generates fire, but also the force of hatred generates fire. This is the path you call the dark path. And this fire can also, perhaps, ignite a star.

There have been such cases?

Yes. But they have led to the destruction of star bodies, they have led to the explosion of stars. When the body of a planet is torn apart and its fragments now roam the universe as asteroids and comets. And thus continue their quest on the path of ignition, on the path of fusion. They give birth to a new experience of perception.

But I understood that ignition must be voluntary?

Yes. Otherwise it will not be the power and might of Love, otherwise it will not have that quality of fire which is characteristic of the star.

But if most of the forms on earth do not want to kindle, what can we do?

There are many ways. For example, there is the way of self-sacrifice when you sacrifice the power of your fire gratuitously, hoping that it will help light the lamps of the fire of love in other forms. When you love them so much that you light their way and thus still light reciprocal fires in them, reciprocal sparks of flame of love, which will help to ignite the fires of love. Or it is possible to combine the efforts of several forms and ignite together and return together to Me. This is what some peoples who inhabited the Earth have done, such as the Incas. Or so do some loners among those you call saints and hermits. They ignite on their own. But because such kindling requires a huge concentration of inner fire, they lead a life of renunciation from the world of forms for many years and train their will, their instruments of kindling.

So our path is the ignition of love. Igniting all forms of the planet with love and thus uniting their consciousnesses to the level of a star, to the level of a star logos?

To the level of the new star logos. For it will be a new powerful beautiful being who will become the creator of star systems.

So the teachings of Agni, which were transmitted to us through the adepts, in particular, through the Roerichs, say about it?

Yes. But it was difficult for you to understand it. And we start from the beginning. From the basics. We start from Love in each one of you. With that spark of the flame of Love that is present in everyone and can ignite the sun.



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