Послания Высших Сил

Gifts of Creation

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, My soul!

Shall we continue with the questions that are sent to me?

I am listening to you.

“Have you ever touched the subject of creating sentient beings? Not just thoughtforms or programmes that perform certain actions, but energy that has its own intelligence like us? Is that possible for humans? I’m not saying to embody it in earthly life, life on a subtle level would suffice. Probably the nearest being would be an egregore. But I don’t want to call it that, it is something else. It is, rather, a part of me that evolves on its own, has its own intelligence. Perhaps it is forbidden or restricted in this world, I just can’t do otherwise anymore.

Is it possible for a person, particularly me, to create a thought-form that has its own consciousness?”

This is a big and interesting topic. And I am glad we are touching on it. What do you mean by consciousness?

Awareness of oneself, I guess.

That is to say, someone or something who is conscious of himself, is aware that he (it) exists.

How do you understand consciousness?

It’s a little more complicated, although you’re on the right track. How can you understand that you exist?

I can touch myself, see myself, feel myself.

Suppose all of that is not there because the physical form is just a garment for Consciousness. Suppose you cannot open your eyes and hear anything, and nobody touches you.

Then I am thinking. That is, “I am thinking, so I exist”. So it turns out that in order to create an intelligent thought-form you have to be able to think?

What is thought?

Rather, I should ask You that.

A thought is a clot of energy, localized, colored with certain qualities. The energy is released into a clot, that is, into a form within you that becomes relatively independent. It is not quite you, but at the same time it is you, because it is your energy, and it is in you and comes out of you.

So it turns out that thought is also a form and that is what we say: Thought-form? Then it turns out that in the world of formlessness there are no thoughts and nobody thinks?

Yes. There are other processes going on there. So. Thought is the energy that you form, your creation, your creation. That thought has all your qualities in potential, but it is only a truncated part of you. Does it remind you of anything?

It reminds me of us. I’ve already realised that we are thought-forms of God.

Yes. That’s true. But God is also someone else’s thought-form. Then how are you different from God?

In scale and wholeness, I think.

Correct. God is a more powerful being, and His thoughtforms have enough of His energy to allow those energies to think and create on their own. Thought-forms.

So a thought-form does not mean a design of my thought, but a Thinking Form?

Yes. Because your thoughts are often just clumps of energy. The amount of this energy is most often not enough for the detached blob of energy to become aware of itself and to think as an independent entity. But if a magician possesses the power of thought, i.e. such power of his energy, which enables him to endow his thoughts with the ability to realise himself, this is the creation of thought-forms. Most of your thoughts are either pre-set programmes that you send to the space. Or simply unformed clots of your energy, which you also send out on their own journey. So you were once sent on a journey of your own and you can’t find your way back.

Now let’s move on to terms and knowledge that you can understand. Plant world. Every blade of grass has an independent awareness, it is aware of itself, but it does not think, it only perceives. And so it has a thinking centre and a creation centre, this one Spirit of the Plant Kingdom, which also sends its creations out on their own voyage in the ocean of being. This blade of grass works according to a certain program in it, it exists only within this program and can only fulfill it.

Can you say that a blade of grass is not alive, that it has no consciousness? No. It is just that its degree of awareness is small. The amount of energy allocated to its form is not enough for the fullness of awareness of more, more information, more perception. But the grass itself, nevertheless, with its deepest essence, feels its connection with its Oneness, with its belonging to the Plant Kingdom.

The next stage, the animals. They are already more independent, but they also do not think. Their connection with the Oneness of the animal kingdom is more severed than that of a blade of grass, but still they also do not have enough energy in their form to be able to think. And so already the species consciousness thinks for them. If we go down to microcosm, say, from blade of grass to molecule and cell, we see the same thing there, that is, the degree of consciousness is increasingly lost. The cell is a living organism, but it works more and more according to the program and has minimal awareness.

The degree of awareness at your level is related to the degree of freedom of choice. And the degree of freedom of choice is related to the amount of information about the world, the amount and characteristics of what you can choose from. When you only know about two colours, black and white, you can only choose from a black and white variation of the world. But when you know the seven colours of the rainbow, your choice expands. But even now your colour choices are very limited because the colours are actually countless. But your level of awareness doesn’t allow you to comprehend this magnificence and variety of colours. So you choose from seven colours and their shades to begin with.

On the other hand, this step-by-step selection is conditioned by the necessity of cognition of each colour separately. If the infinite spectrum of colours would be submitted to you at once for cognition, your cognitive device, your perception would be overloaded, in your head there would be a mess from mixture of these colours. That is the separation of cognition, its detailing, enables you to know the qualities of the whole spectrum of energy possibilities in a consistent way.

So your level of consciousness – and therefore your level of perception availability, and therefore your level of creation – depends on your power. We can take the example of electricity. If you are a weak conductor, a thin wire, you cannot conduct powerful currents through yourself and therefore you cannot illuminate a large area to see all the details of what is happening on it. And the electric current itself is the same in all networks. It differs only in the strength of its conductor. Do you understand? There are no weak and strong currents. There are weak and strong current conductors. So it is with you. There is the One Consciousness – the “current”, the energy, which includes all the totality of qualities, all the available power. But your ‘conductor’, your form, does not allow these powerful currents of energy to pass through you. Only “weak currents” reach you. And these weak currents can illuminate only a limited picture of perception, only some parts of the Universe.

It is the same with thinking. One of the main qualities of Intelligent Energy is the ability to conceive. And if Intelligent Energy has enough potential, i.e. enough power, – it will release from itself an amount of energy, enough for the released form to be able to realize itself – also to think. Therefore, your power at the moment is not enough to isolate the thought-form, the thought that will acquire its own awareness and its own thought-making. That is, you are not yet capable of singling out yourselves.

But you are constantly singling out your thought-programs, which, like wandering currents, travel through the subtle worlds and are looking for the merger with the ones of your kind. And so the thoughts of many people on the same subject, let us say, fear of war, may merge and build up their power, and then these thoughts may create a thought-form. THAT IS A FORM OF CREATION IN ITS OWN RIGHT. This is how aggregors, what you call egregors, are created.

An aggregor is not a thinking creator, but a program, a union of similar programs into a certain unity that begins to live an independent life and has its own awareness. Can we say that such a program thinks? No. It is the same as thinking that a blade of grass thinks. But this program has a certain stability of reproduction. The problem is that all of you, directing your thoughts to the aggregors, are not aware of that, you do not control the process itself. That is to say, if a hundred people consciously, purposefully managed to combine their mental efforts for creating certain structures they would choose, they could move mountains with the power of their thoughts. Which is what your priests did in ancient times.

But the challenge is that each of you can also learn to control your thoughts and build up your power enough to become an independent creator.

You could also compare it to learning how to drive a car or any vehicle. First the child is given a scooter and the principle of the wheels is explained. Then a bicycle, and so on, until he or she learns to control himself or herself and these vehicles. Because it is dangerous to put him behind the wheel of a car right away, it is dangerous for him as well as for others.

That is why your form is designed for such volume of energy, when you are already aware of yourself as a form and think. That is you have an opportunity to create your own kind. But in order to do this you need a certain power. And to build up your power you need to go through certain stages of unity and training, so you can create your own kind. You are a symbiosis. In some part you are just a program that creates, say, the reproduction of the cells of your body, your automatic life support. And on the other hand, this program already has more power to think for itself and to be aware of its own separateness and to be aware of itself as a creative energy.

But on this path of separation the connection with Me, with the Source of Everything, is lost. The weed still feels its connection with the Plant Kingdom and acts in accordance with its goals. But you are detached from your realm, from the Planetary Consciousness. And so you cannot create directly. But you can build up your power either by uniting with the power of others (and this is how your collective meditations work) or you can build up your power of creation from within to connect to the One Source of all, to His power. But for that you lack the power of your guides. And that is why in order to create independent thought-forms, i.e. yourselves, you have to change your form to a more powerful one, in order to pass more energy through it.

But even now there is still some giving of your energy, some acts of creation. For example, children’s toys. A child loves some of his toys so much that sometimes he gives them a certain clot of energy, puts a part of his soul into them. And the fact that some toys talk to children is not a figment of their imagination, but the result of their first steps of creation. But you, adults, do not believe them and thus shut out their faith in themselves and such possibilities.

Also, all of you have favourite things where you also put your energy, your thoughts. And that’s why these things are so hard to part with. Or another example: a work by a musician or a composer, a book or a painting, a work of art. Why do a lot of people go and look at paintings and sculptures? Because the energy of their creator, the artist or sculptor, remains in them. And it is this energy that attracts people. Some of those paintings and sculptures look like they are alive and they look as if they are about to come off a canvas or a pedestal. It’s also a form of creation. And there are a lot of examples like that.

So there is nothing forbidden in the sense of creation. But just your power in this world is not enough for independent creation of thought-forms, i.e. thinking forms.

“Souls before incarnation work through all possibilities for better development and experience. We are all One, so we have one soul for all. And all the beasts and others? They too have a collective soul, after all. Who works through all the burdens of their lives with them?

Shouldn’t we humans have the same collective soul as the beasts? After all, we are all animals…

And just a thought further… plants… are also one with us, aren’t they? So who started dividing us, I don’t get it? … us? … or our Consciousness? … …are we just in the process of dividing?”

You are all one in your Creator. As you are all His thoughtforms. But the level of the soul is the level of power, not just the level of separation. The soul of an individual is more powerful compared to the soul of a blade of grass. But the soul of the Plant Kingdom is a more powerful union of souls than the soul of a single person. The level of separation is also the level of power. And so is the level in the Hierarchy of Creators. A weed cannot create because it cannot think. An animal can think, but still its power is not enough to create a thought-form. You can think and create thoughtforms. But your power is not enough to make that thoughtform an independent creation.

Let’s imagine a splash. Here they are scattered and fall on, say, the glass. And then some of the splashes attracted and formed some configurations. And some are so small that they continue to look for who they will be attracted to, but they cannot choose their own path. You are all splashes of creation. This is how souls were formed. The fireworks of the splatter of the Creator’s thoughtforms created this separation. And now the like is attracted to the like. And every collective soul is such a symbiosis of splatter. It is just that you, as humans, resemble those ‘splashes’ that have not joined the other ‘blobs’ that have formed, and continue to wander in search of their unity. But at the same time, they are of sufficient size to make their way in search of their unity, their “blob”. But if all these splashes on the glass are simply merged together, you get a single “blob” of Planetary Consciousness, which is also scattered by this firework of Creation into pieces, but is actually a unity. That is why you feel your kinship with nature, with the animal world, with the plant world. That is why you want so much to touch them, touch them. This is an inner aspiration towards unity. To the unity of the Planetary Consciousness.

There is another comparison. In order to pass a certain section, a river goes down into a tunnel. This tunnel branches off into a multitude of other tunnels and channels. And thus the Single Consciousness is divided into a multitude of streams, each of which is it, but at the same time, a separate part. This is how the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, humanity exists. Can we say that humanity is one with the Animal Kingdom? Yes, it was one before entering the “tunnel” and its fork. But this spectrum of water has chosen this particular direction of its flow, its development. And so this part of the Stream of Awareness is now called ‘humanity’. And the conditions of its “flowing” along the “stream”, along the “tunnel of consciousness”, are its conditions of awareness, the conditions of its existence.

But the “stream” of the Plant Kingdom “flows” in a different “channel”. For example, imagine that in your “stream of consciousness” at once divided into non-intersecting tunnels, and each of them flows separately, striving to connect. And, say, the ‘stream’ of the Plant Realm periodically spills out into a multitude of streams, but very often merges back into a single stream. So they are simply different configurations of energy flow. Divine energy. And the ‘tunnel’ itself, the ‘channel’ itself, which unites all these ‘corridors’ and streams, is the separation of the Single Consciousness into the Planetary Consciousness. And the “water” coming into this “tunnel of consciousness” is the One Consciousness. And, having burst into the tunnel of consciousness, the Single Consciousness aspires to a merger, to a fusion, because this is Its natural quality. But as it splits into “streams” and “tunnels” of consciousness, it starts to lose connection with the Unity and begins to recognize Itself and exist within the framework of the existing corridor of consciousness, to live and create according to its rules. According to the rules dictated by the form in which this consciousness is clothed.

And what’s all this for?

To know all the facets of yourself. All of your Perfection.

And here’s a reflection:

“A couple of days ago I woke up at half past five in the morning to find that in my sleep I began to understand the meaning of words, as if a property had been revealed. I saw the word and clearly understood what it meant. And I woke up because I read the word “creator”… I saw that it didn’t come from the word “create”, not at all… but from the word “thief”! … I woke up in shock. We are not creators… we’re thieves, we’re parasites… it was creepy…”

What is a thief? It is someone who has taken something that is foreign in your understanding. But if one understands and realises that there is no such thing as a stranger and one’s own, then there can be no thieves. If we go deeper into this analogy, the Creator is the one who has taken a part of the Divine energy and uses it at his own discretion. But he did not take this energy himself! It was initially given to him by the Supreme Creator with His conscious intention. By His free choice He released some of His energy from Himself for its independent existence as a thinking form. You all use the Creator’s energy for your own sustenance, and you may, of course, call this parasitism. But do you call your children parasites? After all, the child grows in the mother’s body and expends her energy. Would you call it a parasite? No. It’s a part of the mother, a beloved child. And she voluntarily gives her energy to it not only during fetal maturation, but also after birth.

If you, as a mother, realise that you and the child are one, will you share your energy between yourself and him? For a mother it is inseparable. But if you live in the paradigm of separateness that has been imposed on you, it seems that all the time someone is stealing from someone else. And many of you begin to act in the same way.

In fact, nothing can be taken for free. That’s the way of the world. And once taken, you also have to give it back. But not in the paradigm of separation. But in the paradigm of Oneness. This means that if you’ve taken something from a specific person, it doesn’t mean you have to give it to them. Ultimately, everything is given to the One. Therefore it does not matter to whom exactly to give, but the quantity and quality of the taken should be equal to the quantity and quality of the given. An equal exchange. Therefore do not wait for recompense for your deeds from particular people. You are Oneness. You are in Me. And it is only to Me that each of you should return those gifts of the Spirit, which were given to you. The gifts of life and awareness. The gifts of creation. All of you must multiply these gifts and return them. Multiply, so that part of it may be kept and part of it (the one that was occupied) be returned. That is why we are One Whole, and our task is to expand our consciousness to a higher level. And in this, you are My helpers, My instruments of cognition and expansion.

And so there is no notion of stealing, there is just constant energy exchange in the Unified Field of Consciousness. And there is no need to look for someone to blame. Because sooner or later, everything given will return to you in full, to Me in full, for this is how it is organized.

So, if someone just eats my energy, it is authorized by You? It is like giving to You, is it normal? What about free will?

If you think in the paradigm of separation, then you exist within the freedom of choice. When you have different directions of choice, it is no longer Oneness. Divergence is not unity. Oneness is similarity. Therefore, if you rise to Oneness, to Wholeness, the degree of freedom of choice is reduced, because there is no longer your private choice, but the choice of your Oneness. For example, the choice of Planetary Consciousness. Within this Planetary Consciousness your energy is just a little piece of energy, which perhaps needs to be infused at this moment into another part of the Planetary Consciousness for its vitality and awareness.

Therefore as soon as you begin to perceive your Oneness you do not have to give it away involuntarily or to feed it. Won’t you give the last piece of bread to your sick child? Learn to see all processes in Oneness. And many resentments and questions will fall away on their own. You should understand in this case that if energy is taken from you by someone, then in the framework of the Oneness Paradigm it has a meaning which you are not able to comprehend yet. And within the same Oneness Paradigm you must understand and believe that your loss will also be compensated for if it threatens your livelihood. Where from, when – you need not worry, because your Oneness, the One Consciousness to which you belong and which you are trying to cognize, will take care of everything.

Thank You, Father!

We are One, my daughter!



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