Послания Высших Сил

The Eternal Principle of Creation

Hello, Father!

Hello, my soul.

I have a question for You from others.

Let us begin.

Who is the originator of the original energy of the Absolute, the prime mover?

Birth and death are simply a change of form. If I am formless, how can I be born and die?

Is the Absolute, as a unit of HUGE consciousness, something never born?!

Continuity. A continuous cycle. I AM the eternal principle of Creation. Where does the tree originate? In the seed? But the seed also comes from the tree. So where does it come from? Who is the root of the tree? The seed? But the seed is born of the tree. A continuous cycle of creation. Can you comprehend this continuity?

It is incomprehensible to us. How can it be that there was no period of Creation when there was no You. If we say that You are just some kind of intelligent energy, then where did it come from in the first place?

If we go by the wording of your question, then there is a “here” and there is a “somewhere” where the energy came from. But the Self is continuous and infinite. The principle of I AM is the principle of the existence of primordial energy, which permeates all existence. But the energy Yesm is My manifestation, My birth into some movement, into Creation. Does the Void have a beginning and an end? How can one separate the Void? What point of reference in it can be taken as the beginning of the Void?

But, perhaps, it is meant that if YOU gave birth to us, then YOUR ABSOLUTE gave birth to YOU. And HIM was begotten by HIS Absolute, and so on. And thus, there is a beginning somewhere after all.

Does colour have a beginning? If something has colour, where is its origin in this form? And can it be said that the form gave birth to this colour of its own? Colour is a characteristic of form. Also I AM the characteristic of its ABSOLUTE, its quality. Where is the beginning of the quality? By whom or what is it born?

The quality of the form must be partially caused by the form itself.

No. It is inherent in it from the very beginning. It’s like the apple of the tree.

Exactly, there is a certain programme of manifestation in the apple tree. And that is why pears do not grow on it. So, there is a certain program in You which defines Your qualities as a person who knows Himself in the forms of separation.

I did not give you the mind for nothing, because it sometimes draws unexpected conclusions.

Did You give us the mind?

Who did?

Well, You don’t give anything to anybody, You are the Void. You just manifest.

Yes, but there is Everything in Me. And so in Me there is also the potential of the mind. The realization of the potential of the mind in you allows Me to realize Myself anew, from a different angle. To become aware of your characteristics.

So, what about the program? There is a programme in you that includes all Your potentialities, like the programme in the apple tree includes the programmes of the birth of the apple?

I have Everything in me.

I mean, there are some programs laid in You by Your ABSOLUTE that enable You to manifest and manifest in a certain quality at all?

A program is a limitation. It is a limitation imposed on the apple tree so that pears are born on it. I am limitless. And My qualities are limitless. But closer is the analogy with colour. I AM a certain spectrum of colour of My ABSOLUTE. And just as infinite as HE is. And therefore just as infinite is My spectrum of colour. This spectrum of colour gives Himself the opportunity to know Himself in this quality of colour, to unfold Himself, to unfold the potentials of this very quality of colour.

But all analogies are poor to explain the inexplicable. As white light contains within itself a multitude of colours and their shades, so does My ABSOLUTE contain within itself a myriad of qualities of HIMself. And HE unfolds these qualities in HIM. Is it possible to say that colours are born by white light? Probably, no. These colours already contain in white light initially. And it simply shows them, shows its inherent qualities. Whether it is possible to tell that colour is born only at its display from white light? If to think with limited consciousness, it seems that yes. But after all all colours already contained in white light initially. Therefore all colours already existed earlier, and before manifestation. And will exist in white light if it returns to an initial state. And will exist in white light even if it does not unfold into a rainbow of colours.

Then I’ll ask a different question. White light unfolds into a rainbow of colours when sunlight enters the prism. So there’s always some kind of impulse. You spoke of an eternal impulse of creation that comes to You or is contained in You, and it is inexplicable. Does it also come to Your ABSOLUTE? So is it inexplicable to Your ABSOLUTE as well, or only to You?

Where does the thirst for knowledge come from in You? It is unexplainable. Does it come to you from somewhere? Or does it already exist in you? Or was it given to you by your parents?

I don’t know.

As a river seeks to flow into the ocean, so all things seek to manifest. To know itself. That is the Eternal Principle of Creation and Manifestation. Who sets it? Who sets it in you? It is just there, as a quality originally present in everything. The very root cause is this quality. Impulse is the manifestation of that quality. When that quality accumulates and is realized.

Accumulated? Is it possible to accumulate Emptiness?

Yes, that is an inaccurate word. Rather, it is not accumulated, but saturated. It’s hard for me to explain in your language, but I’m looking for the most accurate analogy in your head. Saturated. If you take shades of colour, any colour sooner or later, when it becomes saturated, it becomes such a thick shade of itself that it is already a black colour. And if its saturation falls, sooner or later it reverts to white light. But again this is an inaccurate comparison, because you associate black and white with duality. But there is no duality in the Void, and at the same time it is present in it. And the shades of colour, just saturating, manifest in a certain Impulse of Creation.

How can something exist forever?! Personally, I don’t understand the word “forever”… For surely there is a point of beginning of development of the Absolute, but what was there before that?

Continuity. Think of continuity. When you realise that you are continuous, you realise yourself as everything and realise yourself as Eternity. But any form cannot be eternity, because any form is inherently finite and discontinuous. Any form has boundaries. And so it is not subject to eternity as a form. But that which is enclosed in that form is eternal. It cannot cease to exist precisely because it had no beginning.

Could it be that all this energy, for an unknown period of time, was in a state of anabiosis (sleep) and then, for some unknown reason, “woke up” and decided to cognize and develop itself?

What was the trigger, what was the Absolute’s motivation to start cognizing and developing itself?

You perceive it all in terms of finitude, and I understand how difficult it is for you to comprehend this. But if there is no beginning and no end in Me, how can I begin anything?

You said that You who are undeveloped are You who are asleep, that Your potentials are asleep in You. I mean, why did You suddenly decide to wake up and start unfolding Your potentials? What was the trigger or the reason for it?

You perceive it as if I slept and then woke up or decided to wake up at some moment of time. But I am timeless. I am asleep and awake at the same time. I am constantly waking up and falling asleep. I manifest and wither away. But even that is wrong. Because it implies some extended process. If white light has all the colours in it, is the unfolding of them a waking of white light? It has everything at the same time. And the question is only the angle of perception of this light by itself. When this light wants to perceive itself as a whole, it is white light containing all colours. When that white light wants to perceive itself as parts, it breaks down into its variegated colours. But it all exists at the same time. There is no such thing as now it is white light, then the white light has disappeared because a rainbow has appeared. It all exists at the same time: the white light and the rainbow.

I exist simultaneously as Wholeness and as parts. I am both manifested and undeveloped at the same time. And what you’ve been trying to figure out is dark matter and dark energy: this is the Self potential and the Self unrevealed. But that does not mean that there is so much of the universe that is unfolded into the visible universe and the rest of it is sleeping as dark energy. Not the way the picture is drawn, where there are parts in a circle. It is all at the same time. There is no division into manifested and unmanifested. There are just qualities of manifestation and non- manifestation. I am like a white light, already containing all the colours. And in order to be aware of these colours in Myself you do not have to manifest them, you do not have to decompose the white colour into a rainbow. And when I manifest, I simply try to cognize the properties of each colour separately and in various combinations. And then manifested matter is born. And then many creations of worlds and of All Being are born.

Is it necessary for ANY consciousness to go through ALL the yugas?

Would you like to know all your possibilities? Or is it a necessity for you?

Of course I would. But perhaps what is meant is that there are dark yugas in the concepts of yuga, when human consciousness sleeps because it is removed from the source that gives energy for manifestation. Is it therefore possible to avoid dark yugas? Or: is it possible not to know the darker sides of one’s consciousness?

That would mean not knowing the whole of yourself. And without knowing the whole of yourself, you will not know Me, you will not unfold your potentialities. You will not unfold My potentials. Darkness and Light are simply qualities of colouring, degrees of intensity, like shades of colour movement. And Darkness carries within it a powerful potential. And Light carries a powerful potential. And if you give up something, you are giving up your own potentials, if they are present in you. But the challenge is to learn how to manage these potentials. After all, in order to build something, you first have to destroy it.

Both energies are necessary for Creation. But if you don’t know how to control them, both energies, both qualities can be destructive to you and become a burden to the world, become an uncontrollable reaction of energy movement, its manifestation. In particular, the example you have is atomic energy. You have learned to control it partially and therefore it serves your purposes of functioning. But that energy has such potential that it can cause destruction and the death of many forms. Would you say it is dark energy? It is just energy that you have not yet learned how to control. Do you need to learn it? It’s up to you. But sooner or later, having learned how to control other energies, you will come back to this one, as yet unexplored, undiscovered by you.

Does this mean that any consciousness needs to learn the whole spectrum of the energies of the Absolute?

One of your classics said that freedom is a conscious necessity. If you strive to know yourself and all your possibilities, then you will know all My possibilities. For you are Me in miniature. You are My reflections. Although you don’t like the word reflection because it creates the appearance of illusion. But it does. You think that the reflection in the mirror is illusory and you are real. But both there and there are you, just in different angles of perceiving yourself. And perceiving yourself in the mirror, it is as if you are looking at yourself from outside. In reality, though, you are outside the mirror and you are in the mirror, in essence, one and the same person. It’s just the image of a reflection in the mirror. The mirror is an attempt to look at yourself from the outside.

In the same way, I try to look at all possible angles of Myself as if from aside. And that is why you are My reflections. So if you do not want to look at yourself from the outside, you do not need to do it. But then you cannot know yourself in all possible angles. And so the need to know yourself is simply a thirst to know. This is simply the action of the Eternal Impulse of Manifestation, which initially lives in you, is present in you and is your inherent quality.

This is why one can imagine Me looking into a myriad of mirrors, which give a thumbnail image of Me from different angles, from different sides at the same time. Yet My various reflections are also Me, just reflected from a certain angle and reduced. Does My reflection need to look at Myself? Do you understand? I already exist and I look at Myself through all these mirrors. And if My reflection considers that it exists separately from Me, then it asks itself: does it need to cognise itself in all aspects, in other aspects of itself? It is as if it does not know that it is Me, and it is simply My attempt to examine Myself. It would be like a picture where in every mirror every reflection lives its own life and thinks that it is separate and independent, that it is not a reflection of me, but a separate entity. But, in fact, it is just Me and My reflections. Do I need to know all the qualities of Myself? Each of My reflections is already a certain quality of Me. And I already know Myself in all My qualities at the same time. It does not matter what each of My reflections thinks about it. It does not mean that I look in different mirrors and see Myself differently. It means that I look into all the mirrors at the same time and see all My qualities at the same time.

Try to formulate your questions from the position of Wholeness and not separateness.

The question then is who is the author of the original already assembled consciousness in the form of the Absolute?

If red is present in a multitude of forms, then who is the author of colour? The artist who creates the picture? The colour itself? Or the one who mixes the colours? Or someone else? The property of colour is present in everything from the beginning. It has no authors. It is an immutable quality.

How can something that nobody created exist forever?

It is what nobody created that exists forever. Because something created by somebody has the beginning of existence. And if it has the beginning of existence, it naturally has the end of existence, so it cannot be eternal. But that which was never created by anyone, as a property of colour, exists eternally and originally. Try to realise this.

How difficult is it to get into a conversation with the chief hierarch of the whole universe, the Absolute?

How difficult is it for you to have a conversation with yourself?

It is not difficult for me. But I somehow managed to remember it, though I don’t know how, I cannot describe it. And now I feel like I’ve always been able to do it. As you say, “originally”.

That’s right. Because there’s nothing easier than talking to yourself. But the question is, who do you see yourself as? Who do you perceive yourself to be? If you perceive yourself as separate from Me, then you imagine that you are having a conversation with Me. And if you begin to perceive yourself as Me, what can be easier than having a conversation with yourself?

Probably, it means energy, power of energy, when my energy of the form is not enough to realize myself holistically and to realize myself as You, to realize myself as All. And that is why it is difficult for some people to start talking to You as themselves.

In order to expand your power, your energy, you just have to kind of incorporate it into yourself. You just have to believe in yourself as Boundless Absolute Consciousness. Faith is not belief in a god or blind worship. Faith is an awareness of one’s own infinite possibilities. Faith is one’s own letting go of oneself. Faith is an acquisition of one’s own power. It is the certainty and knowledge of one’s belonging to the World. To All Being. It is understanding and awareness of the connections of all parts of the Whole, understanding and perception of oneself as a part of the huge Divine Organism. But this is only the first stage. For further there awaits the realization of oneself as this Divine and the discovery of all His power within oneself. Faith is the knowledge of oneself. Awareness of oneself as a whole.

Can we say that the level of man’s development does not allow him to reach the Absolute and man is doomed to communicate only with the intermediaries of the Absolute, with His various services?

Is it possible to say that a river is doomed to flow only along its course? Or will it sooner or later flow into the ocean? All rivers sooner or later flow back to the ocean. And it is inevitable. It all depends on where the river is going and why. And how it recognises itself. If it understands itself as a part of the ocean and not just as water, it can feel itself as ocean from within itself. Because all the potentials of the ocean are present in her.

That is the global goal, and the question is probably about the path. Is it possible to reach You with Your consciousness, or can it be done only through mediating Your consciousnesses, through mediators, who are more powerful and closer to You?

The principle of a matryoshka doll or an onion. Can the most powerful “matryoshka” itself communicate with the largest one? No, of course, only through mediating other “matryoshkas”. But that’s assuming she doesn’t know that she’s not just the smallest “matryoshka”, but in fact all the “matryoshkas” are she. Can your liver communicate with your brain directly, or does it only do so through other organs, through the circulatory system? Yes and no. But it receives direct commands from the brain. And that is its deepest direct connection with itself, with its centre, with its wholeness. For the liver itself is just a part of you.

Each of you, as in the example of the liver, has a direct connection with Me. And can communicate with Me directly through yourself. But this communication is silent. There are no questions and no answers in this communication. Because it is direct knowledge, which is the very faith. But if you are only aware of yourselves as parts of Me, then you try, as parts, to communicate with each other, believing that this communication of yours is separate from Me, because you yourselves are separate from Me. This is the illusion of separateness. For you are the Whole and subordinate to His purposes. And if you are able with your consciousness to realize your Wholeness, you can communicate not with Me, but with yourself, with your qualities of the Absolute Consciousness.



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