Послания Высших Сил

The boundless ocean of Spirit

Hello, Absolute! Speak to me.

Hello, my soul. I am listening to you.

Comment, if I may, on some thoughts that are sent to me.

“It seems to me that as a result of the arrival of the impulse the Pure Being divides into three components: Spirit, Energy and Consciousness. Consciousness is the most active part of the triad, it is the creating force, Energy fills Consciousness’s creations with life, and Spirit is the substance with which Consciousness works, through which and from which it realizes its creations. If we compare this process to painting a canvas, then Consciousness is the brush with which the painting is done, Energy is the paints that fill it with content, and Spirit is the canvas itself on which the painting is done. Thus Spirit is the most unchanging part of the triad, Energy is represented to us in the image of the Mother of the World, and Consciousness, the most active part, is represented in the image of

the Absolute.”

It is all inseparable. There is nothing but Spirit, He is eternal and infinite. When Spirit manifests from nothingness, as you wake up in the morning, He manifests Absolute Consciousness. This Spirit, identifying Himself, realising Himself as essence and Oneness, manifests His certain qualities. And you call these qualities energy. Energy itself, as a quality, is an inherent property of Spirit. When He is not manifested and is aware of Himself as Consciousness, these qualities sleep in Him as potentials. When He manifests from nothingness, from the Void and manifests Himself as Consciousness, these qualities immediately manifest with Consciousness. Therefore, in your analogy, both the canvas and the brush and the paints are all variations of the manifestation of Spirit, of HIM.

Another comparison could be made. Darkness. But suddenly the beam of a torch flashes. The torch itself emerges from the darkness only when it is turned on. And the energy stored in its battery is just waiting to be turned on. Where does the light coming from the torch come from? The light in this analogy is Spirit, which manifested out of the darkness and immediately acquired its basic property of energy, which was just dormant in its batteries, waiting to be turned on.

But someone is turning on the torch. Who turns you on?

The Impulse that comes to Me, as to everything. All that is manifested is a consequence of the Impulse of Creation, which comes from outside and from within. These concepts are inseparable. This Impulse is also incomprehensible to Me. For I am manifested already and only when this Impulse is manifested in Me and simultaneously with its manifestation.

Maybe Your ABSOLUTE sends You this Impulse?

Yes, but also My ABSOLUTE receives this Impulse. And this Impulse pervades all the manifested and non-manifested. And the manifested is a consequence of the impulse’s arrival to the unrevealed.

But part of the Universe exists in the form of dark energy and dark matter. The dark energy is an undeveloped Spirit. So the Impulse does not come in all parts of You?

The Impulse does not come in parts. The Impulse comes into everything at the same time. Where does the Impulse come to when you wake up? There are just different speeds of the unfolding of consciousness, its manifestation.

It’s not clear to me. If all Spirit is homogeneous, and there are all the potentials in Him at once, why does consciousness unfold at different speeds? Is the intensity of the Impulse different?

No. Because the unfolding of consciousness is creation. And creation is individual. A sleeping consciousness does not create. Spirit is sleeping. But here He manifests as consciousness and already individualizes Himself. It realizes Itself as manifested and then starts to realize Its basic qualities, It starts to unfold Its potentials, It starts to create. For the manifestation of Spirit as consciousness is creation. And this creation goes at different speeds.

Like an artist paints a picture gradually, piece by piece, filling in the blank page. It is a creative process. One cannot say that the Spiritualist contemplates what He should paint on the canvas. He simply tries different possibilities of His manifestation, and in this way the creation of the world is born.

But then it turns out that time is an inherent property of Consciousness and a potential property of Spirit. If all the parts of Spirit are not awakened and manifested, are they, as it were, delayed?

Time is one of the qualities of consciousness. Because manifested consciousness is still different from unrevealed consciousness. By intensity, by the speed of its unfolding. Therefore, time, as a fixation of degrees of change and manifestation, is also a quality of consciousness. When consciousness is asleep, time is not manifested as a characteristic of that consciousness. When you sleep in a deep sleep without dreams, you are not aware of time. You are not aware of it. Even though your body is performing its metabolisms like clockwork, your consciousness is not aware of time. At that moment it sinks into the emptiness of non-existence. But then, obeying the Impulse which is born in you, when you wake up not by the alarm clock but by yourself, you wake up and begin to identify yourself as a separate consciousness. And then every second you change. You awake is different from you getting out of bed. And so, as soon as you become aware of yourself, time is included, it is a property of the change of Spirit, one of the characteristics of the change of Spirit manifested in consciousness.

But we are told that time does not exist. That time has no meaning.

On the scale of the Universe, time has no meaning because creation is eternal. On the scale of the Universe there is no past, present and future, there is only the eternal One. This One does not change under the influence of time, as you think and as you see in your world. Only the form of manifestation of this One changes. The eternal One at once has all the qualities of possible changes, it contains all the manifested and the unrevealed. But when consciousness manifests, its movement, its development is marked by the marks of time. These marks simply distinguish the past you from the present you. These marks show the speed of your development. They are simply a property of the movement. For if a person is standing still, there is no movement and there is no indication of the speed of his movement. But if a man has set out on a journey, there are kilometre markers that tell him how much he has travelled. A man standing still and a man on the move are one and the same person, but his states are different. And in order to mark the changes of his states, there is time as a marker of change of state.

When the consciousness manifests itself and starts to manifest itself into different forms, then this consciousness becomes individualized in forms, i.e. manifests itself individually, with differences. And to express, to identify these differences, time is born. All that is manifested in forms is different in form, but has the same content. But in order to distinguish these forms, time is manifested. As a property inherent in the procedure of distinguishing forms, of individualizing them.

I read somewhere that time is as intelligent and there is as much essence as anything in the Universe.

The degree of reasonableness is determined by power, and hence the degree of proximity to Source. The degree of reasonableness is also determined by the functions that this or that essence performs in the system of the Universe. The farther away from Source, the lower the degree of reasonableness, that is, the degree of awareness of the Oneness. The degree of reasonableness is the degree of awareness of itself by Oneness and its role in this Oneness. Therefore it is impossible to call time as reasonable. It is just energy, which exists to create forms. One of the qualities of energy. Time is what allows forms to be different from each other. It is part of the process of formation. For example, money is also energy that you pass to each other in the form of coins or notes. But you wouldn’t say that money energy is intelligent. It is simply the energy of mutual exchange, which is coloured in one way or another according to its owner.

We are told: the space-time continuum. What is that?

A set of characteristics of the manifestation of forms, the process of formation. When a form is detached, it must be distinct from the Spirit that detached it and from other forms, it must have boundaries. And so the form itself and that which is outside of that form is born. And so the space of forms is born, so it manifests. Then each form containing Spirit begins its individual manifestation. And its movement and development, its creation is fixed by the energy meter of time. It is possible to imagine that each step of the essence is as if strung on a thread of time. On the energetic thread of time. Time is a kind of connecting thread of all changes of the form, an indicator of the binding of these changes to this form.

Visionaries see bubbles of awareness attached to luminous threads of awareness. Are those threads time?

Yes, you could say so. Those threads are the identification of awareness by certain parameters. Among them is time. Time exists for everybody, but everybody realizes it in different ways. The smaller, the less powerful the essence, the faster time passes for it. It can be said that time exists for all the qualities of Spirit to unfold in the essence. And the more powerful the form of the Spirit, the longer it takes to unfold all the potentialities of the Spirit enclosed in the form. If we compare a molecule and, say, a galaxy, for a molecule time is almost instantaneous, because in a certain time it can unfold all the qualities of Spirit inherent in it, it is small in comparison with all Spirit, because it is separated into a small form. The galactic essence and form compared to the molecule is eternal, because the unfolding of all the potentials of Spirit in it requires more time, because it is a very powerful essence.

“We know from previous messages from the Forces that the purpose of the evolution of the Absolute is self-knowledge, but what is the purpose of the evolution of Energy and Spirit?”

When you separate this, you have the question of different goals of evolution. When it is one, the purpose is one. Self-knowledge is an inherent property. It is impossible for Spirit not to know Himself. For in Him sleeps the potential of self-knowledge. The very unfolding into the manifested world and into the world of forms is self-knowledge and cognition of those forms. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you begin the process of self-knowledge. And all your day and part of your night you are engaged in self-knowledge. Even when you do nothing, you are still engaged in self-knowledge. Because every action you take is self-knowledge.

You said that every manifestation of mine is a creation.

Yes, your thought is creation, and this is also an inherent property of the Spirit, an inherent property of Me. You cognize exactly what you create and what others create. This is the act of selfknowledge. You come to know your creation. You cognize Creation every second and nanosecond of your time. The goal in the human sense does not exist as a horizon to be aspired to.

Aspiration itself is the goal. Aspiration itself is an inherent property. Just as a fish cannot fail to swim because it is built that way. As a star cannot fail to shine. So any manifestation of Spirit, by manifesting, is already realizing a goal. But not as a horizon to achieve, but as its inherent quality. Manifestation is creation, and it is an inherent quality. Any form, manifesting into form, simply cannot help creating and therefore cannot help knowing its creations. And this process is inseparable. Emergence is creation, and there is cognition, and there is development. It is all a simultaneous process and cannot be separated.

So when you say that the purpose of Absolute Spirit is self-cognition, it does not mean that today Spirit has suddenly decided to know Himself and has unfolded into consciousness. No. Spirit sleeps in an undeveloped state. But then comes the eternal Impulse of Creation which awakens Spirit from nothingness. It is the goal. It can be said that the goal is the realization of the Impulse of Creation, which is an inherent property of Spirit. By manifesting, Spirit realizes its basic quality – Creation. And, having created its manifestation, it knows it. Because this is the only way to manifest: by knowing itself.

“The Soul is the manifested Spirit encapsulated in form. The limitlessness of Spirit and His possibilities of expression gives birth to an infinite number of Souls, the totality of which is our Absolute.

The soul is the manifested Spirit in form. But the sum of all the souls does not give the Absolute. There is no linear mathematics at work here. Quantum maths is at work here. The Absolute is much greater than the sum of all souls, for there is the Self unrevealed, the Self manifested, and the Self in the stage of manifestation. Moreover, since I am a part of My ABSOLUTE and am quantum connected to It, the infinity of My ABSOLUTE is present in Me, just as My infinity is present in each of you. But My ABSOLUTE does not manifest itself in the form of souls. Therefore, there is no linear addition, but there is a One Whole. The principle of singularity.

The point is infinity, realise this. You look at a point and realise that it is Infinity. If you draw a set of points, in linear mathematics you will have a set of infinities, because a point is Infinity. But it is not. The Infinity is one, and its points are many, like, say, the doors in a huge room. But this comparison is wrong, for the room has boundaries. And Infinity has no boundaries. But here this boundless Infinity has exit points of its consciousness, points of manifestation. Let us imagine it with another analogy. Suppose there is a huge bubble that contains gas. Or a balloon. And so, depending on the pressure of the gas, there are cracks and bursts in different parts of the walls of this bubble, and the gas bursts out through pinholes of different sizes and manifests as steam or jets of air. But this analogy is wrong too, because the balloon has a shape and boundaries. And the Void and Infinity has no shapes and boundaries. But this Infinity and Void manifests as points of awareness. And the sum of these points will not give the whole Infinity.

“The Absolute’s awareness of the trinity and triggers the process of evolution, and the idea of creation of forms triggers the process of creation of Souls. However, the Souls need the life force that the Energy gives them to evolve.”

The Absolute is not triune. It is multiple. He has all the potentials in Him. Triunity is a form of creation inherent in your world. The Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Father, as the unrevealed. The Son, as that which is manifested. The Holy Spirit as that which is manifested. The Father is formless. The Son is the form of creation. The Holy Spirit as the binding quality of the Father and the Son, who are inseparable and one. But the Father and the Son are one – Spirit. Absolute Consciousness, manifested in the form of the Creator of your world, is manifested as the Father realizing Himself as One Consciousness. The Son is the form of His manifestation. The Holy Spirit is their Oneness, that which is one and the same in them, which is their essence – Spirit. And all this manifesting is the energy of certain qualities that are born with the manifestation.

We are talking about the unfolding impulse. But there is also an impulse of unwinding. Where does it come from?

It is the same impulse. In one part the creation unfolds, in another part it unfolds. It’s like breathing, flowing from one area to another, like in communicating vessels.

But I read that each essence produces energy of a certain quality in order to fill the higher deity, which thus expands, evolves and learns the world. And so, sooner or later, each essence must lose its form, become part of the higher deity that fills. And that deity, in turn, fills an even more powerful higher deity. And so to infinity. Is this so?

This is a somewhat approximated view, a view from separation. It is difficult for you to realise the unity of the whole process. Because, in fact, the boundary is a convention, and the forms are also an illusion of separation. Let us better picture it in the form of the ocean and its currents. Can we say that the currents of water in the ocean fill some part of it? In principle yes. But at the same time the volume of the ocean does not change. Simply its parts move within it. The property of water is to flow. And that’s why water can’t not flow. It flows into open spaces and areas, it flows depending on pressure and temperatures generating flows, it flows along magnetic lines, and so on. If it does not flow but stagnates, it becomes a swamp. In the same way, within the Oneness of God, or Me, there are their ‘currents in the ocean’. Currents in the ocean bring to different other waters certain properties of the incoming water: temperature, schools of fish and underwater animals. And in this way the parts of the ocean come into contact with each other and learn from each other and complement each other. Can we say that one current is different from the ocean and the other is not? Or that one current fills the ocean and the other does not? The ocean is full and boundless. And there are currents within it.

So in the boundless ocean of unrevealedness, currents of awareness are born. And they interact. Just as areas of high pressure air or water redistribute into areas of low pressure, so in the boundless ocean of Spirit the same processes take place. The manifestation of some parts of Spirit gives rise to the manifestation of other parts, and their interaction begins, a kind of Brownian movement of the currents of Spirit energies. When water in a higher pressure area rushes into a lower pressure area of water, would you say that this flow exists to fill the lower pressure area? No. It is simply the operation of the laws of motion, the consequence of the qualitative characteristics of that flow. That is the law, and that is why water moves. But the same thing happens in Spirit. In Spirit manifested, there are areas of “low pressure,” like huge essences that are not enclosed in small forms. And there are areas of “high pressure” as small essences enclosed in small forms. Because Spirit Himself is One. And if He is enclosed in a small form, it is as if He breaks that form with His power. Because, being enclosed in a form, He does not lose His qualities. Water remains water both in the vessel and in the ocean. And therefore, just as under the laws of the physical world there is a flow of water in the ocean, so in the ocean of the Spirit there is a flow of energy from form to form.

Further. If you consider the process of development as a process of existence of separate lower forms and separate higher forms, which allegedly feed and fill up the higher forms, then it is fundamentally wrong. Each lower form is part of its Unity or part of some higher form. Therefore the boundaries are contingent. If you submerge the vessels in the ocean and fill them with water from the ocean, you will understand that the division of the ocean into vessels and that which is outside the vessels is conditional. It’s all an ocean placed in a form. SO CAN WE SAY THAT WHEN A VESSEL BREAKS, IT’S THE VESSEL THAT FILLS THE OCEAN WITH WATER? After all, the very division into vessels in the ocean was a convention. It was necessary for the water to manifest itself in vessels of different form in order to know all its qualities.

Therefore each essence creates in itself forms, which evolve. These forms are the way of cognition of that essence. The lower essence is part of this separation and a way of exploring its smallest details, its qualities. In this way it develops and brings into the higher essence what it has learned, what it has come to know as itself. Like a drop of water. In order to analyse water, you take a drop from the ocean. The higher essence acts in the same way to conduct an “analysis of itself”: it divides itself into drops and examines them in different situations and states, for example, vapour or solid, and so on. Can we say that the study of these droplets is the filling of the ocean? Because after investigation the drops will return to the ocean again. But they will bring to it the knowledge of their nature.

The ocean drop simply discovers in itself all the qualities of the ocean, but from its own position, as it were, from its own point of view. It explores itself as Spirit in its own way. And each such knowledge of each drop gives birth to new knowledge of the ocean about itself, viewed from different positions, from different perceptions. And in this way the ocean knows itself and all its possibilities, which sleep in it unrevealed.

A drop is the ocean. But only in form. BECAUSE THE QUALITIES OF WATER DON’T GO ANYWHERE. AND THEN EACH DROP SIMPLY RETURNS TO THE OCEAN OF CONSCIOUSNESS. And thus, of course, fills it up. But it is simply a return. The return of the home. And when it returns, it remembers itself as an ocean, but it remembers itself as a drop. And if a drop could laugh, it would laugh at its long-standing notion that it fed and filled the ocean. For she is the ocean.

I thank You for Your answer, Father.

And I thank you for your questions and your pursuit of knowledge.



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