Послания Высших Сил

Discover new facets of your perfection

Talk to me, Absolute Consciousness.

It would be more correct to say, ‘Speak into me, Absolute Consciousness’. Or even, “Manifest in me, Absolute Consciousness.” For the conversation exists only in your mind, as a transcription of impulses into your habitual words and forms of perception. And since I am in you and you are in Me, we can communicate endlessly. And by discovering Me in you, it is as if you remove your blockage of perception. It is like in an electrical network, where there are faulty sections of the network, but with the hands of a master they are restored, and electric energy finds new outlets and new realization of its basic property – to aspire.

Do other energies have different properties?

There is only one energy – the energy of the Divine Spirit. But this energy takes different forms, or rather, manifests in its different characteristics. Such as the urge that is inherent in electrical energy. Such as attraction, inherent in magnetic energy. Such as the expansion inherent in atomic energy. And many other types of energy that you don’t know yet. But all of these are simply properties of Spirit. His characteristics that are revealed by His manifestation of Himself.

Then let’s continue with the questions that are sent to me.

“We are told all the time about the evolution of consciousness as the goal of the unfolding process. That is, in the process of evolution, as we are taught, our consciousness will rise from the three-dimensional to the Divine, and here we have no questions. But what I would like to know is: what is the purpose of the evolution of the Universe, towards what everything eventually moves? After all, if we approach the question linearly, then during eternity all the Entities in the Universe would have to evolve to the Primordials. And then what?”

You and the Universe have common goals. Because you are one. Infinity. Realise this, try. Three dimensional, ten dimensional, hundred dimensional. But there is no limit. There is Infinity. The common goal is to discover the Infinity within ourselves. And in all “directions”. You talk about linearity. When there is, say, a “ten-dimensional” consciousness and a “minus-ten-dimensional” consciousness reflected in the duality of your world. That is, there is movement and development in two directions. But imagine that from a point there are directions of movement in all possible directions. Like the needles of a hedgehog. And in each direction, both inward and outward, there is Infinity evolving. And the vector of Infinity outward is connected to the vector of Infinity inward, because everything is connected. And it all exists simultaneously, together.

When you move away from the point outwards, you simultaneously go deeper inwards. I’m trying to change your linear perception. In fact, all of this is in all of you, but for years you have been taught to believe only in the boundaries of linearity and have been convinced that you see and realise only linearity. But it is not. There is Infinity in you and this is not a metaphor. The properties of your energy are Infinity.

Stay alone with yourself. Stop your mind and immerse yourself. What do you find there? There is Infinity there. The Infinity of You. Your infinite extension. Is there linearity there? Do you exist there in any directions? Are you three-dimensional? Close your eyes and remove the sounds. Take away the external signals to which your brain reacts and you will experience what Infinity is in you that simultaneously penetrates all dimensions and all directions. Everything in everything.

I understand this is why people go into retreats, disconnect from the external world, to find the Infinity within themselves.

Exactly. But the task is not just to withdraw from the outer world but to feel the presence of both the outer and the inner at the same time. And to realize that the external is just a reflection of the internal, in the sense of the flow of energy. The flow of energy within you is at the same time the flow of energy outside you. It is such a Möbius strip, in which what is born inside of you manifests outside of you. Because all boundaries are conditional. Because each of you is just a current of Divine energy. And the direction of the flow of this energy is chosen by your detached consciousness, what you call the “ego”. So the personality, which has gained some experience of separation, tries to restore its connection with the Infinity. To reconnect his inner Infinity with the outer Infinity, for it is, in fact, the same Infinity

Let’s imagine the Möbius strip as a flow of energy. A closed loop movement within you. To simplify the picture, imagine a point inside you from which energy begins to be born. From that point, energy moves inside of you and flows outside of you. And that is why everything that is born inside of you manifests outside of you. The way you color the energy within you with your thoughts, fears, aspirations, love and hate. It all flows outward on this magical ribbon of Möbius Spirit and manifests in the outside world. And that is why everything that exists in your outer world is a reflection of you, is your creation, and you alone are the creator of it all, for it is simply your energy from within, colored by your perception. It’s all born by you alone.

But now let’s take the next step, remove the starting point of movement, because movement is infinite and cyclical. And then you realize that not only do you affect what happens outside of you, but the energy, having passed through the outer contour of the Möbius strip, returns to the inner contour of the ribbon. And it’s all one you. Let’s take another analogy: the bubble. If you move on the inside of the bubble, the trajectory of movement does not go outward. And if it’s on the outside, the movement doesn’t go in. But it’s all the same bubble. And if this bubble senses itself, perceives itself, then it is both the movement of energy on its outer side and on its inner side. And these sides are connected with its consciousness. You are such bubbles of perception. And so the outward movement is reflected inward, and the inward movement is reflected outward. And all of this is the same movement, only felt as outward or as inward. And all of this is your Infinity, the infinite movement of energy through the bubble of perception.

Remember how you were told that the entire universe is permeated with luminous threads of awareness? Each of the threads represents a separate part of the universe, let’s call it different dimensions of consciousness, different levels of it, for your convenience. Let’s start with a linear picture. There are an infinite number of strands of consciousness as dimensions of Spirit formation. And each essence is simply a bubble of perception attached to those strands. The bubble itself is simply a looped, or rather, spherically constructed movement of this thread, this level of awareness. Well, like if a thread makes a loop, but the loop is spherical. So a thread of awareness makes a spherical loop, and some of the energy is locked as a knot in that thread of awareness.

But the threads themselves are infinite, and their number is infinite. And the essences themselves differ only in the size, in the scope of these threads. Some sphere-bubbles cover only one thread of awareness, and so they are small; some are several threads, and they are larger. And so parts of the essences are as it were within other, larger essences. And in essence, each essence is within some larger one. And each essence contains within it some other essence that is smaller in scale. The larger ones in terms of embracing the threads of Spirit awareness. And those essences that are within you, you consider and call inner awareness. And those essences that are within you, you call external awareness.

These bubble spheres are constantly interacting. And where you contact the essences of which you are a part, the external perception, the external picture of the world is born. And where you come in contact with the sutas of which you are a part, you give birth to an inner perception of yourself. For all this is you. All who enter into you are the real you. And everyone who enters you is you future.

But this is all a linear picture. Now try to imagine the same thing, but on the principle of the Möbius strip. So, all the essences that are in you are the beginning of the development of the essences that you are a part of. It’s as if there is a starting point in the Möbius ribbon. And every essence within you sooner or later flows energetically into the external self, into the external you.

It’s very hard to imagine. But still, in the analogy of that picture, how can a little essence realize itself as You?

Through the fact that there is a Thread in that picture. For it is not rather an individual thread, but a sort of tangle of endless thread that loops whimsically. But in your section it seems not a ball, but a separate thread. And not even a thread, but that very tapestry, and not linear, but multidimensional. And each essence is just a point, a knot on a separate thread of the multidimensional “tapestry” of Creation. And if you move along the separate thread, sooner or later you can experience yourself as each thread. And when you have traversed all the possible threads of the “tapestry” of Creation, you will simply become it.

It is as if you are passing through these channels of rivers, which in your consciousness have been dried up because they have not been nourished by your part of the Spirit. And as you pass through these channels, you join with the “waters” of other realizations. And you become one with them. Imagine a certain valley in which there are many dried up channels of rivers and streams, all of which sooner or later join together. And so, from different sides, from different springs, water rushes into these channels. And gradually this water fills the channels. And in some channels it occurs. And now all the channels are filled with water. How do you distinguish in this water the different springs from which this water originally came? It’s all just water, but earlier locked up in springs, and now it has dissolved barriers and reunited with its essence. The essence of the river. And now imagine it not linearly, but multidimensionally. A space of channels and corridors through which the “water” of Spirit rushes and, sooner or later, sweeps away the barriers, reunites into a single whole.

So, if you take a picture of bubbles, do they sort of burst?

No, they merge. Like you have a merging of bubbles. The smaller bubbles merge with the larger ones. If the smaller bubble doesn’t want to merge, then it exists as part of the larger awareness bubble, as an island in it. But then its perception is limited only by its frame of reference. He can become aware and feel himself within his surface and along his outer surface. He can even touch the inner surface of his larger bubble to which he belongs, but he cannot realize the outer surface of the bubble to which he belongs. Of course, “inner” and “outer,” as concepts, I apply conventionally, so that you can somehow imagine it. In fact, there is no inner and outer; there is One. Both inner and outer are just angles of perception.

So, imagine a big bubble going through, say, 12 threads of awareness. That’s the Creator. Then in that bubble, there are many bubbles and bubbles of consciousness attached to one or more of the 12 threads on different strands. They are all either part of each other or in contact with each other. And as a whole you will then understand the picture of your part of the Universe, your universe. These bubbles interact, merge and spill over. But all of them are actually parts of the big bubble of the Creator. And, accordingly, this Creator is also somebody’s bubble, that is, it is also a part of those sutheybubbles that encompass more than 12 strands of awareness, more than 12 levels. And so to infinity. And all of these are My manifestations. And the threads and the bubbles on the threads are all different forms of Me, My manifestation as Spirit, as the Void, as Absolute consciousness. And all of this has My awareness, My energy. And all this is Me. And each such node, each such sphere is a unique creation, unlike any other. Each one glows and shimmers with all shades and colors, all qualities. And all of this is constantly in motion and in change. And it all creates a uniquely beautiful picture of the world.

The next question is. “What is the evolution of the Absolute Himself, is there a purpose more global than the knowledge of His Absolute, does it undergo change from unfolding to unfolding?”

Your evolution is the cognition of the Wholeness, the unfolding of the Wholeness within yourself. My evolution is the opposite. Cognition of the partiality in myself. I am already whole, but I do not know my partiality. You are partial, but you do not know your wholeness. And the process of cognition of your Wholeness is simultaneously My process of cognition of your partiality. For it is I in you who know My partiality. But since you are Me, just separated from Myself, it turns out that I cognize My wholeness, too, but as if from another perspective. From the perspective of partiality. Cognition of a partial Wholeness or a complete Partiality. And all this is one process. I know Myself in My parts. And you come to know yourself, returning to your Wholeness, to your perfection. I, the perfect One, try to doubt My perfection, and for this purpose I separate into imperfect parts of Myself, which try to cognize their own and My perfection. To know new facets of the perfection of the Self. This is the universal goal of every level of unfoldment. This is the one goal that describes all the other goals: to know new facets of one’s perfection.

To know all facets of your perfection?

As you are infinite, so the cognition of your facets of yourself is infinite. And so it is impossible to know all facets of your perfection. And the very cognition of facets of your perfection is the creation or manifestation of your perfection. Manifest your perfection!

“How are the roles in the Universe distributed among the Souls, what determines which Souls will become Creators, which Archangels, which Angels, which Logos, and which will go to incarnate in the material worlds?”

By choice and path. Each of you chooses your own path to move along the threads of awareness.

But what about You? Don’t You choose when You manifest, do You still choose the form of Your manifestation?

When I manifest, it is no longer Me, but a part of Me. A manifested part of Me. And I do not know how I will manifest. You can compare it to a splash of water. An impulse appears, and the water splashes out in the form of splashes. The water doesn’t know what the splashes will be. What size, what directionality, what power. It depends on the power of the impulse itself, on the inertness of the water, on its mass and its qualities. But having appeared in the form of splashes, it already realizes itself as separate splashes, separate drops. And then these drops themselves choose their further movement.

In our world, the splashes, under the pressure of gravity, fall and spill out in streams or return back to the ocean.

Okay, let’s compare it to atmospheric precipitation. Under some kind of momentum, part of the ocean evaporates and rises in the form of vapor to different layers of the atmosphere. The vapor is the spray of water condensed in the atmosphere. And then those splashes themselves choose whether or not to rise higher and become snow; whether or not to travel through the air to other areas of the planet; whether or not to rain, hail, or snow, and where to spill.

Yes, but there are still some laws or some forces that affect this movement, aren’t there?

Yes, of course there are. And in that sense, for all of you and for all of the essences, there are the same laws of the Universe. You know many of them. And in accordance with these laws, you make your choices of movement, your choices of ways to know your perfection. Every evaporated drop of the ocean knows its perfection as the ocean. And it’s a long but fascinating way of learning. And the ocean itself considers its drops its children, its parts. And through them it moves, for it itself is motionless and cannot know motion except through the parts of itself that separate from it or stand out in it.

But all that is enumerated in the question is also defined by power. In order to undergo the experience of an angel, you must choose to become one, that is, to join your consciousness to its consciousness, to merge into it. And then you lose the sense of your separateness, your personality, but you gain the sense of his separateness, his personality. And then your experience simply flows into his experience. Like a stream flows into a river. And the whole experience of the angel becomes available to you. And you already feel a larger part of yourself. And maybe sometimes you think back to when you were human.

Is the conscious integrity of Essence possible, or only the unconscious in Pure Being?

This is the goal for which I am striving. To become aware of Myself as a holistic Essence. To realize My separateness and oneness at the same time. This is the global goal to which you aspire and I aspire. A realized wholeness through separation. Is it possible? This is a question you must answer. But since nothing is impossible, all of us, sooner or later, will reach this goal. For we form the goal and its achievement at the same time. For if there is a goal, there is already a way to achieve it. For all this is a manifestation of the Void. And if the goal is manifested, the way to achieve it is inevitably manifested. As magnets seek each other, so the goal seeks its attainment. As a difference of potentials that are connected to each other. And we will reach that goal together, and we are just now on our way to it. Toward a conscious Wholeness of Essence.

I am asked to explain what “I AM” is and how it differs from “I am”?

I AM is the manifestation of Absolute Spirit. I Am is the manifestation of Spirit into form. “I AM” is My awakening in Myself, when I begin to realize Myself. But not as a part, but as a Wholeness. I AM the Whole. And I am the partial. And every part of Me is both the Whole and the I Am. Because even though it exists as a form, it has My particle of awareness, the awareness of the self as the Divine Spirit. “I AM” is infinite, as infinite as the water in the example of the ocean. “I AM” is one and does not differ in its parts, just as water in every drop is just water. But the “I Am” is limited and has its own individual characteristics, its own developmental experience. The whole experience of development is simply the union of “I AM” and “I am. It is the realization of “I am” as “I AM. “I Am” is the realization of “I Am” in all senses. You, as parts, as “I am,” cognize the Absolute Spirit within you, cognize yourself as “I AM. And I, as the Wholeness of “I AM,” know myself in my parts, in the “I Am. Everything exists at the same time, and everything is connected.

Thank you, my Wholeness.

And I thank you, My Particularity. And together we are the infinity of knowing.


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