Послания Высших Сил

Become the gateway to Absolute Potential

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My soul!

I have more questions about the structure of the universe from other people. Will you answer them?

Of course, I am glad to help you to know Yourself and Me.

‘The selfknowing Infinities are nested into each other like matryoshka dolls. This means that the largest of them must also be the smallest, otherwise the Infinities will not close.”

The infinities cannot be nested, for then they will have boundaries when the boundary of one infinity touches the boundary of another infinity. But worlds are nested in each other like matryoshkas. Or rather, levels of worlds. Layers of an onion. Each layer has its own form of unfolding Infinity. Infinity cannot be big or small. It has no boundaries or dimensions.

Well, OK. Then the first and the last Infinity.

There is no last one. There is an Infinity.

This is difficult for us to comprehend with our consciousness, in whose world everything has an end and a beginning. The Möbius strip example is closed-loop motion. So the Infinity has a closed contour too? That is, it is closed to itself and knows itself? There is nothing external to the Infinity?

It depends on what you call Infinity in this case. I am the Infinity for you. But for Me there is also My own Infinity.

So, in fact, there is no infinity? And there is just always something more than You at the given stage of Your development?

Yes, but there are an infinite number of such levels of knowledge. Every time You discover Yourself and Your Infinity, You open new horizons of new infinity.

I still do not understand. There is me, and You, as something more, is for me my Infinity. But You also have something more to You, Your Infinity, and so on. But if You, as Infinity, are closed to Yourself, how can You interact with this Your Infinity?

I am a part of It. For a cell of Your body You are its infinity. For You, the Cosmos is Your infinity. For Cosmos, I AM its Infinity. For Me, I am its Infinity.

I, as a self-contained Infinity know Myself within Myself in its closed contour of Infinity along the “Möbius ribbon”. But outside of Me there is another Infinity, and if I open My contour, I will become this very Infinity.

Does it turn out that You also have some contour, i.e. some forms? Does the Absolute have forms?

The Absolute has everything. That is why He is the Absolute. I am made up of forms and I am also formless. As manifested I manifest into forms, and as unrevealed I AM formless. “Inside” and “outside” in this case do not mean the boundaries of form, but only the way of knowing oneself. It is as if I am playing hide-and-seek with Myself, playing games, I am trying to deceive Myself and present Myself, formless and infinite, as forms. I am negotiating with Myself that for a time a part of Me, the infinite, will become a form with boundaries. As bubbles and waves are born in water.

What is the totality of all Infinities?

The totality of all infinities, the totality of all forms and formlessness, the totality of all that is manifested and not manifested, I AM One Consciousness, asleep or awake.

“Where does the impulse to unfold come from? Can it not originate in the Infinity which abides in Pure Being? So it comes from another Infinity, and in that Infinity where does it come from? What is the source?”

The impulse to unfold is unfathomable. It can be said to be a property of the One Consciousness. It pervades everything. Like a connecting link, like a thread upon which the worlds of the Infinite are strung.

This is all a beautiful comparison, but it does not give an answer. Where does it come from?

It is already there originally in every essence. In every point of unfolding consciousness.

“The Infinity’s reaction to an impulse reminds me something of Pavlov’s dog’s reaction to stimuli. The impulse comes, self-knowledge begins.”

The impulse doesn’t come. It just exists. It’s in everything. It is a property of every part of the Infinite Consciousness.

But because part of consciousness and part of the Infinity is not manifested, and therefore the impulse is not unfolded. And therefore it is not in this part either?

In this part the impulse is there in potential.

Why then does it manifest in some things and not in others? Who decides that? What does it depend on?

I’m looking for a comparison for you. What does it depend on, whether water will flow or not, if the property that is inherent in it is fluidity?

On whether it has a place to flow.

Exactly. If there are islets of impermanence in the Unified Consciousness, those are future riverbeds where water can flow.

But in the undeveloped part, the impulse is asleep.

No. It just unfolds slowly. You just can’t catch the speed of that unfolding. But perhaps I have chosen an unfortunate example. Another example with water. The property of water is wetness. It is intrinsic to water from the beginning and is there in all its forms. What does it take for water to know its wetness?

For someone from the outside to enter the water and feel its wetness and tell the water that it is wet. As long as no one has entered the river, the river does not know it is wet. But for someone to enter the river and tell the river that it is wet, it is necessary for that something or that someone to form from outside the river.

So the impulse, like the water’s moisture, can only manifest itself if there is something outside the water. That is, the impulse to unfold self-knowledge can only manifest if someone appears outside of infinity. But who gives the impulse to the manifestation of this somebody from outside?

It is difficult for your mind to embrace infinite concepts. Just accept that the impulse is a property of the Infinite One Consciousness.

You see, it’s more as if someone very big started an experiment and created some forms of consciousness, and now, like Pavlov’s dogs, guides the impulses and teaches them conditioned and unconditioned reflexes.

Almost so. But only the ‘greater consciousness’ itself is manifested in this dog and is a part of it. And it gives itself the impulse to check the action of this impulse on its part, which is in the form.

“Are there any other reactions of the Infinite to the Impulse, or is everything predetermined? Say, what happens if Infinity does not respond to the Impulse? By whom is this state of affairs established?”

Responding to the Impulse is everyone’s free choice. Each of you, each of My form reacts to this Impulse in its own way, differently. You perceive it as a whip that drives you or someone else to knowledge. But it is not so. The Impulse is like putting electricity into an appliance, which can be used in different ways. And the Impulse is the “switching on” of that “device”. It’s like waking up after a dream. When you wake up, who makes you go and explore the world? You get up and start your life activity the way you choose. It’s just that there are certain laws set in place for your life activity. You have to eat and drink, for example, in order for your form to exist in the physical world. But the form of knowing yourself and the reality surrounding you, the world around you, you take by yourself. And so the Impulse is just an awakening, a turning on of your consciousness. It’s like opening your eyes and seeing the world around you. Like turning on all your receptors of perception.

In the example of the electricity, there’s just the question of us being some sort of biorobots to which some operator is plugged in, trying to explore some uncharted depths in this way. You know, like operators driving a bathyscaphe or a robot explorer on an uncharted planet.

Why does this offend you? Every form is a sort of bathyscaphe for the placement of consciousness. After all, you are that operator! It is just that in the illusion of separation you forgot about it and got so carried away with your investigations that you identified yourself with this bathyscaphe, with this machine for the placement of the consciousness. To you, the machine is a lifeless piece of metal that performs certain commands by pressing certain keys. But there is nothing lifeless in the world. Everything that doesn’t have life decays into particles and can’t exist in form. So a machine that is not alive to you also has life. It is also a kind of life form, but its awareness is rudimentary. It manifests itself in a limited range for you, you do not coincide with it on impulses. Or rather, your coincidence is minimal and only exists in a certain range of frequencies. And that’s why your body is a kind of machine for placing a particle of consciousness. And that’s why you are that very operator. Only entering into many machines with your consciousness at the same time. You are a huge single consciousness, which simultaneously operates a multitude of form-machines. Some of those machines are more advanced. Some are less so. Some are aware of themselves as a set of constituents. Another part realizes itself as part of something bigger. As part of the vast mechanism of cognizing the Universe, of knowing and creating the world around you.

I’ll explain it to you. Sometimes it seems that nothing depends on us, that we are just controlled biorobots, which are played by gods for fun in this way. And so we are like pawns on a chessboard that are moved by higher players. What can a pawn depend on, until it is picked up by a player’s hand and moved to another square field, black or white? Or sacrificed that pawn for the queen. I read in one of the books that chess was given to us as a model of control by the Higher Hierarchs.

Doesn’t a pawn have a chance to become a queen?

Yes, but only if the player wishes it. Or rather, if the player leads his game correctly. And besides, the queen herself is also controlled by the player from above.

Why does that offend you?

Because nothing depends on the pawn. Because only the player decides whether the pawn moves on the black squares or on the white squares. Straight or askew. Or if he sacrifices a pawn for another piece.

Then just become the player, and you will control the pawns and queens.

Control? We’re being controlled all the time. It’s the reptiloids and the dark ones. Or light teachers. Somebody’s just having fun?

When you’re included in the Game, you’ll always be someone in the Game. A character, or a pawn, or a queen, or a reptiloid, or a human. You will be part of the Game. If you have accepted it and chosen it, you will obey its laws. But, according to the rules of the Game, any “pawn” can get out of it, and not just by being “eaten” by another piece, but simply by your choice. Besides, in that Game any pawn sooner or later becomes a queen. That is, it reaches a higher degree of consciousness, becomes bigger and more significant. And besides any pawn has an opportunity sooner or later to develop its power and consciousness to such an extent that it becomes a player itself, or rather to feel it, to remember being a player.

In your chess, the pieces move around the board with the hands of the players. But in the Universe “pieces” move on the “boards” of worlds with the power of thought. The power of Thought of the Creator includes movement in any form and in any piece. But it is the same thought of the Game and its development. Once the Creator thought about the Game of the Universe, and this thought, according to the laws of the One Consciousness, did not disappear but began to develop and expand, and the particles of this thought became small “pawns” on the field of the Game. And when the fractions of this thought are not aware of their belonging to the main constituent Thought of the Creator, they feel like ‘pawns’. When all the particles of the Thought of the Creator gather together, then the Creator Himself feels both “pawn” and “queen” and the whole “chessboard” at the same time. But this game of chess is also instructive for you because you can see the ranks of the playing pieces, their different possibilities. Each piece has its own objective and its own way of moving. And there’s a hierarchy of the pieces. From the smallest to the largest.

“Does Infinity have other ways of development than knowing itself?”

Infinity has many paths. But I cannot answer your question explicitly. Because the very ways of unfoldment are cognized by the Infinity itself, cognized by Me, for I am your Infinity. One can only give an approximate analogy. As in your world you cognize the height, the length and the depth, so the Infinity has many parameters of cognition and unfolding. Speaking in the language of your three-dimensional concepts, you can deepen yourself, you can lengthen yourself, you can expand yourself. And if the number of dimensions is not three but more, when they are infinitely many, then there are also many ways of unfolding the Infinity. An infinite multiplicity.

Is knowledge of the self and unfolding the self the same thing?

Yes. And it can also be called by many other names. Mastering the self, perceiving the self, learning the self. The unfolding into oneself. Taking up new peaks and horizons of the self. But all this is simply the unfolding of points of Infinity, points of potentials of the Self.

“Have there been attempts in previous unfoldments to create absolutes, and if so, how did they end?”

No, this is the first attempt. At any rate, My first attempt.

So other absolutes have had such attempts?

Yes, but that is a different story. These are completely different worlds, beyond your perception and understanding. Someday you may grow your consciousness to master them.

How deep do you have to go into yourself to become an Absolute?

To become an Absolute, you just have to dissolve Yourself. Dissolve all the boundaries that separate you from Me.

I guess what you mean is: to become a mini-absolute.

This you will tell Me. I am absolutely deep and My depths are beyond measure. How deep can you dive into Me, into yourself, to connect with Me on a new level, to become Me in the held potential?

In a held potential?

Let’s compare it to a computer network. You are a work station. And you can carry out your work in a certain range of functions. But then you have the Internet connected to you and you begin to realize that there are not only other workstations with which you communicate visually and briefly, but there is also a more powerful computer. A base station, which has an unlimited memory capacity and processing speed. You – as individual workstations can simply merge into a common network, thus increasing your capacity to receive and process information all together. This is the way of humanity’s development through detached forms.

But you look for other ways. And some of you find a way to connect to a global central station. To a colossal computer and databases with unlimited possibilities. And if you can connect to that global computer, you can have all its capabilities, all its outputs, all its power, all its information. And you will effectively become it. You will become a remote access to it. That is, you will not just become a point of potential, but you will become an Entrance to the ABSOLUTE CAPACITY. And thus you will be able to unfold all the potentialities of the Absolute through you. The moment you turn off your workstation function, you will practically be him, but at the same time you will retain your separateness, while possessing all his potentialities.

And he, as the central computer, will be able to go through you to point perception, to work in workstation mode. See your world through your eyes. Right now, only direct communication works. I, as the ‘central computer’, look through my workstations to their unfolding worlds. But they have not yet tapped into My perception as wholeness, as absoluteness, of all My possibilities. But sooner or later each workstation will find entry into Me through itself and become Me, retaining its individuality.

“What will happen to the outer Self when one plunges into oneself? For example, who is the Buddha now, having immersed himself deeply in himself?”

It’s all up to you, what you choose. The external self for you will only be a background, a memory, a dream. But you can come back to that recollection of yourself as an individuality at any time if you want to. As for the Buddha, his consciousness explores the worlds he discovers and merges with them. He also remembers himself as a person, only as a memory of himself.

“Even Immanuel Kant proved that no empirical methods can prove the reality of our material world. And is there any proof of the existence of the spiritual world? Because it is easy to assume that there is nothing at all: no Absolutes, no Universe, no Earth, except our own consciousness, which sleeps and dreams.”

There really is nothing, except Consciousness that sleeps and dreams. Or Consciousness that unfolds and unfolds and creates its own dreams.

I was told that only the Creator of our World sleeps, that he is still very young and therefore sleeps and learns in his sleep. And that there is also a waking reality.

“Waking reality” is just another dream of another creator. What is a dream in your perception?

I don’t know what to answer you. When my physical shell partially shuts down and my consciousness works in a different mode.

Then we can say that sleep is when the current form partially disconnects and works in a different mode. Also all worlds are simply different modes of consciousness and form, or rather, consciousness working in form. Therefore, what is reality for one form is reality for another form is a dream. Variety of forms gives birth to variety of realities that can be called both dreaming and waking. Depending on how you relate to this reality, what is the extent of your connection to this reality.

The spiritual world and the physical world differ only in the level of vibration of the energy which forms matter, or other degrees of vibration of energy. Therefore, if you believe that there is a material world, then at the same time you allow for the existence of the spiritual world. Because they are simply different degrees of variation of energy. You simply have not comprehended these levels of energy yet, you are just beginning this comprehension. And, in fact, who needs proof of the existence of the spiritual world? Can you prove that you exist?

I can see myself, I can feel pain.

But all those things are just signals in your brain. It’s possible to assume that it’s just your mind playing a very skillful reality simulator that sends perception signals to your brain, and you think you can see yourself and feel pain. In reality, there is just a point of taking the signals. There is you as a form separate from the signal transmitter.

So it’s you that’s transmitting the signals?

No. It’s the Whole Being that transmits the signals. The Whole Being emits wave signals which are perceived by other forms and refracted in their consciousness into various perceptions, realities, pictures, touch, games, dreams and so on. And each of the forms, you could say so, invent their own ways of receiving and decoding the signals. So in fact the whole world can be thought of simply as flashes of Light, flashes and dances of energies.

Thank you for so patiently explaining the basics to me.

I am interested in your insights. And always they are: you are Me. So you give thanks to yourself.


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