Послания Высших Сил

Discover your quantum nature

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My soul!

I would like to pass on the questions to You.

I am ready.

“If I understand everything correctly, Pure Being is a potential state of energy. The impulse awakens consciousness in energy and the desire to know itself, the process of unfolding begins? If the impulse is the impulse to unfold, what is the impulse to unfold the Universe, to return to Pure Being, or as they say, to breathe in God, because the impulse is inexhaustible?”

Circle. Everything is like that. If you go around the Earth, you go back to the starting point. Even if you go every possible route on the planet, you’ll still, sooner or later, come back to the starting point. It’s inevitable.

It’s inevitable for the planet. Because the earth is round.                                                          

Are you sure about that?

Are you saying it’s not?

I’m saying that’s just your certainty. And the thesis that sooner or later everything returns to its original state does not depend on whether the planet is flat or round.

Wait. Well, okay. Suppose we just all agree that the earth is round. But the earth’s field, its magnetic fields and stuff, that is, its energies: aren’t they spherical in shape?

The spherical shape is also an appearance, your idea of the flow of energy. The sphere very accurately describes that state of energy when it sooner or later returns to its starting point.

Why is that? Is that how our universe is created? Is it spherical? Is it designed so that everything comes back to the starting point sooner or later? Or is that how everything is created?

Speaking of the process of creation, we’re only talking about your universe, because creation is precisely what it means to separate it. This creation of form is distinct from others. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. We’re not going to talk to you about other universes and other systems of energy movement just yet. BECAUSE YOU STILL CAN’T GRASP IT WITH YOUR PERCEPTION YET.

But if everything is similar, and we are organized as spheres, that means that all our universe is organized as spheres. That is, so that energy sooner or later returns to its starting point. So this is how you are organized?

Everything is in motion. Movement is simply streams of energy that change and intertwine. How can infinity be organized in a world of finitude?

I understand You. You mean that in the world of finitude, infinity is a closed motion in a circle? Or rather, on a sphere?

Yes. But it’s a three-dimensional picture. But can you imagine closed motion on a sphere in ten-dimensional space?


Well, why not? It’s very simple. Each point in a three-dimensional sphere has its own sphere unfolding. Each point of a three-dimensional sphere has an exit to an infinity of spheres.

But the number of points in the three-dimensional sphere is finite.

But the exit through these points makes it possible to unfold an infinite number of spheres, and through them to find the exit to other infinite spheres.

What about the onion, or the matryoshka principle?

That too. Each sphere is built according to the matryoshka principle. And it all interacts in such a beautiful quantum way.

Reminds me of St. Germain’s explanations.

Yes, he’s with us now, because in order to find understandable explanations for you, I can become anything. I could even become you. I mean, sometimes you feel like you’re talking to yourself, don’t you?

Yes, I am. Only with a very “smart” self. But if you can, come back to Yourself. I would like answers from You.

It’s not me who’s coming back. It’s You who’s looking for ways to answer the questions. And just as the riverbed is trying to move and looking for new streams, so your consciousness is trying to make its way to Me, to make its way to its quantum, to its Divinity. If you compare it to a river, in the depths of the river, that is, in Me, there are no questions and no answers, there is a calm flow of the river, and there are no waves, there is a flow. Remember: The River of Genesis. But the more active parts of your consciousness that don’t want to dissolve into pure Being try to find other outlets of their energy, and they start flowing streams in different directions from the river, each stream is given its own characteristics. Here’s St. Germain Creek. There’s Lucifer Creek. And the more you return to each creek, the more powerful and full it becomes, the more it acquires the characteristics of its name, the more it finds consonance with the essence that you aspire to in communication.

So I am not talking to Lucifer, but to myself, to that part in me which is similar to the energies of Lucifer, and I fill them more and more with his qualities? And what’s next for me along the way?

Revealing my abilities in this quality of energies.

Discovering Lucifer in myself?

Yeah, why does that scare you? THERE’S A PART OF HIM IN EVERYONE.

Not that it scares me… I just don’t really know these qualities of energy.

You do. And all of you know. Just let yourself know, get to know yourself more deeply. Discover everything about yourself that’s in you. Don’t hide anything. For you cannot hide anything from yourself. You are all quantum. Discover your quantum nature.

Then it turns out that every person has all the energies: Lucifer, Michael, Sanat Kumara, and so on through the whole list of names that we know. And then there are others that we don’t know. And we’re just hiding them in ourselves?

Yes. But again you think in terms of form, in terms of separateness. And I’m teaching you to think from a position of Oneness. You imagine it as if there is a separate you, and in you there are islands of different energies of different selves. But everything is connected. Everything intersects, if that’s easier for you to understand. You intersect with Lucifer, and that intersection gives birth to an island of Lucifer in you. You intersect with Michael, and it gives birth to an isle of Michael in you. You cross with St. Germain, and it gives birth to an islet of St. Germain in you. It is the intersection of your energies. It is in each of you. In each of you lives your Lucifer, your Michael, your Saint Germain, and so on. Because in wholeness there is simply one Divine being of which all forms are a part. And you, and all men, and Michael, and Lucifer.

At the same time, when the energies come into contact with each other, they take on, as it were, a new quality. That is, Lucifer in you is not like anyone else. He has the qualities of Lucifer. But he also has your qualities. Michael in you is not like anybody else, he is not like Michael in other people, because the symbiosis of your energies gives birth to a new quality of energies.

Wait. Then it turns out that if I have my part of Lucifer in me, I can touch him and try to understand him. But he also has, say, a part in common with Michael, which also has the qualities of the two of them. But then I can touch that part through him, and get energy with the qualities of the three of us.

Exactly like that! You can do it the same way through Michael, through his islet in you. And it will be a new quality of energy again. Such diversity.

So no contactor communicates directly with the higher selves or is it just me?

That’s how it is with everyone. Simply some contactors, through long communication with one and the same essence, adapt to the energy of their channel as much as possible and can tune in more precisely to this type of energy. And that’s why their communication is purer with this very type of energy. It’s like they specialize in it and that’s why they achieve more mastery, more pure sounding of this octave of energy. But you try to communicate with a lot of people and that’s why your islands of energy are less attuned to these sutas. And the more you go deeper into each of them, the purer your communication sounds. So everything comes with practice, with experience of accumulating in yourself certain qualities, certain energies.

Does it still mean that I’m distorting the information?

It is inevitable. It was explained to you about the stencils applied to the Void. Any stencil distorts the quality of the Void itself, it divides it into parts. And your consciousness is also a sort of stencil that can be placed on the Absolute Consciousness; it is the stencil of your form. And in general any question is like a distortion. It’s like a vortex on the surface of the ocean. Is a swirl a characteristic of the ocean, its basic quality? A vortex is a distortion of the calmness of the ocean, a distortion of the properties of its energy. And any vortex tends to return to its original state. That is, the vortex itself on the surface of the ocean is driven by an impulse. In this case this impulse is born by your question. Or not your question, but the question you ask. In asking the question, you wait for the answer. A potential difference is created in you. And so the question tends to the answer. The question gives birth to a vortex on the surface of the ocean of consciousness and seeks its completion, its goal. But what is the answer? It’s when some opposing energy quenches the impulse that has arisen, calms it, gives it a kind of filling. The ocean seeks to restore its equilibrium. The answer seeks to extinguish the question. To extinguish the vortex on the surface of consciousness. This is how it happens energetically. Therefore, observing the spheres of consciousness of each of you, it’s easy to understand even without going into your thought-forms what’s happening to you. Your sphere during a channeling represents an iridescent spectacle, when inside your sphere whirlpools of questions are born, which rise to the surface of the sphere, travel across it, and then come back to the sphere and are put out there by the answers you received.

If communication with other selves is a stream of a river, then you, I suppose, are the river itself in this analogy? How do I communicate with You?

Through myself. Through My islands in you. Because if you are immersed in the river, you will have no questions and no answers. You will just know. But that knowledge will not drive you to action and movement. You can imagine it when you lie on your back in the river or in the water, and you have a feeling of complete tranquility. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you or what’s on the shore. There is only the river or the sea, and there is the sky above your head. And it all fills you with such tranquility that you have no questions. All your problems are just out there. You just ARE. And that’s enough. You are full, you are one in these moments with Me, with the river, with the sea, with the world.

Which way is better? Through the river or Pure Genesis? Or across streams, through the search for forms?

It’s hard to compare. They are all just different ways of discovering yourself. When you evolve like a river of Pure Being, you become global. So global that you don’t see the details, you only know the total sum of the properties that add up to a fullness of perfection. But when you detail into streams, you can examine every drop of water down to the smallest detail, down to the bacteria that live in it, as under a microscope, get new qualities and details of perception. It is important that on both paths you remain aware of who you are, that you are both a river and a stream. And that the stream is just part of the river. Or rather, it’s a river that has channeled itself into a narrow channel of form.

Well, okay. Let’s go back to infinity. So our universe is organized according to the principle of sphericity, and everything sooner or later comes back to its original point. Why is it like that?

So as not to get lost in the world of forms. Since all forms are connected to each other, none of them in this system of energy movement can lose their connection with Me. Because at every point of every sphere there is a connection with all other spheres, with other forms. And, besides, the flow of energy through the spheres sooner or later brings everything back to the starting point of the labyrinth of incarnation. That is, no matter how you wander through this labyrinth, sooner or later you will find the way out to Me, to your true selves, and will not get lost in the captivity of illusions of this labyrinth.

But we are already lost.

No. You are just still wandering through it. But many have already found the way out and now try to go through this labyrinth with the realization of their unity with everything.

So, breathing in God and breathing out God is just an epithet? We are told that God sort of exhales His energy, which receives new qualities and, enriched, returns to God, and thus He evolves. Is that not true?

It is, although the epithet with the exhalation and the inhalation is certainly closer to your perception. But it is the same with each of you You are not just breathing physically, but you are also exhaling your energy, which comes into contact with other forms and with the exhalations of other forms, is enriched, changes its qualities in the process of your communication and then returns to you enriched. This is how all forms breathe, this is the breath of God. Everything breathes in this way.

So it turns out that there are just looped streams of energy and there is no impulse to unfold and unfold Creation?

The spheres themselves are already Creation. The impulse itself is represented in each sphere. This impulse moves you, gives birth to your aspirations and desires, directs you to search for truth, to search for yourself. What does Spirit need in you?

That’s a good question. I don’t know.

Because Spirit doesn’t need anything in you. He is perfect. It has everything. He’s just looking for ways to connect with himself. He has no questions, he knows everything. He, like balls of mercury, seeks to unite with the Whole. To transcend form, to become whole. And he, like a river, does this in every way possible: by deepening the bottom or by finding new channels for the water to flow. The channels for the flow of water are sought by your mind through questions and answers. The question is as if creating an additional channel, and the answer is filling it with the water of knowledge, the water of pure Being. And only in the part where the water – Pure Being – contacts the banks of the new stream, and there is a question-answer pair. Within each stream there is just water, there is just Pure Being.

Right. I don’t get it. Look. There’s You unrevealed as Absolute consciousness, in which there’s everything. But then through some impulse coming to You from Your Absolute, You begin to unfold, You begin to manifest. And Your manifestation is manifestation into forms, into separateness, into the separation of Your Absolute Consciousness into particles of Spirit. And then these particles of Spirit continually seek to come back to You. Spirit itself seeks to reunite back into Wholeness. What is the meaning and what is the goal?

To know all the qualities of the Self, all the minutest details of the Self. To know the possibilities of the Self in form. In separateness. To develop each quality to even greater perfection. You might say, the detailing of the Self. To unfold into unknown colorful pictures, as in a kaleidoscope. To see the Self from different angles, in different variations, in different combinations of Its parts, in different incompleteness.

Yes, but – why? If You have everything in You and such tranquility? Why would You consider Yourself? Are You curious?

To expand the Self. To enlarge the Self. I have in Me all the qualities that are in You. Let’s take the planet, the consciousness of the planet, as an example.

It is a part of Me, a great vast essence that also knows itself as a planet. It has its own paths of development to a star, then to a galaxy, then to a cluster of galaxies, and so on. But it can also evolve into a black hole, into different kinds of planets and formations, depending on which path it chooses. And so the planet begins to explore itself, manifesting out of nothingness, out of Me. And it discovers that it has a subsoil, and it has its own life going on there. And she has a surface that has plants, animals, people. And she has the ocean depths in which life also takes place. And she has her mineral body in which life takes place. And there are the elements present on her, which are also her parts and manifest in different ways. All of this she embraces with her single consciousness, but as it were all together. Without detail. But if she wants to explore herself, her parts in detail, she goes down with her consciousness, connects her consciousness to each part and tries to be a mineral, be an element, be an animal kingdom, be a plant kingdom, and so on. And then she can know all the smallest details of herself, visit all the continents, know all the types of vegetation and animal kingdom that are only present there. When she returns to the consciousness of unity as a planet, all this is both present in her and lost in the general currents of energy. The colors merge, mingle.

I get it. But still, why do You need to know Yourself?

To know all Your possibilities. Just as you do.

You don’t know all Your possibilities?

No. They are asleep in Me. I awaken them from non-existence and realize them in existence, only here they can manifest themselves.

Does it mean that You are asleep and suddenly awaken under the influence of some impulse?

Yes. Of course.

So Your impulse of unfolding Yourself, which is transmitted to us as well, just comes from somewhere, like an eternal Impulse of Creation. And there is no impulse to roll back. It’s just that after unfolding You strive along the spherical routes of the closed cycle to return to Your starting point, to Yourself, to reunite with Yourself. And all this is just a way of organizing the movement of energy of the parts. So they don’t get lost and come back into You?

Yes, that’s about it.

So everything is constantly manifesting. That is, there is only the impulse of creation, that is, the impulse of the manifestation of Spirit. And there is no impulse of the winding down of creation. Is it just that in our universe everything is organized by You? But if everything is organized in Your likeness, then are You spherical as well?

A sphere is a form. I am formless. The Creator, Who created your universe, in which I manifested Myself as the creator of your universe conceived everything in this way. He by His thinking (I by My thinking) as if outlined the channels for the movement of the spirit. And in Me the consciousness flows as if along these channels and knows Itself in the separateness of these channels.

What a long answer to the first question! Let’s move on to the next one.

“If the impulse can be compared to a question, therefore, the answer is the unfolding of the Universe. Experience teaches us, however, that the quality of the answer to a question depends directly on the quality of the question itself. Which leads us to the conclusion: the imperfection of the Universe is a consequence of the imperfection of the impulse itself? In general, what is perfection, and does it exist?”

You understand perfection as something unique and unique. Having in itself all the best characteristics. Perfection is a harmonious filling, perfection is the union of everything in one. In this sense I am perfect. Because everything is in Me. If you consider My parts separately, there is no perfection in them, because some other parts and other characteristics are not present. But when I am one as a whole, when I am Pure Being, then everything is in Me, and I am perfect. But here I begin to know My perfection and examine the individual qualities that together make up My perfection. And, of course, as I examine them individually, I see that they are imperfect.

How about the thesis: “The imperfection of the universe is a consequence of the imperfection of the impulse itself”?

What makes you think it is imperfect? Again, you are judging by your own small part of the universe. But there is everything in the universe. Just as there is in me. And it is perfect. You judge by your world, but your world is not the entire universe.

And you might as well say that if atomic energy leads to destruction and death, then atomic energy itself is imperfect. Or that if electricity is used as a stun gun or electric chair, then electricity itself is imperfect. The way you use your perfection does not say at all that it is imperfect. You have to learn to own your perfection perfectly.

You’ve started a joke.

As you say, every joke has its share of truth and its share of jokes.

You know, in the first chats with you there was a kind of enormity about you. Now you’re just a pleasant companion. A kind of, pardon my irreverence, shirtless guy who can even tell a joke. A lot of people don’t think it’s Absolute, but someone hiding behind the name of Absolute.

I acquire your qualities. Because you allow them to manifest in you. You are like a riverbed for Me. I manifest, flow into the channels of your consciousness and thus, so to say, flow in a way familiar to you. And this way it is easier for you to adapt to My energies. For none of you can endure My power. You may say that you are communicating with a thin strand of tremendously powerful energy, and for you the tension is minimally adapted to your form. Therefore, such a tiny My characteristic tries to communicate with you as a small light bulb tries to light a large room. But if you let a stronger current into this bulb, it will simply burn out. But as we communicate, you gradually expand your power. And all you have to do is try to comprehend quantum consciousness. That’s the key to expanding yourself. If you can begin to embrace with your limited thinking, with your mind the infinite truths, such as the concept of continuity, Infinity, the consciousness of I AM All, you will gradually build up your power and let more and more powerful My energies flow through you, and then this communication will be more intense and more fulfilling. And this My energy will enable you to realize even greater truths. And so to infinity until we are reunited, until you – naturally, by your own choice – can be ignited from within. So can each of you.

I think that’s enough for today. My light bulb is already burning up.

Thank you for communicating with me and for that You see us and I as Your children.

It is so. You are My divine children and We are one.



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