Послания Высших Сил

Journey to Oneness

Hello, Absolute!

Hello, my soul.

I want to ask about time. Questions have been sent to me.

I am listening to you.

If time is the mark of a state of change, then it means that time exists only in the world of forms. And for the formless world time does not exist, because all forms are potentially contained simultaneously. Is it so?

You are confusing formlessness and impermanence. In me the unmanifested contains everything. All forms, all formlessness, all potentialities of manifestation. I AM the Impulse of manifestation and at the same time the medium of manifestation of this Impulse. I AM the dormant potential of Creation. But Creation does not necessarily occur in the form of forms. There are other worlds and manifestations of Me as the Creating Principle.

And what are these worlds without forms?

You call them dark matter. That which has manifested but has not taken form, that which in potential also contains the pulse of formation, that which is already created but has no form and no boundaries.

I do not understand. You have no boundaries, You are boundless. But if You manifest partially, that is already a limitation of You, and therefore You have boundaries?

You still have much to understand. And so far at this stage in limited human perception it is difficult for you to realise it. It is difficult to understand that there is infinity and boundlessness. Because even the comparison with the ocean doesn’t fit, because the ocean, for all its vastness, still has boundaries. But we have already talked about this. The Möbius ribbon is a more accurate notion. Worlds of formlessness do not end. They unfold from within and roll inwards, and that is their development. It is as if energy is moving along a multidimensional Mobius Ribbon, where the inside is also the outside. Energy moves on this multidimensional ribbon and simply makes a revolution around itself. And this is where the properties of motion, the properties of directionality, are explored. Because rest energy and energy of motion are different states of energy.

But if there is motion and change in the world of formlessness, that means there is time there too.

Yes, exactly. But time in the world of formlessness is different from time in the world of forms. Time in the world of formlessness is at the same time. Just as the outer side of the Möbius ribbon is at the same time the inner side, so the present is at the same time both the past and the future. And so it can be said that from the point of view of the world of form, time does not exist in the world of formlessness. But there it exists as a whole. And energy moves simultaneously in the past, in the present and in the future. Not sequentially, as with you, but simultaneously.

The world of forms is a world of limitations, a world of detachment. When the Energy of Spirit is enclosed in a form, it is as if it is detached from Me, from the boundless ocean of the potential of energies. And so the degrees of its movement are different from the ocean itself. Movement in the world of form differs from change in the world of formlessness as a segment differs from a plane or multidimensional space. A segment only moves in a plane or in multidimensional space, it can increase its length or decrease it. And it can be said that it changes coordinate system in this plane or multidimensional space. So time flows differently for a segment.

Time for a segment is its coordinate system in multidimensional space, its location. Only when the segment loses its shape and becomes this multidimensional space, it gets all qualities of multidimensional space. And now all his points of passage of this multidimensional space, which previously were for him marks the state of his movement, are already in it at the same time. All points of movement of this segment in multidimensional space are already contained in this space, so it already contains the past, and the present, and the future. Just like your cell travels through the body or changes. For a cell there is both past, present and future. It is different in different states. But no matter what state your cell has now, your organism is whole and the cell is you, a detached part of you.

But the cell is not in different states at the same time.

But you are at the same time, if we judge from the point of view of a cell. Because, by and large, it doesn’t matter which cell is moving where, because all cell movement is simply you, and the balance of cell movement and change is maintained.

If a part of You manifested in the world of forms is matter, and a part of You manifested in the worlds of formlessness is dark matter, and a part of space is dark energy, i.e. not manifested in any way – so are You still divided into parts? Into an undeveloped part and a manifested part?

Rather it can be called not parts, but properties. If a fragrance has several shades, is there a division into parts? We can say that the manifested and the unrevealed are shades of My fragrance, they are shades of My qualities. Can we say that the shades of, say, the colour red are its parts? No: colour is, as you have established, a wavelength. That is a certain characteristic of manifestation, a certain speed of light photons, particles of light. And here these particles of light, which, in general, are the same, i.e. have one property, start moving differently and form fluctuations of energy of different velocities. And thus they create shades of red. But does the energy itself change in essence? It’s the same light, just moving at different speeds, vibrating at different frequencies. And pink differs from burgundy only in frequency. Therefore, it cannot be said that the Self is divided into unrevealed and manifested parts. You can say that at the beginning of the movement the Self is undeveloped. At the origin of the movement, the point from which everything unfolds. And in the process of movement the Self is manifested. And depending on the speed at which I change and manifest, worlds of formlessness and worlds of form manifest. And this is like the pink or burgundy shade for the red colour of the light wave.

Tell me more about the world of formlessness.

You are like a child being told a fairy tale. In the worlds of formlessness consciousness is not individualised. It is one with Me. You can give a very approximate analogy of a fetus in the womb, when the consciousness of the child is still asleep and in general it is one consciousness of the matter and the child.

In the worlds of formlessness, is everything quiet? I mean, no surges of energy, no collisions, as it exists in our world of form?

Yes, because there is nothing and nothing to collide with. Because these are the worlds of quantum, where everything changes all at once. The whole world acquires a new state entirely in the process of its motion. That is, if we take the analogy with colour, then the world of formlessness doesn’t shimmer in shades of pink, maroon and red. It changes completely and becomes now pink, now maroon, now red, depending on its state and development. And in this sense the world of formlessness is a working out of the qualities of the Whole. It is as if I am tasting Myself all at once. It’s like I become, let’s say, an apple and I taste an apple. And then I become salt and taste the salt. I don’t mean the shape of the apple or the salt now, but their qualities that give that taste to you. It is as if I am tasting my shades, like a painter dilutes a palette of paints before starting to paint. In the same way, I create the colours of creation before I start creating the world of forms.

So it turns out that You move as if in one direction and along the Mobius strip. That is, at first You are undeveloped, so You manifest into worlds of formlessness and try the colors of creation, then You manifest into worlds of form, and then all the development goes along the line of diminishing form. That is, each larger form divides into smaller forms, which, in turn, also divide within their parent forms. But in order to go back along the Möbius strip, the forms have to disintegrate again and become formless.

That’s right. First I taste the colours of creation. Then I enclose the different colours of creation into forms, which begin to explore in themselves, in form, the properties of these colours of creation. They work out all the minute details of each colour of creation. But all this is the Self, and if you take away the properties of these colours of creation, what remains is the Primordial Light, which only in movement acquires the properties of red or green. And then, having explored to the smallest detail, to the smallest state the properties of each colour of creation, these forms disintegrate and become formless again and pour into the formless Ocean of Creation, returning to the worlds of formlessness. And infuse there new unseen properties of every colour of creation. It can be said that it is through the movement into form that red light acquires all its subtle shades. Not just pink, but coral pink and lilac. Not just green, but lettuce and bog, and so on.

But what’s the point? What’s the point of all this? Why take shape, only to disintegrate again?

In order to know the Self. I have answered this question many times. In our analogy – in order to know the existence of all shades of red and other colours. For example, I know that I am Light, but I do not know all the qualities of this Light, all its possibilities and characteristics. I cannot know it because in the worlds of formlessness I am not different at the same time. I am the same all the time. I am either “red” or “pink”. Because change happens quantitatively.

But I want to know the combination of these shades, I want to kind of put them side by side to understand how they are different. Because when I am one in ‘red’, I no longer remember what it is to be ‘pink’. I have already changed, changed My whole quality. That is why I separate separately the pink and separately the burgundy. And I am creating a form, so that these colours do not mix. And so that, having joined together, they do not become a single shade, because their quantum union immediately gives birth to the integrity of a single colour. And so the ‘pink colour’ begins to explore itself, I begin to explore Myself in the ‘pink colour’. And the pink colour aspires to the red colour, to its unity, because in it there is a principle of quantization, as in all the Light. And the pink colour begins to condense, aspiring to its unity, to its quantum. It tends towards the colour red. And burgundy also strives for its unity. It aspires to red, but in a different way. It discharges, rather than condenses, it needs to become lighter. And on the way of their movement to unity, to quantum, to red, both these shades, enclosed in forms, pass different stages of their movement to red, they try different shades, different qualities and compare them to quality of unity. That is, they check it against the indicators of red. And when they reach these indices, there is a disintegration of the form, like a supernova flash. When resonance frequencies of fluctuations of a light wave in one form coincide with frequencies of ‘red colour’ itself, with frequencies of its unity. And then they become part of that unity again. And when they become a “red colour”, they infuse already in this “red colour” all qualities of this colour.

And the pink colour shows one way of movement to its unity, from pink to red. And burgundy shows another way of movement to its unity, from burgundy to red. But all these are just different states of movement of red. And all this is simply the unity of red, a certain characteristic of Light.

And it is the same with all the other colours, and those you are not yet familiar with. And all this diversity of creation is the desire of Oneness to know its qualities perfectly. And in all this I come to know Myself. But I also give a new vector to My Absolute, for everything is connected, and everything is a part of something or a property of something greater. And all is one. For you too are My Absolute, only a very far removed part of it, far removed in its development from Oneness. And I, too, in striving to cognize Myself through cognition of My qualities and their smallest details, have withdrawn, deepened far from My Absolute. But this is figuratively speaking, because I am just also a property of My Absolute, one of Its properties. And you are My property, one of My properties. You are a degree of development of one of My properties.

Does it mean that the dark world and Darkness is also a study of one of Your properties? After all, if we take Your analogy, the rosy light becomes more and more intensified and saturated. We can say that it becomes more dense, i.e. more compact, and in this way it tends towards You more and more. And the burgundy light, on the contrary, discharges, reduces its density and thus it aspires towards You. Why do Light and Darkness fight?

These are the consequences of separateness from Me. If the Light feels unity with Me, it does not matter whether it compacts or expands, but it moves along the guiding thread. It strives towards Me, towards its unity, towards the ‘red’. To ‘red’ to begin with, because then also the red, having absorbed all its shades and similarities, will aspire to white, i.e. to the union of all colours. But at different stages of this striving the shades of Me begin to lose the sense of striving, to lose the direction of striving. They lose the guiding thread that is embedded in them, they do not see the beacon to strive for. And then they become what you call Darkness. A detached part of Me that is lost and striving at random. This form wanders in its striving. It has no vector of striving towards Me. It is lost. And then it starts searching for this vector of aspiration to Me in others, trying as if to take it away from other forms, trying to overhear it, trying to recover it from outside. But it cannot be restored from outside. It can only be done from within. Well, like you can only contact someone from your phone number with your SIM card. If you contact someone else, it’s not you. You won’t be recognized. If you are lost somewhere, you will not be recognized, unless you send yourself a signal allowing the identification of your location in space and time. If someone else sends the same signal, the coordinates will be different and the rescuers will arrive at a different address. Do you understand?

Therefore, everyone can restore the connection with Me, with their Oneness only from within, through the quantumness embedded in it. Because also the relation to this quantum is (as well as coordinates) individuality. Your way of movement towards your unity cannot be repeated by anyone. It is only your way, your search coordinates. You cannot come to your unity in the way of another essence. HER WAY. Because when you have gone your way, you have acquired certain qualities, discovered shades of “red” in yourself in a certain way. And if you go another way, the way of another essence, then you will have other “shades of red”, its shades, its details. And you will not be able to infuse the experience of “shades of red” that you have acquired into unity, you will lose them and become a movement of another shade to the unity of “red”.

And so these forms, these essences, which have been lost on their way to Me and to their unity, have come to believe that they are independent. That they could live and exist without their unity. But as they become more and more distant from Me and their unity, they lose the qualities of that unity. And the extent of losing the qualities of unity is the extent of approach to that which you call Darkness. For even the meaning of this word does not mean for nothing to you the distance from the light. Distance from the light of your unity. And, moreover, it means bad visibility. That is loss of visibility of their unity, loss of connection, loss of the guiding star and the guiding thread to their unity, which cannot be seen in the darkness.

So that is the meaning of what Lucifer said about centrifugality and centripetalism? And those who run towards the centre have not lost touch with their unity and seek to return to it. But those running from the centre, there are those who have lost touch with their unity and cannot find their way back to it.

Yes. Like ships at sea that have lost touch with land, or spaceships that have lost touch with the control centre. After all, if that connection was there, each of them would be indicated by the dangers and storms ahead. And they could have bypassed them without throwing themselves into the unknown. They get caught in tornadoes and storms and fight them desperately. And all they have to do is re-establish communication in the “radio room”. And it’s actually easier for them than fixing the radio on the ship. Because that connection is inherent in each of them from the beginning. And it cannot be destroyed. It is a quantum connection with the Whole Being and with its oneness.

In you it is represented by the so-called Higher Self. It is the connection with Oneness, the connection with the centre which BELIEVES the LOCATION OF YOUR DIVISION and Makes YOUR WAY SAFE, if you so wish.

So the development of the world, the development of You and I, is the eternal path of movement from formlessness into forms?

Yes, for that is My way of manifestation. But when I have grasped all the possible shades of Myself, know all the colours of creation, then I may choose another way of manifestation. But then I will also return to My Oneness and become different. I will become My Absolute, My Perfection.

But what about You, the unrevealed One? Why are You not manifest?

If you look at the segment, you will see that it begins with a point. In the same way, I start from the Source. And that Source is the point of the segment. And then I start to extend into a line, i.e. infinity, but then sooner or later I limit myself to a form and a segment is born. This, of course, is an approximate analogy.

Yes, our scientists, when they explored the cosmos, determined that dark matter and the material world make up only a very small part of all space. And the bulk of it is dark energy, i.e. You are unrevealed. Doesn’t that sound very much like a point?

I am at the beginning of my development and I have much to unfold. It’s also a matter of inertia. Well, like if you just start swinging a swing, at first they swing with difficulty and move slowly. But the more they swing, the more agile and faster they move. And you no longer apply the initial force to the swing. So you kind of start the mechanism of swinging. And so I am still just starting the unfolding. But if you understand it in the qualities of the Möbius ribbon, there is no point of beginning and no point of end. There is a single multi-dimensional “ribbon”. And that is why on this “ribbon” separations and forms are still present in small numbers. That is, all the qualities of Me have not yet found their continuation in the development of their details. In other words, I have let wander, say, only seven colours of Me, and now I am processing in Myself other qualities and colours, other colors of Creation, and also preparing them for manifestation in the world of form, where they will find their development and learn all their smallest shades and connections with other colours.

What about thoughtforms? What is that in your analogy?

Your attempts to know all the qualities of yourself. And these qualities develop as parts of you, and you repeat My way of developing yourself into forms. When you send a thought-form, you manifest out of your formlessness a certain form with a certain quality, depending on the content of the thought-form. And then this thought-form also seeks the way to its unity, i.e. to you. And it also evolves and sooner or later comes back to you. But all this is a part of you, just separated by you into an independent form. And if this thought-form, coming back, finds the way to you, it restores its unity. And this is also your way of creation. For in this way you create. You with your thought-forms create the world around you. Your world, where you are. You taste your qualities with your thought forms. As I taste these qualities through you. You are also getting to know yourself and your perfection.

And if they are thought-forms of anger and hatred, then you are like those forms which have separated from their unity and, despairing, seek the way back, yearn for their unity, and struggle to return to that unity. And if your thought-forms are joyful, it means that you have not lost your connection with Me. For creation is joy, the joy of tasting all the shades of divine colour in yourself, the joy of creating unseen combinations of divine qualities. Therefore, if you have lost joy, it means that you have deviated from the path to Me, it means that you have lost your connection with the centre and with your oneness. For those who have this connection, the wandering ones are not afraid of any storms and obstacles, for this connection will build for them a location of movement in any world, which will not be difficult, will not be a burden, but will bring joy by the novelty of the experience. Just as you travel to another country and are filled with impressions, so creation is a wonderful journey into the beautiful land of its divine possibilities.

But we have been inculcated with the paradigm of suffering for centuries. According to this paradigm, everyone suffers in the world of forms. And in order to return to your oneness, you have to suffer VERY deeply. And the more you suffer, the more you become enlightened, because suffering purifies the soul.

That is not quite so. Those forms that have become detached from their oneness and have lost their guiding thread, of course, suffer. And as they suffer, they sort of change their “shades of red” to other shades. Because they strive to find their way back in any way they can. And in our analogy, red is trying to be, say, green. But it “suffers” from that. Because it is not the colour of his unity. Because he is different in essence. And of course, if he knew that all colours are essentially one single white colour, he would not suffer from this colour change. But he suffers because he doesn’t find the connection. And the struggle for superiority of one colour above another and comparison of incomparable begins. For – how it is possible to compare red and green colours? Which of them is better? And this comparison implicitly is going on by the degree of coming to the unity. Because there are no aspirations other than that. Only these aspirations get zigzagging, bizarre paths.

And then man begins to purify from himself the shades of his unity. That is, say, the colour red tries to become white, to return to its original. But in order to purify the “red shades” it takes a lot of effort and it is difficult. And step by step he scrapes away the accumulated experience of becoming red and the shades of red, striving to become the white colour. And when he becomes that colour, he dissolves his form and becomes his unity. The unity of all colours. It is a very difficult path. Because, before becoming human, in this analogy, the white colour broke up into many shades, and then each of the shades began to break up into billions of other shades of each colour. And such a return is a truly titanic effort, bringing you suffering. But if you simply reconnect with your closest unity, that is, not immediately with the white colour, but with your source, with your red colour, or with your green colour, then the journey to your unity becomes a fascinating journey through the beautiful land of creation. And this joyful state is eternal, for the journey is also eternal.

I thank You, Father!

And I thank You, my soul. Joyful returns to your oneness.



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