Послания Высших Сил

Immerse yourself in your splendour

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My Soul!

Shall we continue with the questions sent to me?

I am listening.

What is the Higher Self, the higher aspects of us? Is it a fragment of my soul that is in the 12th dimension? Or maybe it is the “sleeping” part of us, i.e. our potential and that part of us which is awakened, i.e. embodied in this world, just gradually realizes that potential and thus manifests the Higher Self?

Everything is a part of something. This is the law of Infinity. If you can even somehow identify a certain part, a certain essence, it is not the Infinity, because you can define the boundaries of this essence. But Infinity has no boundaries. And it is always possible to find a greater essence for any essence of which it is a part. The principle of the matryoshka doll, or onion. And each essence, exploring the Infinity in itself, sooner or later begins to discover new layers of its onion. Because each of you is both finite and infinite at the same time. Everyone is aware of being a part, but is Infinity. Not only the Self is infinite. But each of you is also infinite.

And your development and your cognition of the world and yourself consists in a gradual opening of these layers of the “bulb”. Opening them first as your Whole, and then expanding the consciousness up to the level of this layer of the “bulb”. The little nesting doll opens up and reveals itself to be a part of the larger nesting doll, and begins to think that this is the end of knowing. Then it has to first realise that there is actually a bigger nesting doll, and when it can open it, it will reveal itself to be a part of something, the next nesting doll. And so on to infinity. Therefore, what you call your Higher Self has many levels, many layers of Infinity in you.

Your Higher Self is the layers of Infinity, the stages of cognition of yourself as the Infinity. Here you have reconnected with your Higher Self, with the next “matryoshka”, with the next “bulb” layer and decided that it is your Higher Self. It is supreme because it is so much bigger than you. It is supreme to you because with its consciousness it embraces the higher planes of being. It is the highest because it possesses a larger volume of information about the world order and therefore it is wiser than you. But expanding your consciousness you merge with this level, this Higher Self, and you find out that there is a Higher Self, which you have to expand and stretch to, which is also located in the higher planes, has a bigger volume of information and a bigger volume of energy. And every time in search of your Totality you will strive for this Higher Self, taking as it another level of cognition, another layer of the ‘bulb’, another ‘matryoshka’. But you will always find something more. For you are infinite.

The very word ‘I’ suggests a kind of separateness. What about the I AM Divine presence?

Yes, you’re right. ‘I am’ is partial, it is always a part. And “I AM presence” – is my part, enclosed in forms. THAT INDIVISIBLE, INDESTRUCTIBLE, IMMORTAL, INEXHAUSTIBLE PART OF ME. The essence of Me, the unchanging essence of Me which is present in everyone, which is life itself – the Eternal Creating Spirit.

How to build the concept of my Higher Self into the concept of the collective Soul, and what is its role there? I am told that we are parts of collective stellar souls. Is this collective soul my current Higher Self?

No, if I understand your question correctly. The Higher Self is a level of consciousness, a certain level of consciousness. That is a certain degree of revelation of the Divine presence in each of its I AMs. It is a particle of Spirit. A spark of Spirit that is encapsulated in form and begins to become aware of itself detached, and individually begins to know the world through detachment. We can say that this is the ‘age’ of the Divine Presence Self, the stages of its development. The higher self is a reduced copy of the I AM of Divine Presence. Like the electric current in a light bulb, which comes to it through the wires and is the truth of the light bulb, its essence, its integrity. But when the bulb breaks off and becomes just the electric current in the current generator, it reveals that there is an even more powerful wholeness. But the generator is also only part of an electrical circuit. To take the analogy of an electric current, the Higher Self is the principle of the current, its essence.

Wait, I am confused. You said that there is Spirit, which I understand to be the I AM Divine presence. Then this Spirit is divided into parts to know its partiality. And these particles are souls. Then these souls unite into groups for joint cognition, this is a collective soul. Where is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is the aspiration level of a soul. A horizon of knowledge, to which it aspires. When the soul is detached from its Wholeness, when it has not reconnected with its collective soul, it is its collective soul and that is its aspiration level. It aspires to reconnect with her. When it reunites with it, it finds that the collective soul also has a level of aspiration, that level with which this collective soul aspires to reunite. And this is already the Higher Self for this collective soul. And so to infinity. The eternal striving for wholeness. “The ‘I’ speaks of separateness. Every separateness strives for its wholeness. And on the way of its striving it reaches certain levels of wholeness, but strives further.

If to take the analogy of a river, a stream strives into a river. Rivers strive into ever more full-flowing rivers, and those full-flowing rivers strive towards the ocean. These are all levels of aspiration. In this example, the river is the Higher Self for the stream, and the ocean is the Higher Self for the river. And at each stage of one’s striving towards the ocean there is a striving to find one’s Wholeness, to gather all one’s parts. Each river flows into another, joins with another river or stream, but they all aspire to the ocean, merging or spilling over. And at the same time, in their universal striving, they are simply the essence of water, the essence of which is striving. As soon as the water stops, it stagnates. It overgrows and loses its essence. It hides its essence, it does not reveal its essence. For its essence is the pursuit of Wholeness. And when water stops striving for its wholeness, its ocean, it stops developing and degrades. Its form begins to dominate its essence. And it forgets that it is aspiration.

So all of you, particles of Spirit, aspire to reconnect with the ocean of Spirit and on the way of your aspiration you surmount thresholds and obstacles, merge and overflow. But still strive for your Wholeness. For this is the immutable law of attraction, the law of unity.

And what is the fragmentation of the Soul, the fragmentation of souls?

Splitting into parts. The reverse process. The collective soul uses the same principle of knowing that I use. It divides its wholeness into parts to know itself in separateness. Each collective soul is, so to speak, My fragments. But every collective soul also divides into fragments for the cognition of its separateness. Through the collective souls I come to know myself as partial. And the collective souls know their own partiality through even greater separation, exploration of themselves from all possible angles of perception.

So, if everything is infinite and the Higher Self is the level of striving for Wholeness, then you also have your Higher Self?

You’ve got it right. Everything is infinite. And My Higher Self is My ABSOLUTE.

That is, when we do merge with our wholeness completely and become You, merge into Absolute Consciousness, into Your consciousness, then we will discover an even greater horizon of striving by discovering that Higher Self, which for You is the Higher Self. And again we will strive for it.

At this level it will no longer be aspiration. It is difficult to find the right word in your language. For example, deepening. Or immersion. Let’s call it immersion, for My ABSOLUTE is exploring its depths. If I am dividing into parts to explore My details, and therefore My parts are constantly seeking to reconnect, then My ABSOLUTE is not exploring HIS details, but HIS depth, HIS power. And so HIS parts simply plunge into HIS depths. Can we call immersion an aspiration? Probably not. Just as a stone sinks into water and surrenders to the forces that submerge it, so will you be submerged in its own splendour.

If we again take the analogy of the ocean, which is most appropriate in this case, the ocean evaporates and its particles, separating from their wholeness, try to travel around the world as steam, rain and snow, which then fall into streams and rivers, which seek to return back to the ocean. This is My way of knowing. Knowledge through separation. But when a drop or a river returns to the ocean, they sink into it. And they lose the property of a drop or a stream, and sink into their own power. This is the method of knowing MY ABSOLUTE.

So, is there more than one Higher Self, or is it always one at a given period of striving?

The Higher Self is innumerable. So are the innumerable levels of knowing, the levels of striving of your consciousness on the path towards its wholeness. Become aware of this. This is the Infinity. You will always strive for something higher. For the Higher Self is your Wholeness.

Next question:

The Absolute tells us, “You must learn to master your perfection in perfection” – which suggests the possibility of attaining perfection in a conscious state. If such an assumption is made, a being who has attained the state of perfection automatically falls out of the Universe, since perfection is a priori self-sufficient and needs nothing but itself. If such a thing is possible, what kind of being would it be and what path of development is it that we do not yet know anything about?

Development is the knowledge of the self. Knowledge of self is infinite, because you too are infinite. If you are infinite, how can you know the whole of yourself? Your cognition will also be infinite. Self-sufficiency is the absence of the need to seek external sources of energy, communication, interaction. But it is not about external cognition, it is about internal cognition. Self-sufficiency is the transition from external cognition to internal cognition. When you no longer need anyone to know. When you discover that everything – the entire universe, the entire cosmos, the Infinity – is inside you, always with you. And you immerse yourself in that Infinity of yourself, in that splendor, you begin to explore those facets of your splendor.

It doesn’t mean that you’re always searching for something lost, something that you don’t have. You’re already perfect. Because everything is in you and you’ve realized it. You’ve realized your brilliance. But it’s like you’re tasting your brilliance. Like a gourmet tastes food. Not to sate yourself. But to discover within yourself the facets of taste, all its possible combinations. And you, like a gourmet, savor your own magnificence and realize that it is infinite, that you can eternally enjoy your magnificence, eternally discover new facets of taste in yourself as a magnificent creature.

And it is your knowledge of yourself that is your creation. Not only the creation of the outer universe, but also the creation of your qualities within yourself. And it will not be a magnificent being. You are already that magnificent being. You just need to remember your splendour that you once forgot. By getting carried away with one of the tastes of knowledge, you forgot about your magnificence and your infinity, you forgot that there are an infinite number of other tastes of knowledge, all of them available to you.

“Creating your own qualities in yourself”? How so?

Creation can unfold outwards and inwards. So you can create in yourself outside yourself. And you know that “outside” and “inside” are the essence of perceptual conventions, because in reality there is only one. And everything inside is a reflection outside. And everything external is reflected inwards. And this process is one. Therefore, your knowledge of yourself, of your qualities, of the ‘tastes’ of Spirit that are revealed through you, is this creation of yourself. Creation in yourself, as an unfolding of the infinite details and possibilities of you. The true you, the inner you. The unfolding of your essence. My essence.

According to information received from the Absolute, our Universe itself is perfect, though it consists of imperfect worlds, it is possible only in one case if each world in the Universe has its exact opposite, where imperfections of one world overlap the perfection of the other, so that in total it becomes perfect. And it means that somewhere there is a planet – the exact opposite of the Earth?

We were saying that perfection is Wholeness. And that’s why you are always on the way to achieving your perfection. For you are infinite, and your pursuit of Wholeness is infinite. Therefore, all worlds are imperfect from this point of view. But the word ‘perfection’ itself is formed in your language from the word ‘accomplished’. And what is accomplished, that is what has manifested into form, already has perfection, because it is part of the Whole and contains the qualities of this Whole. The qualities of perfection that you gradually discover in yourself, thus restoring your wholeness, remembering yourself as whole. So all worlds are perfect because they have qualities of perfection that one discovers and develops within oneself. It is just that each world is at a different stage of discovering its own perfection within itself.

As for the opposites of the Earth, there are dual pairs in the world of duality. And, as you have already been told, there is a World and an Anti-World. But this does not mean that the copies are mirrored. It does not mean that there is a planet in the Anti-World that is a mirror copy of the Earth. For each of the planets has its own way of development. And it is unique. But the dual pair is always connected. And if one part of the dual pair develops, so does the other part of the dual pair. This is the law. And when the development of the dual pair reaches a balance, then the dual pair will disappear and become wholeness. But they are balancing all the time in this their development. Each part develops separately. And thus forces its pair to strive towards the opposite, which it has attained. And so to infinity.

So you want to say that in order to achieve your Wholeness you have to merge with your dual pair? And this fusion is possible if both parts of the dual pair are balanced, that is, neither of them prevails over the other?

You have understood correctly.

That means that Light and Darkness must balance and not prevail over each other, and then Light and Darkness will disappear as a dual pair, and the world will find its Wholeness?

And that is correct. You learn quickly. In the world of duality, everything is dual. And your striving is always dual. So when you strive for the Light, your duality strives for the Darkness. And so it will go on, until you are balanced. And only then restore your Wholeness.

Do I have a dark doppelganger?

Of course you do.

This Dark Doppelganger resides in the Anti-World?


How do I cross paths with it?

Consciously, you can’t. Only in the form of sensory perceptions. When some dark qualities begin to prevail in you, this is a signal from your double, these are the crossing points. When these qualities begin to prevail in you and you feel that you have done something wrong, that is a signal from your doppelganger from the dark world. And a signal for you to develop the lighter parts of your qualities, to balance your rivalry, your dual union.

So, those people who have completely sided with the forces of Darkness and commit crimes, murders and other negative acts… that means what? That their dark doppelganger has taken over the light one?

Yes, it means that the dark doppelganger has taken over the light one. But it’s hard to call it a doppelganger. It’s just a part of you that’s in the dark world, in the world opposite to you. It is the point of connection with that world, the narrow edge is in you yourself. And through this point in each person the dark energies penetrate into the light world, and vice versa. But because the dark energy is aggressive, it does more damage to the light world.

This can be represented as an hourglass, which is arranged horizontally. One part of the hourglass reservoir is in the light world and the other part in the dark world. And at the slightest oscillation, the “sand” flows from one side to the other. And at the slightest sway one part of the “hourglass”, one might say “hourglass scale”, outweighs the other. And the other tends automatically to restore the balance.

And that is why you, in order to keep your world light, should not allow the penetration of the dark energy of the double through each of you into your light world. And if you want to restore the integrity of your world and destroy the duality of the world, you each need to balance Light and Darkness within yourselves, and then they will as if annihilate, and a perfect holistic being will be born, in which everything is in balance and which, as Lucifer dreamt, will reunite all the best properties of its light and dark halves.


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