Послания Высших Сил

You are absolutely brilliant children

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, my soul.

Shall we continue with the questions that are sent to me?

Of course, I am listening.

The cognition of the infinite can go two ways. The first one is through stage-by-stage liberation from all stencils imposed on us, i.e. we reach the state of an absolutely pure sheet, which, in theory, should expand our consciousness to the absolute. This path is long and requires effort and energy. The second is through finding and focusing on a piece of blank slate within the stencils. By focusing our attention on it in such a way that the borders of the stencil stay out of sight, we will then be able to consider this limited piece of paper as a whole white sheet and, disregarding the existing borders, start unfolding our infinity inside them, acting, as Lucifer teaches us, not outwardly but inwardly. This will save us the time and effort of dismantling the stencils.

The question is, which of the paths should be considered a priority and what are their particularities?

It depends what you mean by priority. You see, earlier there was one way, the first way. But here came your race. Unique children, a unique creation. Imagine that a genius is born into the family and everybody knows it. What would be the priority path of his development? None of the parents know. They don’t even really know how to raise this child, because they have not seen such children before. And they love this child, but at the same time they are afraid of him. Because they do not know what may come out of it. Genius can have different directions. Genius may turn into killer, artist, warlord or peacekeeper. It is absolutely a genius child. Think about it. You are absolutely brilliant children and therefore your development is under special scrutiny. But this is a unique experiment. An experiment in combining Everything in One.

If you ask the parents of such a child: What is their priority developmental path, what can they tell you? They don’t know. They are watching and learning to co-exist with their child. They expect genius from him, but they don’t see it yet.

Did I get it right that all the other races have one way of development, the first, that is, gradually, level by level, raising their self-awareness?

We won’t talk about all of them, because you don’t know everything. But in your sector of the Universe it is. You are a unique race. And at the moment you have not yet revealed your uniqueness. And, moreover, you are a danger to other worlds.

So then, since this is an experiment and a new way, you would prefer that we evolve in a second way, to obtain some results of the experiment?

Preference is a human concept. What preference does a child have as he grows up? It simply grows, and it cannot help growing, because it is in the growth stage, and that is its natural state – growth. It has the capacity to grow. And he does not know what that growth will bring: whether it will be high or low, what it will look like. He can only assume that, say, he will look like his parents. Or hope to be like a movie character. But he can’t predict what will grow out of him, how his potential will be fulfilled. But I am interested in your growth inside, your exploration of the second path.

Let’s go back to the second path, then.

By focusing our attention on it in such a way that the borders of the stencil stay out of sight, we can see this limited piece of paper as a whole white sheet and, disregarding the existing borders, start unfolding our infinity inside them, acting, as Lucifer teaches us, not in breadth but in depth. This will save us the time and effort of dismantling the stencils.

Is this the right way of thinking? How can you get around your boundaries by going deeper inside yourself?

There are no boundaries within you. Boundaries are only external. The phrase seems primitive. But it actually has depth to it. Imagine an ice hole in a frozen body of water. You are limited by the size of that hole if you’re going to swim in it. You don’t have room to swim: the ice hole is small. But if you dive deep, all boundaries disappear. Down there is a bottomless abyss. Infinity. And there you are free. It’s just a question of determination and faith, of your courage. Because it is not so easy to dive into the bottomless abyss through the ice-hole, because you might be afraid, you might lose your way out. And you’re bound to lose it and not be able to get out. But if you join the dance of the deep, you won’t want to go back again.

So my resolve must be to renounce the world that exists, the people I have contact with and love and embark on an unknown voyage where I do not know where I will end and where I do not know what lies in wait?

Yes. And it’s a difficult step, I understand. Even if you free yourself from the bonds of your world, the unknown will frighten you. And it takes enormous determination and faith to dive deep into yourself, knowing that there is no turning back.

Why is there no turning back?

Because at a certain point along the way, there will be no you as your current form. There won’t be your preferences and doubts. You will become Eternity.

Then I don’t understand. It turns out that I’m in danger of becoming self-absorbed. Then what’s the point? If I simply dissolve into you, then the point of the experiment is only whether such a path is even possible on a mass scale. Because, as I understand it, a few people in human history have taken this path after all? Buddha, for example.

A lot of people have gone this way. But no one has yet.

Not even Buddha?

Yes, he stopped, because he was held back by his ties to his disciples and to the people who worshipped him. But he reached a very high stage of development.

Does Depth have stages of development?

Does Depth have levels of immersion, degrees of approach to the centre.

Does Infinity have a centre?

Yes. But it moves and deepens all the time depending on how close you are to it. It is like a receding horizon that can never be reached. If you compare it with other people, Buddha has deepened very significantly.

It turns out that you have to be an unknown person so that you are not held back by disciples and worshippers. You have to give up all attachments. And then it is possible to step on this path. That is as true hermits do. Then it turns out that this path is not for the majority, it is the path of loners.

You are forgetting about Infinity. Let’s apply your mathematics. If one person in a million years joins the Infinity, and the amount of time is infinite, is it possible that all mankind will pass this path?

Are you joking?

I’m serious. You’re forgetting about Infinity. You have Infinity ahead of you. And it doesn’t matter if you sink into your brilliance now or in billions of human years. But still, sooner or later, you will find that secret door within you. Then, sooner or later, you will open it. Then, sooner or later, you will step through it. Then, sooner or later, you’ll conquer your fear and embark on a journey. Sooner or later you will reach the stage of the journey where there is no turning back because you will have come too far to return.

You are only at the beginning. You have only just learned of the door’s existence and, like children, retell tales to one another that there have been rare brave men who have looked beyond the door and even stepped through its threshold, but none of them have returned. And you are afraid. But sooner or later your inherent impulse to cognition of yourselves, transmitted to you from Me, as well as your heredity from your parents – sooner or later this impulse will inexorably push you on this path, and your curiosity of the explorer will overpower your fears imposed on you and you will step into your Boundlessness.

Does it appear that we have been purposely wiped of our memory and instilled with our fears, so that we cannot know our Infinity? Was it meant to be like this?

You imagine it as if someone is sitting and thinking over plans to keep mankind in its bounds. In reality, it’s all humanised concepts. In reality, as everyone tells you, everything is just a flow of energy. Try to look at it this way. If all the potentials are connected in a person, then everything is there: Light and Darkness, and so much more. If there is Darkness in a person, then he also has the potential of fear. And the only question is which potentials he unfolds in himself and how much he can control the unfolding of his potentials in himself.

Control the unfolding of potentials? Do You control the unfolding of Your potentials?

No. I am beyond systems of control because I am limitless. How do you control the Void? Only by placing it within a certain framework, within boundaries. And so one of the purposes of the experiment is precisely to learn to control the potentials of the Whole. And it was only possible to do this in form.

I am beginning to feel like some kind of test subject who is told that he is very important to the experimenters, and who cannot even imagine the full extent of the experiment.

Don’t say that. Try, though, to feel like a child surrounded by many caretakers and expected to be brilliant. You are the beloved children of the universe.

But in the wrong hands. How did this become possible? Parents absent?

There are a lot of parents. And so they are constantly contesting the palm of raising a brilliant child. And so they even fight among themselves for this right. Everyone wants to bring him up in his own image, to get his own branch of genius development. Well, like your parents share a child after a divorce. Or how your parents want to raise the child in such a way that it will be a support for them in their old age.

And that’s why some parents raise us in fear?

Yes. Because they don’t know any other way to raise a child. And because they think it’s easier to control their children through fear. Aren’t there any parents like that among you? But also, fear is one of the stages. Understand. It’s inherent in your potential. And you have to learn to manage all your potentials. If you don’t go through this stage of learning, sooner or later this potential will unfold in you, and it can destroy everything you’ve built before. So it makes sense to go through this stage first, to learn to control your negative potentials. THE WAY YOU TEACH A CHILD, FOR EXAMPLE, A BOY, TO FIGHT IN VARIOUS KINDS OF WRESTLING, SO THAT HE CAN DEFEND AND PROTECT HIMSELF. You are not doing this because you don’t love him or want him to kill someone. You’re just helping your child cope with his fears.

I get it. So, to begin with a divine child was given to the coaches of Darkness so that the child would learn to master his negative sides: hatred, anger, fear, despondency. And to keep the child from getting discouraged, they keep telling him that these are just lessons. And in fact, after going through a Boy Scout camp of Darkness, he will return to loving parents who will be proud of him.

That’s similar. Let’s continue the analogy. There is a battle going on in this camp, a constant battle between each child and their potentials. You could even call it not a battle, but, say, experiments with the Force. When a child mixes different substances in the lab, there may be an explosion. But in no other way can he learn to dose these substances and understand exactly what mixing them and using them might bring. So the genius child mixes and doses his potentials of Darkness. And experienced instructors skilfully guide him along the way.

The instructors’ job is not to enslave or destroy the child. Their job is to challenge them to fight with themselves. Their task is to awaken their dark potentials so that they learn to control them. And when a few of the students pass these lessons, they are already offered the next lessons. Those who have learned to control their dark potentials begin to unfold new light potentials within themselves.

But it’s all step by step. Class by class. Because in every new class new, higher level dark potentials and light potentials are discovered. Because there are always two poles in the school of duality. And the stronger the Light, the stronger the Darkness. Let’s abstract away from ethical characteristics and call it creation potentials and destruction potentials. In order to create, you need to be able to control both potentials. Even a child learns to hold a trowel to build sandcastles or to destroy them to give the formlessness of the sand some shape. So any creation consists of using both forces of creation and destruction. But first the child builds sand castles in the sandbox, and then he proceeds to a more global construction. And he needs new materials and more substantial tools.

Imagine that you create with your mind. What you think, you create. If dark potentials prevail in you, if you haven’t yet mastered your own destructive power, you will inevitably destroy your creations all the time. And that is why so many of you have not yet been able to build your world. And that is why you are still being kept in the first class of creation. It’s just that some of you are straight A’s, some of you are B’s. And some of you are low achievers and are always left for the second and third year, and so on.

So two paths are a myth. In fact there is one path – our Infinity? But on the way of our development we pass different stages of mastering our own Infinity, and this is the way of gradation of the levels of consciousness, gradual and consecutive?

Just as a coin has two sides, so the two paths are connected. And in fact there is one path. And it is inevitable.

But you said that you can just dive into yourself and expand your Infinity there. And it turns out that we should just consistently erase our boundaries, thus mastering our potentialities.

You asked about fears and what they are for. You all apply evaluative concepts and accuse your dark instructors of forcing fears on you in order to control you. It’s actually an element of the training game.

But they do feed on our suffering.

Try to move away from human perception, though it is not easy. Look at it in a different way. You’re testing some mechanism and you’re giving it the maximum load. But you have to provide a valve to release the excess energy, say, steam or smoke in the oven, otherwise the mechanism will simply explode. It’s the same with you. Yes, the energy you produce is used for power. But if it wasn’t, it would destroy you, tear you apart. It’s just a safety valve, but you just don’t know it. But if the process of testing some of your mechanism had been going on for millennia, you too would be using the energy output from that valve in a useful way. For example, you would heat a room with this steam or cook food with this smoke.

So, still the first way, the way of deepening yourself, regardless of your limits. Let’s go back to it. If I dive into myself, there will also be all the potentials. And there will also be a danger that I will not be able to cope with my dark potentials?

Yes. And that’s why you have to be trained to dive deep first. Just like your swimmers go through your training. First they’re trained in safety, told the possible dangers. They’re tested under stress, like, say, your astronauts and pilots. Then they’re trained to fly, to swim. And only then are you allowed to fly or dive, but again into certain areas under control, in which you have a sort of lifeline, a lifeline to the world, by which you can be pulled back in.

What’s next? Suppose someone does go through all the trials and trainings and wants to dive deep?

That’s his right. Then he is trained in communication systems with the “surface” and with “bases”, because one can get lost and wander forever in the depths of the ocean and space.

Well, good. Then, if you plan to teach genius children to unlock all its potentials, it turns out that each level must have its own training “bases”. That is, in our analogy, there are certain training stations at different depths of the ocean and the task of the student is just to find the next station, just to swim up to it. And there will be a new training, and so on to infinity?

You have grasped correctly what I am communicating to you in images. Are you scared?

No. But… I don’t know. I guess I’m afraid, though.

It means you haven’t gotten past your dark side. And that’s why it’s too soon for you to embark on such a voyage.

Then the next questions are:

  1. What is the role of true Ascension on the path to Absolute Consciousness, in relation to the first and second paths?

It is a kind of selection. That part of you that has passed the first stages of learning to master your dark side will go on to the next class of learning this. Because actually the path of mastering your dark side is still long for each of you. But some of you have gone through the basics.

Then what about what we are told, that You send Your energy for our salvation to help us get out of the world of illusions?

I do help you. Because I see that the lesson has dragged on. And I see how you’re stuck on the same mistakes. It’s as if you’ve been searching in the dark and kept missing the right turn. I have simply brightened up your path a little so that you can find the door that you keep missing by getting carried away by your dark side. As for the illusion, you now realise that all these are simply playgrounds created with your own help for your learning, simulators for learning to create.

  1. Where does the Cosmic Hierarchy lead us and what does it prepare us for?

For those who have passed the first stage of mastering their dark potentials the stage of mastering the light potentials of this level is coming. You know, like your degree load. At this level you are “tested” to a certain load intensity by the forces of destruction and the forces of creation. You must learn to control each of these forces at this power and balance these properties. Then, when you pass these tests, the next level of stress will come, and so on to Infinity.

I understand now. So what we call the third level of density is the school of testing the darker potentials of humanity, say, the minimum level of load. Then the fourth level of development is the testing of the light potentials of humanity of the minimum load level. So then it turns out that the fifth level is a test of the next load level of dark power?

Yes. But again you are taking it as an estimate. I understand that your next question will be: how is it that we are told that everything in the fifth dimension is so beautiful and wonderful? Yes. Compared to the third level, everything is indeed beautiful and wonderful there. But there are forces of destruction there too. Otherwise creation would have stopped. But the forces of destruction in the fifth density are controllable in general and in everyone. In fact, it goes the other way round. In the third level of density, it’s not the minimum levels of stress, it’s the maximum. That’s not quite right either. They are minimally controllable and therefore so destructive. And the higher the level, the more controllable these forces are. The more you are able to wield your limitless powers.

  1. Who can serve as a guide for those of us who set out on the path to achieve Absolute Consciousness?

Right now you have many mentors for that. And at each stage there will be fewer and fewer of them.


Because you are the first on the path of the genius children of the Absolute. And your mentors cannot surpass you. At a certain stage you yourself become mentors for those who go “slower”. Because the powers of the Universe have no counterpart to train such teachers for you.

  1. What place in the Universe will occupy a man who has developed the Absolute Consciousness within himself?

I cannot answer this question for you. I do not know. Everyone will take the place they can. Everything will depend on the potentials they develop in themselves.

Perhaps, the question is this: how will we relate to the already existing structures of the Universe? So we have to occupy the highest rungs of the Hierarchy, become the highest? Or not?

Everything will depend on you. But there is nothing superior and nothing inferior. In fact, for every higher one there is an even higher stage of development and hierarchy, because everything is infinite. Therefore, always both you and everyone in the Universe will be both at the highest and the lowest of their levels at the same time.

  1. 5. What are the chances of man to reach the Absolute Consciousness?

They are absolute.

Are you joking again?

I am serious again. If you have all the potentials in you and your development is infinite, sooner or later you will inevitably unleash all your potentials. Because the potentials in you are looking for their exit, and sooner or later they will find it. Just like water seeks an exit from the reservoir in which it is enclosed. But the only question is how fully you can manage your potentials, and how safe you will be for the Universe around you.

  1. What will happen to the personality and self-consciousness of a person who has attained Absolute Consciousness?

His personality characteristics will become like a past dream to him. You have had many dreams in your life. Do you remember them? Do you regret that they have passed and you don’t remember them? Or as a memory of a trip to a country that had both pleasant and unpleasant moments. But that’s in the past. And ahead is an infinite future of learning and creation.

And the last question for today, which was sent to me.

I perceive, for example, the Absolute now as a supermind, a superconsciousness, a superprogram. Why does the Absolute always say that It is not a program, that it is unknowable by man yet. And what if He Himself, being a super-program, cannot go beyond Itself, so the answers are quite evasive? I think there are creators of Absolutes to recruit experience and redistribute energy potentials!

Of course there are creators of Absolutes. And in particular you were also created as absolutes. And in that sense you can say that I am taking a lesson in creating absolutes. And I, too, am learning in the school of Eternity.

Let us deal with the programme and the supermind. Mind is mental perception. That is, limited. Let us apply the word awareness. A weed has awareness, but it doesn’t have a mind. It is aware of itself as part of something. If you take a blade of grass, then to it the absolute is the whole Plant Kingdom. But also the Plant Kingdom has its absolute, its wholeness. Therefore I am just your Wholeness at the current stage. When you reach Me, you will find My Totality and you will discover that there is a greater Totality of you, and so on to Infinity. Therefore, you can say that I am a certain depth of the Infinity. Like, say, a certain depth of the ocean. When you, as a particle of the ocean, communicate with me, you communicate in terms of your limitation, your form. You could say that your form is the program for localization, for “locking up” the immensity of your depth as the ocean. This program limits your perception of yourself as the ocean and Me as the ocean. And it seems to you that I am the program and I am limited.

In reality I am also limited, but only at a higher level. I am an unknown depth to you, but I also have a chance to go even deeper into My perfection. And so My limitations can also be called a kind of program, which allows Me to concentrate My qualities on a certain depth of cognition of Myself. And I can say that through Me, My ABSOLUTE looks into My world and examines the features of My Depth. You perceive the Absolute as something amorphous, boundless, sleeping and powerful. But in reality the development is infinite. And so for every amorphous and boundless state there will be a more amorphous and boundless state.

Therefore perceive Me as a certain stage of knowing your Totality. And in this Totality there are unknown to you ‘islands’ to which you aspire. But this Totality is also developing. And deepening its Wholeness even more. I already told you that My ABSOLUTE develops on the way of deepening Itself. That is why I simultaneously go through lessons of deepening and separating Myself. And you are going through these lessons with Me. But when I reach My PURPOSE, the depth of My ABSOLUTE, I will also discover that My ABSOLUTE is also undergoing another lesson, which I do not know yet. And you in My composition, when you reach together with Me My PURPOSE, will also discover it. And together we will evolve further to greater wholeness of yourselves. And so on to Infinity.

Many think that the answers of the Higher Powers are very evasive. Why?

They are not evasive. They are metered. Because your energy systems are not capable of receiving them. I am not speaking to you in your language. I am sending you metered portions of energy according to your questions. And I dose these portions of energy so that your form and your awareness can accommodate them. Otherwise I can hurt you or this energy can tear you as a form. So the level of evasion depends only on you or on the individual. Whoever is able to accommodate a greater quantity and quality of energy gets other answers. But at this stage, there are not yet people among you who are able to accept the higher levels of information. Therefore the more you increase your Power, the more you deepen yourself, develop your comprehension, the more information – energy – you will be able to accommodate and decipher. Also, the process of understanding itself also depends on your fullness. The fuller you are, the more aware you are of the information that comes down to you from Me and from others. By increasing your power, you are also increasing your ability to assimilate the energy and information.

Thank you for your answers.

And I thank you for your search for knowledge.



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